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In the meanwhile this shit is on Ebay germany's front page :
I dont know if they are being serious or if its a really bad taste of art style but any way fuck them . your opinions?
heres the direct youtube link : https://youtu.be/PN6Sr12RW6Q
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If it pays.... lol
At least they're doing something you fucking crybaby. That's your competition and what are you doing but bitching. Show us what you've done.
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>Moderne Kunst

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Awesome new tools by the Quixel team :o
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this is fucking awesome !!!
I'm new in 3d and I liked quixel very very much, are other texturing softwares equally good?
Quixel / Allegorithimic Subtance / Photoshop > all
Is megascans the way of the future?

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sexy 3d print.jpg
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Give me sexy things to 3D print
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Print the hentai goddesss Mamiya Marie.

dunno where you would find the model though

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3ds max help

When I move my parent bone, the children bones dont move. What can I do to fix this?

Help? Pic related
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theyre gonna scrap that shit better start using another program, kidd
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>theyre gonna scrap that shit
what a fag
do you have "select and link" on in the top bar?

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Full disclosure: I am not nor do I want to be in the 3D modelling business. You're all serious, you all know what you're talking about, I get it. I have my own things too. 3D art is just stress relief for me. Bring on the love.

I've thought about doing a 3D Sonichu animation, or better yet, a 3D Sonichu-like animation which does not infringe copyright. It could be a way to sharpen up my animation skills, much like the whole Ratboy Genius thing. (No, I am not aiming for realism or "high-quality geometry".)

Chris didn't respond to my email, but I don't need him for feedback. Instead I will rely on you for feedback.
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Alright you little faggot, that's not helpful feedback, but I'll take it as feedback anyways. Yes, it's an autistic fucking model. I quite literally traced the head from one of Chris's drawings, AND I did the proportions of the body to closely match the proportions most frequently drawn of Sonichu. I realize that it makes the character look like a flabby middle-aged man in a fursuit, but isn't that what we love about Sonichu?

So thanks for the feedback, but what I really want to know is how I can exploit the autistic masses with animations of this shit.

Thank you for your time little fuckturd shitfuck.

You seem to be labouring under the impression that anyone cares about Sonichu.

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Why did CGI artists in the 90s love noise texture so much?
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why do you think, fuckoloid? maybe because it was the90's
>those sandals
just think about it. 3dcg was in the early stages especially for games. just adding bumps or details wouldnt work on those low poly assets. to not make it look so bland they choose noise for better recognition and more detail. also yes. its kind of a style question too.

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How can I improve? I want realism, but I'm not getting it and idk why
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>but I'm not getting it and idk why

Uh because your shit doesn't look real. To elaborate: none of what you modeled has the complexity (or the semblance of complexity) of the real life things you're attempting to simulate.

Trees don't look like that, rocks don't look like that, grass doesn't look like that, light doesn't work that way, etc.

You don't have normal maps, your grass all rook same (needs randomized orientation, different clump types and sizes, different colors, different blade sizes, realistic looking lighting), same with all the rocks and stones, the tree trunks have no texture, the leaves on the two trees are clearly image planes, etc

I mean watch this video for Blender (or go find one for Max or Maya or whatever, there's a really good one for the CryEngine using Maya):


Or to go even further (again, with Blender):


>but I don't use Blender
The concepts are universal
the lighting is very flat. also dont use shaders from the software.
Great tutorials! My computer is overclocking just by watching them, but the results look great

3ds max noob here

How come these dark shadows are appearing on these shapes? It even looks like this at default settings with default shapes as well.
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>what is viewport shading
tried it, couldn't find anything that looked normal. I don't think the shadows are supposed to be this intense.
It's because the mesh has a sharp edge bu the normals along that edge are smoothed, and you have very few faces so the normal shading is averaging over the entirety of the face adjacent to the smoothed edge.
Or at least that's usually the case with this type of shading.

Hey /3/ im a 20 yo about to end a degree in 3d animation

I'd really like to work in the industry but i know it is saturated right now,
I get some good money until im 26 years old, that means i have the time to get a second degree/master.

i'd like something that could help me get in the industry easily, was thinking about programming or optics.
What would you recommend me to take?

PS: im not interested into making a lot of money, I just want a stable job.
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10,000 hour rule
if you have 6 years to flounder then try everything at least once.
once you know what's what then pick something you find fun because youll be doing it every day.
the only think that will get you into the industry easily is if you take that skill you made with 10000 rule and turn it into an art.
or just know someone because in this industry you'll be working contract to contract so making reputable connections is a must if you aren't the best
oh, go work at Walmart because it's go big or go home
Unless you're ridiculously good in 3d animation, I'd recommend spending the next 6 years just building your portfolio.
Animation is more about what you can do, vs what you know.
People are going to want to see your portfolio+demo reel over everything else. Your degree is just icing on the cake.
Getting a CS degree will help with scripts/game dev/whatever if you want, but that's really up to you.

Also, if you wanted a stable job, you picked one of the worst industries for it.
Thanks for the tips

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Hey /3/, I just finished my 6 month long student project and will be graduating in a few weeks. Any comments or tips for a fellow CG artist/animator going into the world?
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If you're an animator you practice day and night to get as good as your gif and then some. You learn, practice, learn practice.

I have nothing to say for artists as that is different from my work. But practice for both.
if you are 3d animator I'd reallyy recomend looking into Street Fighter IV and V character animations and how they move, I have never seen such detail in animations almost in any game. just slow down videos and look how characters move, every one of them has theyr own characteristics etc, I really don't know why people are not using that game as refrence to character animation
If you made this animation from GIF and you know how to export it in FBX to unity/unreal, you'll be fine, actually drop some contact info, i might have work for you.

I'm using the knife project on blender, and when I set my mesh to smooth shading, the plane looks horrible.
Any tips to fix this (besides using squareish flat faces)?
What causes this exactly?
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Shitty topology. Booleans will always do that.
So the ONLY solution is doing a retopo?
Can't blender calculate something smooth and okay looking at least
yes for first question
no for second question

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So what does it take to get into film industry for modeling and texturing instead of video games?

Not interested in rigging, animating etc.
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>So what does it take
A good portfolio.

Something you're likely to never get by browsing /3/
be 100% competent in zbrush and max, have a banging portfolio
>film industry
you mean Maya

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Why 3d modeling seems to be so hard for me? I mean, I really wanna get into some serious projects, but after 2 hrs modeling, I just get incredibly frustrated by my mistakes, my model doesn't look how it should, and I dump it, and repeat the loop, what do I do? I love game models creation but modeling really kills it, why is that? I use 3ds max and I know it pretty well, I also studied a lot, modeling techniques and shit, still feels like im at the starting point
>pic unrelated, shotgun I wanted to make
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model something that is on your level of skill

and if you have a question, post it. you may not know if there is a faster/better way of modeling what you want to do
what this anon said.

You can't expect to model really realistic stuff outright if you're just starting, if that were the case anyone could do a couple of months of modelling classes and join the AAA industry, start small, make mistakes, that's how you learn anything. You'll get there eventually
Start of with easy stuff. How long have you modelled? If you are new don't make a complicated weapon, start by doing simple stuff

Also smoke pot


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i like your OC, it's good!
holy shit

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I don't understand really well about this Back light concept,from the 3 points light. I mean its supose to "cut" the person from the image, but in my vision the back light its just a light behind the character, i do not see the difference with or without the back light...

can you guys help me or give me tips about this light, and how does this work??
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the light in the back is to be offset a little so it shows up on the rim of the subject, rather than directly behind

the light on the rim adds an outline to the contour

guy i knew from /p/ uses it a lot in his nude photography https://www.instagram.com/michaelrodriguezphoto/

that link is nsfw btw
This. Or, if the light is directly behind the subject, it can give a kick of light to the hair.
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It's kinda silly imo too and I was never a huge fan of it but just think of it the way it's called as "rim lighting". You set up your light sources so that the falloff illuminates the edges of your object/subject. It's supposed to give more definition, making it easier to focus on.

Not sure who out there is having so much trouble focusing of what is dead-on front and center but whatever.

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