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Japanese High School Girl
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saya is old news bro
I don't get it
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How do I freelance with 3D Animation skills? I'm a student at the moment and I'm just wondering if it's possible. What skills do I need to get into the freelance market?
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First of all, you need at least a few more years of skills.

You're a student, I get it. But I guarantee you suck ass at 3D. If you still choose to ignore me, then you need to hit up local businesses. How and what to tell them, that's up to your shitty skillset and false confidence going in there for a pitch. You need to have a portfolio so the owners know what kind of shit you're going to produce for them and how much you decide to overcharge them. When they all tell you no, look into news stations. Most likely they will laugh at your lack of designs and portfolio so you will have to work at the bottom and work your way into the position you want years later.

You can maybe con your way into a music scene if you want but just know that musicians are broke as fuck and even if you create the best animations in the world; they will not value you, they will take advantage of you at every avenue, and you will still not be developed enough.

Freelancing 3D is possible but if you are here asking for advice on it, you're nowhere near ready. You're at a school. Network and listen to others, follow their path a little and see what they are interested in or moving forward with.
Try churches as well. But just like musicians, they won't value your work and WILL take advantage of you. The irony is they have plenty of money but are cheap as fuck towards your worth as an artist.
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How skilled do i have to be to become freelancer? I mean, you will more likely get projects if you are skilled and have proof, but i bet there are companies who are too lazy/cheap to hire a "professional" and would prefer to pay less to get tedious projects done. t. not op

How do I 3D modelling real people?
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Read the sticky lad. Long story short: study and practice.
Its easy really.
First you kidnap them, then you 3d scan them and then you add lens flares. Done.
pickup zbrush and learn character art
see you in a few years

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I can't crack Zbrush 4r7. What's the best alternative?
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Cracking zbrush 4r7

You don't crack it. You just use a keygen and put those numbers in, and then it works.

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>game design
>Computer science
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What's your passion? What are you good at?
Game design, specifically character art and design, but I've read in a lot of places that having a game design major will really limit my job out look
It absolutely will.
Take a look at your average college-level game development club.
Compare the amount of ``game designers" with the amount of artists and programmers.
The game designers will outnumber the programmers 3:1. Sometimes even as much as 7-10:1 as the semester goes on.

Do you understand?
``Game Design" is a synonym for "idea guy."
If you have too many idea guys and no one to implement your ideas, then you will not develop a game--only an abstract set of ideas that may or may not work, and certainly will not see the light of day.
As an artist (not concept art, those belong to people with skill), you can pull your weight, maybe. But without programmers you are most certainly dead in the water.

I can't wait until you're forced to enter college as a Computer Science Bsc. because you "want to make games", like your hundreds of classmates will also tell you, only to drop out because you couldn't handle the math, or weren't actually interested in being a programmer and preferred to live out your idea guy delusions.

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Any tips for my topology? It's a game character, I want to try to keep the polycount near 1k.
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Looks pretty okay but blocky hands probably won't ever look good
you need another joint for the hands to bend a bit more, also clean up the leg/ ankle angle. Looks like he fell off his skate bored. Lastly, head proportions off. It looks a little small. goodluck
Also is it rigged yet? because you might have weird deformations in the butt without another edge loop around the waist. just a thought

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See this amazing seamless ad. It's not CG, just editing http://deadspin.com/5838417/the-bunt-home-run-and-the-world-famous-sneaker-company-that-may-not-exist
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>It's not CG
posts on /3/

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How to make realistic body hair?
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Depends. What qualities do you look for in realistic body hair?
Something that'd make me want to bury my face in it.
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>I have no idea

whats the point of THIS SHIT all it does is lag you and turn itself on when you least suspect...
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get gud

It's like the subdivision modifier in max. You are supposed to preview hard surface models with it.
whats the hot key to turn it on so i can avoid it

Thoughts on this fine show?
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Started good, went nowhere. Got bored with it. Definitely Tsutomu Nihei's most boring work.
manga is way better
Blame trailer looks promising. I am waiting for this for over 10 years. Lets hope it will be good.
I quite like that fake 2d 3d look, the biggest problem is the low quality animations (in the show)

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is it possible to make very complex animations without mocap? or is it possible but extremely difficult?
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>is it possible?
of course. All of the Overwatch shorts are hand-keyed, and they look very impressive.

>is it difficult?
just started modeling, cant wait to start animation after

Don't want to burst your bubble, but animating is an extenuating grind.

A full time week of work is required for 2-3 seconds of movie-grade animation.

You're staring for 40 consecutive work hours at the same 3 seconds.

What software do you buy if you're a "hobbyist"? I'm thinking of getting zbrush but I have poverty level cash.
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If you really care about your hobby, you will fund it or try whatever to achieve your goal. Get zbrush if this is what you want to do with your life.

"I don't have any money"

Then pirate it. Don't make excuses that will hold you back. Just be smart and know the realities of pirating.

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How would I begin building a game on Unity from scratch? I'm a young college student with time on my hands. I also would like to know what other programs I would need to build models from scratch.
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>From scratch

The only real reason anyone develops in Unity is because they can buy a bunch of shit from the asset store and slap together a game in a week.

If you're seriously interested in going "from scratch" but still want to use something like Unity or UE4 then that would depend on what you have experience in.
lynda and udemy have alot of "combo" of online dvd's on how to combine blender and unity to make your own games.

you can do that with books if you prefer. they are on amazon
>young college student with time on my hands
Get a job

How can I create gigantic cities like these ?
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Thousands of hours.

Or maybe there is some sort of city generator.
I would recommend procedural tools like Houdini or Esri CityEngine
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Cities Skylines

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Anything that you anatomy "experts" see that looks fucked?

pls dont be gentle
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Hands too big
No genitals
Where are the nipples and the peepee

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