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So, I'm kind of new to C4D but amd pretty familiar with the basics. The problem I'm having is that no matter what I've tried I can't seem to get a video onto a mat into C4D

I've tried everything, avi video, quicktime video , and even an image sequence. I've followed many tips on how to fix this, but it always just shows up a solid color (though the image sequence did show up in the mat settings window. I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure this out as I have project that needs to be done by tomorrow. Any help would be appreciated
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Do you have it set correctly in texture's animation tab? I don't see how an image sequence wouldn't work.
Yes, made a jpeg sequence in After effects and then loaded the first image into the mat editor and the first image shows up in the mat editor, but when I apply it, all I see is a solid red or white color on my object
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like this

Just wanted to show what i can do with Dazstudio

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I'm a french from /pol but, do you think I'm racist ?
you are fucking dazfag not a racist )) but as daz goes I like your shit )) I even followed you on deviantart, but I really don't use it, but Daz sucks also and everyone using it
thanks, I don't understand english very well but thanks

Lots of $4 Pro Bundles. each down from $100 unless otherwise noted. All compatible with both DS/Poser, none DRMed or requiring DAZ Connect, and most of the textures/accessory content is compatible with Genesis/G2.

V4/M4 core figure Pro Bundles/Packs (these bundles bring a lot of necessary accessory content not bundled with the base figures, such as hair, everyday clothing, hi-res skins and the Morphs++ morph packs most characters require):
Victoria 4 Hero Pro Pack (originally $180): http://www.daz3d.com/v4-hero-pro-pack
Michael 4 Hero Pro Pack (originally $180): http://www.daz3d.com/m4-hero-pro-pack
The Hero Pro Packs combine the M4/V4 Pro Bundles (themselves already down to $4 from $100) with useful accessories for no additional cost. No reason to get the PBs.

Because V4/M4 have idealized proportions (supermodel height for V4 and muscles aplenty on M4), these pro bundles bring characters that give the figures more down to earth proportions and in some cases, anime/asian looks:
Aiko 4 PB: http://www.daz3d.com/aiko-4-pro-bundle
Hiro 4 PB: http://www.daz3d.com/hiro-4-pro-bundle
Stephanie 4 PB: http://www.daz3d.com/stephanie-4-pro-bundle

Body type, muscles and monster morphs:
Freak 4 Hero Pack (originally $150): http://www.daz3d.com/freak-hero-pack
She Freak 4 doesn't have her own PB, she's in the below:
Super-Physicality Bundle (also $4, but it's originally $290): http://www.daz3d.com/super-physicality-bundle

That's less than $30 for content packages that will certainly go back up to $1100 by this time next week if not sooner.

I didn't mention content like Girl 4 or Elite Ethnic Morphs, mainly because they're less generally useful and/or aren't as deeply discounted.
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How often are sales, I just started today learning to use Daz but I'm not gonna spend any damn money when I barely know how to use it just cause muh sale.

So how often do sales like this or perhaps = pr better ones happen? Other than that, no... no shilling pls.
Thanks I bought 3 of each
>tfw already bought all those on previous sales
>never use them
Sales all the time but it depends on what you are looking for. The last time I saw Generation 4 discounted like this was maybe six months ago. Perhaps more.

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So, I'm kinda new to this whole 3d thing.

Why are 3d models so horrifyingly expensive? they cost more than the software they used to make it in.

For instance, these two models cost 1600 USD

I realize advertising companies make use of these models, but Honestly I think it would probably be cheaper to hire your own artist.

Is there any justification for this? or maybe I'm the crazy one...?
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good job cherry picking the two fucking models of humans that have modeled almost every internal system of the human body.

Maybe if you want a cheap model you should get one that models the outer body and not EVERY INTERNAL SYSTEM dumbass. Basic human models in real life cost less than anatomically correct ones simply because it's less difficult to model an outline of an body than to model the body in high detail with all the internal organs.
I actually don't wanna buy any models I was just asking a simple question because my browsings through various 3d shopping networks have many things over the 200 USD range.

Like these sports balls cost over 100 dollars

I just don't get it, care to explain without all the ad hominem?
The number of times that kind of content will be sold before it's outdated is very limited.
The artists doing freelance stuff like that will have to earn a few thousand bucks a month from their time spent creating that content.

To make a complete human anatomy require a lot of knowledge as well as developed modlling skills.
It's probably close to half a years worth of reserach and work for a lone artist.
Meaning it'd cost you in the ballpark of $30000 to hire someone to make that for you from scratch.

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Why do you people like 3D modeling? Do you have no lives?
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It's my job. I modelled weapons for Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4
That is a loaded question anon, you need to understand that what you deem a worthwhile existence might look very different to other people.
Artists are typically introverted tinkerers that live out the majority of their lives inside the rich internal world of their own mind.
Extroverted people who are dependent on continuous interactions with others in order to further the narrative of their existence in a worthwhile direction
have a psychology that is an ill fit for the kind of temperament necessary to thrive in this type of endeavor where endless sessions spent in solitude is the key to success.

In short yes we have lives, but lives that are inaccessible to personality types lacking the quirks that drives us to do what we do.
You tell em Anon

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hey guys so im getting into 3d for gaming related stuff my 2d isnt that great but not so bad too is there a certain level i should be at or decency is enough? also getting good at 3d is it like 6month + journey of learning to become good?
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>it's a however long it takes for you to get good to be good journey
The question you're asking is essentially: how do I know I'm good enough to know if I'm wasting my time or not.

The answer is up to you, if you keep spending your time doing this its' not time wasted.
If you quit right now you've wasted a bit of time, but not as much as if you quit in the future.

Use the first software you come across until your projects reach the limitations of what's possible, that's my advice.
2D is still really nice, anyway, you'll just be making 3D environments and half ignorning one of the dimensions
>>>also getting good at 3d is it like 6month + journey of learning to become good?
i have 15 years of experience in industry, worked on dead island, dying light and lawbreakers, along with many titles you dont probably know, and i still know shit :D

But laughing aside, sucking in something is first step of being good at something.
Nowadays you have plenty of resources onthe internet, buy tutorials (and i mean buy, not hoard them through torrent, because you wont value them then), learn from them, and for gods sake - dont put tutorial-m,ade things in your portfolio - i have daily 3-5 applications that have nothing but tutorial assets in portfolio. Seriously, you people need to stop that - make something unique, all by yourself, to actually show that skills youlearned can be applied in different scenarios.

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3D printing.jpg
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Hey peeps,

I'm a motion graphic artist and wanting to take my career to the next level and possibly generate income through bringing my art to life by 3d printing. I've been thinking for awhile about making 3d jewlerry/figures for people to wear or for home decor and was just wondering if anyone has experience from doing this and if it's possible to make a career out of it.
I've been modeling 3d for awhile now and was wandering if it's worth while opening a online store on artistic websites such as etsy and sell my creations? Also wandering if it is possible to print polished metal I want to work low budget so don't mind if it's silver or not I just want people to be able to afford my artwork but to also have the look of a almost mirrored silver.
Can anyone recommend me any good websites/companies that 3d print metals I'm also living in Australia at the moment if anyone knows of any companies in Australia that would be awesome aswell.
I have lots of ideas and would really like to turn my ideas into a possible future career
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you can try print a few examples and try to sell them on etsy or something like that

otherwise i suggest you learn some solidworks, maybe you could start printing replacement parts
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Answered your /ic post

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Whether top tier to indie or even straight out of uni what are your stories related?

Im curious because when I think of the industry I feel like everyone is elite, so nobody makes mistakes but do you ask fellow colleagues and peers for help? Just like our very own questions thread, do you help or have you asked for help at work and what was the response?

Also met a 'games dev' around 26 straight outta uni into an indie job, this faget just kept talking about how hes crap at 3d so moved to a different position coding, why is this allowed?
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>so nobody makes mistakes but do you ask fellow colleagues and peers for help?

when dropping at a studio, you better be competent. but nothing is absolute since 3D tech is so fast moving its hard to catch up to the latest software and techniques.

if you are a 3D modeler, you better know some unity/unreal + some coding. because the future is uncertain
>As a modeller you should know some coding

lmao this clown, ive been modelling only and in the industry for 4 years now, nobody cares, as long as the team gets the work done to time, we eat and play around in offices all day, fucking sending this from wotrk right now
i meant when getting a job, not when already working.

most positions in 3d are not entry level

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>>pls, no googo

I am indie game dev and >>pic related.
I want zbrush, how do you not pay 700 bucks and not pirate it but still use it
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why not pirate it just like everybody else
Indie game dev
>>maybe if you pirate it for private use then its ok
>moral reasons

Anybody bord,in between projects, or just want to work with some programmers? If so let me know me and a fellow programer are making a top down shooter but we need an artist.
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You could always check out the amateur game development general on /vg/, but I doubt you'll be able to find an artist just like this anywhere. Try showing off a prototype with placeholders too or whatever.
your right i will just testing the water
im willing to give it a go
what artstyle are we talking about?

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I've been trying to map this simple shape properly for 3 goddamn hours and I can't do it. I'm losing hope and I'm starting to doubt my ability to do even the simplest of shit in 3D rendering.

How do I stop burnout from happening? I want to get better at this but it's really discouraging when I go look for tutorials or help and all I find are 5 hour tutorials for simple shit like texture mapping a goddamn hand.

It kills me knowing that even if I figure this out, I'm going to have to do the rest of it for the rest of the body, then actually produce the textures, which admittedly shouldn't take too long, then fucking rig everything which is probably going to take 15 hours of watching tutorials and then 100+ hours of fucking up and eventually getting something that almost works properly.
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standard sphere mapping that shit and call it a day
Walk around for a few minutes, decompress, come back. Check out pelt mapping, and look up simple tutorials. Out of all the mistakes you think you're making, it's still a learning experience.
Dont give up. The problem is your thinking too far ahead, start slow. Its gonna take time. But once youve mastered these fundamentals, you'll never forget and its only going to get better.

Put some music on set aside some time and go at it

I been doing some snooping around in linkdin, looking at the employees in different game studios and i noticed that almost everyone works at studios 1-2 years on average than goes to another studio, than works there for 1-2 or 2-3 years than goes to another studio?

why is that? do they get fired or do they get better job offers somewhere else, because i noticed few people became Senior artists or art directors after leaving 1 studio.

I also noticed that people working at Blizzard, stay working at blizzard for like up to 9 years even (blizzard opened in 2004 so that almost from the start)

why is that?
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because studious use contractors therefore don't have to pay benefits to employees

they open and close studious to avoid some kind of tax requirement too
3D studious don't really hire modelers they just contract them. in blizzard only the senior/lead modeler stay in place others do work and get dropped after few months
>because studious use contractors therefore don't have to pay benefits to employees

never heard of anyone shutting down an entire studio, moving to another location, reopening just to avoid taxes. the paperwork and the hassle to close and reopen a business isn't worth it, besides, you still gotta pay your taxes, closing the business don't exam you from it, if it did, every single business would do it.

most decent studios do offer healthcare and 401k and other benefits to employees.
if you check any studios glassdoor page they have the benefits and under salary they have the salary for the employees and the contractors.
Worked a decade in games industry, changed job 6 times..
Theres tons of reasons:
Studio closure/layoffs
Better job offer (recruiters are always hounding people with experience)
Personal reasons like moving to a better city
Chance to negotiate better pay
Better projects

And sometimes if a friend gets a job somewhere and its awesome theres always a chance you'll follow suit for the fuck of it.

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How long do you spend, on average, UV mapping a model?
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it varies and depends on what model you unwrap
you need to mark seams properly more than you need to learn how to arrange UV's
Depends entirely on the complexity of the model, its purpose, texture resolution, special material functions, etc.

A tiny prop will get auto-UVs with island margins corresponding to its texture resolution, that's less than 5 minutes of work. A 30k-tris character with multiple materials will get handplaced shells, multiple uv layers (base, lightmap, possibly others), etc, that can take anywhere from 1 day to a week.
if you wanted to know about your picture: those UVs have definitely been arranged manually, unwrapping it would have taken me at least a day.

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How much I should charge for commission for this work?
(It includes order parts as sprue for 3D print)
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~10 USD
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>uneven mesh density
>bad concept

Shouldn't have took you more than half an hour, right OP?

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Any other students out there have to sit and listen to your profs and fellow classmates choke on Apple cock all day long? It's like they enjoy wasting money or something.
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wrong board, faggot.
take it to /g/
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>tfw apple has shit vidya cards

Honestly mac's really aren't THAT expensive. Especially if you aren't a retard when you buy it. Yeah, for 3d stuff, it's pretty pointless if you're doing animations, not too bad for single images depending on what render engine you're using.

I have a PC I built myself (its kinda old) it's got a 6core amd, so not fantastic, maybe around $800-1000 for all the parts when I put it together.

And I also just bought a mac off some guy on craigslist for $1000, it shits on my PC. 4th Gen i7, maybe 8 cores (that's what it shows on my activity monitor) 16 gigs of ram, and a 250gb SSD. Not too bad, but also 90% sure it was stolen.

The operating system is far beyond windows in terms of stability and how lite it is.

I run CPU renders, so the graphics card isn't a big deal to me. So my mac does everything I need it to do, and wasn't any more expensive than any PC. So I don't really know where all the hate comes from

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