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Please post curriculums and homework assignments from college 3d modeling and animation courses?
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post some 3d books as well
Just subscribe to Megan Matros on youtube, cool channel with all of these hour long talks

What is the best way to model clothes for a video game character for a RPG type, (where you are supposed to change your attire)?

How is the mesh supposed to be?

Do you make a naked body, and "dress" it with clothes over (layering the meshes) or do you separate parts (say a head, a torso, and legs) and remove the naked "torso" mesh to replace with a T-shirt mesh for example?
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Marvelous Designer

Skyrim or fallout is the best education on this. Look at the models with this tool.

You model the mesh naked with loops in tactical locations, then you have different versions of your naked mesh for different clothes.
Like say a head and arms only upper body for wearing a T-shirt, head and hands only version wearing a sweater, and so on and so forth.

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Cosmic Blobs.jpg
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Have some old software, /3/.


If it doesn't run try running it with XP compatibility, and if it still doesn't run try a VM.
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It's a little tricky rotating things.

Some videos of it in action.
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bootleg ass mareep.png
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probably the fastest concept to finalized product workflow available now

I want to get into emoji, how do I create something like this?
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Get off this site

>but I like it ironically

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16 - 1 (1).png
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>Shitposting on one of the slowest boards on 4chan.

I might as well post memes here if this is where this thread is gonna be going.

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hi friends, first time I see this kind of problem.
Left hand and right hand made the same way, yet on "skin weights" menu we can see that left sholder ect.. not skined. How can I fix that?
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found sulition:
select all the joints you are missing in the influence list ---> select the mesh ---> skin tab ----> add influence.

/3/ guys!
I have a very simple request.

There is a 3D model on this page:

"Download models for 3D printing"

Can you write "Artemis" or "Diana" on it, or just put something cute on the nameplate, whatever?
It's for my sister.

I managed to open it on Windows 10, but the in-build editor is basic af.

For exchange I can help you solve computer problems, questions. Cheers!
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For example the in-built tool just adds a "pop up text", cannot make it look like the original one even.

attached pic, this is the only "option" that this thing gives to me. and heck I am anything but artistic.
What format do you need it in? Also stl proportions seem a bit wierd. is it like 4 x 1 cm ?
The same as it comes in, its obj/stl/STEP, they are all included. I looked up some company on the internet who prints 3D by the hour, so I just want to send them the modified nameplate and get it printed.

And hope it will fit, lol.

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ITT: We post our videos/ WIP for enjoyment or criticism.
Links to youtube, webms, gifs, etc. All skill levels are welcome, but try to be serious about it.
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I wish 4chan had a board for 2D animation.
I like this idea. I'll be back when I actually stop being fucking lazy and make something.
I made this in high school when I was mad about failing my AVID class because I didn't meet AVID expectations.

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Fastest way I can make animations like this? Hopefully some RAD tools as I need to make a lot of them
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That's a pretty crappy animation. The run cycle is okay but the leaping is utter garbage.
The animation can be crappy, just wanna show the movement

Daz Studio and Aniblocks.

File: large[1].jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
Topology! I'm learning it for the first time and I just dont really know where to start! Thinking so far ahead to rigging to animation I just dont know either very well so its like how do I get this down right the first time so I dont find out down the road I fucked it all up?

This model here, this bowser one I want to rig it but Im not sure if I should make the shell separate should I put him in a t pose before rigging? Should I make it all one group? So many questions I just dont know... could you guys give me some advice?
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Experiment. Try anything and everything.
I would just like to get things right the first time, I would like to experiment but Im trying to become a one man army and do every step of the production process! So sadly time is crucial to me right now I can't afford too much experimenting.
impossible. experiment, figure out what works and what doesn't. then, when you're done breaking your back to get that shit working right after your first attempt and doing it, you're going to sit back in your chair and go "i can't use this"

then you do it over again and it will always be better. you will not ever ever do something "right" the first time

better get started now, this is all time consuming.

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How absurd.webm
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>I'm a generalist
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>I'm a one trick pony
>I'm a no trick pony cuz I stumble at everything
jack of all trades, master of none; is surely better than a master of one

In terms of viscosity and shading
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Im guessing use SSS
Be honest anon, you actually want do make semen, rite?
exactly what i thought

Hey /3/

What is your opinion on auto-rigs?

I'm in my graduation year and I'm planning to build an auto-rigger.
Most autoriggers are counter-intuitive and generally a hastle. I want my rig to meet a couple requirements.

>Easy and intuitive to use
>Should be able to handle both easy and complex models
>Should be useful for both beginners and more experienced 3D'rs

Plan on using a system kinda related to building blocks. Import a hand, put it in place etc. Model with five legs would not be a problem, just import five legs for example.

What do you guys think?
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Most autorigs are shit, one ive found that actually really damn good is Rapid Rig Advanced

I'm pretty sure the best one around is Advanced Skeleton


By a mile.
doesnt this kinda depend on what you are planning to do with whatever you are rigging?
with all the extras if you try to pull a rig like that into unity and use it in mecanim for example you are gonna have a bunch of ass to pain through.
if you are just animating sure...
rigify -> blender addon
can produce a rig for whatever human model with a couple clicks

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What would be a better and more professional alternative to SFM for making Overwatch pron?
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What about UE, Unity or Cryengine?

There's this guy who takes Daz Genesis female figures and geographs the heads from the game onto the Genesis body, then models the outfits for the Genesis figure. This gives a much better quality looking figure than the low poly game models, plus you can render in Iray which is far superior to OpenGL.

But you'll have to know how to model in order to make geographs and clothing, but the end results will be much better.

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I never had the chance to post this yesterday but better late than never I guess.

Post those birthday hats.
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We should do like a sparkly christmas decoration thread for december.
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File: bdaycap.png (2KB, 256x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi /3/, what's the best website of free program for photogrammetry? I'd like to make a 3D model from photos of statues and figurines I have lying around. I'm considering using Autodesk 123d catch but if anyone knows something similar that produces better quality results, I'm open to it!
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Your best bet is to steal one of the commercial packages.

Your second best bet is VisualSFM and Mesh Lab.

In my experience VisualSFM can work with much shittier data and still produce usable stuff. For high quality source material I'd say you get up to twice the resolution with Photoscan or Memento as you would with VisualSFM

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