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Hello, With the site troubles we have had I want to make sure that my fellow anons are doing ok. Post your daz3d name and something you have done with/in Daz and I will look through your wishlist and give you something.
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I could gift a random item if you would like
Just tell me how to get into daz
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If you're the same dazbro from the previous thread >>530724
You've already given me a great boost.
Also I've just started a new thread to try and help other new users >>538145
Previous thread is auto-saging

Still learning the HDRI options.

red pill me on crazytalk

i want to create 3d people but cant make a cube in blender. crazytalk and other softwares from reallusion seem easy to use. want to hear what you guys say about them
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Apparently they have a few base models for every race etc (high anteroposterior diameter of head and thick lips for niggers) and you can only alter them a little using your reference image. After applying the changes the model will only look like the reference when its textured. It will still look like a generic head model when you remove the texture.

Can anyone post a noob friendly turorial for making a 3d head from front and side photo?
makehuman a best.
Make human a shit

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what's up /3/?
Thanks for your time and forgive my off-topicness. This is my own little stunt I saw an anon pull off some time ago. I'm making a pilgrimage across the boards of 4chan and exposing myself the this site beyond my little /tg/ bubble.

If you guys would be so kind, I'd love to learn about the culture and topic-matter here at /3/. This is a board I know literally nothing about. Are you guys all just students and hobbyists? Or are you guys the ones making those terrifying Overwatch SFM pornos? I've seen the occasional /3/fag mentioned in Warhammer miniature threads when 3d printing is brought up but aside from that you guys seem to keep to yourself.

Sorry my pitch is nowhere near refined. Hopefully it'll be polished up after a few boards on my journey. If you guys would rather not bother with me, let me 404 and I'll be on my way.
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Welcome to the limbo
Yeah I should've figured there's not a lot of traffic here. I didn't want to skip this place completely though. Thanks anyways <3

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Is it possible for a mathematician to break into the CG industry? I'm not an expert modeler or anything, but I try to have my work revolve around computer graphics algorithms as much as possible.

Also what would it take to get published in a CG heavy magazine, like 3D World or something like that. Do they feature articles from a technical point of view? Or should I just stick to writing articles for ACM or IEEE?
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There is lots of people at disney with only a math background. The math people give some technology/math algorytthm, dev put them in 3d software and TDs ar making interface for artists :)
just become a tech artist?

try houdini
This gives me hope. Do you know if they all have PhDs or is lower education also acceptable? Any tips on what branches these guys usually specialize in? I'm guessing computational geometry and numerical analysis, but could be missing something.

>try houdini
Any particular problems I could try and solve? Something that I can put on the CV as research experience or something along those lines, maybe get an article out of. I've mostly been doing work in Maya and have some experience writing plugins in C++, but other than that most of my work isn't done in connection with any 3D packages and is just theory masturbation :^)

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General photogrammetry/scanning experiences and tips post
Any photogrammetry people here?
I've been trying out digital scans, found that Agisoft Photoscan is the best. But I'm having trouble capturing detailed models. The figure on the left is a mostly matte figurine i'e been trying to scan for a few days. However, I think because she's block patches of colour, and maybe a little glossy, the program is having difficulty finding points to match. So my point clouds are pretty sparse. Other simpler models (see turtles) have worked out fine.
I think I'm gonna paint it matt today. Has anyone painted a model before for scanning?
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I heard someone once tried to do part of a car, and to get around the reflective surface of the paint, they covered the area with talcum powder. I'd guess a fairly light dusting, just enough to give it an inconsistent look that the photogrammetry software can catch onto.
The upside to it was it washes off when you're done.
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Hi. Just got into photogrammetry after experimenting with laser scanning with a Kinect for a few months, and compared to the shit that gave me, this stuff is magic.
Am using a Canon PowerShot G15, manual mode, always saving to RAW and at low ISO-large aperture to reduce noise but not blur, Photoshop to convert to TIFF and Agisoft Photoscan to make shit.
Usually, processing everything is pretty fast on my crappy rig (intel i5-4200u, nvidia gt740m, 6gb ram) with sessions of up to ~70 photos taking about an hour (highest align, medium dense, high mesh, 8192x1 texture) and taking even up to 5 hours on sessions with more than 150 images or if they're in jpeg.
For some reason, Photoscan really hates jpeg images, or my Moto G 3's camera (used it before using the PowerShot.)
One issue is that models tend to get extremely high poly, and decimating in something like Max makes it really fucked up, so I'm using Photoshop's Normal and Bump 3D filters on the textures to overcome this.

Pic related is a little ceramic sculpture captured with a Kinect (~380 scans) and phone camera (~251 images) .
I have a couple of test images for Photoscan, if anyone is interested.
There's also chalk spray which was recommended in an official 123D Catch video.

Guys, im new to 3D modeling, im mostly messing around with it for unrelated projects (papercraft, google cardboard apps, complementing 2D animation) so i'm not looking for tutorials or anything, what i need is:

what's the most lightweight software? i use maya (2013?) on my desktop but it's kinda overkill for what im doing and i'd also like to be able to work on my laptop which would suffer trying to run maya.

All i need is to be able to modify or create .OBJ files, and maybe something about setting the MTL texture thingy properly.. and that's it.

Thanks in advance
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Go with blender. Weights about 100 MB, It's a really good modeling software once you learn the hotkeys, and it's also free.
okay, i'll try it. Thanks bro

i been working on this scene for a few months, and its finally finished. i want to be a character artist in the triple a industry so i made a couple of characters

should i apply and just attach this and wait for an interview?
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Is this a shit post or are you delusional?

delusional about what? if theres a problem with it then tell me
my sides

hey /3/,

I bought some Poser 11 models awhile back thinking i could convert them without the actual program to .obj - no luck so far

any way to convert them without Poser?
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Nigger, just pirate poser. OR, Daz studio is free.
>not making your own models
Where's the fun in buying other people's models?
Speaking as a guy who makes money by selling my models to dudes who use poser/daz, I'm happy to make him all the models he needs.

I would like any advice even if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

I just started art school for game design and I really like it so far. I plan to go into the character art/ design aspect of the industry. However, I feel like I'm going to become a starving artist once I graduate. To counter this, I realized that the future is in high demand of coders. so do you guys think I should learn coding while I'm in school to give myself more security? Or should I just stick with game design, and just have a bunch of internships so I can almost guarantee a dream job in character art?

Here's my artstation in case you guys were interested: https://swaggernaut64.artstation.com
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programming is even less stable than 3D.
if you do choose programming learn sql and asp
First off

Secondly, you're going for the hardest profession in the games industry. you're definitely going to starve son.

I suggest focusing on your anatomy studies as much as possible and selling content on the markets (Unity/Unreal/Turbo/CGTrader) until you find stable work making characters. These markets are the best thing ever right now for character people

You could also just brush up on environment stuff and do that too. Its not hard. Definitely easier than character stuff.

Your work is alright

check the wiki.polycount.com ffr
if you have got the right school, you shouldnt worry about that.

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thought the first challenge was a little bit too hard.

so i wanted to make something easier this time.
MINI IBIZA SPOON KEYRING. for you know what.
you have until sunday. congrats to the winner (who made the weird looking anime girl)
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>hard surface
>hard surface

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Which duck is the best, Duck A or Duck B ? You vote !
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Duk A is smoother
But duk B is more abstract
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Sup guys, need some help here.

I'm new to making games, and right now I'm trying to create animations in the Blender Action Editor that I can import into Unreal Engine 4.

I've searched around a lot on google, but I can't seem to find a tutorial on how to animate different parts of the body seperately, and then add them together in UE4. For example, a guy can either have his hands by his side, or hold a gun. But you don't want to create a walking animation for both the arms hanging down and holding the gun, you want to create an animations of the legs moving, and then stitch together the animations you need with a blueprint. If anyone could guide me through this I would be grateful.

Also, making each animation a file and exporting it to UE4 also seems to be a bit of a problem, I can't find anything about turning animations into their own files. If anyone know anything about this I would be even more grateful.

Advice, links, anything helps.
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search "animation blending"
>Also, making each animation a file and exporting it to UE4 also seems to be a bit of a problem, I can't find anything about turning animations into their own files. If anyone know anything about this I would be even more grateful.
Been awhile since I tried importing animations into UE4 from Blender but I remember having to make them into Actions in the NLA editor (so I could give them proper names like walk, jump etc).

Change the FBX export to animations and you'll see the NLA option. I quick look and tooltip say it'll export "All non-muted NLA strips". So if you want to export 1 animation out of several I guess you mute all except that one and run FBX export.
Yeah, I found out how to export everything, but not single animations. Seems like other people have trouble with that too, but I'll try with the muting.

Weirdly enough, I can't seem to find anything in depth on this subject, neither in blender or UE4. I think I'll have to watch a video series where they create an entire character to get to that point. Google doesn't give any answer, not anything that I've found at least.

I was thinking into rendering a short movie in 4K, nothing but simple physics simulation. What's the best renderfarm there is in the internet ? Is a 1080 worth the price for rendering animations ? Does any of you own a render farm ?
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I own a render farm in Taiwan. A 1080, lots of ram, good processor is fine for rendering a physics animation. Really no point in paying for rendering services either.

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I do whatever the situation calls for.
>smooth operator operating correctly
Do you mean box modelling ?
sculpting is poly modelling

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/3/, what do you find yourself making when you just want to blow people's minds with how "skilled" you are? I have an assignment to simply make a high-poly model of something, and I'm just wondering what's something I could do that would basically scream "wow look at me, I made this hard to make thing and I'm amazing because of it" without it actually being that difficult to do.

Right now I'm thinking maybe a realistic bust of an old man head or something, but that's so boring. I'm still thinking.
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A bust isn't impressive. make a full character sculpt. quality/balanced design is far more impressive than just sculpting. demonstrate your understanding of 3d forms. Sculpting fine detail on a bust doesn't do this.
Flowers are fairly easy but can look really classy and aren't done so often that everyone is familiar with how hard they are.

Insects and similar can work as well. A millipede is basically just one segment copy-and-pasted many times plus a head and arse. Plus most people don't really know exactly what they look like up close so you can get stuff a bit wrong.

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