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How do I make really detailed sculpts in zbrush? Whenever I try to dynamesh with the resolution set that high, it takes like 15 minutes, and then lags the shit out of the program whenever I try to rotate my view. Is there something I'm missing? I have a pretty decent computer, so I figure it's not my rig that's the problem.
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Try subdividing instead of doing everything with dynamesh.
Dynamesh and zremesh to get a cleaner topo, if you don't have a basemesh. Then subdivide and separate meshes as needed.
first make sure you didnt accidentaly subdivide the dynamesh on the new SubD tab (not the old subdivide)

Dynamesh wont get you the best topology for high resolution, Use it to get the basic volumes, retopo either by hand or zremesh and THEN subdivide so you can go back an forth between subdivision levels

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I modeled this. Is there any way to get DOF aka. burry background on C4D ? Im using R12
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Fix it in comp
Yo bro, where's your ambiguous floating sphere?

It cant be a C4D render without a big sphere somewhere.

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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a 3D modeler to help me with a very personal project. It would take a walk of text to explain here, so if anyone is interested in helping, please let me know here or shoot me an email: [email protected]

Pic not related
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Can you elaborate a little on the type of 3d model you want and complexity?

Also are ya paying or expecting free?

you can always ask the discord

It's a medium detail character model that I'm hoping to eventually use for a papercraft. I'm willing to discuss payment!

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Does anyone know where I can find mass reference material? I'm talking hundreds and hundreds of images that aren't tiny. Preferably high res for entire scenes.

I'm looking for entire scenes (parks, buildings, city blocks, forests, office interiors, parking lots, malls, etc), and individual references (plants, guns, electronics, mechanical things, clothes, people, faces, cars, windows, doors, office props, city props, etc). Plus animation references like pic related.

It's too hard and time consuming to go on google and try and pick through stuff to for referencing, and I especially need images with more than one view (side view, top view, bottom, front, even quarter views if possible). I'd be willing to pay if i could, or pay someone else to acquire a shitton of material. Don't know where to look though.
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forgotten weapons should have some images of guns plus dissassembely.
But guns aren't really that hard anyway.

For vehicles jsut google the vehicle you want and add "walkaround" there's an entire website filled with 100's of hi res images of details and undersides and shit for 100's of different rare and not so rare vehicles.
look up the instagram of some faggot that travels alot.

there are tons of people like these
The whole point of my post was that I don't want to use a website for individual pics, I need hundreds. Images in bulk.

Hey /3/,

I am looking into starting a series of animated videos on Youtube where each episode features different characters with different storylines following the pace of a musical composition by lesser known artists to help spotlight creativity from different genres. I plan on funding this endeavor completely out of my own pocket. How much would it cost to have a professional 3D sequence done the involves a fight scene and about 4 minutes long? Where would be a good place to get in touch with someone who can do this for me? Im moving to Texas soon and will be close to the Rooster Teeth HQ and I've thought about getting in touch with them but the whole idea itself is in preliminary stages.
Pic not related
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Ask around. polycount/etc.

Price will depend on a lot of factors. Scene complexity, original assets etc.
Okay thank you! I am I credibly new to the world of commissioned projects and only just required the resources to get started. What does original assets mean? Like how many objects they animator has to create themselves? Also who owns the rights to the characters, the animator or the one with the character idea? Any talking points I need to cover?
What does original assets mean?
it means 3D models and sound made by an artist for you and not bought off the internet which everyone else has access to. a good example would be unity store.

>Like how many objects they animator has to create themselves?
animators don't create assets, its the 3D modelers therefore you have to hire 2 people for the job (atleast).
>Also who owns the rights to the characters
the person who paid for them, the artist still holds certain rights to his work like for example. you can't sell the artist work under your name if its not part of the project.
>Any talking points I need to cover?
there are 2 ways to do this. either by fixed rate or by hours. whatever you choose make sure the said artist is living in your country so you can sign a legal contract. if you decide to do this id imagine it will cost a little bit more money since it requires a lawyer

Sup, what do you think about my gnome?
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planar mapping will only get you so far.
3dorf is my favorite /3/meme

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>blender user for over half a decade
>get 2.78 release candidate to try out microdisplacement option
>discover it missing
>the fuck
>share issue with blender forum
>"reset to factory setting."
>do so
>"where the fuck are my experimental options"
>look at user preferences, not there either
>either bug or I dun fucked it up somehow

Any ideas how to fix this? Pic taken from second time I attempted this.
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Get the latest off buildbot? I dunno

This didn't really need its own thread but I mean whatever
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Eh, I wasn't sure if there were a dedicated thread for this. Which is why this exists. Also, this is the RC2 build of the program, which, IIRC is the most recent barring the actual release (whenever that is).

Also I dun goofed. Pic related's taken from after I switched to Cycles render.
>release candidate
here is your answer

I used to be a carpenter, I broke my back a year ago and had to flush that career path down the toilet, recently decided to take up 3d modeling since it seems like one of the few worthwhile crafts for a cripple that could actually go somewhere with enough time and effort invested into it.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to make cash with this before really developing a portfolio or anything beyond a basic skillset of say, 200 hours of initial practice, I know that comes off sounding like I'm an impatient teenager who doesn't want to actually put the effort into improving but what I mean is is there much of a market for lowest bidder slave labor shitty mobile game shovelware assets or something? I'd understand I'd have to work for indian tier wages but I'd just like to find a way to pay rent while I learn this shit, I'd be perfectly comfortable working for less than $2/h just to develop my skills for a couple months to a year, I'm just wondering if its possible to make third worlder wages by making placeholder assets for an indie dev or something and if anyone knows of a good place to look for outsourced low quality low pay work.
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Yes, but it's hard to find, like every other good deal. Nobody would just spill it out for you, if some 4channer has such an ordeal, he'd keep it to himself.
Well yeah, I'm sure the secret to getting into a nepotistic game studio run by kids with kickstarter money through connections where you can make an actual living wage producing garbage because they don't care would be closely guarded by those who figured it out, but what I'm talking about doesn't seem desirable enough to have that kind of attitude, I'm dead serious when I say ask is there an easy way to get $1.50/h pajeet wages for the quality of work matching the grade of pay

Do you think making a generic low poly $5 asset pack on the unity store or something would have any kind of return at all? or is it too saturated

Would it be wise to try and corner a specific niche in an asset market by modeling shit I'm familiar with like say, power tools and can probably bring a higher level of quality than other stuff at my current skill level or should i focus on a more generic zombie survival pack to aim for the much broader market of 15 year olds that wanna work for vidya gaems, while at the same time competing with much higher quality packs, having to significantly price cut them to have any chance of a sale.

Or should I start trying to find a mobile dev that'll hire an inexperienced retard for peanuts
Kepp 3d as a hobby if you like it, but get a better job.
I mean it. You could easely have a better life while doing another job from home than trying to keep up with dedicated artists who have 10 years more experience IN THE MOST COMPETETIVE enviroment you can imagine.
There is no easy road nor can you earn a living with low quality stuff when better artist competet with you for low level jobs.

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I have these artifacts in Substance Painter, I dont know if its my model or substance itself. I have already tried to retopo these areas, but if I generate new normal maps and import it once again, these artifacts are on other places on the model I have gtx 970 EX OC so it shouldnt be my hardware
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its not unwrapped, or flipped normal

When will computers be capable of making something like the nightmare before Christmas entirely digitally?

Computing power seems too weak atm to get the same textures and modelling

How far away are we?

Digital claymation just doesn't look good
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Why anon?
Because we've been on a level where we could recreate nightmare before christmas entirely digitally years ago.

Just because Pixar or whatever doesn't opt for an artstyle with detailed photorealistic textures doesn't mean it's not possible.

Look at any major hollywood blockbuster that uses CGI, 90% of it you won't even notice being CGI.

So you either were not aware of hollywood blockbusters, which makes you ignorant, or you willfully ignored them because you have no idea what you are talking about and think artstyle = technology.

In short, you're a retard for even asking this.

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How do i render fire/fluids using V-Ray in Maya? I'm trying to know how but i can't find the answer. I can only render fire using Maya Software Render, but not with Vray...What do i need to do? help
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first step, use max and fume
next step, render with vray, no problem
do you have the v-ray fluid attributes enabled in the attribute editor?

Can you print a image here so i can see where this fluid attribute is? I searched in my attribute editor but i coundt find it

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Does anyone have a confirmed safe Zbrush torrent? The last one I tried to download had a file called "Viruz.exe"

Surprisingly, I downloaded it on a shitty mac just to be safe, and the antivirus in it thought the keygen was a virus and not the exe file literally called "Virus" with a fucking "z".

Pic unrelated.
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cg persia has one.
I would be interested im this also
I wll buy zBrush but not until xmas
Holy shit just get sculptris, its free

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But there is no way of ripping it...
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DXripper can do it. I never tried it tho
If you ripped it you could just use it as a blockout. Very neat.
No it can't.
Not 7 with the 3D everything feature.
It could be used as loads of shit!

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maxresdefault (1).jpg
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Is Blender better than MODO at this point?
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Does anyone know how well Modo handles big scenes (anything above 20 Mio. Polys or so)?
Because that's one of the few things that really bugs me about Blender.

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Fucked up.png
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So, I've been having this problem this evening:

C4D does not let me render a series of images anymore, only a single one.

I've checked all the computers at my college, and at home, and all suddenly lack the option of saving multiple frames.

What is the deal? This is insanely annoying.
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The setting for that is in the Output tab. Not the Save tab.

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