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Hi, I just made a shitty fish.obj for a friend, she needs it in .pdf but I can't find a way to convert it to pdf in Mac, can you tell me how to or do it for me? this is a link to the file
mega (dot) nz/#!eNszETRD!cZ3GDgbSHDpe1eZfbNpDC-RhGhMKYgAiQLW_BG4zAXU
It's an .obj

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There you go.

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Internal or Cycles?
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viewport stuff
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its 1 year old

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Hey guys,
How to make this material in 3D max ?
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Make the big wavey structure, then use a displacement map to make those holes and tiny bubbles.

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hahaha holy shit

apparently some guy found a few 3d models data-mining No Man's Sky including this one which people are speculating is supposed to be the player avatar. if this is true, my sides are in orbit.
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I honestly think most of you could do a better job given 30 minutes
When you cant see it ingame !i was surprised if it even has 1

The art in that "game" is truly horrendous. What a con job the entire affair was.

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>mfw when turbosquid Checkmate Native Automation will report you for using pirated 3ds max
>who wants to see me killing myself on camera
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How exactly does it check?
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It actually doesnt by default, but when you want to get your mdoel checked to get top in list
>>pic related
It does only check when you have .max or some other shit you need to pirate
Can it tell if you use a .OBJ file from a pirated 3ds max?

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Where can I go to find artists that make 3D art that's edgy and rebellious? Is 3D digital graffiti just a meme or could this be an actual thing?
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Check daz studio and poser communities. Half the produced "art" is generally bdsm or torture porn.
not sure about edgy but there's this guys



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How can i make this move and rotate properly in unity. Whenever i import it there it says "Can't calculate tangents, because mesh 'bezier circle' doesn't contain normals". Any tips, tuts? Thanks
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Bake the animation.
Shouldn't the treads rotate the other way?
Just to be clear, it is actually a Mesh and not a series of unapplied Modifiers right?

Maybe it's a MOON walker.

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Guys, I'm an architecture student and I'm looking forward to study parametric design using Rhino and grasshopper. Any websites, books that you would refer to get me started.
Also, general tips for architecture student. (I know max,autocad and sketchup)
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lynda or udemy

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My dad says he has a copy of Maya for me to use, but he says it's from the fucking 90's. Is it even real? (I haven't seen it or the box yet)

I haven't been in the 3D Design game for long (3 weeks), and if it's a real copy, is it even worth it?
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No, it won't be worth it. Iterations are built up, and you'll have a much, much easier time using a newer version.
I'll probably torrent the new Maya, but start out with the free trial first
Plugins for import/export will be so out of date.

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I want to join photography and 3D into one thing.
Create a 3D scene or object and put it into JPEG via Photoshop.

I drew an example. I would like to make this into 3D. I have little bit of knowledge of modeling, so modeling the models itself won't be a problem.

My question is how to make it look realistic? I suppose you should add textures to models, then some kind of lighting into the scene and so on...

I have only the knowledge of modeling the models, but I need to know what are the other steps to making it look realistic.

Can anyone please help me?
Thank you.
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well just look up lighting and shading tutorials with whatever program you use.
a little tip for you figure out with which camera stats the jpg was taken. so you can set up the same camera in your 3d program. this is important in order to match the lense distortion.
Thank you for your reply!

In my knowledge right now, there are 3 things to make 3D scene look realistic :

1) Modeling
2) Texturing
3) Lighting

Am I correct ?
>2) Texturing

and rendering

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What's the best way for me to remesh a (low-poly, 861 tris) model in Max? I was going to go with Mudbox and sculpt it again, but I'm shit with sculpting.
Also, I tried using NURBS to tesselate it somehow, but it didn't work.
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chess chicken.jpg
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Export to zbrush and let zremesher do the job for you.
If it´s an organic model, do it from scratch in zbrush - it can directly export to max by GOZ.
Also, unwrap and painting directly to the model are even better in zbrush. You only use max for hard edges, animation and render.

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Man, FUCK Cycles. It doesn't matter what I change in the samples settings, I just can't get clean renders. This has like 300 samples, but even when I pump it up to > 600 the fireflies in the ears don't dissapear, if anything, I think they get worse. I even started tweaking the advanced glossy samples and shit, but nothing changes.

What the fuck /3/? How can anyone get clean renders in Cycles?
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do yourself a favor and stop using that trash renderer
Bro, 600 is the minimum for a preview render on a first draft
The final render usually take from 1000 to 2000+ samples, depending on the complexity of the scene, reflections and transparencies

anyway, here is a video with some tips:

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Let's say I have a high-poly face mesh, made in Zbrush, with several blendshapes. I want to get this into a game, so I need to retopologise it into an optimised mesh. How the hell am I supposed to get the optimised mesh to have the same blendshapes? Short of just snapping each vertex of the new mesh to the surface of the high-poly model? Can someone share the workflow on this?
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Not a character artist, but this is my take on how it'd work:

>Sculpt a NEUTRAL expression face.
>Retopo that expressionless face into a game-ready resolution.
>bake neutral face normals
>Rig the face for animation
>plan out how many blendshapes and which.[ optional, but helps ]
>Animate that game res mesh into each of the blend shapes.
>take each low poly blendshape back into zbrush, subdivide and resculpt detail accordingly.
>bake out each blendshape.

Each blendshape will have a unique normal map,
>ie: a smirk would have unique wrinkles on one side of his face/cheek.

Ultimately, an animation triggers and automatically this unique blendshape normal map gets mixed to the neutral/default expression face normal map.

Hope that helps.
Well whose fault was it to pose it before retopo?

do blendshapes and UVs AFTER retopo you mongoloid

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What is the easiest field in 3d to get in to?
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That is not an easy question, nor is it that easy to answer without knowing the abilities and preferences of the to be 3d artist.

For someone coming from a classic photographic background it would be lighting.
Someone with an more mathematical sense i guess would tend more to shading/rendering (or rigging and simulations)
Someone who can draw good can easily learn 3d painting.
Animation, VFX, character design, rigging are the more difficult fields.

Abstract Motion graphics is easy to get into, but takes a while until good stuff comes out.

I would suggest NOT to look for the easy road.
It mostly leads nowhere.
Things are not easy or get easier, you just get better and faster.
How about just trying to be a modeling monkey? Generic props and environments?
Or is stuff like that outsourced to India where they get paid $5 an hour?
it better be top models then. just for the sake of portfolio. actual in game models are usually lowres.

you can be a texture artist tho. start with substance designer and such

Did anyone ever figure out the real mystery behind this website's shitty shutdown?
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Wish I knew. Content there was fantastic.
My personal opinion is that they shut down the site so they can get lots of money from artists who suddenly doesn't have a social platform for the "NEW GENERATION CG SITE" on kickstarter. Link:
However, artstation was quicker with the delivery of that platform and took over the niche. The funding for cghub.. excuse me, "new generation art site" was unsuccessful so the manipulating asshole owners of cghub just gave away their clients to artstation.
>Did anyone ever figure out the real mystery behind this website's shitty shutdown?

Who are these guys that bought their domain? How much do you think it sold for? What's up with this chemtrail thing on their site now?

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