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Where do you live? How much is it to rent a 1 bdrm apartment in your neighborhood?
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I live in San Francisco, California, USA. One bedrooms where I am average around $2500/mo., but it's embarrassingly easy to pay a lot more, and possible to find one for a bit less.
Jacksonville FL. 600-800 for a decent apartment on a decent side of town.

If anyone is curious, the rumors about Jacksonville are wildly exaggerated and I love it here.
>St. Catharines, Canada

Fucking international students driving up rent, town is 10-15% students. College is for cucks

Jesus christ those queers have a butt full of cash

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Welcome to Korea General, "OP had a question but didn't want to post in QTDDTOT" edition.

Also, "No OP copypasta" edition.

My question is this:

How much Korean does one need in Seoul? Preferably I'd like to be able to eat street food, go to restaurants, maybe date some qt3.14's, but I don't know a lick of Korean. I'm willing to learn the basics of any language that is used in a place that I'm traveling to, but I don't really want to become a master of Korean.

Should I hire a guide/translator? Should I try to befriend some Koreans who know some English before I go there?
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Bumpity bump
I hear Koreans are pretty racist to all none Koreans. Is this true? I want to go so I can crush some Korean pussy
I'm going there for ten days pretty soon. Is it too much for Seoul and can I do any nice daytrips from it?

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What is the worst city you have visited outside of your home country?

What made it so bad?
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Hot and boring concrete shit-hole. Practically every building and surface that isn't of historical interest is covered in graffiti and the city itself is ugly and horribly polluted. You can't see far from on top of the Acropolis because of smog.

There's nothing of interest to see outside of the Acropolis, Greek Museum, and handful of other attractions.

Massively overrated tourist destination.

I thought Casablanca was a dump. None of the cool architecture or bustling market feel of the other big cities in Morocco, and it smelled like poop everywhere
Paris. The amount of immigrants in the city was staggering. It didn't even feel European never mind French. I'll never go back.

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Is Argentina a nice place to expat to in the future for a Uk citizen? (Ethnically im not english)
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we're full. how about you just go back to pakistan?
>ethnically im not English

Just say you're not English.

What are you? Odds are you're as
as they are.
Filipino. The culture and environment there is really attracting to me. Just wondering if its actually stable to move to and if there is still bitterness against Uk citizens for the falklands

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I thought this deserved a thread of its own, because after much googling and asking around it seems like actual wild wolf sightseeing is pretty rare. Few people actually get to see or even hear wolves, and most who say they have seen them say Yellowstone, which is a crowded shithole.

I'm asking Canadabros and those in the NW of the US - where is an excellent place to travel such that at least listening to howling wolves at night is guaranteed? I've read Canada has more wolves than the entire US but can't find any specific info. My ideal experience would be to listen to them without having to be part of one of those damn tours
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There you go.
I hear them sometimes at the cabin not far from Montreal, but there are way more coyotes than wolves in that area.
Alaska, Yellowstone, and Minnesota are your best bets. Good luck anywhere OP wolves travel far daily so if you see one it's ransom

I've seen several all over the north but mostly in these 3 areas
Do you really just want to hear them? They howl back if you howl.

Guaranteed is a bit much without a time frame, and a no tour speculation. It's a thing in Algonquin park to howl at them though, so there's people and wolves howling back and forth.

They're more active when the moon is full. Sound travels better over snow, and nights are a lot longer during winter.

As posted earlier, coyotes howl, dogs too. Doubt you would be able to tell the difference.

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Hey /trv/,

San Juan Puerto Rico, thoughts? Anyone ever been? What are some must dos?
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I was just there. At first I was apprehensive because of the hysterical white tourists posting online, but San Juan was totally safe, fun and gorgeous. One of my favorites. If you are paranoid, look up "San Juan heat map" which shows where the projects are. You would have to try to end up somewhere unsafe though, just like most big cities.

Hit up La Casita Miramar for some amazing food. La Repuesta is a great dance club if you're there on a Monday. And all of the beaches are great. The day trips can be expensive (~$180 for a rainforest tour including tip) but are worth it if you have the money. If not, wandering around Old San Juan is more than an awesome experience. The major art museum in San Juan was unexpectedly impressive, very big and well designed and worth a visit - they have a skateboard art exhibition on display now that is way cooler than it sounds

Also Uber just restarted in San Juan so take advantage. They can't do airport pickups though.
Also everyone there is totally horny and down for fun. Four hookups in five days and one was a threesome. If you're into sex tourism it's a hotspot
Awesome! Thanks for the advice. And no Uber at the airport? How're the cabs? Pretty shady? I used to drive a taxi so I know the scams

I'm going with my girl so...

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I'm going to P.E.I. (Prince Edward Island) Canada, in the mid-September timeframe. Probably driving through Maine to get there.

Does anyone know about any cool stuff to see/do there that isn't widely known?

I will have about a week and will have my own vehicle, if that makes a difference.

Any cool stuff to see in Maine?
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PEI is fucking tiny, m8, there isn't much to do or see besides Cavendish and Charlottetown.

I am I going to be bored to death for a week?

I read that there are a bunch of breweries and good restaurants, any personal recommendations?
Dude, nothing in PEI is widely known

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What is there to do in Dubai? I want to visit a friend who works there but what else can I do while I'm there?
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Someone from work told me that there is a place in dubai dessert where you can try and drive "thrown away" sports cars.
>Drive a 4x4 round the desert
>Check out the tallest building in the world
>Ride a camel
>Check out the bazaar
>Get a cheap boat ride through the marina
>Plenty of good restaurants to visit, some of them are cheap as well
>Visit that massive new shopping mall they've built

Don't get a taxi from outside the airport, they rip you off.
There are these little floaty-things over in the Creek that you can ret, float around and they have a grill set in the center so you can bbq a meal wile you float. For a better meal, Khan Murjan is over in the boutique souk attached to the Raffles -- great atmosphere, great food with items from most regional cuisines. For dumb fun, if you ski, the artificial ski slope over at Dubai Mall is stupidly entertaining. There is a bid mosque that is open to infidel visitors over in Jumeirah, or take a day-trip over to Abu Dhabi for the even more impressive Grand Mosque. The museum in the old fort is not great, but OK, and is the closest thing to local history you are going to find.

If camel races are on, do not miss that.


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So /trv/ I'm thinking of having a go at driving from the UK to the Netherlands. Anyone have experience with this?

My first question is what towns are good to visit that are the closest to the belgian border (e.g. so I don't have to drive too far) that also have coffeeshops available to visit?

Should I even take a car? I hear it's a pain to park in NL.

If I do take a car is Calais going to be scary re: migrants? The cheapest tickets for the tunnel seem to be at night so I don't want to get stuck and mobbed by a bunch of them

Any other advice greatly appreciated
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What makes a town "good" for you? What are you looking to do/see/visit?

Make smart use of P+R spots or spend a small fortune.
I guess my criteria for a good town at the moment is simply close to the border and also has coffeeshops.

I understand not all provinces have coffeeshops so that's why I ask
You're literally just going for the weed? Why even bother going by car then? Better to just fly to Amsterdam

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I have the opportunity to move from Europe to other countries because of my parents and I’ve chosen England to improve my English.
I have to choose between:


Any thoughts about theses areas ? What should I do/choose ?
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Manchester or Bristol. I've lived in both, and they're both excellent. I live in a place called "Bury" near Manchester and it's amazing.

Avoid London
england resident here

I'm not even sure what to say... are you planning to work or study or anything here? What places do you like? Where are you coming from?

I've been to brighton/eastbourne/bournemouth and all I can really think of to differentiate between them is that bournemouth has a sandy beach, the others are horrible stones. :P

I wouldn't like to live in London because of the cost of living and because it is so densely populated. I also dislike being around many people who don't speak english (hey whatever, its a personal preference, not saying they shouldn't be there). So perhaps as english isn't your first language this wouldn't matter to you.

Brighton is very inclusive and has a large gay scene (it's known as the gay capital of the UK). It's one of the only places where the green party got in. So if you like that artsy liberal stuff Brighton is ideal.

Eastbourne is smaller than Brighton, right close to one of the most popular suicide spots in the world (beachy head) if that tickles your fancy! I don't think I'd choose to live there. It used to be known for it's elderly population, not sure if it still is.

The rest of the places you list I have no idea about.
I've lived in Cambridge for the last year as a student. It's very picturesque and pretty, but on the downside it's quite small compared to other English cities and the cost of living is quite high (being a major commuting base to London etc). I hear Oxford is slightly bigger if you do end up going for this type of area. Don't go to either if the idea of Chinese tourists flooding the streets all year round puts you off. Cambridge is not car-friendly if you plan on driving when you are here.

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I got a job offer at Santiago, Chile.

Has anyone here ever lived there? How is it like? What should I expect, given I accept the job and move to Santiago?

Thank you.
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How could you possibly expect us to advise you?

You have literally given us no other information than "it's in Santiago".

Should you move to Santiago if you're paid 1 million dollars per hour to flip burgers? Of course you can.

Should you move if you're paid 50p to manage an entire production line? Probably not.

Is this job you've been offered something that aligns with a career path you'd like to follow?

There are a lot of factors to consider.
It's a good job.
Now I want to know how's Santiago's quality of life. That's all.

Do you live there or know anyone who does?
What do they think? What are some good things and bad things about the city? That kind of stuff.
*blasts reggaeton*

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Where is the best place to travel to in Eastern Europe for a solo traveller?
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what are your interests?
for you it would be the donbass op
Budapest and belgrade

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Hi, I'm an American who's going to be traveling to London and Wales next summer. What exactly do I need? I've never left my country so I'm not entirely sure on travel. I know I'll need a passport, an adapter for my charger, and to turn my USD into GBP. What else do I need to do?

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What are you doing/ want to do?

Wales is great for trekking with really nice people. London can be the greatest place you'll visit or a cesspit hellhole

You don't need to adapt to much as you can find anything from America. Other than power outlets and driving it's pretty similar
I'm going to meet my friends that live in Wales. I'm flying into London, spending the day there, and will be in Wales the rest of the time. (1 week). Maybe sightsee, castles and such.
Hijaking this thread a little for a related question:

Anyone know a good book guide book for Scotland travel? I live here currently and am looking to begin my /trv/ career by checking out my doorstep since it's cheaper and easier than flying to another country and I haven't even seen my own country yet. Should I just pick up a lonely planet on Scotland?

My friend wants to go to Paris. She wants to go with her boyfriend and is convinced it'll be romantic. I told her Paris is dirty, gross, feels like Mogadishu, and overrated.

She also wants to go to Rome. I told her that was filled with dirty Gypsies.

Am I right? And what city should I direct her too if she wants a nice french and Italian city?
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>my friend
>her boyfriend

Oh anon...
I'm not trying to bang her. I actually set her up with her bf
of course you are right

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Have no clue where to post this

But if my father is deceased and passed his motorcycle to me, can I somehow acquire it even if I can't find the plates. I have the vin# , his death certificate and my own drivers license which proves I'm his son. Would it still be possible to acquire anothe title for his vehicle. Sorry if this is coming from left field, but you seem to be the only board that can help me. Maybe.
ANY help would be so appreciated.
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Yes, but the paperwork you need depends on whether an estate was opened after he died. Just go to your local DMV or google "deceased relative lost title" for more info.
Also sorry about your dad.
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Thank you anon for the info and your kind words in the following post.

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