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Hope you all finished up in 2016!
Pepper your Angus for the American style Student Loan system bitches!
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So essentially they are now charging more for less "useful" courses?
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Pretty much.
Basically what >>553280 expression is.
No point paying at this point when you can just use the internet and git gud.

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how long until someone plug this technology to make 3D models of anime shit from this data?
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A while

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train scene 1.png
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I've started working on this scene, a few hours in. I feel like it has potential to be something cool, but I don't really know where to take it from here. I don't really know how to describe it, but the scene (especially when it renders out) feels "dead"

It feels like its missing something (obviously stuff to fill in the background). I want to get most of the modeling done before I start worrying about texturing
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First thing i'd do is think up a story to justify why you've made this scene. i.e generic post apocalypse; create some barricades, turn the main walkway down the middle into some kind of trade central with stalls and shit.
Creating environments with no idea behind them usually ends up being pointless and boring unless it has scale or interesting architecture. There is nothing interesting about a generic train station. .
I'm kind of torn between going for large scale background details, and small scale detail right in front of the camera with just some trees in the background.

I could do both, but then I'm afraid of it being too cluttered.

When I say details I mean things to establish the setting/purpose like you mentioned
Disagree. Mundane spaces and objects rendered in a beautiful way with excellent composition and lighting can be really nice.

I'll gladly look at a "boring" train station over a trite post-apolalystic scene or another sci-fi space station or more pistols and assault rifles or yet another stupid Lamborghini or a goddamn musclebound demon warrior or a busty elf girl.

99% of 3D art is one of those things. A train station is a fucking breath of fresh air imo.

How many monitors/screens do u use,anon?
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I use only one shitty Lg 27'inches monitor and it's not enough even for modeling in 3dmax.And for what purpose do u need 4 monitors,dude?

program, reference/tutorial, youtube/netflix
2 screens for the app, 1 for reference / debugging, 1 for spotify / debugging

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I used to do a bunch of 3d stuff in my spare time (pic related), but i used cinema 4d for years (i think r10 -> r13)

I wanted to get back to dicking around but dont feel like pirating software and wanted to use blender since its free.

Is it possible to change the controls to be a bit more like cinema4d? I feel like a lot of shit it does is really ass backwards like selection.
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You can edit your keybinds to something you're more comfortable with. Also, you couldn't have posted this in another thread? We only have around half a dozen about blender already.
No, get used to it. But you can change to left-click selection in settings under input
Yes, everything about Blender can be changed.

But it won't make you stop sucking.

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Hi! I'm asking for someone who works at animation (3D or 2D) ASAP, to volunteer for a short interview I need to do for an English assignment.
To whom it may concern, please put down here your skype so I can add you.
Thanks, I would really appreciate your help.
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I have a small side gig doing 3D medical/technical animations (they're pretty shitty though). you can contact me at [email protected]

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hi! I may be in the wrong board, but i am curious if anyone can help with a suggestion: I have an HTC vive, and currently use whirlygig for video playback. I would like to take a bunch of my 2d videos and compile them into a 360 degree viewing environment. something similar to what normally happens when viewing a 2d video in VR, ie theatre mode, but i would like to create a file that makes a 360 degree (180 if not?) collage/viewing environment. Im looking for the split screen viewing effect in 360
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what software could i use to take my favorite 2d videos and create another vr compatible video that opens in a 360 viewer? (albeit a sphere of flat images?)
Unreal Engine 4. Stick a movie on an inverted sphere and you're pretty much good to go.

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Can anyone help me with this?
Every time i go to game mode in sfm its like this. Map dissapears under certain angles in normal view too
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its vanilla mountainlab, there shouldnt be a leak. I verified twice

it looks like theres no skybox maybe?

I am looking to do some amateur 3d animations as part of a 2d animation commission Im working on,
What softwares do you guys use, and how would I go about animating in the 3d realm?
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>water is not transparent
ISNT MY WORK, i think it looks shit desu,

just wanted to show what kind of crap software i need
Its liquid mercury you fag

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So I started to make my own game. I just wanted to get some opinions on my work so far.

Made my models in blender and am using unreal engine 4 for the game.
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Another Pic of my first village.
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A mine I got which connects to the first dungeon
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the insides of my mine so far.

Anyone know where I can find large numbers of animated, decent looking 3D people?

I want to create an archviz of a very large store (like 30k+ square meters). I want it to be realtime and I want people to be able to walk around the entire thing, interior and exterior. For that reason, I want to use UE4, so I can split the entire thing into several levels.

I already found a blueprint for civilian AI and one for setting up paths with splines. I can create the architecture in Rhino and just buy assets and materials, or make materials myself. What I cant do is make a shitlaod of animated people, because I can neither model people nor animate.

This whole thing only makes sense if the store is actually populated by people, preferably hundreds or thousands of them. Think of civilians in GTA games, who walk around and follow some sort of "routine", or at least look at stuff. A giant store compeltely devoid of life will just look creepy. But idk where I can find decent people.

pls help
I could use Twinmotion (what I'm currently using) or Lumion, but those are very limited when it comes to optimization so I would probably have to break up the scene into several files, and Lumion does not even offer realtime walkthrough capabilities.
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Does the Unreal Marketplace really not sell human models?
All I could find were models for the player character, hero types or soldiers or whatever. And a whole load of orcs, skeletons and the likes.

I guess there aren't many games where you need to a have a bunch of normies just walking around. Or maybe I haven't looked hard enough, the marketplace layout is pretty shit desu.

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So I need to learn Maya for some future projects. I've been a long time Max user and its all I really know besides Zbrush and some other random stuff. Whats the biggest thing I should be aware of while working in Maya as opposed to Max? Or whats some of the struggles you guys have faced when switching?
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Someone tell me how to make this a circle please
get your own thread nerd...
>close maya
>install blender

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I'm currently in 1st year at my animation college and I need to render some sort of "semi realistic fruit" with sub surface scattering, lighting and such (the full works). I've decided to do a pineapple, because I feel I can have some fun with the little hairy protrusions at the tip of the spiked segments - and they look rather interesting when sliced.

Here's what I've got so far (work in progress, I know it looks kinda bad at the moment), any C&C WELCOME! I'm pretty experienced with modelling in blender, what's wrong with my pinpaple?

Thanks all, software used:

Maya, V-ray, Mari.
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you are not going to make it.

I'm not trolling you.

Best to drop out now and change careers
im not going to say you should drop out but given the level of quality it is honestly hard to tell if this is a parody or not.

if you cant look at this and see why this is not like a real pineapple i dont know how to help you. asking HOW to fix something is fine. asking WHY its wrong without seeing the flaws yourself show a serious lack of analyzing skill.

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Anyone else find something fun about low-poly renders?
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the ps1 type of low poly with highly optimal pixel art textures is dope, your pic related is not
What's wrong with OP's pic? Looks fine to me.
ugly and lazy, although having the bones x-rayed and that shit orthogonal view certainly doesn't help

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Why doesn't 4chan have a captcha to stop bot posting?
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Beep Boop.

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