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This topic is dedicated to asking for specific image references. Other anons will use their better googling skills to find images for you.
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just use pinterest dickbutter :^)
File: c2HXGdS.png (30KB, 1090x1730px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pixel art style shading in 3D models but not too pixely. Kind of a mix between hand painted and pixel art. Normal polycount (non blocky, pixel style like Minecraft for example) and dynamic lighting.

Does anyone know any examples of this?
This was the best I could find at the moment.

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Hello /3/

how fucked am i if i would create a patreon campagne offering videos and free downloads to a software that i wrote myself that contains edited lewd and sexy models of different games like for example overwatch?Most of those models are also available on steam for source filmmaker. Im currently doing this for fun and i edited a lot of models from different games. I also made some videos and people really liking it and asking me for comissions and stuff. Thats why im really thinking about creating a patreon campagne for this project,

the thing is that i know that is kinda legal to create art out of other art if it is altered in a certain degree. There was also this case in the US in the 70s where an comicartist drew mickey mouse in sexual intercourse and get sued by disney. But disney lost this case.

Is doing this some kind of grey-zone or are i in serious trouble if i do such stuff? Also the patreon model is a bit questionable in this case because its more like a tip to the creator then selling a product.
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Patreon is an extremely grey area when it comes to making porn using copyrighted models or assets.
Usually 2D is covered under fair use, but 3D using ripped assets is generally either flat out illegal, or a grey area.
It's technically a "parody" but parody laws only cover so much before it becomes copyright infringement.

It's hard to say, but Blizzard would certainly send you a C&D some time in the future if you ever got popular enough.
They have in the past, and have shown that they do not like Overwatch porn very much.
How about Capcom? :(

And where those Overwatch porn movies also funded over patreon?

The thing is that my campagne includes a download link to those edited models as well.
This is what kinda scares me.
You are good to go as long as you are using your own models/assets, not edits but completely made yourself, even if it looks nearly identical. Also don't use brand names or IPs, for example don't call it overwatch but call it Over-ero or something like porn movies do. If you do use their assets, even if edited, they can legaly take it down.
They will only sue you if you make money by commercially selling something including their assets though, since patreon are donations for a service, not the product. Just create everything yourself and you'll be fine, it is not that hard to replicate a model, especially if you already have rips available.

Videos are kinda fine because you don't distribute assets or anything owned directly, depends on the laws of a country i guess.

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What schools did you guys go to to learn this stuff? I can't figure out if some of these schools are just cash grabbers or wtf is going on. The only schools I'm certain of are SCAD and some New York film school. I live in Ga though and SCAD seems like the only option but it costs soooooooo much money.
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No school. They can only provide a computer and little time. Artistry is a lifelong personal journey. Just spend the money on a good computer and go on cg Persia and download a bunch of torrents or support people on gumroad.
You can find everything online nowadays. If you don't have enough money to buy all that, some pirates at the shore might help you out.
School is for making connections and if you don't have the discipline to learn yourself.

If you're going to a literally who school and paying tens of thousands you are getting scammed. Otherwise, go for it.

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I am making this guy for a personal project and I am in the process of texturing.
He is supposed to look spooky and possibly undead.
Porblem is I can't really tell if the skin too dark? I like the dark dirty looking skin but at the same time i want him to be pale, but i dont want him to feel too pale/clean either. I tried making his skin lighter and making the eyesocketsand other areas dark but that just felt weird with too much contrast in the skin colors.
Can i get some constructive feedback?
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It's very difficult to judge colours without knowing what the image is going to be displayed on, because different monitors make them look different. Possibly putting a sample of normal skin tone next to him would help.

That said, he looks too dark to me. Maybe keep the dark colour in the lower face were stubble would be and lighter in up for the upper part?

A bit more yellow in the palette could make him more visible while still giving an unhealthy, 'waxy' look to the skin. A brown-yellow tint around the eyes can make them seem sunken without having the actual value too dark.

Really, you don't need to go overboard on this kind of thing. Humans are pretty sensitive to signs of poor health in each other and CGI characters usually trigger our 'uncanny valley' sense fairly easily anyway, so it doesn't take much to make one seem disgusting and have us question if he is really alive.
If he's supposed to be undead then remove all the red tones from his skin and add maybe a touch of yellow. He's also too well fleshed out to be a corpse. You can make him a lot more pale without appearing clean. leave the wrinkles and other concave areas dirtied, make his cheeks/scalp/jaw lighter, then add some smudged grease and dirt texture over it.
Right now he doesn't look dirty. it just looks like he has a grey skin tone.
Corpses can have plenty of red in their colouration. It probably shouldn't be in the places you see it in a human though; the model has a fairly pink nose, which doesn't seem quite right.

File: Kitchen_sharpen.jpg (750KB, 969x1300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just wanted to show what i can do in 3ds max xD
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I will never ever understand why the fuck people want to make this when they are learning graphic software
neither this nor guns :pacmansmile:
oh and put couple of DAZ models in there
it'll be perfect
Hard surface amateur here. I notice guns (and vehicles to the same extent) are popular to model because they're fairly complex objects that offer good challenges (mesh-wise) while having a lot of references available (pick any gun, car, or military vehicle, and you can find tons of photo references detailing them under every angle). On top of that, they're common videogame subjects so it certain attracts people to modeling them.

For rooms, I'd guess the big appeal is from archvis. And most of the photo-realistic "looks like a picture" renders people see are of rooms like these, so it does create an impact of "I wanna make that cool scene too". And if you're gonna model something photo-real, you've got either interiors, exteriors, or props, and exteriors are way harder because of the organic elements in them. What else would you want people to model?

tl;dr there's nothing wrong with these subjects, if anything they're the things you should expect from people learning 3D. "Original" creations require a ton more expertise, and are harder to find good techniques/documentation for.

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Need someone to Leak this Elsa model on all over the internet.


I know eyes are derpy, and the body isnt that great either. But its still the best model than those iOS/android game quality Elsa models out there.
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Also its expensive ($600)
Yeah I don't think anyone is obsessed enough with Elsa to pay $600 for it.

File: Chess_King.png (321KB, 960x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just finished modeling this fucking scene and i the render looks so boring. How can i improve it?
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Adjust the angle and lighting so that the solo pawn will have a bit of light on it
scale the solo pawn down, move the camera closer behind it and low to the board. angle it upwards slightly and change the Fov to a higher value so it looks like the opposing pieces are towering over the pawn.exaggerate the scale different of the pieces so the queen and king are prominent and more threatening. Add some randomness to the rotation and position of the pieces. give the other pieces a marble texture or something; wood grain is boring. make the light more focused; like a spotlight with some falloff.
Add a subtle rim shader to the solo spawn so he pops better, or make the board behind it brighter so the silhouette reads better.
Add a different coloured fill light opposite the primary light source.
add some subtle post effects.

The pieces aren't really standing out from the board. At the moment the most visible element is the pattern on the board. I suggest making the squares much closer in value, so the pieces pop out more.

A light source more to the side of the main pawn, probably to the viewer's right would give him a nice strong edge highlight.

Perfect symmetry always makes things seem artificial and dull. Shift the camera to the side a little.

Is there any real reason that the board is larger than an actual chessboard? Seems like a normal board would work just as well; moving the pawn closer to the enemy pieces makes it easier to have them looming over him. Don't be afraid to hide some of the background figures behind the foreground one or clip a few at the edge of the image. It's pretty cear what you are showing, so no need to include everything.

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Any oldfags here who used to use CAD, raytracing, or other 3DCG software on very old platforms? I'd love to hear what software you used and see any art if you still somehow have it.

My uncle used to use pic related on the Atari ST (and also CAD 3D, CyberStudio, and QRT) to make things and I was always blown away by the results even though they look so incredibly primitive these days. If there's any interest I can try and dig out his old renderings.
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>If there's any interest I can try and dig out his old renderings.
Well, I'm definitely interested. Post 'em.
pls this
Cool, I'll find them this weekend for you guys.

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>Need a new monitor
>at least 27 inches
>not necessarily 4K
>primary focus: 3D and 2D graphics
>but also for video games
>budget: up to 700 euros
So, /3/, is there anything you can recommend?
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Dell U2715H

It allows filters for what you want. Most have reviews.
Thx, I'll look up some reviews.

Thx man, didn't know about this site.

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Guys, im noob here and need help. Normal maps are used to transfer the high poly information to the low poly mesh, right? Like scars on a character skin, his own skin, those little details... But say, i have a 3d car model. And the car haves a super smooth surface. Almost like a mirror. So my question is: will normal map affect in something when applied in the super smoothed car surface?

I mean theres no heigh in something so thin and smoothed....
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not really unless you have really good uv maps and is skilled at texturing

cars are supposed to be geometry heavy
Normal maps contain no height information.
Each pixel is a coded vector that is applied to the original surface's vector to make it seem that pixel is pointing another direction.

Normal maps for something as smooth as a car's hull are tricky. If you render them in 8bit, artifacts might show up because the colorspace of your normal map isn't big enough to provide full accuracy for very "nuanced" vectors. A 16bit map might work, but it's heavier in terms of performance and memory usage. This is also the reason why cars in non-racing games look so shit most of the time.

Most of the time it's better to make the hull more highpoly without baking normal maps at all.
What is the purpose of the said model? Decision is dependent on that.

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Whats the best selling things on turbosqid ?
What should I put on there as a freelancer
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I wouldn't tell you because then you'd be stealing my business.
File: Selling 3D Models.jpg (328KB, 680x3447px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Selling 3D Models.jpg
328KB, 680x3447px
knowing your business doesn't mean they are capable of it ;^))))

I fell like one of this threads is missing.
Post your requests here.
Ill start
>>in depth tutorial for any car modeling
>>should be professional and nothing should be missing from the car.
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Something that is a general introduction to 3D modelling.
For example, a lot of stuff mentions meshes etc but doesn't really explain what they are, I did google and I know now but I'm sure there's a ton of other stuff that might be worth knowing.
something that shuts up the fucking "how do I get into the 3d industry" faggots on this board.
it's fucking cancer.
before modeling a car you need to be good at modeling.

a car is no different than modeling anything else, you just need to be ontop of your game.
you remaind me of those faggots that want to make anime with 1 week of modeling

to your question however, there are car modeling tutorials at lynda and cgmasters from what iv seen. anything thats less than 2 hours is not worth the watch

File: rigging.jpg (74KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can you suggest me a tutorial where the tutor first explains the ins and outs of IK/FK Kinematics BEFORE applying to a model and not step by step mindless tutorial?
I've watched 2 tutorials for rigging and though I know the know how for IK/FK/linking/constraining to a humanoid by step by step following the tutorials, if someone gives me a random model, I don't know what to do.
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literally 2 second google search. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGuR4xyi7MQ

also try the manual for the software you are using, i don't use max anymore but 90% of what i learned was from the manual
What are you using instead of max?
Also, why did you make the switch?
I'm genuinely curious.

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Where were you when Maya included Arnold for free?
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>autodesk made a new car where the engine you has to buy additionally

dropped again.. back to blender.
What exactly are you talking about ? I'm downloading it just now so I have no idea what they changed.

File: hqdefault.jpg (8KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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post pictures
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File: archer.jpg (306KB, 1480x1146px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lost my really old shit. This was for civ 4 mod.

that's not very shitty if it's for a game like civ 4
It was supposed to be the Eiffel Tower :^)

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