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>watching tutorials
>guy fucks up
>"ah that's ok, we all mess up now and again-"
>guy fucks up so hard he spends rest of the video fumbling, confusing everyone including me.
Why are 3D teachers so incompetent.
Don't fucking teach if you're not going to rehearse your shit you stupid pig shit.
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>Watching tuts
>Current year
You can't call someone incompetent when you're trying to learn what they're teaching in the first place. You're just as clueless as they are, if not more. If you weren't you wouldn't need to watch their tutorial. Pleb.
If you aren't watching Arrimus 3D you should probably kys

There's a distinct lack of demand for 3D artists where I live.

What are some other ways to make money off of 3D modelling?
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You can try to rig them.
And, end up in the credits of a FPS game.
Ask "hyper" for that.
i wouldn't even mind doing porn. I do a bit of sexy character art anyway. But I have no idea how to put myself out there for that kind of work since I've never done porn and don't have a following for it.

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Martian Texture.png
2MB, 1024x1024px
In this thread we post textures we've been working on and critique each other.
Here's mine, does it work as a martian texture?
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Looks great. Is it seamless?
looks martiany, but you'd rather give the surface detail with the normals rather than the diffuse brightness.
Yes it's seamless.

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In Unreal, would there be a way to create a spline pipe without using a mesh?
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Do you mean just a spline? What end result are you looking for?
vectors/sprites/particles? What exactly are you asking for - Just the spline?
Something that looks like a pipe/cable, but doesn't require me to import a mesh inside Unreal.
Anything would be good, it can be made out of particles as long as it doesn't use a mesh.

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Who is the Gleb Alexandrov/Andrew Price of Maya?
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someone without any actual film credits on their resume
Also someone w/o any games experience.

Someone thats just a shill with very little talent besides hitting the render button basically
You're not as talented as either of them.

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Is there any way to slice any model into any amount of slices and render outlines/outer edges of all slices individually side by side like in the image?

It would be like poor man's 3D printing by printing render on thick paper and cut pieces and glue them on stack to make the model.

I use 3ds max 2010.
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mark a seam around the faces you want and then when you unwrap tweak island margin (might have a different name in 3ds)
Bowerbird plugin for Rhino & Grasshopper

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With things like this laptop with 2x1080, fat i7 and an assload of 64gb ram, is there even a reason to get a desktop over this?

Aside from the price of almost 6k, obviously. But I find laptops very convenient and now that they can be this powerful, you can basically work anywhere, provided you got a power outlet.
Is there anything a desktop could do better? Obviously, a dedicated rendering workstation with >2 GPUs or even multiple CPUs will be faster at rendering and probably live longer. But that's a niche machine anyway.
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>Aside from the price of almost 6k, obviously.
Well, uh, no, that'd pretty much be the main reason.
The price is very high, the screen is probably not great and the second GPU would probably only be of use when GPU rendering.

It could be useful if you travel a lot or move between offices but why not just get one or even two good workstations for that price?
I have an i7 7700K with a 1080 at home for work and gaming and an i7 5960X with 2*970 at my office and that cost me less than 6k.
To further add to my point, how ridiculous would you look if a client or a boss would come visit you when you're working on that space ship?

I guess if you have a lot of money, and you don't need to worry about looking professional, just go for it. Otherwise it's just a waste of your $$$.

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hey /3/, what do you think of my Ithaca 37? Bully me, and bully me good.
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I applaud your ability to create chamfered boxes and cylinders. I now request you learn subdivision proportions properly and then learn how to create materials. Keep it up.
>subdivision proportions
elaborate? can't find anything by googling
>create materials
I might give it materials and textures sometimes in the future, this was just modeling practice. I'm a beginner still, but I wanted /3/'s harsh and judgemental opinions because I get off on humiliation.

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How to rig properly, when model consists of multiple, not connected meshes? How is it done in the industry?

Here I have a model with suit (2 meshes), shirt, head and legs being separate meshes. Should I just redistribute weights in some clever way, or should I somehow connect these meshes/do whatever magic there is possible that I don't know of?
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the weights should affect all areas below and above.

if you are having trouble with painting them just move the meshes you don't wanna see to a different layer then bring them back
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Thanks, I'm doing that and it seems fine.

But how about thinks like picrel? I have placed full weight on the foot and the leg, and leg seems to rotate with less degree, especially it's bottom, while it's weight is full. Do I fix this with bone constraints, or this shows there's something wrong with the model?

nvm, got it. Other bone was also influencing the pants. I thought I checked it all, but I didn't.

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I'm not from this board, but I want to ask something to y'all.

Comparing 2D animation with 3D animation.

Which is superior in terms of final quality?
Which is more expensive?
Which is cheaper?
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>Which is superior in terms of final quality?
Both are fantastic if you spend enough effort.

>Which is more expensive?
Due to the various software artists use, 3D is more expensive. (mocap gear, cameras, rendering software, animating tools, etc...)
In a TV show context the shittiest 3D animation is probably (very slightly) cheaper than the shittiest 2D animation.
Depends how much money you have for either.

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any one try Daz?
any good?
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>any one try Daz?
everyone has

>any good?

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Post your favorite tutorials ITT.
Talk about your favorite artist or teacher or resources. Post the tutorial that helped you the most.
Also state what it's about, don't just post links without explanation.

I'm looking to think outside the box a bit and find resources that I wouldn't find with my usual search methods. I'm also curious to see if there's something that really had an impact on you, really made something click, really improved your work.

All software and topics are welcome, can be 2D, 3D, theory, photography.. anything. Share your favorite artstation or something.

Just share useful and inspiring things, maybe we can make a pastebin out of it!
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A site that helped me tremendously is digitaltoolbox.info

They have tutorials on rhino and Grasshopper from basic to advanced that are very easy to follow and you can download training files.

Might not be useful for 3d artists but very good for designers.
Certainly mastering modelling in blender - workshop, it was done by some fag, but its very very good nonetheless.
I gave up on my dream of Game Dev to make shitty Blender tutorials.

I'm using your thread to shamelessly shill it because I crave attention.

Honestly I just want to pass on what I know before I die.


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why does a Cantonese shoe making forum give better feedback on your work then polycount/cgsociety
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it doesn't?
last week it was a canadian bacon shipping forum. Which is it?
What do you mean? Provide one example of this.

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Tiny Fixes for maya

>Small shreds and pieces that will add new features to Maya and fix some tools. Some of these features are: + New Toolbar + MeshCombiner (DynaMesh) + EdgeStyler + RailUV + katana Slice + Shatter&Pices + more than 20 RealTime Material for Viewport 2 and much more

is this actually any good?
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>katana Slice

Holy fuck sounds cool as shit, when is this update coming out?
If it actually works....
Update 3 breaks the program for me so idk what the fuck is going on.
Theyre a script. It also has some cool materials that work in realtime. Would that be shaderfx shit?

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Could you show me how you'd make this into a good looking dog/Lucario head? I want to get better at modeling characters and would like to learn by seeing what you all could do with this. It would help me a lot as I could analyze what you did and learn some of your techniques and grow as an artist.

Here's the Blend project file of this basic head template to work off of.
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Control A > delete. Make a virtual studio and sculpt/box model a dog head with proper refrances.
you should model the basemesh lowpoly as possible. use mirror to aid you.

then when you are finish you are ready to sculpt and add detail
>would like to learn by seeing what you all could do with this
what we can do with 5 primitives mashed together?

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