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I want to visit New York. I'm a polish-French citizen.

But I have some questions.

>Do I need anything else than my French passport to get in? Any passes or green cards or something?
>I want to visit the place for 7-10 days. The flight from Poland, where I live will cost me 1600 zł, which is around 400$. That will leave me with like 4400-5400 zł (1100$-1350$) for hotel/hostel room and food to survive and tickets for communication. Is that even enough? Pic unrelated.
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They're gonna grill you at the border just because it's murrica. The TSA stopped me when I was in my uniform and said they were going to do a random gunpowder and explosive residue test. Obviously, I came up fucking positive.

As long as you have a return ticket and proof of funds, they'll eventually let you through.
Prepare to be disappointed, unless you love shit
You will need an ESTA. Get it on-line from the US Gov official site - beware there are look alike scam sites as well so check the web address.

Ok, my old life has fallen to pieces and I've ended up with £750,000. I want to invest most of it and live on a beach. Nothing fancy. Just a roof over my head, somewhere to shit and a porch to smoke weed on. I want to live like this for a very long time. Thailand sounds like a good idea. Anybody here done anything like this before?
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I wish man, you've got my dream. I'd go to India personally, and definitely travel around a lot before settling on a place. I've been to central america and south east asia. In terms of friendliness, food, beauty and culture India has been my favourite by far, still enough out of the way places where you can relax without trance beats and sunburned tourists...
So many little islands in the pacifics too you could check out.
India was another thought. Maybe the south? I bet it's fucking cheap.
either australia or south east asia.

india is too dangerous, i'd say. at least if you plan to live there.

Any books or courses on learning Hungarian? Other recommendations? Experiences?

I want to be able to hold a normal conversation (or more).
I´m staying in Budapest for at least a year (studies), and learning the local language is a form of respect I´m feeling obliged to.

I thought about commiting an hour a day, for starters.

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You're looking for /int/
Have you tried google.com?

I've heard it's all the rage these days.
Duo lingo

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Post maps from your own country if applicable.

Airport layovers don't count unless you go outside the airport into the city.
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Is this for planned trips or where you've already been?
Already been, but if you cheat I won't tell ;)

Could someone from Israel help me out with something?
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For how much?
Sure. What is it?
when does the IDF recruitment office close?

Orlando, Florida.
So, after many years of travelling Asia, Europe and South America, my girlfriend and I have decided to do our first proper tourist holiday.

We are doing 3 weeks in Florida (couple of days in NYC) and basically doing all the theme parks, local attractions, and everything tourists love to do.

- Is it better to stay on site at Disney
- Are there any theme parks that are just worth avoiding altogether
- Car rental. Is it worth it. Ive never driven in the US and from what I hear the publish transport on I-Drive would suit us just as well.
- Spending money. We are assuming around $1000 per week for spending money. All hotels, park passes and travel is paid for beforehand.
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On-site Disney hotels will be more expensive, because everything at Disney is fucking expensive. A lot of offsite hotels have shuttles that will take you to the parks, look up whether yours does or does not.
Don't know about public transport in Orlando.
Florida is shite, absolute garbage. If you are going to Orlando just stay in Disneyland, no reason to leave.
I prefer to stay off site at Disney, however as I am sure you know, many love to stay there. I am fine with a Holiday Inn on International Blvd. Cheaper, and I normally spend more time away from the actual Disney Parks.

Magic Kingdom- all the classics, not modern or much of a thrill for adults. I think worth going to say you were there.

MGM, love the Tower of Terror, the rest was Okay.

Animal Kingdom- been to a bunch of zoo's and animal parks, so if I had to choose, I would skip this.

Epcot- more interesting than thrilling, so it just depends on what you are looking for.

Both the Universal parks, to me, are better than the Disney ones. Each as at least three or four really good attractions.

Don't forget about the night life at the parks as well, I found that to be fun and would do again.

In down town Orlando I went to an area, I believed it's called Church Street Station, Some pretty cool bars and restaurants, I recommend Howl at the Moon if you make it down there.

If you want to do a road trip, Go over to Tampa and go to Bush Gardens, they have two or three great costers. You can go east to Coco Beach or go visit the Space Center, also good day trips.

Other Orlando options, are a good water park, Ripley's believe it or not, indoor skydiving, haunted house, and others.

Yes, it is all touristy and very commercial. You have to know that and want that going in. That is not to say you can't get away from Orlando and get an air boat ride in the everglades, but the area is designed for tourists.

I have always budgeted for a rental car. Public transportation can be scarce in the U.S.

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I've got about ¥4700 in coins. I don't think the currency exchange will take them, will they? Where the hell can I exchange these?
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Oh, I had a thought. Do the arcades in Tokyo have coin exchange? The games take ¥100 coins, right? So they must have something like the token machines back in the states, right?
If you are in Japan now, you can exchange them in a bank or pay for something with coins. If you're elsewhere, it'll be a problem.
Any bank? You don't need an account?

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I'm a single Scottish guy 30 year old.


Looking to travel bit before I get really old.

Maybe settle in a different land.

I just cant decide where. £5000 BUDGET to get me started.

I'm mostly looking to chill out , good food , friendly people ,sight-see, lazy beach life odd night out.

maybe find a wife :) lol

Some place like "The beach" with leo dicaprio would be ideal. :)

More chilled out than city traffic life.

I've already visited places like Amsterdam, Barcelona , ibiza. these were infested with crime ridden souls. All about the money.

I'm looking for something a bit different.
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Australia. Although its easy to suggest where you live
yeah everyone here goes to Australia. :)

Too many great whites lol
I am an older guy from the States. I have traveled some over the years and often thought about relocating. Here are the things I consider to be important.

I want to have something I like to do there, like fishing, golf, whatever...to send my time.

I want my money to go far, meaning the dollar will buy me more and last longer.

I have been to Australia a couple of times and it is an awesome place with great people, but not really cheap to live compared to a lot of other places.

United States can be cheap, but you mention beach and anywhere like that is going to really be high cost.

I would consider SE Asia, like Thailand or Central America like Costa Rica or Panama. You can live on the Beach in these areas for a fraction of the cost.

The down side is you will need to at least learn a bit of another language. When I get to Scotland next year, if you are still there, we can have a beer and discuss it further. good luck

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I'm going to HK with my gf for NY celebration, could you give me advise about best place to celebrate and maybe about any sales during January. I was there once and really like this city.
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sorry for huge OP pic guys, my bad
To clarify you are going during regular new year not Chinese new year right?
i'm going there 31 of December , for a week

So.......New York or L.A.?
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Well, of all the major cities in California, L.A. is not a good one for tourism. Seriously.

If you had said SF or NY...well, someone could compare pros and cons of your interests.
LA to live. Manhattan to visit.
NYC, more to offer a tourist in my opinion

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Sick of living in Alabama /trv/. The people here are absurdly racist,the weather is terrible, there aren't enough jobs, and there is lots of crime. There are yearly tornadoes and its always too fucking hot. Is there anywhere in the US can go and start a new life that has plenty of cool things to do, great weather and friendly people?
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>plenty of cool things to do
What sort of things do you consider it cool to do?
Not everyone is a bigot

Planning a post-college semester trip for mid-December before Christmas and looking for suggestions/tips! I'm planning on at least going for 3-4 days depending on the price of where I stay.

I've been looking at hotels and even hostels and I'm wondering which do you think would be the better deal? Hostels are cheaper and I'm used to room sharing on trips to conventions but is it worth it just for the saved money since I'm traveling alone and can't share a dorm with friends?

I'm also looking for suggestions for things to do and places to eat!
I got a recommendation for Adams Morgan for Korean/Japanese food and to outright avoid Chinatown by someone else.
I'm going to the Zoo and as many Smithsonian museums as I can but I'd like to do some non-touristy stuff as well and possibly do some Christmas shopping while I'm there for stuff I can't find in chain stores or even from the IKEA (never been to one!) if it's worth it.
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Don't avoid Chinatown; it's worth the stop.

What sort of places to eat are you looking for Keep in mind DC is an expensive city, and some restaurants ruin a thriving business out of helping fundraise. Some are actually favorites of certain political figures.
Play "You Might Think" by the cars on your phone while carrying a spray of fake cherry blossoms around, occasionally stumble. pretend to be deaf in your left ear. Drink nasty looking wheat grass juice.

Feel superior when nobody gets the reference.
Yeah? From what little I had been told it hadn't been worth it but I might go anyway just to see.

I'm looking for basically things I can't get in the lower less-international states. All I've got here are chain restaurants, southern food, and generic Chinese takeout. I've already been recommended a Korean place and two ramen spots so anything else that's international, I'm up to trying anything as long as it's not insanely expensive. No point in going somewhere fancy/pricey by myself.

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How long does it take you to find the cool local hang out in a small city or town?
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About as long as it takes you to flip a picture 90 degrees.
N/A, I'm utterly isolated from my city's social scene
why do they do that?

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I'll be in Monaco for a few days next week for a conference and added the weekend afterwards to spend in nice.

I have a few questions about Monaco: Do they have supermarkets there? I'm assuming there will be food at the conference but it would still be nice if I could buy some food/drinks without going to expensive restaurants.

As for the weekend, I'm looking for suggestions on things to do outside of nice, especially on Saturday. I've been to the city itself before for a week so I feel like I've seen most of the things there but if there's something cool you would recommend, I'd love to hear it regardless.

tl;dr: things to do in/outside of Nice France
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There is a little Casino near finish line.
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>do they have supermarkets
>I have a few questions about Monaco: Do they have supermarkets there? I'm assuming there will be food at the conference but it would still be nice if I could buy some food/drinks without going to expensive restaurants.
There is a tesco where the bus from Nice drops you off. What kind of question is this?

Idk but when i went there i partied with a bunch of random french people playing drum and bass on the beach. 10/10 night. I was walking down the street, grabbed some beer, chatted them up, and danced.

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Favorite Canadian city, and how often can you distinguish Canadian and Americans by accent?

I like Vancouver
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Quebec City
Thinking of going back to live there at the moment.
I heard Quebec City is sick

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