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>Cee Yee Ay
>trhoudee graphecs

why does he speaks like this?
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he's different
He's Australian.
There is nothing wrong with Andrew. People only hate him because >Blender.

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wew lads, I think your little animu girls really like me ;D
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> anime -> animu -> lads
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don't let them defuse the bomb, [zzz] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaassaaaaaaa:D:D:/:D
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MJCA, bitches!!!

Why are junior artists obsessed with guns?
There's so much in this world to model but you choose a gun. It's so boring....

Maybe it's an American thing to love a gun so much? what do you think...
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Guns have a lot of geometry, but still are pretty angular in design and relatively simple, not to mention that most people know what a gun looks like better than a human.
Guns are not artistic, you either make them perfect or don't.
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Perhaps because there's a significant interest in guns in the gaming and (and game-modding/modeling communities). I used to have this huge obsession with them when I was in my teen years, and now I don't really have any overly biased interest in them. People will more likely pay for DLC that gives them a new gun, rather than a new character. Guns hold peoples interest for some reason (maybe just the satisfaction of use, plus they're almost always the "main" tool for most games) and a lot of movies.

I always enjoyed making obscure/random guns that I'm a fan of, or stuff that isn't seen often (Whitney Wolverine, No4 Derringer, unique steampunk stuff) but it gets repetitive after a while though once you've made at least one of every type of gun (ie made at least a few revolvers, bolt action rifles etc).

Never was a fan of modern cars because IMO they all look exactly the same. Buildings and architecture is fun since you can kinda go crazy and do whatever you want unless it actually has to stand in reality.

Have an incredibly generic revolver.

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Pleas help I need a good 3d program free that's good at making scenery and invierments I think I used to us Daz 3d but it was a wile ago
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>help me maek monies plox
Come back when you are capable of the english language, faggot.
unreal engine

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ayyyyyy lmao \3\

This might be more of a /sci/ question because it's mathematical, I think, but I'll try here first.

So I want to have planets in my game. Problem is, the engine can't handle the actual scale of planets. So I have to fake it by making the planets like 1/10000 scale (or actually maybe even smaller). But there's something that just doesn't look right. Somehow, the eye can just tell the difference between a large sphere and a small sphere. It has nothing to do with motion. I can see the difference even when the camera is stationary.

So, any idea how to effectively make a small sphere look like a really huge sphere?
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For reference... Here's an actual image of Jupiter. The trick is something in the way the bands curve. They're much flatter in the real image.
probably something to do with camera fov
OP pic uses a wide angle from a short distance.
this pic is a crop from a telephoto lens picture. it has almost no perspective distortion

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What are your thoughts on the Android port? Does it make sense to use Blender on such a tabled? Do they have enough CPU/GPU power to do some real work on it, or is this just a gadget?

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Blender on Android is interesting, but I don't think Android is the right platform for blender. Also, I think that few devices that run on Android are likely to not be powerful enough to use blender to its full extent.
not good without a keyboard

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What is the general consensus on the computer generated images in the music videos "Blue" and "Move your body" by the Italian pop trio "Eiffel 65"?
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in what respect?
its okay i guess
For the time or even now?
now it would take an incredible amount of time and money just to be on par with modern standards

but you can always cut costs and hire pajeet

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Anyone taking part in this? Im definitely going to start. The tool is garbage but anyone who can model in another program can easily just use the garbage model as a mesh and improve it.

The crutch of using iclone seems to be scaring off a lot of the better modellers on polycount so its a chance for us newbies to win something for a fucking change. Also so far most entries are shit. Lets get to it lads.

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What am I downloading here. Lots of shit on their page.

Theres a larger suite of software called iclone that this is part of but you dont need it unless you want to use their animation stuff. which is balls
lol someone "finished" already

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3D women are not important
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What the heck
Go back to >>>/s4s/
Thats rude :^)
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What about 2.5D?

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Why do 90% of indie devs go for Unity vs Unreal Engine 4? Not hating on Unity, just curious its advantages vs disadvantages vs UE4
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Because Unity is documented to hell and back with even TONS of printed media about this matter.

Also for some reason most think UE is harder to master than Unity.
Personally I felt instantly comfortable with UE.
Unity has a friendlier interface, runs much smoother since UE4 is clunky and you have to wait for minutes after pressing every button, Unity builds are compatible with every platform out there. Unity allows different types of scripting language that any coder can find a spot to fit in. Unity has a bigger community, bigger asset market and developer feedback
>and you have to wait for minutes after pressing every button

I use a shitty i3 from 2013 + GTX750Ti and never encountered this problem.

Are you using a calculator?

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Did anyone else ever see this when they were younger?

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Minds eye.jpg
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The Gate to the Minds eye for me.
1995 was 21 years ago.
Babies born this year could be in legal porn videos now, grandpa.
>dat soundtrack tough
Step it up sempai

One of my favourite Thomas Dolby albums.

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What the FUCK are noodle bones? I've been trying to look this shit up for like two hours now and I've had no luck. I watched some GDC Overwatch panel about the animation done for the game, and in it "noodle bones" are mentioned, but I can't find an example of the rigging or anything like that. I'm super new to 3D animation and modeling in general, so maybe I'm just retarded.
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Maybe you searched for the wrong word. Check out stretchy bones.
Noodle bones is the name that they strangely decided to use to describe the (possibly) most important part in their animation pipeline but it's not like this is any new technique at all. Don't get me wrong for saying this, you say that you are super new to 3D animation but aren't you also new to animation at all? What they tried to describe was basically a combination of the first and most important principle of animation, Squash and Stretch. So, as I understand from them saying that they work on this principle using rigs, what they certainly do is make a secondary rig to the character and what it does is simply treat the skin in a more relaxed way to create this smearing effect.The trick here is that this secondary rig is not being bound inside the 3d model, instead it's certainly bound onto the mesh and being treated as it's common for cloth. They probably don't make it in the entirety of the body and instead keep it only to more critical parts, such as extremities, since it's where the movement really catches our attention. Hope that you could understand a thing or two :)

Ps.: Before you jump into it, you should probably develop your abilities with the main rig, what they describe is not a different method for you to ponder if it's better than the way you are used to rig and animate, it's simply an addition as a secondary rig to make smoother animations. So don't feel bad for checking this only later, learn and understand their way to achieve this is a whole new thing so you could easily be overwhelmed. Also, it's best for your sanity that you rely on post effects to achieve similar results since it's incredibly easier, you are not a studio, dude.
Just to conclude, as I feel that my lack of sleep could have affected my shitty explanation, I made a drawing to complement

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Hi /3/,
I need to make a very very simple animation using a basic human model without any clothes, hair, etc. However, I am an absolute noob and can only do basic animation in cinema 4D, but I can't find a 3D rigged female base model anywhere for c4D.
I only need a basic one to color it black with some white lines and do a kind of silhouette animation, real short.
If you can help me I am begging you to do so anons...
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This is kind of what I want to do, only with simpler motion and no clothes or hair. Oh, and instead of a completely black figure I'd like to paint a white line on the head... It's a project I`m asked to do..
There is an absurdly massive amount of information and data available on the internet, and you're telling me that in the hundreds of thousands of petabytes of information out there you can't find a single .fbx file of a rigged female figure?

Come on, anon. Apply yourself.
Trust me anon I have! I just can't find a rigged base c4d model. I can't... I might be that dumb but trust me I am not lazy... By the way, what is .fbx? Don't I need .c4d for cinema 4D?

Making bullets from Enter The Gungeon. What do you guys think??
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basic as fuck
also post in the W.I.P. next time
Looks pretty cool
>literal basic shapes
Is there anything to think?

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Hey /3/,

I need some help/advice. I just graduated with a B.F.A. and a degree in web dev and multimedia design. I have a lot of skills but none on the professional level yet. About 6 weeks ago I applied to 50+ different companies in the field but haven't gotten an answer since. I'm not entirely sure why and I'm starting to be frustrated vegitating when I could be doing good work for an employer.

What do?
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please /3/, somebody must understand or have tips on how to land a job
Got a portfolio?

If you don't have a good website/portfolio you're unhirable

it's my portfolio website. let me know what you think i should change/improve

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