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>pic unrelated
>upload a pic
>get ~100 views, 10 likes
>fast forward 1 week
>upload shit tier pic
>150 views, 3 likes
>upload good shit again
>3 views by self

Is the artstation algorithm too predictable ?
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Same shit with me man, art station upload gets 2 likes, 200 ish views.. Post the exact same shit to Twitter get 100+ likes and 12 re-tweets
You weirdos are probably posting poop. Post something impressive and see results. Do know that if you can't make your shit look professional many people skip over it. You could have impressive characters or props, levels or assets, but if it looks like donkey shit with poor lighting nobody is going too like you. I personally don't click like a ton because I don't want people seeing all my likes (got some weird shit in there I don't want my employer to see)
Im talking about my stuff not even being viewed, only by my subs ,, I got like 13 views from ym followers but to actually start a fire with any post you need at least 100 views on my opinion .op

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I wonder how much it's going to cost. It comes bundled with a $200 Wacom tablet so it's gotta cost less than that.

I hope it includes Zremesher at least.
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It's probably a "lite" version of zbrush. Fuck that. Just like Ableton Live and any keyboard controller. Just stripped down, not so good versions of the fulls. It'll prob do enough to teach you basics but it's prob missing a fuckton of content that you want.

At least it'll be better than Cubase LE which starts out as a full version then 1 month later disables 3/4 of the features to try and get you to buy the full version.
rip sculptris, its been so long

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Hey, am I the only one pissed off by the fact that companies like Disney have exclusive software that I will never be able to use unless I work for them and make boring Disney-drivel unoriginal content that's trash?

They have the right to keep their toys to themselves, but that doesn't mean I have the right to be jealous.
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God, every time someone tells me that being jealous of them is wrong ... It triggers me so much
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cleaning solvent - white board care

this challenge is directed at beginners and advanced users alike.
you have until 29 of September (two days from now) to finish modeling this, the more detailed the better.
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Here's my entry.
nailed it.
Infact I think I'd nail it up my butt

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Tomorrow there's going to be this gathering for unity. There are going to be people in the industry there like some guys from Ubisoft etc.. I wanted to know what is the best way to network? As I am currently studying and would love to get an internship in the industry. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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Ask them if they post on /3/
just dont think much, go and talk to them
say Hello,my name call myself Anon

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What software/resources should I use to create 3d concepts of certain Ideas of mine. I would also like to have something that includes physical factors such as gravity and material density as well as something that understands the interaction between multiple parts. I would preferably like to have something that is free.
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I am about to start a course in 3D design and will be needing a laptop for the first time in my life. I know where I stand with desktop specs but laptops GPUs and specs fly way over my head. I'm guessing i5+ would be ok in a lappy?
Can anyone tell me what an okay setup would be for a laptop that's capable of 3D work. £500-700 budget.
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god game laptop but look for very good ventilation and fans.
16gigs of ram and/or the ability to expand to that amount or higher.

You want an i5 or better (you want intel, no exceptions) and a desktop grade graphics card 960gtx or better (you want Nvidia, no exceptions).
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>500-700 budget

Your only option is the used market.
Look for literally any laptop with a Quadro K2000M in it.
Don't misunderstand--it's a starting point.
It has a quad core i7 (mobile intels are almost always dual core) and the best workstation graphics card you can stick into a 15".

If you find that you need more RAM, then add more later.
If your disk space isn't good enough, then add more later.
There's even space for an mSATA SSD.

Now here's what I would tell you if you were not a poorfag: Get any non-shit laptop with a Thunderbolt 3 port. You can plug in an external GPU if you find your processing power to be lacking.

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Image limit reached

show us what you got

Previous thread
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From previous post >>534786

This is the composition I was thinking of going for.

I know that the couch (which is my focus and will eventually have a person sleeping on it) is violating the rule of thirds by being in the middle of the frame, that's why I want as many guiding lines as possible.

This is the first time I'm doing a complex scene , so I kinda need help.

The couch will be a bright green color while everything else will be some shade of brown/indirectly lit.

I'm still debating on whether putting the door on the other side or leaving it as is and either making the whole back wall striped or just the bottom floor.
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here is the pice that I'm working on, it's second ever thing I'm doing in zbrush (the first was seth fanart that I've posted already),
any suggestions, critics are welcome, it's not finished yet though ..
retopo it sometime soon

How do I render to 180 stereo VR in blender/cinema4d?
I can only see how to render to 360x180 but not 180x180
Please help
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you output 2 equirectangular maps. one for the left eye one for the right and paste them into one single file.

so you have a single video file, which is, say 4000x4000 pixels. the top 4000x2000px are the equirectangular map for the left eye. the lower 4000x2000 for the right one.

The VR player/app/whatever maps each part onto a sphere for playback then.

Could've googled that in seconds.

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>im a generalist
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I'm a generalist and I have a job in the industry doing generalist work. what's there to laugh about?
Same here, I enjoy all aspects so why pigeon hole yourself?
most people who apply where I work don't get looked at twice unless they have multiple skillsets.
We had one guy who was an ace modeler, really fast quality work but pretty much became a burden when he couldn't UV his own models. Texturing was also out f the question, and rigging + animation was a no go either.
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I'm gittin' gud at Unity, 3D, Playmaker, Behavior Designer, all that jazz.

I'm makin' cash money doing my own shit while you all slave away for the man.

I worked in the service industry for years while learning my craft. I will not have another BOSS for my creative output just like you have a BOSS in retail.

I'm a generalist, motherfucker. BOW.

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Now where KAT is gone (RIP my friend), where do you get your DAZ content now?
There was an impressive community posting all DAZ shit available.
It was a great possibility to test out stuff before buying (I bought 90% of the content after torrenting)
Picture related, my DAZ render
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noob here

I just started using it. I spent maybe 4 hours on a scene and then my power went out.

I'd also be interested in where to get things. I'm still just using the models it came with
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Same here OP. I try my luck wirth "daz3d torrent" followed by product name. Otherwise there is slow shitty web DL with dazposer.net and other sites.

OP here
Save whenever possible...Check KAT mirrors for already released stuff. For example kickasstorrentsan dot com

kat dot am looked promising. There have been 2-3 new releases with some of the guys saying "hopefully the kat guys find their way here". I think some ppl of the community migrated there but somehow the page doesn't work atm. Definetely worth checking once a while.
Besides kat.am I couldn't find new releases anywhere. It's a shame.

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So I've used Lightwave on and off since high school. It's the program I'm most comfortable in terms of its feature set but its little quirks are really starting to get to me.

The symmetry always seems to fuck up and combining different parts of the model is always a royal pain. I particularly love the smooth shift tool and its ease of use.

Of all the 3D modeling suites out there, what's the most similar to it in terms of feature set, UI, and ease of use?

3DS MAX isn't an option for me since I use Mac.
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You dun goofed. On a more serious note, Softimage was the most common alternative to Lightwave. Houdini is supposedly a good third option but I haven't personally touched it

Cinema 4D.
Question: What's the most similar to LightWave.
Answer: Modo.

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anyone know where I can download 3design CAD? I haven't been able to find it via PB
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Don't add + ".torrent" to any google searches you do.
Good luck, it seems DCMA is all over this.

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Hey /3/ im currently working on this camera, can you give me some advice how can I make this red circled material? Thank you
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in blender of course
Just find some leather/skin texture and use it as bump/normal/displacement.
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Which one looks better, top or bottom one?
The top one is just normal texture, the bottom one has 3 textures on it... I followed this tut

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Gears of War plot.jpg
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Guess who's back at it again.

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Aaalright lets get this shit over with. Whats the fresh autism they're bringing on the table this time ?
animated atoms!

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