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I'm having a hard time deciding what to dive into as a beginner. I know eventually I'm going to learn all of these but which one is more user friendly to get into? Has more tutorials to help a noob?

Blender is free, seems like I have to learn all the shortcuts before even getting anywhere but I can make money off of this shit without worrying about going to court or something from pirating

Maya seems to be the standard, seems like it would be higher poly count and it would get me a leg up but I can't make money from anything I do unless I drop a fuckton of money for actual license.

3DMax. I keep hearing it's nice for first timers? Easier to model on. Let me know on that.

ZBrush seems awesome as shit to add more poly's to model. but this doesn't look beginner friendly?

Cinema4DStudio. I keep hearing how this is more of what I want? That Beepy guy uses it. I have an AE/Premiere background. I am planning on doing more composites and vfx work.

Nuke. Like AE but better? Costs a fuckton.

I don't know guys. I'm ready to learn them all. I just want to know which one is beginner friendly.
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What do you want to do?
For VFX - nuke / houdini
For Generalist 3ds max / maya. dont even think about blender or c4d if you are serious about this. dont wory about pirating also if you are not working for industrial light and magic. Dont even worry about it when you freelance. Just fucking pirate it you pussy
Also Zbrush>sculptris
First step is to not listen to anyone on this board. In fact, leave right now. Everyone on here is a rank amateur with very little knowledge about anything.
If that's true, why should we believe you?

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I need your help guys.
So I have this scene with street lights, and I want them to have a light fog cone like in the image.
The problem is that the fog cone is not the same shape as the light cone. Is there any way to fix that? I can't find any way of changing the shape or scale of just the fog shape. They both transform at the same time.

I'm using Spot Lights with Light Fog activaded under Light Effects and mental ray to render.

I would really appreciate any kind of help here cause I can't find any tutorials about this issue.
Thanks in advance
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that looks so sexy tho
I'm sure there's a setting somewhere, but failing that you could duplicate the light, disable the lighting on one, and use it only for the fog cone, and use the other only for the light, then scale them to match.
Yeah, I was about to do that, but then I somehow managed to get them both in a matching shape scaling the Spot Light

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How do you make a good face rig? Something like this:


What kind of tricks do professionals use? Is it all blend shapes/shape keys, or do you use weighted bones or both or what?

I'm using Blender and the only tutorials and stuff I can find are extremely basic. Anyone know of any good resources?
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"The Art of Moving Points" by Brian Tindall

Im in the same place as you and have been looking around for good facial rig and how to put them into a character.

This model has a great facial rig. I suggest you to turn on the hidden skeleton layers and study it. See what you can learn, it's a mix between blendshapes and face bones.

This one is insane. Pure bone based. Again, open it up and study.


This video looks indepth facial bones for maya, which Im quite sure it can be translated in python. I haven't seen it all, but it looks useful. 2+ hours long.


Eyelid rigging, again with maya and its scripting language. You won't get away from coding in rigging. 1+ hour long.

There are more rigs with facial controls on blendswap. Browse and see how the different riggers worked on the problem. Some faces don't need a lot of controls to get the job done. Learn from example and experiment yourself.
I've made a facial rig and animation based on a WoW character.
Used a combination of joints and blendshapes.

The joints are mainly for stuff like eyes, jaw and mouth that have a very wide range of motions.

The blendshapes are very useful for linear detail stuff like skin folds. Stuff that only goes one way really.

I have to say the rig in your example is probably one of the best I've ever seen but I'm not a fan of scaling eyes because they stretch and look weird.

You can download my rig for free on my website
It's maya 2016 but you can use student maya for free.

Hey /3/
So I've recently fallen in love with this game, and its protagonist. I know there is a community model of Haydee already up over at SFMLab, but here's my question: has anyone ported a copy of an unmodified source model of Haydee into SFM? I'd love to see a stock Haydee, maybe one with higher resolution textures, rigged for SFM with boob physics (for obvious reasons). I like the models that have been made already, but I'm more into the vanilla build of this game, or at least basic stuff, like the black leggings, or the Emissions version. Stuff that I could see fitting in the game, instead of the over the top TnA that's over here. That stuff isn't bad by and means, just not my jam for this game.

edit: Alternatively, if someone can give me a basic step by step list on how to go about doing this myself, I'd love to create it and put it out there on SFMLab or loverslab or some other shit.

Aiming for this:
-Vanilla source Haydee model
-Higher resolution textures ( I might just use black/grey leggings with a sheen similar to the chest piece. I'll make both, fuckit.)
-Rigging the model for SFM ( Literally no idea how to go about this. Pointers for a first direction? I can prolly figure out the rest.)
-SFM boob physics, seen it done before, dunno how to go about it.
-If I could get the chest armor along with it? I guess it might be easier to make two Haydee models, armor and sans armor. Hopefully with the same boob physics for both.

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have you considered killing yourself
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ask the sfm thread dont make your own spoonfeed me thread
>using sfm
>doesnt know how to make his own models
>he cant use google
Ah, did not see that. Thanks. Looks like there is already a discussion on Haydee anyway.

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Nate's Desk.jpg
3MB, 3840x2160px
Thoughts on the possible applications for the use of real world scanned geometry in the use of games?

Pic related, my desk created by extrapolating the data from 34, 16 MP pictures captured by my phone.
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Good modeller could model all those items in less time. Scanned objects looks extremely distorted.
I can only see it as a alternative to sculpting some things, like heads or some organic shapes. But you still have to go thru re-topology. Generally the tech is not a point yet where it can be fit into a pipeline, except for some specific cases.
>in less time

It's already being used for organic modeling, stuff like rocks, tree trunks, etc. Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a game that relied heavily on it, and with Quixel Megascans being released we can hopefully expect to see more of it being used in cool ways.

As far as I know, 3D scans are currently shit at two things. Hard surface (like the desk in OP's scan, which is all sorts of jagged and would definitely look better if it was modeled from scratch rather than optimized for this), and shaders/material properties. Since photogrammetry can't tell what material something is made out of, everything is going to have the same finish unless you start to manually paint different materials. (it's also bad for scanning whole environments at once, since the lighting gets baked in.)

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What is the current best way to do UV unwrapping?

I know how to do basic unwrapping in Maya (I'm using 2017), bring it into Photoshop, then export it back into Maya, but this seems suboptimal to me. I have to be missing something.

My texturework is fine, but is there really no way to see how the textures are affecting the geometry in real time? Do you really have to export the whole thing, see that something got fucked up, then go back and fix it again?

If you're working with something like, say, an unwrapping face, how the fuck do you tell where things like shadows are going to go? Is it just trial and error?

Are there better ways of unwrapping UVs than Maya? I know a little about 3DSmax and other programs but I'm clueless how UVs work in those. I've also got a hypershade texture in my Maya file so I don't know how that would transfer over.

What are some ways I can improve my UV ways? Programs to use?
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Use the command
automatic UVs? I feel like I'm being trolled, automatic just results in chaos for me. It's paintable, but you'd have to be mad to actually try and work with most of these results.
File: grunty_uvw_whitebg.png (214KB, 4096x4096px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am in no way a professional nor do I have much experience, but I've been experimenting doing texturework for Banjo-Kazooie models (just to learn more about texturing, really. Given that they're really low-poly, it's easy to do stuff with them) in 3ds Max and so far I've been having best results by using Unwrap UVW then using Normal Unwrap, and selecting either front-back or left-right then fixing edges (they get distorted for some reason).
Pic related is my first model UV'd, it's Gruntilda from the game over screen (aka SexyGrunty).

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ok so here the deal im new to cad and im dumb as hell

so i been working on this and i need to make the two areas facing away from the part flat so it goes up at an angle like a pyramid
i had tried making a wedge and a loft but its at a odd angle

any advice ?

im also using freecad
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I'm not sure what you are asking...
Can you point it out?
ill do my best

so the tip of the triangle piece

i want a taper from the the tip going up to the base that is connected to the rest of the part in the picture
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25KB, 1084x770px
so in short im trying to turn the image there to somthing like this other image

sorry im bad at this

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Are there any people not going to school for 3D? How are you doing by yourself? Do you think you would achieve more potential in school?

I'm in a unique position that I want to take advantage of, leaving me with a lot of time to learn all of this on my own. I don't have any money for a degree but I can still buy classes or tuts online, I can pirate ones I can't find, I have more than enough resources...

Has anyone been doing this path? Anything I should know beforehand?
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I have thought about doing this a lot of times. But being a lazy fucker I follow tutorials and make stuff but dont practice on my own.

I think if I had assigntments to do I'd learn better. But thats just me.

Now I plan to start making my room starting modelling from really easy stuff till I make a full furnished 3d room.

Isn't this what everyone is doing. Dont do degrees, sorry I did. You spend all ur time on crappy assignments that you learn nothing from then writing reports on how you did it.
If you have the drive and determination to get shit done yourself, and teach yourself too become better, there is no need to go to school except to network. If you feel paying thousands for networking, information you could learn by yourself, and actual deadlines to force you too push on is a fair price, then go for it. Otherwise, you can learn a ton on your own. If you get to the levels of good/expert, I would recommend paying for workshops to participate in (such as animating field) because you can have pros analyze your work and critique you and teach you in courses and seminars. But there are many who just learn everything themselves with no tutoring, and that's perfectly acceptable.

tldr, if you have no drive and shit networking skills, go to school.

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Are Blender users the vegans of 3D?

I've got this one fellow student in college who just can't stop blabbering on about it, and refuses to use anything else.
Even for purposes other than 3D, such as motion graphics, he still uses Blender instead of After Effects, which we're supposed to use.
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Free software in general does tend to attract more people who see it as a lifestyle rather than a tool. Probably because free software is 'friendlier' and the successful ones tend to have strong communities. Plus it ties in nicely with the anti-corporate rhetoric and the idea that people will build good stuff without financial incentive which is kind of a prerequisite for a lot of 'progressive' ideas about how economics should work.
more because commercial licenses are horribly expensive, even the subscriptions you pay for them are not reasonable.

also its not just a 3D package, it does so many things. not all things in blender are good like you would find in commercial programs. for example cycles requires alot of trial and error before you actually start making good materials.
alot of features are not mature yet as well. but it can be customized to the point where its ready for production purposes
I use blender and even I cant stand fags like that.
It's the same as mac fanboyism.
The blathering about him thinking Blender is superior is just stupid. It's a program, not a lifestyle (though some would like to think so). He's just trying to be an elitist, even though he's being an elitist with software that's LITERALLY FREE. Anyone could fucking download it and be on the same bragging terms as him.

I use it because I'm familiar with it, and I don't see a reason to switch. Granted other tools might work better, but for literally free, I get something that works for what I need it to. I don't feel like there's any reason to justify paying for max or maya (or whatever is standard nowadays). I do graphic design, so the 3d that I work with isn't constringent upon realism or "industry standard". Maybe someday I'll decide to use something different and take the time to learn everything from scratch, but what I have now fits my workflow.
If it aint broke...

That being said, blender isn't fully developed. And while it's video editor is actually pretty robust (honestly it's pretty good), it's still not up to par with After Effects. Your colleague is shooting himself in the foot because he doesn't want to learn AE, which could only help him. Honestly he could take a day to learn the basics of the software and pick up from there. It's not like creative skills don't transfer.

At the end of the day though, it's pointless to argue about it. If he does good work that's comparable to what you'd get in AE, then good for him. He may not be learning something new, but he's the one paying for his education I guess.

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Just created model of my desk. I want it to look more realistic. Any suggestions?
Soft used: 3ds Max + Mental Ray
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I thought it was a 'post your battlestations' thread before I actually read the post. Looks realistic man. Just the organisation of props looks uncanny. Maybe add some dust, glass stains, scratches etc.
File: biurko2.jpg (184KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks for reply. I will try to add some stains and scratches for some objects. Meanwhile I created more objects and change the perspective. Unfortunatelly after render i saw some mistakes in the second render (low AA, too short curtain and deformed monitor stand). Also i think reflections of the furniture is set too high. Can't decide to shot only desk or my whole room. What do you think?
Nice work.

I find reflections are a bit too high.
The screen of the phone seems a bit too luminous to me.
And I find the wall a bit strange on the second picture : there are some uncanny round patterns + the junction between the shelf and the wall don't look very good

>Can't decide to shot only desk or my whole room.
Why not both ? They are both interesting

Post your next versions, that would be cool

>John Carmack was at the oculus keynote last week and called the vulkan api hideous to work with
>didn't believe him
>spent the past two days watching video
Welp. Turns out that its far worse than programming raw directx or opengl.

what do?
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you don't need to use it, it's just nvidia's arbitrary new thing
he said you get 2x perf gains at least and its critical for mobile vr devices etc etc
>nvidia's arbitrary new thing

U wut mate? Vulkan is literally based off of mantle by AMD.

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Whats a good series/DVD to watch to learn how to use Unity from scratch?
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There's none.
Unity is cancer and so are its tutorials.
Unreal Engine for the win.
look up sebastian lague on youtube. i think he has a into to unity series

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1MB, 540x540px
Share your work here with others.

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Should've made it permanent anon, I've been looking for starting tips on 3D animation
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4MB, 1920x1920px

It's been a while since I used 3ds max.
This feels like a new feature.
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where have you been for the past 20 years?
I started with 2013 and hadn't touched it since. High school classes don't teach you much, it turns out.

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Where can I get an old version of 3ds max? Specifically, older than 2011. Almost any version will do.

I can't find a decent looking torrent for the old stuff.
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Append intitle:printthread.php to your search in Google. It'll return old forum threads where it might have been posted.

On the other hand, you'll probably find rapidshare or megaupload links.
If i felt secure posting, i could up older version. I archive everything. I still have a copy of R4 for DOS! I update every 2-3 years, so i dont have every version

So where is a good safe place to upload?
File: that´s a beholder.jpg (20KB, 340x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
that´s a beholder.jpg
20KB, 340x270px
What´s the reason, anon? You have a deck of super plugins and a library of fully rigged models that only works on 3ds max 6?
Please, share the reason with us. :3

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