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Hey /3/, I'm doing pre-production for a short film which takes place in space, and I wanted to know the best way to get an estimate for 3d work.

The minimum I need is a 3d space station model of a particular design. The design and concept art is already there, and I just need it modeled. What price estimate do I need to get ahold of the model as a .obj model, complete with texture?

And how much would I be expected to offer to have everything mentioned, PLUS minor basic animations on top of that?
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>does it have an interior
>how close it is to something like EVE or space citizen
>is it a full size spaceship or just a drone/combat one
post concepts?

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>Finally get a job as 3D generalist at a decent but small studio
>"You'll mostly be using Maya"
>"Here's you desk"
>Mac Pro

Fuck. Holy fuck why do people use this shit.

My PC at home has 8GB ram and a graphics card from like, 2006 and it runs Maya faster than this Mac Pro desktop piece of shit with 40GB ram and some kind of Mac Graphics card.

Is there anything I can do?

God damn it's such a piece of shit. The hotkeys are fucked up and every thirty minutes all keyboard commands just stop working. Or the mouse will just remain clicked for 5 minutes regardless of what mouse is plugged in.

I spend 8 hours a day working on the Mac Pro Shit Heap "Yosemite" bullshit. Mac interface is the most cancerous shit on the planet, half the time the fucking "finder" just disappears.

i thought I'd just get used to it after two weeks of working here, but opened up some work files from home today on my old ass PC, only to feel like I'm back on a real computer and not some fisher price tricycle.
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Bring your home computer to the office.
Not even kidding here.
I don't want to do that, sometimes I work from home, and goddamn the difference is night and day.

I think even a basic laptop might handle this shit better.

Every-time I make a play-blast I can get up, take a piss or whatever, comeback and it will just be finishing up for like a ten second clip.
You shopping list:
1- Case tower with a handle, ao you can bring it back home whenever you want.
2-Extra cables, mouse and keyboard to leave in the office for use with your computer. You don´t want to drag those around, and they´re cheap.
3- Check if the MAC monitor can be plugged in your PC tower. If not, things are going to get a bit more expensive, as you´ll have to purchase an extra monitor to leave in the office.
>Implying your boss is not a dumbass
If the guy who put you in a mac has a superior, and this superior uses a PC, try to get him fired. For your own good.

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>he thinks he wont make it into the industry
you guys literally have nothing to worry about. have you seen what kind of games have been shilled out recently? anyone can make it. yes, even you
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classic naive level of the common r/3/tard
what do you even know OP
it's more based on location really

no use creating art in a specific style if no studios around you use it. unless you're willing to move i guess.
no one can make it not even you.

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is there a way to give bones in a 3D model a flat hierarchy?
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By not parenting them?
what is the advantage? what are you trying to do?
just drag all thebones out of the hirarchy..

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quick question

how do i make a sphere and a torus in 3 point perspective?

do i just make a cube in 3 pt. and put an ellipse inside it?
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have you ever been as far as decided to do look more like?
>in 3 point perspective


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How do you motivate yourself to work on something?
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You can die tomorrow
started modeling 3 years ago.

started studying anatomy seriously about a year ago. It's teh hardest thing I've ever done, and if you bullshit yourself it shows.

It's been a serious journey learning polymodeling, rigging, compositiong, sculpting, etc.

I'm so close to getting a bust done. The hundreds of hours of studying, and practicing is all accumulating to this. Wake up. Work. Sculpt. Dream about what's in my future.

Everyone of you reading this will quit what you're doing, and go on to do nothing with your lives. That's what I would have done in the past, but this time I'm sticking with it.
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Do things you actually enjoy, constantly imagine getting to the point where you're really good at it as you do it.

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So I'm at my first job which I was initially told was a internship paid via "stipend". Now however I have taken a "one month contract" that my studio had offered at 16 an hour. So really I think they were initially after an intern, but got a higher workload and decided to hire a junior artist.

As it is getting close to the end of the first month, I asked if I could expect to work there longer, to which I got the reply, "yea you can expect to have work here for at least 5-6 months"

What I'm wondering is, should I try and negotiate a raise or is this pretty typical in terms of "paying your dues" in the industry? I'm basically a "jack of all trades 3D artist, who takes a lot of shit done by other artists and puts it together and does rigging and generally whatever needs to be done."

It's a really small studio, and they outsource work from India. So they really like to keep things quick and cheap as there work is generally not something that goes on public broadcast.

I'm glad to just have work for the next five months, so I can look elsewhere for a job in that time, but the pay is pretty, meh. I know people starting at larger studios for 30 an hour.

Any employed fags on here?
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16 seems good for a start, like you said its not a big studio.

It would be nice if you gave some more info.

- 16 what? Dollar, euro, other?
- I assume the 16 per hour is gross. Do you know how much you have left after taxes? And how many hours per week do you work?
- where are you located? Which country? Which city?
>I'm a jack of all trades 3D artist


So I used to use a program called Metaseqouia a LOONG time ago.

I know absolutely nothing about 3D Modelling, so where should I start?

Where can I learn the terms necessary, and where can I learn proper techniques?
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Okay, this is how it goes. You get an orangutan. I'm not talking a little monkey or some dancing chimp bullshit, I mean a fucking orangutan. Don't ask me how you're gonna get a fucking orangutan, because that's not my problem.

So the orangutan's name is Clyde. This is non-negotiable; all orangutans are named Clyde. I don't know why that is, it's just how the world works. So you and Clyde become man (and ape) about town. You're seen everywhere together, you make the scene. You and friends go out in big groups. You talk loud, you laugh louder. Every time you say something witty, you high-five the orangutan. The town begins to buzz. It gets back to her. "Did you know the guy with the orangutan?", "You used to date the guy with the orangutan?", "Why would you break up with a guy with an orangutan?". Next thing you know she's calling.

"I'm hoping we can still be friends. Wanna hang out sometime?"

"Geez, I dunno; me and Clyde were going to go to monster truck race tonight (orangutans love monster trucks). In fact, the whole social calendar seems kinda full. I tell you what, I'll make a little note (what was your name again?) and maybe I can squeeze you in. Oh well, you know my number so don't be a stra-- Hey, look at the time! I gotta skate, Clyde's making Mojitoes."

At this point, the upper hand is yours. You can let her twist in the wind, you can draw her back into your life at the pace you decide. Whatever, it's your life. But if you're a smart man? You slowly phase her back in. You're IM-ing. You're talking on Live. You get invited to family functions. You bring Clyde, he becomes like one of the family. You're one big Brady Bunch.

Or you could read the fucking sticky. :-)
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Simbly ebic.

Marmoset Toolbag, you will be missed.
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Marmoset Toolbag 3 is coming out soon. This is only really useful if you want to give an honest look of what it can be like in-engine for games.
toolbag was kinda useless anyway since it handled PBR poorly as compared to all other programs. Only thing it's good for is the mview format.

Glad I got SP2. That fucking iray is love and life
Is there anything this guy can't do ?

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What is the most efficient approach for training zBrush while learning the program AND exercise artist skills?
>>Sculpting with a reference that is not made by you?
>>Sculpting without reference at all, just with your senses?
>>Sculpting with a reference made by you (exercising concept art and drawing skills as well)?

Thank you.
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you can buy famous artists tutorials to learn the professionals process and tips, sculpt with simple references like a human body to learn anatomy, then try to model your own concepts. Go ahead and spend a huge amount of time practicing.
Wait until the logins are open,
download a few tutorials form here and there,
from a mix of all of them make your project.
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if u know nothing, gnomon workshop has an introduction to zbrush course that I used and was able to learn the ins and outs of zbrush in 3 weeks.

Of course after that just practice sculpting with concept art or sculpting faces (a lot harder). I did a ton of figure drawing before learning zbrush though, so knowing about form and motion of organic humans, creatures, etc also is a big plus, just practice that on the side.

Everything will suck at first, but the payoff is really nice when u first make some cool ass shit on your own and look at it like "that's some cool ass shit."

Anyone want a charmander?

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70 bucks for that piece of shit?
it doesn't even have a flame

way to follow a trend you hack
Not worth $70 dude. Face shapes are terrible and he is isn't the right shape pretty much all over. And no flame? Gummon.

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hmm what could this be?it won't be free obviously, but what about sculptris?
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2.5d mode, no adv modeling tools and legacy tools removed.

If it had all the tools people wanted and a free educational version a lot of people would get it. People are fed up with torrents and keygens by now.

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How do I fix this seam? Using Maya 2014
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Maybe mark the seam in the spot you want it???

Quit being autistic anon.
holy shit thanks for the laugh, I know we all started out UV'ing like that. Keep at it bro

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Does anyone here use these things?

I'm very tempted to test one out.

The smaller ones that are just the "joystick" seems to be useful enough, but going bigger with the entire "keyboard" seems like it's gonna be very useful, but you will still be tied to your keyboard.
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Oh, and also how useful you find it outside 3D softwares.
Test it out and tell us what you think. Everyone I know in the business still uses a 3-button mouse but different strokes for different folks!
I have one, I can't go back to operating the camera with a mouse or tablet. it's so fucking natural, I can't believe I didn't make the switch sooner.

the best thing is: you operate the camera the same natural way in whatever software you use, so no need to getting used to different camera controls when switching from one software to the other.

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WIP thread is kill once again

previous thread:

new thread here

post yer shit or git out
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Learning how-to 3D-design.
This done in Blender + PS5 (fake lights)
Suggestions very welcome!!
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Posting once again for feedback. Might redo the texture one more time, but this is pretty much what the final product will be (unless you guys tell me its shit)
371.3 gb
>>is 868 kb big

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