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Does anyone know how i could model an object made out of thread-like materials such as wool, string, etc? (Image may be related)

Im hoping to render the object as well in order to match with the room im designing.
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it depends.
if its wool like ur pic you would have to do some fuckery with nurbs and somehow have awsome UV's

if its a surface of shirt it would be alot easier, substance painter have several of wool materials. just have the mesh unwrapped
If it's up close and you can really see the weaving like that, you could do it with a procedural solution e.g. Houdini. Medium distance maybe displacement will look good enough (either procedural or image-based). From farther distance, normal/bump will be sufficient.
This reminds me of a tutorial i never got around to trying out. Maybe this could apply if you understood what the guy was doing.

When using solidworks the only way I know how to stop drawing a line strand to start in another place is to either click on the icon, or press esc. Then I have to click on it again to reselect the line tool.

Is there a keyboard command that I can input that will stop the continuing line but still have the tool selected.

Finding this out will save me a lot of tedious time
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Don't you just double click to get rid of the current line? What version do you have?
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Press L to stop and press L to start a new line. I also use A to draw an arc while I am drawing with lines and then L to get back to lines.

Can anybody help me with static simulation?
I am trying to simulate a displacement of 320x320mm plate, 4mm thick. I am comparing steel vs aluminium. By my logic steel should have about 3 times lower displacement than aluminium, because it has 3 times higher modulus of elasticity. But the results I get from simulation differs only for 1.5 times.
What am I doing wrong?

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I'm willing to pay someone $45 to port this xna model of Guts to sfm.

Here's a link to the model:

There's a pretty straightforward tutorial here that only requires some free software (XNALara, Blender, GIMP, etc.):

I'd do it myself but I have a lot of other priorities at the moment.
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I should probably clarify:

I want this model to work and be posable within sfm. Basically what the tutorial's end-result is.

And I'll use the name Guts Wanter on here to make things easier.
I'll do it if nobody else claims this by Monday.(I'm free during the week.)
Thanks dude. Would you mind giving me some kind of way to contact you? A dud gmail should be fine.

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Given Mudbox is free on the Autodesk student license, is it worth learning? Does it see any use in the industry or is it just completely dwarfed by ZBrush?

I know the obvious answer is probably "Just pirate ZBrush" but chances are I'm going to be using Mudbox in the course I'm currently taking anyway.
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Mudbox is hardly used compared to zbrush, but knowing one will transfer to the other fairly easily. In truth, its less about the program, and more about knowing how to sculpt. If you truly want to learn how to use mudbox or zbrush well, you should learn how to use real clay, and take a few anatomy classes.
>is it worth learning?

Not really, but if you're taking a course anyway it's not like you'll be wasting your time; you'll still learn the fundamentals and the core concepts, so when you switch over to zbrush you'll just have to learn a new UI
mudbox isn't very good, the only thing it really had going for it was it's painting tools, and now there are several better options for painting models, so not really worth it. it's not a hard app to learn so if you want to spend a weekend learning it go for it.

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I'm only just starting out in game dev, so I'm quite ignorant about a lot of things.

I'll be using Unreal Engine, and since the asset pipeline is much better than Blender's (not to mention better animation tools), I've decided to pick Maya to start learning 3D modeling and animation.

My question is: Assuming I have zero ethical problems with it, should I use a pirated copy of Maya in a commercial inndie PC game? I'll be working all by me lonesome, without any partner or freelancer. My hunch is that this should be fine as long as I keep my mouth shut. What do you say?

Thanks for your time!
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You won't make it.
use pirated until you can afford Maya LT, then move to that to publish.

The Maya LT idea is fantastic. I'm ashamed not to have thought of it earlier. Thanks a lot!!

I'll grab the Maya LT monthly subscription for a few months around the time I publish the game. I'll check out if it's legal to use assets once the sub has been paused/discontinued ...

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What are your thoughts on the model viewing site Sketchfab? Have you uploaded your 3D models to it?
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>What are your thoughts on the model viewing site Sketchfab
its good. you can add your own hdri and backgrounds
>Have you uploaded your 3D models to it?
Is it safe to upload too? I'm not sure how people rip models from games but it seems they can get models from about anything now days.

Yup you can rip from it, this is why people should just concentrate on making models of known properties.

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keeping my money.jpg
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Anybody know how to get Spine Professional for cheap or at least at a discount?
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obamacare drops the ball again

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General Portfolio Guideline
We discuss what is needed for a good portfolio.
I start
>>at least 1 nature render
(grass, trees, forest etc. maybe close up)
>>at least 1 Steampunk creation
(steampunk city, close up of steampunk prop ,
maybe weapons, mechanical structures etc.)
>>something meaningful, that is not stereotype
(dont make an low poly earth and put it in a basket , rather make a crying woman at the side of a lonely street from backview)
>>maybe something cartoony
>>at least 1 black / white render, unless it doesnt fit in your other renderers
(sci fi ship in black white , very static)
>>you make more
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>Static renders
exterior house/building scene maybe city scene
interior house scene
nature render (environment)
realistic human render
cartoon character, robots, cars

walk/run animation dinamic little scene/s 30 secs
face animation (conversation) little scene/s 30 secs
is this satire
Gleb pls go away

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Anybody here know how to make the Blender Game Mode Lighting look the same as in the Blender Render Mode?
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Yeah uhh literally impossible within the software
check baking shadows and ambient, examples in following links (you may find more with google..):


youtube: Tutorial - Baking Shadows In Blender (v2.65) --- Tutorial Of baking shadows in blender , you can use it for faster rendering , or just use it in a game for saving memory as i do ...

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I don't use 3ds max biped much so I don't know how to use it properly but all I need is to pose it/copy poses. Is there any way to rotate using the y axis of the forearm (or whichever axis that's locked)?
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This is why i like to create my own bone setup

Using 3ds max. For some reason i can select the edges of tris atm ... I also can't double click to get ring loops anymore or shift + click to get edge loops. How do I fix this?
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Install blender. :-)
I figured it out i made it an editable mesh not an editable poly sorry about the shit thread
We forgive you, anon

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Hey there /3/. Got a question for you.

I've been designing and making some wooden kits to sell at different conventions around here but I have no 3D experience so everything I design is done by figuring out how the angles work in my head.

This was the latest thing I've made - not perfect, but I love it anyway.

My question: What 3D program would be the easiest to construct this in so I can try to test fit pieces before I actually try to build it? All the pieces are in 2D and the drawing program I use exports to DXF.
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If you need absolute accuracy, look at revit, solid works, any 3D CAD.
123make has a neat slicing output that gives dxf "skeleton" of the 3d model that you can laser cut.
I want one

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Does /3/ use Houdini?
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I have the Apprentice Version.
I plan to use it for some explosions/smoke/dust simulations.
I have a bare-bone Linux system just for Houdini, because i want to use all my available RAM for simulation and not waste 2+GB for Windows.

That fucking UI is atrocious. It looks like something from Windows 3.5 days.
That is an ancient version in the pic.

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Greetings, the attached image is an artist I have always followed and loved, she has recently started using this really wild rainbow effect on her figures and I am very curious how it is done. I use DAZ/blender, primarily, and in blender I know how to make reflective/metallic colors but nothing with this pastel rainbow effect. Any suggestions would be great; normally I would look up a guide online but I have nonidea what to even search for this.
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Just try mapping a gradient without if mapping. JUST generated coordinates
*UV mapping
Sorry, I was on my phone.
Thats cool so am I, hence why the image I posted was so small and shit. Thanks for the tip though I will give that a try!

Hey guys, I am a graphic designer that's been learning C4D for the last year and I have some questions about 3rd party renderers. Basically when I have tried out demos I found that it was a pain in the ass to have to transpose an existing scene to a scene that a particular renderer could understand, you know with the arnold materials, and arnold lights, etc. I did see that you can use octane and arnold just to have a super-fast high quality render in a preview window which may be nice for modeling, but I dont think GI is essential for modeling and that was the main speed advantage I noticed. It seems some of these renderers are designed to shorten render times and some are to create visually superior renders that supposedly the native physical and software renderers in C4D can't even compare to. My real questions here is when you consider all of the slider tweaking to reduce grain, and the time it takes to learn how to use renderer specific materials and lights, and the high cost, are the advantages really worth it? I just want to cut render times down when it comes to GI, not try to drastically improve the way renders look btw.
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It's basically nothing but a dick waving contest to see who can get the fastest render times and who has more features. Then fanboyism comes to play and is just a multi-layered skub fight.

>It seems some of these renderers are designed to shorten render times
Because some people don't have the time to wait 20+ hours for a clean render.

>My real questions here is when you consider all of the slider tweaking to reduce grain, and the time it takes to learn how to use renderer specific materials and lights, and the high cost, are the advantages really worth it?
Sometimes yes. Most of the proprietary renderers have the funds to go into paying researchers that can program the latest and greatest algorithms into their program. Also 24/7 support. Whereas open source renderers take more time because most of the time they are made by people who do it in their spare time.

>I just want to cut render times down when it comes to GI, not try to drastically improve the way renders look btw.
Render times mostly come down to scene complexity (amount of GI, materials and their complexity, output resolution, texture resolution(?), amount of light sources, etc.) and your own computer's specs. If you're able to either invest in your own rendering farm or pay for a rendering farm service.

Also Luxrender > Cycles.
get vray

otherwise if you are doing heavy commercial work and your render is not fast enough do it through a render farm, some are cheap
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>get vray

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