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New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1156067
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I'll be going to Japan from April 24 - May 4, including travel time from the US. I have never been. Should I explore more than Tokyo or would this duration be best spent in just Tokyo?
So, who here already did the Shimanami Kaido by bicycle? What did you think of it?

Looks like a great way to discover the Seto Inland. I might arrange a new travel in Japan around this particular experience.

Not sure if I should go in spring or in autumn though, but I'll worry about that later.

Any tips like good alternative routes, or best starting point? I might even do it in 3 days if a detour makes it even more worth it.
Tokyo is a meme city

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Colombia General.
Places you've been, and pics/stories
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Ill start with a few..
Bogota.. huge city, I didnt stay long here, nice hostal in La Candelaria, poor weather so I left.
Palomino, outside Tayrona... amazing beaches, best I saw in Colombia.. lots of decent accommodations, may places to eat/drink. Small village but high ratio of tourists, but still had a nice undeveloped vibe. good surf, not really any internet.
I loved it, would return again
Cartagena... crazy nightlife...sweltering heat.
Arrived in November in time for their independence day, which was like carnival. tons of women, and pros, drug dealers and hustlers. more expensive but still totally affordable... stayed a couple weeks, then needed to escape to somewhere relaxing. I dont recommend any beaches near here, all hassle and trash.

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Do any of you bother taking photos while you are on your travels? Is it worthwhile?
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If you legitimately take picture of things to remember your experiences and not just selfies with a selfie stick, yes.
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Yep I'm quite an avid photographer, not the selfie kind but the travel photography one. For me it's about trying to capture a country in photos, I always make a selection of like 5 photos per country which I hold in a portfolio.

The biggest disadvantage is bringing my DSLR with multiple lenses all the time. It's quite the weight. Also I sometimes decide on days on which I leave my camera in the hostel/hotel because you tend to go into a mode that you look at everything in "this is nice but the lighting is not well" instead of just enjoying the experience/views.

Pic related shows one of those instances where I walked half an hour at Bromo because I saw a nice opportunity, whilst I actually ignored climbing the crater.
When I first started travelling I took pics every chance I got. Found that they meant very little to me when I returned home. Usually couldn't even place where there were taken or why.
Oh look. Random church or statue of someone who I don't know the significance. Or some trees and a coastline. Hmm I remember these guys from the hostal. Don't remember their names though.
Now I take almost no pics, but the ones I do take are very special to me.

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So. I'm thinking bout joining the French foreign legion. I've nothing to live for here in the states. It seems a better option than offing myself. I'll fly to Paris and have a few thousand dollars to have a good time with before i enlist. If i renounce my US citizenship while I'm there and they happen to not accept me, I can try to live as an immigrant? How does that work ?
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If you can't make it in civilian life what makes you think you'll make it in one of the most brutal Special Forces units in the world? FFL can afford to be selective, what do you have that hardened soldiers, fighters and criminals do not?

If you have no skills and want some purpose the regular US military will take you no worries. If you want to work outside the states look into teaching English, studying abroad, or doing a WHV in a high-wage country like Australia.
If the US has access to my physiatric history, no way they let me in
Ugh, psychiatric

Hey guys, any tips for a trip of 3weeks in japan? I will be there from 20 of november to 11 december.
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oh here's a PS
not interested in weeb shit
What sort of thing DOES interest you?

Also, there is a Japan general, you might keep an eye on it.
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>not interested in weeb shit
What an inviting way to ask for other people's help.

Thoughts on avoiding forgin transaction fees in other countries? They're brutal.

Do you guys have credit cards especially for avoiding these fees? I don't travel enough to get a new credit card just for that purpose.

Do you just bring assloads of cash? That seems dangerous and impractical. Just thought maybe a thread about avoiding letting the banks ass rape you without lube while traveling.
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Raep is unavoidable. If you just use your card like normal then you get charged a foreign transaction fee, if you get money at an ATM over seas the bank sets it's own exchange rate to scrape a fee from you, if you take cash and exchange it the exchange agent sets the rate and scrapes a fee off you.

I haven't looked at the credit cards but I expect the exchange rate they set for them still is a slight advantage to the bank even if there is no per transaction fee.

It's just a cost of seeing other countries. The only real consideration in my mind is having an alternative way of accessing money incase your card gets lost/stolen.
>The only real consideration in my mind is having an alternative way of accessing money incase your card gets lost/stolen.

Any examples of this? What I do is bring photo copies of my cards and identification.
I bring $40 USD to exchange at the airport to cover bus/train/taxi fees into the the nearest city to find an ATM. My bank charges a percentage fee rather than a flat rate so I don't mind swiping a few times. Those Travelex places will fuck you over hard.

Hey guys, I'm visiting Europe from 29 Dec to 22 Jan (arriving in and departing from Amsterdam), and I'm wanting to know some nice winter locations within Europe.

I'm thinking of spending a week in Amsterdam, then visiting 3 or 4 more cities within the time I'm over there.

I like history and art if that helps you guys help me :)

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Vienna, Prague, St Petersburg and Stockholm or Copenhagen are ones that pop in my head.
Thank you, I was strongly thinking about Prague, St Petersburg and Copenhagen.
it doesn't snow that much in amsterdam, keep in mind its on sea level, and not that north

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were just wondering what the rules of traveling alone at an age under 18 would be ?

is it like "my kid" need to get an consent or something like that ? or isn't he allowed at all ?

not sure how the rules are but i pretty much live in norway and he want to go to uk alone
What country are you from? What countries are you talking about traveling to?

PROTIP: Different countries have different laws about all kinds of things.
as the it says, live in norway, want to go to the uk

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Should I travel to New York City or Seattle?

In terms of total cost and experience, which one should I travel to?
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New York City is obviously going to be more expensive. The experience itself depends on what you're into.

Whatever, just go to New York.

I was just there and absolutely loved it.
I just had this really crazy interesting idea -- I bet that, if you gave us some vague hint as to what sort of things interested you, we could give you a more useful answer.

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Post all the places you would like to visit but do not know where they are.

All help is welcome.
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This park.
I forgot caption.
It looks like the one of the "Last Action Movie"

Can somebody remove the annoying in photoshop. I want the picture to be more realistic?
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Before some redditard tries their hand at being """witty""", we know you're going to remove the girl on the bench. Thank you in advance for being an unfunny fuck.
Will you confirm you mean the wrinkles in the backdrop?

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Hello /trv/, I just got my Irish citizenship papers last month, and me and some buddies are planning a trip to Ireland and are going to stay in the house my family owns there. Thing is, we're pretty poor and want to be a fiscally care as possible, so we'd like to take a frieghter or cargo ship of some kind in order to save money. We live on the east coast near NYC if that's makes things easier. If you have any advice I would appreciate it greatly, I haven't found much information on traveling by freighters in this capacity. Thanks.
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Its 279$ for a one way flight to Dublin from New York. Took a 3 minute search on kayak to find. I know there are equally as cheap shipping websites for your belongings. Almost postive this is cheaper, faster, and more convenient then freight.
The the cheapest option will taking a plane.
That's very disappointing, I was thinking that would be a good experience to try traveling by freight, at least to Ireland. Are there really no cheap methods of traveling by sea?

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How about a thread where we post out travel plans and rate/give suggestions on other peoples plans?

Here's my vague plan I've got going. I have a few months free and some excess cash so I'm thinking of making the trek from New Zealand to America as a graduation gift to myself.

Now my current plan is to head to LA since that's the cheap place to fly to, then head through to the grand canyon and Las Vegas seeing some of the stuff on the way there.

Then I want to give Mexico a try and it seems like Baja isn't too bad of a place to go but this doesn't really give me a nice loop to travel in.

So if you got any suggestions/want to tell me it's shit or got a trip you want to show off post here.
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Depending on your pricing ranges and the likes you may wanna travel north through Nevada spending time in the mountains and avoid Las Vegas with their scams and tourist traps. Not to mention general pricing on anywhere good. Could try for reno if your looking for gambling and drinks but for a solo crew I recommend the mountains (Even if the drought means little to no snow) because you just get better views. If you actually WANNA gamble and drink, aim for reno. Better pricing is available and its only 5 hours out from SF which is another nice (HAHAHA not really) place to visit
I would like to point out if you enjoy win that Napa is also an option if you travel north as opposed to south towards Mexico.

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What do you guys think of Rick Steves?
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He unironically supports hillary clinton, so he can fuck off
Please go back to /pol/
he's a goober and has the face of a grade-a cuck

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>Be me
>Have 8 - 9 days for solo vacation in February
Would /trv/ recommend traveling to Ireland (mainly Dublin?) or Britain (mainly London) during February?

Also, how do I avoid being a social autist and get a group of friends while staying in a hostel?
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I'd recommend the Med, maybe southern Spain, on account of the weather
I considered going to Italy, but Britain and Ireland are both very affordable in terms of airfare during this stretch of time and at this point in my life I'm most interested in these two countries.
As a Brit, go to Ireland. There's nothing to see in England outside the history. Modern day England is a sty

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