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I have been playing with 3d for about 3 years now and I can make fairly realistic shit and recreate anything i see on pixar movies. I use blender and cycles to render, and I have a fairly powerful system to render images with (i5 4690k, 3x GTX 980's)

My question is how do I make a quick profit from this?

I was thinking of making porn or hyper realistic women and selling those models.

Is there any paths I can take to make overnight or even a weekly profit from

please list more than one and say what you average from doing.

I say quick profit because im not going to do this stuff as a career just would like to make some money for my hobby. Please dont derail this thread, the info you provide could be useful to others.
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post pics of your moduls plox
File: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png (853KB, 1903x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here i show you the ploxx since u asked
You know that model got released on /3/ a while ago right? Stop posing please.

File: SS Sara Slane.png (4MB, 1200x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
SS Sara Slane.png
4MB, 1200x3000px
ITT : Wasted potential of good looking model.
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fix that butter face
This is just another one of the patreon poser artists.
Ehh. It's not exactly this generation friend.

File: AAAS1.jpg (204KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've been learning C4D for animation projects I have been working on, I've gotten the basics down pretty good, and have added joints to basic characters and gotten them to move and things were running smoothly

I couldn't seem to get things to work with all the joints connected, like connecting a hip to a spine resulted in only the hip working and I couldn't get the child joints to move with the mesh.

My solution had beento just bind each joint to their respective limb, and keeping them seperate. and it had been working great. But today I decided I want to go a little further, and created this hand. My thinking was that if I made a set of joints for each finger I could somehow bind them all together, perhaps at the wrist, though I'm having a hell of a time finding anything about how to go about this.

Anything suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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I've tried dragging the finger joints to the wrist joint, but nothing happened
this guy has good tutorials for rigging on c4d plus someone already uploaded a model with hands rigged.

Thanks, I will check it out

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Hey /3/ ive been doing some searching and research and I've decided to start working with 2D and 3D animation, what are some good beginner programs to start with that are easy to learn/use for a beginner.
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Well for one you can stop shitposting on the slowest board on 4chan


Good luck Anon

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Which of these programs would you recommend to an art student who needs better references for anatomy and can contort the models into whatever pose they desire?
>in b4 draw from life or something along that line
Which of these programs has the better UI?
Which of these will end up paying for itself in the long run better?
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Daz 3D. Design Doll is just a figure. Daz 3D will let you build an entire scene with references.

I got into 3D because I was pissed off with how shitty those little wooden model dolls are and wanted something that would pose better. The upside to it all is I also discovered I really like modelling.

In any case I put together a tutorial that shows how to use Daz 3D to create reference images for illustration.


I never use Daz to render any finished artwork so I use the 3Delight render engine because it's quick. All my renders are either to demonstrate models I build or as references for 2D illustration.

In any case it's free so give it a try. Also there's a program they sell called Hexagon which is only $20 and it is a modeller that bridges to Daz Studio. I highly recommend getting it. It's dated but it works well with Daz for making morphs of the figures included and you never know, you might discover you enjoy making models too.
You can export to any program, free programs like sculptris or blender.
push, pull, pinch etc. and reimport as a morph.
Many thanks, for your input. I think i will give DAZ 3D a try.

File: A.webm (3MB, 800x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 800x450px
Anyone here worked with 3D scans? I feel like they could be very useful for organic props but I haven't tried the whole process since I don't have a camera.
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get camera
send photos to 123d
decimate the mesh output to lowpoly
doesn't it turn into complete shit, when you just decimate it to lowpoly?
decimate to get a medium poly mesh and then retopo

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Wisdom to all succes
Understanding ALL!
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teach me how to configure outlook
File: 1.jpg (58KB, 483x170px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What did max mean by this?
DLL version mismatch.

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Could someone tell me if the geometry looks right on this table when I smooth it. I'm pretty new to Maya and for some reason I can't figure out why the zigzags are in the edges on the top of the table. I've seen videos of other people making this kind of stuff, but when they smooth it it looks as if their edges are actually rounded. If someone could explain what is going on that would be great
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Pressing 3 isn't smoothing the mesh. It's just a visual representation of what the mesh may look like when smoothed. it isn't always representative of a subdivided mesh, and can be buggy.
Also /3/ has a questions thread. don't create a new one just for your question.
u probably have vertices that u cant see, fix them
This, also if you are using open sub div try not to have any triangles, only quads.

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I am a fresh graduate electrical engineer, atm my job is about industrial automation and technical inspection. Through all my childhood I have always wanted to do computer animation for a living. This has been supressed during highschool thinking of it as "stupid dreams" but now I feel like I want to do but that.
How would you start the transition if you were in my situation? What things would you start learning, doing so that later I could find a job related to cgi/vfx with my degree?
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Well, I'm guessing your expertise / strengths are mathematics, understanding complex real world systems, and presumably programming.

To that end, you'd do really well working on the back end developing for Autodesk or for a big studio that needs inhouse solutions to shit (which requires either C++ or scripting or a combination).

Ergo, I'd say learn the basics of 3D just so you understand what artists do, and also just to try it out for yourself because it sounds like something you like, and then pick a software and learn how to script for it, and either solve problems you come across or reach out to other artists (either directly or via forum posts) and ask them "What kind of problems do you have that you wish someone would write an add-on for?" or "What kind of limitations do you run into?" and then see if you can solve some of those problems, and build up a little coding portfolio

Then, after about a year or however long it takes to build a little portfolio of basic art and examples of relevant coding, I'd reach out to studios in your area and explain your situation.

I wouldn't even necessarily send a resume, or I would if they asked for one, but I'd explain how you're working an industrial automation blah blah job, but your real passion is 3D, but you only do it on an amateur level, but you've done some art and some coding and do they have an entry level job for someone like yourself
thank you for the detailed answer
Yes, programming was sorta big part of the edu, but it was very hardware-close (C, assembly). Do you think this 3D-software-background-coding would require low or high level language knowledge?
What language did they even use for creating software like Maya?
>Do you think this 3D-software-background-coding would require low or high level language knowledge?

It requires C++, they use C++, everyone uses C++ (Maya, Max, Blender, Unreal, etc)

The scripting languages are generally Python or something akin to Lua

Have you learned any 3d? I'd recommend trying / learning the entire process: Sculpting, Retopo, UV Layout, Bake details from Sculpt to Low poly, Texturing and or complex Materials / Shaders (specifically Nodes), Rigging, Animating, setting up Lights (at least 3 point light setup), Composing a Scene (in the photography sense of arranging things to tell a story and to grab the eye, there's rules / tips for it), Rendering, and then finally Compositing or Post (where you tweak the finished product)

Once you've become a bit of an artist and are understanding what parts of that process suck and why, then you can go about learning how to script, how to write modules (I don't even know if this is possible for Maya if you aren't Pixar)

You also might want to look at Blender's source code, it's a mess but it'll give you an idea how shit works

Any of you guys going to this years zbrush summit at gnomon? Is it worth the time?
Even though its free I gotta drive over an hourto get there?
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i go to gnomon, so id say no. zbush isnt going to do anything at the event substantial that you cant get online. and probably not zbrush 5, so a waste of time unless you want to meet people
>waste of time unless you want to meet people

Isnt that the most important part other the lectures?

There are going to be at maximum 70 people there and most of them are probbly not even 3d artists. And the ones that are probbly arnt gonna have a tablet with them with their demo reel. So if you show up with that and show it to a cople of artists and recruiters thats a big plus for your you.
>i go to gnomon

I start this fall (oct 9)

Hope that shit is worth it. I emailed about 25 graduate students they all said it is.

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Apprentice 3D Modeler here.

I'm currently working on a game, and as most games, it needs characters.
I've made several, but they all end up shit and I lose all hope. I have no idea where to begin or where to end up.

Do you make clothing and apparell different objects?
How do you go on about the face, and how do I rig the face for facial expressions?

The game will be minimalistic, I'm trying to keep the poly-count as low as possible, but the characters end up looking like crap, like I'm trying to create something realistic and end up failing hard.

I'm getting tired of this, been working on the game for more than half a year, haven't even created a single character done, and almost no map area.

Pic unrelated
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>o you make clothing and apparell different objects?
>How do you go on about the face, and how do I rig the face for facial expressions?
you dont.

your attitude about this thing needs to change. there is no such thing as smalltime 3D modeler and game maker. forget about it.
you either commit to it or keep making garbage. the decision is yours.
art is not something you dismiss, if you become impatient it will reflect that in your work.
watch a shit ton of tutorials. eventually you'll get good.

also whats your game about, do you have the gameplay worked out?
I want to make it full time, but right now I simply don't have time. But I would rather keep producing garnage than quit. I just need to learn how to go on about things.

But when you say parenting, do you create collision for both the human and the clothing, or do you have any other techinques for preventing things to shift through each other? And still working fluintly when animating.

Yeah, I need to gather some patience for those, but i feel like they don't catch everything about making a game, and it annoys me.

It's a horror game, a pretty bad one at that, more for the lack of a good story. I've worked a lot in underground facilites lately, and gathered a lot of inspiration from that, so that is the basis of the environment at least. Kinda like a multiplayer survival game, but underground for a change, close quarters and tight spaces.

I'm more in the stage where I just go through a bunch of ideas in hopes of find something I can actually go through with and finish. I have a few ideas I would like to make real, but they would require more skills than what I have.

I've been working to make money all summer but soon I'll be back deep into CG. This was made in 3D Coat and rendered in Houdini Mantra. The cup is sitting on a surface with Piano Lacquer material
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I pretty much took the summer off 3D too because I was busy with work (with the exception of a week where I went up north on vacation). Feels good to finally have a little down time to get back into making shit (also in 3D Coat).
What is the point of this thread? Go post in the WIP thread. The materials make them look like some kind of plastic and the default lighting just makes it look obviously cg.

File: MQkGxAZ.jpg (10KB, 261x147px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I just read in this board Turbo Squid can check for pirated software by the model or whatever

How do I get around this? Should I convert my 3ds to obj then back, will I lose quality and if so how can I do it without quality loss.

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>He doesn't have an automatic hex id editor for fbx and obj

You deserve everything negative coming your way weeaboo.
realy O_o
I also wanted to post model, thanks god you've created this thread

If you're dealing with OBJ then there's no worries because the OBJ format doesn't carry any author information.

If you convert to OBJ, load it back into your pirated 3DS and save it it will still show it was saved from a pirated version of 3DS.

I suppose you could get an inexpensive program that can save as 3DS file, export as an OBJ then import the OBJ into that program and save it from there as a 3DS file.

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I started doing some freelance for the company and they need to render their products in office environment and such so I told them I could quickly model the environments and put their stuff in there.
I had a huge archive of different models from evermotion and dosch and others for a long time, which I got from perisa and torrents and I regularly used those models for freelance purposes.
My question is - how possible is for evermotion for example to see their models at some random company's website and to ask them if these models in the image were actually bought from them? Considering that I'm independent contractor but I never did it before, I wonder if they are even able to tell if their models were used anywhere by looking at the images?
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File: 1354853088855.jpg (94KB, 555x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You don't lightly alter the shit you download?

That's asset stealing 101, Anon.
I do change materials, sometimes models themselves and I mostly use stuff like computers, TVs and chairs. The rest I model myself.
Well if you alter the model and make it look indistinguishable to theirs then you should be fine

File: mail 1.png (628KB, 960x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mail 1.png
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How the hell do you model chainmail?

Obviously it needs to be done as a texture, but even putting the links together is proving to be a headache. Using anything like historical link proportions it seem really hard to get a nice tight arrangement.

Then there's the question of getting it all to fit together as a texture. Proper mail clumps and stretches in different places, so you need several different textures for different densities. To make things worse, it seems that a lot of mail was made with varying grades of ring in different parts of the armour; the rings on the limbs would get gradually smaller and thinner. So there could be dozens of different patterns on a single hauberk.

The whole thing is a huge fucking headache. Is there some simple solution that I'm missing or is it just a case of having to do the work?
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What's the purpose? Is this for a character? How realistic is this project? Is this on the quality of world of Warcraft (Aka just texture the skin where you want mail) or is this super realistic? If it's realistic have fun making rings and putting them inside each other.
>have fun making rings and putting them inside each other
all you would have to do is make a few loops, use an array to create the rest, then deform the whole thing along a curve
just model the chainmail as a pattern, 'sew' it on your model then simulate it like you would any clothing, just set the weight of the material accordingly.
there's really nothing to it.

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