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Outstanding questions:

What's the difference between subdivision surface and multiresolution in blender?

What's a good workflow for transferring from blender to unity?

What's a good beginners guide to zbrush?

What does the following message in renderman mean?
>An RiMotionBegin()/RiMotionEnd() block was defined which contained either inconsistent subroutines called for the time samples or more time samples than expected. The erroneous data is discarded.

What's a decent resource for .dwg housing plan files?

Whenever I load up ZBrush 4R7 and spend ~10 minutes doing whatever, I always get an abnormal termination error. Any ideas whats up?

I can't seem to get normal maps to work with Vray in 3ds Max. I've tried to: 1) just use a normal map in the bump slot (decent results -- although I'm 99% sure that it is just converting it to grayscale behind the scenes which is incorrect) 2) use the "VrayNormalMap" (worse results) 3) use the standard "Normal Bump" map (worst results) I can't really find anything online about this either other than defunct threads from 2006-7 which say that Vray doesn't (didn't) support normal maps at all. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

Finding lots of tutorials for sculpting hair but does anyone know of any good tutorials for polygonal hair.

3ds max users what are some good plugins for destruction and fragmentation?

How to texture paint in Blender 2.7 with no difference in opacity on the brush/pixels? (I'm attempting low res, low poly)

Are F-Curves necessary in animation?
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Thanks to the anon who suggested Neal Hirsig. I'll check it out.

Does anyone know how do you mirror along an edge in blender? Or just decent symmetry mode? I noticed that if I move the polygon frok it's original position, symmetry gets fucked up
Does anyone know what's going on with this lighting weirdness at the shoulders? There's no normal map, just smoothed vertex normals. Happens in other programs too.

I'm guessing tangent calculations for small, rectangular quads cause irregularities? Is there a better way to model this area so it can bend smoothly?

Answering hair sculpt Q next.
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>Finding lots of tutorials for sculpting hair but does anyone know of any good tutorials for polygonal hair.

Here's my workflow. The key is to make a plane, then draw football-shaped strands on top of it. These will serve as the bulk of the hair, but you can also make smaller ones to add in as "frayed" hair strands. You then do half a bend modifier on the plane, then a full one to achieve a half-pill shape. At this point the bangs will look good but there will be a hole in the top that you just have to manually fill up and intersect with your existing strands.

Longer strands of hair like pigtails I add manually after. No pics on this comp, but result is pretty much the same as any MMD hair you will see.

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Does anyone happen to have rips of the model/animation files from Guilty Gear Xrd... either Sign or Revelator? I know they are out there and available, but the small few I could find were in the archaic as fuck .psk format. Blender import rips their rigs apart and has some poly sloshing and fucks everything up.

Hoping someone happens to have them (specifically looking for Elphelt or Ramlethal Valentine) in a more usable format (3ds, maya or even fbx I would be happy with).

I'm wanting to get the mesh data to see if I can rebuild the shader logic myself in UE4 for a technical challenge
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>Does anyone happen to have rips of the model/animation files from Guilty Gear Xrd... either Sign or Revelator?

You can rip them yourself via http://www.gildor.org/en/projects/umodel (I assume you need the game or the relevant game files though)

I swear there's an XNALARA model on DA but I couldn't find it

It's pretty unlikely you're going to find a fully working rig; you're gonna have to put in the work yourself.

>I'm wanting to get the mesh data to see if I can rebuild the shader logic myself in UE4 for a technical challenge

I don't think that's going to be possible, so your best bet is to devise your own solution based on these techniques:


If you're using Blender you're probably going to want to use the Custom Normals add-on along with Blender Internal's toon shading (cycles toon shading is pretty unworkable)

> You can rip them yourself via http://www.gildor.org/en/projects/umodel (I assume you need the game or the relevant game files though)

Sadly I own the PC version which, as far as I can tell, stores the game files in a different format than one umodel will pull from. All the discussion about Umodel discuss using the Ps3 version of the game for the source assets.

> I don't think that's going to be possible, so your best bet is to devise your own solution based on these techniques

Definitely not until UE4 pushes the forward renderer in 4.14 or gives us even more granular control over the lighting system, but it's certainly capable of getting similar effects, especially since a lot of the key points are in how the model is uv'd and the custom normals. Could probably get pretty close.

Worst case scenario, do it in Unity where you can completely change out the lighting system.

Either way, would just have been something fun to play with :(
I think .psk is all you're going to get them in, because that's what umodel spits out.

I believe I was able to rip them using the PC assets a while back, but can't remember the exact process, sorry OP.
I think it had something to do with decrypting their files, and then running it through u-model.
U-model definitely did not accept the base .upk files.

Also, if you use Gildor's ActorX Importer for 3ds, the rigs will stay intact.
I faintly remember there being some shitty weird duplicate mesh clipping shit going on, but that could be fixed fairly easily.

Wish I could help more. Good luck.

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1949886 - haydee.jpg
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show me your haydees versions
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Is it possible to be good as someone that had finished a course in animation/3D alone and get a job in the field, in your opinion?

I'm a huge fuckup, been a NEET for years. Always wanted to be an animator, took a short course long while ago and fucked it up, wasted years of my life being depressed and doing nothing (after realizing I'm not good enough for anything).

After trying to study other things and change my path I "found out" I still want to be an animator despite everything. So I wanted to start over and take a long course this time, only to find out it costs triple than what I expected. I don't know if it's worth it. On one hand, I'll have people working in the field giving me useful information and critique on my work, which will help me avoid many beginner mistakes (and maybe get a job quicker), on the other hand, it costs a lot, diploma doesn't really matter and there is ton of information online. What do?
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it all depends how much hours you study/work every day.

learning materials? you can get anywhere, id bet online you can get better materials than college since the artists there come from the industry.
teachers at schools are usually the ones that didn't make it to be animators and they tell everyone bullshit stories.
you can find good tutorials are lynda,udemy,motive3d etc
man up. put 8 hours of 3d work per day. 5 days a week. for one year.
do various projects, one per two weeks
get pirated software (maya or max)
post for critique and listen to the good ones

after one year you will be able to get a job in the industry

Don't you need a real portfolio to get accepted to a good art school?

I don't even know who the good schools are besides Gnomon and (I think?) Full Sail, and what makes Gnomon good is all the shit that helps you get a job via contacts and networking

Anyway, you should work some kind of job so you can save up money, while learning on your own and build up a portfolio, and then go to Gnomon

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do people make a living from just turbosquid?

I talked to guy once that said he makes about 5,000$ a month from passive income because he has like 500 models on there...

would it be a smart idea to just start uploading models there every other day and build up a portfolio or is it not worth it?

or is turbosquid just a meme?
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I mean if you make shitty models like that Charmander guy, don't expect much.

Otherwise you should make decent profit with your plan (if you're good).
Can you make impressive characters, or at least good ones? Or what about realistic arch vis models?

If so, do it. If not, I heard uv unwrapping low poly toon props as a generalist can be okay money.
good money for unwrapping uv's? what the fuck that is monkey work

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How long does it takes to be good and to find a job in 3D industry? I know theres factors like how much youre dedicated, or talent, or how much you study, that stuff. But in general, how long you guys think you will be able to feel like a professional at modelling or animation?

Do you have a job? How long you waited until you got that job? Months? Years?
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5 yrs to get into the industry as entry lvl artist, if you are a 8/10 artist. 10yrs to really get good and establish yourself. There are my personal experiences and observations. Its not really fixed to begin with. Heavily depends on what your specific field is.
3 years- some competant but still make mistakes here and there

5-6 years - pretty ballin, mid tier artist but getting his grips in the industry

10 years- mastery achieved
suprisingly accurate - just by watching tutorials you get knowledge, but experience is a bitch in this industry - you MUST go through few years of shit till you know answer for 99% situations / problems that might happen to you or your teammates - then you actually start matter - after 10-12 years working in industry at full-time monkey, usually its time to go full freelance, because companies will start looking for you, not the opposite way. It doesn't mean it will be easy, but its totally doable and you can make a decent living out of it.

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I modeled this as a basic sketch can i convert to sheet metal?
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fuck off theres a question thread
Insert>Sheet metal>Convert to sheet metal.
Select a stationary face as the blue part, then select a face near it where it bends and click collect all bends, click the green button and voila.
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thanks anon.png
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super thanks bro. fuck the other anon

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Can someone give me a tip why my baking fucks up at this point?

Here's both the low and high poly models:
(The High poly has shitty edgeflow at the top and bottom, but those parts are not visible later on since they'll be covered by another model).

I've modeled and unwrapped in 3DS Max and packed the UVs with IPackThat in case that matters.
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Also I'd welcome tips on my unwrapping. I still feel like I can't unwrap for shit.

its probably the fucked up uvs, Im not the best uver around but I tried.

Thanks for that, gonna give it a try.

I thought it was better to keep things in separate pieces to reduce distortion, but I guess it's better to keep them in as few pieces as possible?

What is the best way to model/texture panel details on aircraft in a high-to-low poly workflow? Circled in red is one example.
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Since sculptris is dead and blender devs have no clue on what made it great, sculptGL is the only decent app ive found with dynamic resolution. The problem is pen pressure is not working (web or offline) and the obj exporter is fucked.
Is there a fix for the pen pressure? google is not helping.
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I guess it's not the only decent app now is it?
blender sculpting is fine if you polymodel your base meshes

you shouldn't make base meshes with blender

This is a thread to discuss:
>Best CAD software
>Render Software
>Training blueprints and other resources
>What you are working on
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Render Black.jpg
592KB, 1920x1080px

Nuff' Said
For a hobbyist Fusion 360 seems good and is what I'm using. I heard it's very similar to Inventor which would be the next logical step.
I use ArchiCAD for work but desu it doesn't have anything to do with mechanical engineering. For rendering I used Artlantis Studio, but now I have started learning 3ds Max, because of cheap/free/self-made custom furnitures and easy to make environments.

I want to work on my portfolio soon, but first I have to be decent at visualisation.

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how easy or hard would be to make animations in the style of minecraft.

I was playing that minecraft story mode and realize that a good story is more important for animation than hyperrealistic graphics.
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People already do this.

It's as easy or hard as you make it, like any other form of animation.
You can either sink 100+ hours into your animation, or just shit out animations in a day that look terrible.

Looking at some of the more popular minecraft animations, it seems like a lot of them don't give a shit and tend to choose the latter.
Also , Minecraft community is cancer so you might aswell just kill yourself
You have to be 18 to use 4chan.

i cant afford solidworks, is there a way to get it for free and if not what are some good alternatives?
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just pirate it like everyone else

torrents at kickass and cgpeers

if ur aiming to do it professionally don't settle for less than the tool you will be using, its not like art
fusion 360 is free for now

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Since I rarely hear anything bad about Miku Miku Dance, I'd like to see what /3/ thinks about it.

Personally, I think it's like SFM with the functionality of 2013 GoAnimate.
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why would you use a program that was made in the stoneage?
do you hate yourself?
Its shit.
This was the first animation software I used

It's shit.

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So you extract your .obj and .pc2 file from max to marvelous design and you make the animated cloth.
What I DON'T know is how to make something like that:
I want the female character GRAB with her hand the skirt I made in MD, and lift it up. How can I approach a solution for this?
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Export the figure you're making the clothes for in the posed position. Make the clothes on the posed figure. Pin the part of the skirt she's grabbing to her hand. When you've finished pushing and pulling all the fabric the way you want it export port it as an obj.

In your rendering software pose the figure, import the clothing obj. Parent it to the figure and render. You won't be able to repose the figure with the same clothing but you can always just reapply the pattern to the default figure pose in MD and then make it a conforming cloth figure in your rendering software.

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