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So I would like to start modelling characters. I have experience modelling machinery and doing CAD stuff, but organic models are very alien to me. Stuff like topology for expressions and joint movement.

So, I could google "how to model characters" and get a bunch of shit, or I could ask you esteemed, talented gentlemen. What's a good place to start? I understand there are programs out there that make it easier. Zbrush is something I hear of a lot. What about daz?
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Daz isn't a modelling software, it's like a barbie doll type program for adults where you use artwork others have made to play dress up on downloaded character to create images, it's mainly used to generate cringy porn.
epic. simply epic.

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what tool should i learn if i want to make videos like this?

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any 3D package and after effects. You should not aspire to create this level of trash though.
cinema 4d/after effects (on low level)
I'm telling the easiest way
btw here's fan banshee vid by me ))

Seriously? Im getting mixed messages people are saying either yes or no, I've met a few people from uni aswell who have ended up in indie places and saying they love it, they just go into work eat pastries and chill all day theres no pressure. The only place I find that they treat you like crap is when the studio has bad management.
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I work at an indie place it's pretty chill for me to be honest, I'm London based and our boss goes to Vegas at least every 2 months, don't believe the scare stories.
It depends on the place really. It's not all sunshine and rainbows but not every studio is like Nitrogen. Otherwise, there probably wouldn't be much of a workforce left.
Well of course those ((people)) would treat their animators like crap, it really depends on the size and speed that the studio works at. Studios that need a production within a small time frame will prioritize the work and not the workers.

guys I decided to use program art of illusion, any of you enjoyed? According to experience,it is a good program?
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Even Blender is better than this trash.

Why? Just get a real program to render with

Wristband tech design, what are some areas for improvement?
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Sorry, but that wristband is so damn boring ::yawn::

Dont copy fitbit for a start.

okay thank you - so more originality needed and something that makes it special / more fun

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can someone please help me

this shit happens to me a lot and i never know to fix it

im trying to rate a group of object from 1 pivot point, but instead, its rotating each object from it own pivot, how do i fix this
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Make sure use selection center button is active and you are not using local space coordinates.
im not using local, im using view, but where is the selection center button?
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(uuuuuh....well i just want to start of by saying i'm sorry if this isn't the right place or thread for this kind of thing but i can't seem to find answers anywhere else so i digress)

so,can any one point to me to Pornographic stills and animations that you know were done with blender?
you don't have to post them here, a link will suffice. I am asking this because i'm interested in breaking into the ''3D indie hentai''(i know it sounds dumb, i don't know what else to call it) scene.(I'll be able to make beautiful renderings that don't need a complex
story or relatively advanced animation tricks) I plan on using blender for this but i want to see what i'm in for first. Yeah i know the open
source movies like Sintel double as ''showing off the software'' pieces but i'm going to be doing this alone, unlike how Sintel was made.
i want to see if a ''one man blender pornographer team'' is to far fetched for me. So /3/, am i stupid or am i on to something/you can help me out?
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Image 001.jpg
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This guy is /3/'s blender pornman


He posts here with some good shit, then people come and complain about low poly boobies.
Still, at least the animations are better than sfm porn.
thanks alot for the source anon-sama, i honestly thought there was no such thing as a ''blender using pornographer'' and i would have to pioneer it.

i hope i get more sources as good as yours.
No problem.

Here's another one. I'm pretty sure he uses blender.
Found it while searching blender and porn on tumblr.

It's some loli shit, so you've been warned.
Decent quality though.


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How exactly good is Pixars Renderman for rendering 3d models?

Is it just a piece of crap?
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Pretty good if you have a server farm.

Do you have a server farm, anon?

If not stick to non-distributed renders.
Renderman is one of the oldest names in rendering. It is def one of the better ones out there now for large scale productions. It's really good if you know how to code. If you just doing a project by yourself, its not going to be vastly diff from other software.
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>comes to /3/
>can't recall how amazing the pixar movies all look

..........OP truly is a fag

Any 3D printers on /3/?

I feel like it would be a good investment.
>Interesting future perspectives
>Nice to hold your creations
>Helps explain people what you're doing

I think it would help build a bridge between you and your customers/family/friends if they can hold something that you created doing 3D. To most people it's fucking magic.

What 3D printer do you recommend? Don't mind if I have to assemble it myself.
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For my job I work with a 3d printer (ultimaker 2) its fun to hold Stuff you make but if you dont have a real use for it it wil become gimmicky after a short while. Keep that in Mind. Try finding a Fablab or hackerspace nearby to try out printing yourself.
I got an UM2GO too. I know exactly what you mean by holding the real thing in your hand that you were modelling a few hours ago. This thing is about 10 cm and the tiniest details are perfect overall.

Ultimater 2 have an amazing surface quality, but the print area is relatively small. Also its a bit pricy. But it can go down 20 micron quality, which is 1/5 thickness of an A4 paper so anything that comes out of it looks like it came out of a factory. It's great for detailed works, prototypes, sculptures, working parts like gears, etc...

Although we are still at the very steps of 3d printing. In the upcoming years the prices will go down and better printers will pop up. They are already working on Ultimaker 3.
3D printing a model with the current technology just isn't that impressive to the uninformed observer. It will just make them more confused -- "Oh, you made a really rough plastic toy that kind of looks a little like that thing on your computer screen, but with bumps and grooves all over it. Why?"

It will be a lot more interesting once the resolution is decent. The FormLabs printers are making some strides in that direction, but they are obviously pretty pricey.

Is Microsoft powerpoint a feasible tool for making cartoon films and animations?
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no. its a presentation tool
you need something like after effects
It was, before they killed the Clipart library.

Made tons of PowerPoint toons back in HS.

... or flash development studio, or blender (google - 2d animation blender).

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need help b/ros so I'm kinda new to maya and I'm busting my balls mearning it and loving it etc... but my I7 died :'( so ai'm stuck with Intel q9550 and Arnold does mot support my CPU, I'm broke as shit at this time because My work stops at summer time.. so ai ron'y have any chance to buy new cpu
so what options do I have for maya 2017 besides of arnold?? pic related my work ))
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oh come on my English sucks + I typed it with my phone when I was walking :/ the answer would've been helpful BTW,
is working with external renderer too bad?
I have reach to indigo Renderer 4, but it's not a plugin
beseids of arlold you onl'y options at summer is to get new l7 because of Maya is busting bals for real. maya is 2017 now so your work has verry uncanny valley and in titteis.

hop this helps

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I guess a bunch of people on here use CGpeers, so hopefully you can answer my questions...

I've registered with the site and downloaded a few torrents, no problem.

But... I can't work out how to join the forum (CGPersia). It just says that registration is closed. I can read threads, but all the links seem to be hidden... presumably they are only open to registered users.

I can't work out how to make a request.

There are notices all over about keeping your ratio up, but all the torrents seem to be 'freeleech' and my ratio is showing as infinite even though I've downloaded over 50 GB (uploaded about 40 GB). Does this mean that they basically don't give a fuck about how much I upload? I generally try to seed as much as possible anyway, but it would be nice to know.
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CGpersia has a different registration. Unless you are registrated you cannot read links.
Just keep on trying to get on in when registration is open.

When do they open registration? Is it a monthly thing like CGpeers?
is there any other website lik CGpeers? because that place is f--ing paradise )) I discovered it like month or two ago and I love it like my balls ))
someone mentioned GFXpeers here is ghat a real thing?

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Can we have an UE4 vs. Unity thread?

Which one is more efficient/graphically superior for mobile?
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Then what do you suggest
unity is low quality - easier on GPU
ue4 is better quality - harder on GPU

use whichever suits your needs best

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how much nerd puss can one get for having a high level art position in a popular game company?

can my friend who works at blizzard (overwatch team) said some chick offered to fuck him if he would make her into a character in the game.. i loled

you guys know any similar stories?
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nah, but wow what a conceited woman that was.

You think you can get your likeness into a huge game just for having sex once? How valuable does this person think their sex is?

ikr right, getting your likeness in a huge video game is at least 6 sex
I know someone that's a lead artist in a middle-to-large kids game franchise.

Guy had 1 date in the 6 months I roomed with him.

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Hi all,

I want to start using zbrush but i'm in no position to buy a license. If I ever make money from my use of zbrush I would 100% get a license but for the time being this is not the situation.

I pirated photoshop once and found myself a part of a chinese botnet so I'm not too comfortable in using cracks for software.

So my question is, how did you start out with zbrush? Do you have any recommended downloads?
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>found myself a part of a chinese botnet
KEK you should have stayed there for good..
just downoad Zbrush and install it don't install some shady shit that's all
if you'll have money or if you'll get good with it you'll eventually buy it

or I have better Idea for you. Dowload DAZ it's free ;) and join daz army of 3 :3 they are artists here

The one on cg persia is legit. The crack will come up as a virus but it's a false positive.

The other thing is versions of 4r7 there are p1 p2, p3 and keyshot bridge. Get P1 and activate and patch to P2 the keyshot one gives nothing but trouble.
cool thanks brosefs I'll check it out.

Might just run one of my hard drives as a compromised system with cracked stuff.

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