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why do sketches need to be black in solidworks?

I don't seem to have any issues executing features with partially blue ones
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I guess nobody here uses solidworks
You mean fully defining your sketch? If you want a solid model to be manufactured into real life product, you have to provide a way to figure out the exact dimensions, whether by inputting them yourself or through geometric relationships. Otherwise, the person or computer making your product might and fuck up the result by trying to estimate the dimensions by eye.
when I draw something, I draw it then change the parameters on the spot

for example: if I need to draw a 4.5 Inch radius circle, I draw a circle roughly that size then i go in the sidebar and change the radius from 4.4607638 to 4.5 so things should be just fine anyway

What kind of amazing graphical implementations do you think will come to realtime rendering in the upcoming years. I mean stuff like SS ambient occlusion , SS raytraced reflections, better antialiasing, etc...
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hopefully the unreal engine will die out and unity will become free for all income levels
parallax occlusion is already maturing. carpets,rock,window blinds,cloth.

the bad part is that people who are propelling this VR/realtime industry are bunch of hacks. this type of amazing stuff like pic related is not gonna show up on VR projects. just bunch of asset store garbage
I'm assuming Unreal is awesome since everyone on 4chan is trolling about it. As someone who hasn't used it, can anyone explain to me what's so good about it?

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Im a total newbie when it comes to 3d stuff, so i was wondering what the best program would be to start me off? I only plan on making 3d sculptures of characters of mine. I don't need to animate it at all so if that helps describe the kind of software i'm looking for! Thanks so much for the help.
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Get blender, watch youtube tutorials. Decide if 3D is for you after "completing' a few models. By then you will have an idea of what you would want more of out of a program. Start maybe shopping for other software.
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Only Zbrush.
Zbrush is love, Zbrush is life.
Zbrush models your wife.
No OP, Blender is the wrong way to go. The learning curve is so fucking stupid that I finally caved and pirated Cinema4D and you can sign up for free (just lie on the forms) to autodesk for 3Dmax and Maya.

Each program has its own set of quirks and hangups but I'm telling you right now after 7 months of work on C4D, that Blender will only give you headaches.

I even understand if you're never planning on working in a studio but you're going to get more help and support with autodesk stuff and C4D rather than errors and headaches with Blender.

There are artists that can really make some amazing things in blender, don't get me wrong, but there's a reason the program doesn't cost anything. It's like gimp to photoshop. You just can't compare apples to oranges. Lots of people are going to say otherwise and flame me but I'm telling you this from experience. Blender expects you to memorize a fuckton of keyboard shortcuts before you can even do a basic shape. That's not how a program should operate towards beginners.

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Is there a reason why Asian countries like China have amazing 2D art, but absolutely shit 3D? I feel like I keep seeing absolutely kickass concepts/illustrations in Chinese games, yet literally all of their graphics are utter dogshit compared to anything that gets produced in the west.
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Chinese people prefer playing on handhelds and Nintendo and therefore give less shit about graphics.
not true at all. china have amazing artists.

but the majority of the asian market is focused on consoles handhelds mobas and mmo's so the requirement for making AAA graphics is just not there.
I'm not just talking about platform limitations, but actual artistry (ignore the fact that the OP image is from a mobile game haha)
There's a lot of shit 3D in the west too, but when I compare with chinese games they tend to have substantially better 2D art (for the same quality of graphics), and big production chinese/jap/korean games seem to mostly have really mediocre graphics, regardless of platform.

What Marvelous Designer version is the best? I remember hearing they fucked something up in the later versions.
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Marvelous Designer never fucks things up. Any problems you experience are simply because they made a mistake translating what the software was supposed to do into English.
Really? So the latest version is the best?
I ran the same complex multiple layer project on 5.5 and 6.
Ran better on 6. Not much better, stillframe by stillframe but better.

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Can I post/ask about scenes made in posers here, or do I need to take that shit to /ic/?
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After I texture it I'll make 2 LOD's for it.
Thoughts, comments, bodily fluids?
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What's with the weird bevels? Seems like there's bevels everywhere except in the most important part (the largest edges of the main body)

Also if for a game your cylinders don't need to be perfectly capped like that.
Why would this ever need 2 LoDs? Why is it like 10x the size of your grid? Why haven't you got viewport AA enabled? Why would you think This post deserves its own thread when we have a WIP thread?

Currently it looks like shit. You haven't posted anything worth critiquing. Come back when it's textured and lit properly.
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Woah dude, ok. In order:
>It's going to the end of a long hallway.
>It's so large because by default a cube is one cubic centimeter and this Grandfather clock is over 7 feet tall. pic related.
>I didn't capture my whole screen.
>I Iooked at the catalog and saw threads shitting on the all the different software and requesting fully rigged porn models.

I wanted thoughts on the model it's self, texturing and lighting a model like this is like shading to cover up awkward perspective.

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kabuki 5.jpg
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Im pretty new to Creating Characters for animation and want to know what the best Work flow to aproach this.
Im going to create a Character for a Animation, rig skin and textured in 3DS Max.
the character will have 3 diffrent states so 3 slightly diffrent models. I want to change parts of the characters geometry so 3 slightly diffrent models.
will I have UVW unwrap and skin all the seperate models or is it possible to retain the skin a UVs of one model then copy them to the next and then fix the changes or will the new geometry completely fuck it up? the models will remain like 90% identical to each other
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I don't animate, but for UVs the most efficient way to handle them would be to model everything in advance and unwrap it all at once in the same sheet, or if you can't do that for some reason (base model already UVd previously) just create a new UV/texture sheet for the new parts.

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Where can I download free rigged characters for 3ds max? no bipeds
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You can't.
where can I cry?
maya will probably have more free rigs available online than 3dsmax. Just something to consider.

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does anybody here use 3d software for architectural design? im wondering what software is good to start out.
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Read the sticky.
>ctrl+f "architecture"
>nothing about using software for architectural design
am i missing something? the only thing im seeing seems oriented for game design, which i assume is what most people here do
I'm using Rhino+Grasshopper, Vectorworks and Photoshop.

Rhino+GH is an amazingly versatile yet convenient way to model and design. Vectorworks is shaping up to be a very decent BIM tool with its own modeling capabilities. Photoshop is kinda obvious.

Kinda depends on what you actually want to do tho.

How to model Wipeout pulse Technology ?
Ik but how do I get the spicyness ?
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>how do I get the spicyness ?
do better until you succeed
do better of to the succeed when texture because detail is all in it. that is it. geometry simple.
basic lowpoly model with 128 texture

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head model.png
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Critique my thing please.
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do you think it looks like a head?
what does it look like?
are you from Earth?

New to animating (3DS Max). My animations look like shit, but I like doing it. Pic related, most recent animation. Wanted to post animation but FFmpeg is a bitch. Any advice for a lad like me?
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Without having seen your animations, I can't tell what you need to do to improve, so here's everything that's just generally recommended to beginners.

>Important book


>12 principles of animation

I'm reading this right now. It goes pretty in depth, but probably best that you read it after the animator's survival kit.

Above all else you need to practice. You can go as deep into animation as you want through reading, but it won't help you unless you actually practice.
Animators Survival Kit makes me want to throw up. 50% of the book is the author boasting about his career or discussing peculiarities that are not nearly as important for 3d, like breaking limbs and animating on 2's. Just start with Timing for Animation. It's not that hard and is by far more useful for 3d.

From what I can see it looks dinky/10.

But where are the shadows to start off with?

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how create model A technique??i ask and you dont help!!help??
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are you from india
what the fuck
kill yourself

Box modeling vs sculpting and retopology.
I prefer sculpting, I think it is fun and relaxing plus you get more control over the details but I think box modeling is a good method to pull off some really good models.
I want to know how you guys feel about it.
Which one you prefer and why?
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>using a box instead of just using a drawn concept and sculpting out from orifices following the concept
I gotta see some models of those fucked up medieval painting babies, but I can only find mobile game assets!

I'm so upset
depends on if you want to get your topology right first, or deal with it later

you need to sculpt at some point in your workflow.
it's not a question of one technique versus the other unless you're just doing low poly stuff.

zbrush->retopo, or model a low poly->zbrush, either way you're sculpting.

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