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Did VR fizzle or what? Trying to decide if I should make VR content or not.
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It's still a bit early.
People are waiting on that one killer VR game, while devs are waiting for people to buy VR headsets.
Though maybe you can make that first good VR game and make some fat stacks, eh?
doesnt it cost a small fortune to run?
For PC, you need the latest GPU's to run VR properly, and a good VR headset costs around $800 as well.
Which is probably why people aren't jumping on the VR bandwagon, and why companies are hesitant to develop games that support VR.

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Take this colour acuity test. Score anything higher than 0 and give up your CG career right now
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Only works if you have a calibrated screen and doesn't matter unless you're a compositor, color grader or maybe texture artist.
regarding calibration, your screen would need an awful bad color cast for it to not be able to render the differences

you don't need a spyder to take the test
It's a test about subtle shifts in color and if you can't guarantee they're correctly displayed, why bother? Not that this has any relevance on /3/ anyways.

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Okay /3/, I'm having a stupid issue that I just can't figure out how to fix. I'm trying to export an OBJ with a single material file so I can use it as a SteamVR environment. I know the model works because I made it a single color at first and it worked fine.

I added a second material, baked the texture, deleted the material, saved/reopened blender, exported to OBJ, but the MTL file still says I have two materials.

What do I do? I can't find a solution. I've shift-clicked the X, I've checked and purged orphan data, and I have no fake users. What am I missing?
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i'm a girl btw
the material is stored as metadata so even if its not useable it will still be there

go to the mtl file and edit it urself
Manually deleting it from the mtl file does not work, for some reason. Removing the second material and setting the amount of materials to "1" in the top doesn't fix it.

What are cliche models that everybody makes at one point or another?

I'm thinking the top three would be:

3) Dragon
2) Waifu
1) Firearm
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Benis XD
tob geg :-D

Horse Cock.

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This is probably going to be like asking /v/ about gaming laptops but what advice could you give about tablet computers for 3D?

I'm tired of being stuck at a desk to work and laptops require a table and setup. My only real concern is how well a pen will work for regular 3D programs.

I'm stuck between the Windows Surface Pro and Wacom Companion but open to other ideas.
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The Companion looks fucking awesome!
It does sound like it has the best pen with all the intuos features like tilt and a matt screen but a review said they had worse weight and battery life.

I had one couldn't see shit with it. Very dark dingy screen. The new mobile studio pro looks good though, I guess thats the price for early adoption.

is blender the current;y best free sculpting app? im using it as a stress ball everyday and i like it.


when do you stop with symmetry?
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The reddit is strong in this one.

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what's the human limit of just one dude doing animations in terms of quality and lenght?
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if no time limit then infinite
1 year.

Lads I found proof an actual real fucking pro walks among us.

Yes the person who made THIS browses here holy fuck... Cesar Zambelli!

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Pic related is a screenshot from his female sculpting course.

I don't feel so dirty posting here anymore. Literal GODS of 3D walk among us!
That looks so much like it's made with DAZ, but dunno, maybe they just look alike.

But if he's around, he should stop being a nipple and give me something sexy to 3D print >:V

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Looking for lots of not so HQ but noticably asian models.

I never tried any daz poser stuff before, is that the place to go? or is that mostly porn stuff? Ideally these would be dinner wear or business Asian women and men
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Man, its easy to turn a white face into an asian one. Want some tips ?
I laugh at you shitposter. Have fun as a hobbyist. :^)

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> he uses crazy bump to make normal maps
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Cant believe I bought that.
Wha-what's wrong with Crazy Bump?

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Guys need help here! I want to texture the floor of my scene, and i want to have a good floor resolution. The thing is, i only get a good resolution if i scale my UV Shell up. When i grow my UV Shell, big as the pic related, i can get nice resolution. But how do i UV Snapshot that? I'm trying but nothing is getting good....
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If you uniformly scaled it it wont matter. The square represents infinite space, it's the texture resolution or detail that represents the size of those letters. If you want that level of detail you need a bigger texture.

so theres no way i can make the uv shell bigger than that uv square? the only way out is to have a better texture resolution?
Yeah it has to be the size of the top left quadrant. Anything after that is just a tiled/repeated version of what's in that quadrant, absolutely no way around it. Not sure why, I don't know enough about texturing.

It looks as though you've got the entire floor of several corridors as one mesh? Generally that wouldn't be done, in fact I'd have that cut up into at least 3 seperate floor meshes, thus enabling more UV space per object.

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Do you guys use mo-cap for facial expressions?
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Mocap is really expensive, and since 90% of the anons on /3/ are hobbyists, I'm going to assume no.
Could be really cheap, if you only need accuracy in facial animation. A cheap depth camera would do the job nicely, but the (body) mocap has always been shit in my experience.
I used to do mocap with a x-box kinect and did simple character animations, but there was alot of clutter to clean up. Never knew there was an easy way to do facial animations

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I need some imagery redrawn and resized. Might require some graphic design. It's probably just going to require a 2D image, nothing fancy.

If anyone thinks they can do it, I can probably toss a few bucks your way.
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Do not bump when the main reason nobody answers you is because you give no information.

How many images? What needs to be changed? how much 'graphic design'. how many bucks?
A total of about 5 images. They're very basic mostly line art images that need to be resized and adjusted so I can get them printed on poster paper, basically.

It all depends on how long the person thinks the job will take them.

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Is there a way to market your 3D skills (modeling, sculpting, scanning, designing) in a way where you can create your own personal business out of it?

For example, if I opened up my own 3D photo scanning studio for people to get 3D scanned and printed into physical models. That venture would be a lot of money to start up, but what are the possible ideas of creating your own businesses with the skills involved with 3D?
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I think it would be hard to get people to pay enough for a scan and a print to justify your costs.

Don't work with private individuals as customers. Work with companies instead. Much easier to handle.

I'm running a small studio with two friends. I do 3D animation and stills. It's working out quite well and I charge about 1000usd per day for my services.
That's awesome and a really good set up too. What is the usual clientele you would get?

And yea working with companies is more stable but I wouldn't mind having my own thing on the side that makes me a portion of my income as well. then maybe the venture on the side will evolve to be my main source of income.

And the scanning and printing was just an example since he costs would be a little to high to start.

Any other good independent business ideas for the 3D field?
VR and 3D printing are the way to go

otherwise, commercials.

doing modeling/animation as a job for games/movies is nearly impossible to live off of. unless you have a few years under your belt already and can pitch in to do work for a big company

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Hey all,

I'm facing a bit of a problem right now with a project.

In the image you can see that I'm trying to attach the cloth roof to the tent poles sticking from the sides of the tower. However, I haven't found the exact way to get what I want like I have in that Cinema 4D image.

I am trying to retain the flat surface of the cloth while doing so, so far I know that I can simply use it like a normal flagpole but that felt too rigid and did not exactly attach itself to the model and just hovered above where it was placed essentially. I used the Node settings for that try.

So i'll need help with this as soon as possible.

P.S. At work we mainly use Cinema 4D for modelling and I'm coming from that background but for our recent project in UE4, I need to use 3DSMAX for exporting APEX simulation data.*
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Title should say "simulating" my bad.
just youtewb it duud =V


search "preserve group cloth vertex" You can choose the vertices to freeze while simulating so they will appear like theyre attached to flagpoles while the rest of the cloth is simulated downwards.
mCloth + MassFX Rigid
Apply mCloth to cloth object and make poles static rigid bodies with MassFX.
Adjust mCloth parameters so that it either doesn't intersect with the barrel or pass through the pole objects.
Also, low poly objects don't really go well with the cloth physics. OpenSubDiv is your friend.

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