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What is the artistic hub of Paris? The place where struggling artists and writers live and work and meet? I'm moving to the 5th Arrondissement for 6 months to work on my novel and I'd love to meet other like-minded people there.
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watcha writing about? Why don't you go on /lit/ and tell us about it? We're always interested.
Shakespeare & Co. is still alive and kicking, as your choice of arrondissement suggests you already know, although it's a bit more commercial and less communitarian than it was in the 60s, per my beatnik aunt who slept there for a while fifty years ago. Still hosts many good readings and gatherings for expat writers and pretentious bohos of various stripes.

Lots of artists in and around Montmartre, too, but it's crazy expensive.
People and stuff. I'm on /lit/ a lot but thought this question was better suited to this board

That's good to hear, I guess naturally prices will have increased and thus pushed a lot of the poorer artists out. I'll be sure to search my location and also montmartre, thanks.

Hello there, first time poster on /trv/.
I'm going to visit England, specifically Bristol.
Are there any interesting places for sightseeing, bars, cheap but good restaurants?
I'm a student, so I won't have a huge amount of money when I get there, so try to think of more..cheaper options, thanks!
BTW: do you have any tips on how to get from London to Bristol? The train is pretty expensive, is coach the way to do it?
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The Megabus is usually much cheaper, with fares going as low as a few pounds if you book a few weeks in advance. Their adverts say they go as low as 50p, but I've never seen that in real life, but who knows you may get lucky. I've taken it a couple of times before and it's not really that much worse than a train, but a bit slower.
That sounds good, thanks a lot friend

100% what that guy said, much cheaper than trains in this country.

Sightseeing on a budget? The Bristol museum and gallery is free and is pretty good for a wide range of interests, otherwise check out "Mshed" which is a museum of just bristol history and is also free.

Obviously go check out the suspension bridge, its free, pretty impressive and has awesome views over the Avon gorge and Liegh woods.

Ashton court is pretty good if you want to see a shit laod of deer and again is good if you want a bit of a west country outdoors'y expeirnece without having to make an y real effort to travel out of the city too far. Also free.

Pubs: "The Apple" pub on a a boat docked in the harbour. Sells 14% alc cider thats a bit of a local love. "lock and weir" A fair distance from the centre, might need a bike or car, classic cottage pub on the river in the woods, sells frozen cider, beer garden out to the water and shit loads of local heron and wildlife. Looking for a young local crowd check out "start the bus" or anything on Gloucester road/stokes croft areas.

Also m8y, youd be doing yourself a massive injustice if you dont visit Bath. Its 10 minuites on the train to a historic as fuck roman city with natural hot baths and loads of nuts architecture if tis your thing. Only cost you a fiver/tenner to get there from bristol temple meads station, look it up!

Bristol zoo is also really good but its £15

If youve got a car or access to someone with one go check out "cheddar gorge". Biggest gorge in the UK, set in the mendips country side about 40 mins from centre of bristol. Its the shit.

Loads of ppl from trv seem to be making threads about bristol recently! Any particular questions about places ask and ill try answer.

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I'm sure this is a fairly frequently asked question here, but I'm about to go WWOOFing for an etended period of time- in the UK and then in France.

How much do I really need to pack? I figured 2 changes of work clothes and 2 changes of normal clothes, plus a pair of boots, a rain jacket, and a sweater/coat are a good starting point. I've also got obvious stuff like hygiene, chargers for my laptop/phone, and a sleeping bag. Is there anything I'm missing? Do you guys think it's feasible for me to pack everything into a daypack and a 30l backpacker's pack?

Also, general WWOOF thread- I wanna hear about your experiences. I know /trv/ tends to look down on WWOOF but the positive stories I hear from a lot of other people seem to outweigh the horror stories I read on 4chan.
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I left a wwoof farm yesterday because the guy was a spastic judgemental asshole. Make sure you get along with the host
Yeah, I've been e-mailing with the hosts back and forth a bit and it seems like it's kind of a bigger operation, so my hope is that even if the host is kind of a weirdo, my interaction with them won't be as close considering there will be more WWOOFers with me and it's on a bigger farm.
Talk on the phone first. If you really want to do this you wan to make sure your host isnt a prick

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I am Brazilian and I'll be giving tips on destinations and prices in Brazil. I will also help end myths and legends about tourism in Brazil. Anyway : ask for a Brazilian anything you ever wanted to know about Brazil
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I feel like if I ever went to Brazil, being a scrawny white guy, I would get mugged within an hour. Is this probable?

Also, are there many cafes with live bossa nova?
I am interested in traveling to Brazil for bjj. What is the likelihood of me being stabbed to death within an hour and the video ending up on liveleak?
How much to buy a sex slave?

Going to Pittsburgh to watch the Steelers vs Bengals game in September.

For the most part, I have some places planned out to visit, some places to eat and some neighborhoods to avoid, buy can anyone that lives or has travelled there, give me any additional advice or places I should see?
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Go to Jackie Evancho's house.
Avoiding neighborhoods is a meme. You aren't gonna get shot just by going into homewood or the hill, and those places are pretty interesting. Ride an incline, look at the view from mount Washington, eat at primanti brothers, check out some of the neighborhoods. I would suggest Bloomfield, Lawrenceville, and Oakland.
See a Sharon Needles performance

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I'm hoping to learn Russian for a future trip, how should I go about it?
I tried duo lingo already
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See the /int/ sticky
It's got basically everything you need to know to start learning a language
Keep in mind, learning a language (particularly Russian) is one of the hardest things you will do, so if you aren't committed, save yourself some time and give up now
watch movies in russian,
read more russian
find a person to teach you
listen to it in your sleep
>watch movies in russian,
amazon has added a lot of TV shows...crime dramas are pretty decent

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Hey /trv/, I am taking a 1 week vacation in Barcelona with my girlfriend.
Any tips on where to go and what to see? we will be staying at a hotel in Barcelona, on Av. del Paraŀlel.
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spaniard here
be careful with gypsies and romanians lad, they try to steal tourists.

fucking scum

Lived there for 3 years. I would say:
Les Arenes rooftop
La Rambla and the Boqueria's market.
La Pedrera
Parc Güell
Carmel's bunkers
Diamant's square and the nearby streets
And then you have all the obvious attractions like Sagrada Familia and so on...
I guess it depends on what kind of things are you most interested in. Feel free to ask.
go to four cats inn in la rambla for food. it's a famous place

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Hello, New to this forum so bear me while I give this my shot!

Me, my best friend and my girlfriend needs to cut the ties to our western world. We have in mind migrating to India, and investing in some form of house/roof at the country side removed from all the big cities.

Reading up online about rules in India and such it comes to my attention that there seem to be very strict rules regarding what is possible, but still no clearance from the information online. So I'll start this thread off with some basic question which hopefully can become more advanced as knowledgeable people enters:

*Is it possible to get a "permanent" residency in India?(More than 6 month visa)
*If yes, how?
*Is it possible to become a legal tax paying citizen and be given the permission to own property, i.e house, bungalow, or any other roof above the head and some private space--On the country side as mentioned.

Blessed be you who can provide insights in this subject, any experience is welcomed in this thread!
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If you cannot find what you want easily, rop them a line.
I wouldn't go in India, shittiest third world country I've been to and I've been to Nigeria. I would recommend SE Asia, nice cozy friendly locals who know cleanliness. Indonesia, Thailand or Burma are good options, cheap as hell too
Thanks I'll check it out!

How do I get permanent residency there? I'm like momas boy with literally no experience of the world.. so I basically know zero about moving, migration etc..! Thanks for input

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I'm off to Dublin on Tuesday. What can I see and do?
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>what can i see in Dublin
For starters, you can see what the city has to offer, how about you do some basic level of research at least before you ask such ungrateful fucking questions here and waste everyone's time?
somebody is mad
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So i'm going on vacation to Berlin tomorrow, does anyone know some good spots there?
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Hey useful thread for me as well.

Solo travelling to Berlin for 4 days, I'm very much into history and art (not modern). Any ideas?
hello friends,
here's a short list on where to go:
kreuzberg (pretty fucking cool)
friedrichshain (lots of hipsters, lots of techno, berghain)
neukölln (hippest and grittiest place around with cool bars)
Hahahahahahahahahaha what?

>kreuzberg (pretty fucking cool)
Disgusting neighborhood full of hippies, africans, and criminal Arabs ready to rob you
>friedrichshain (lots of hipsters, lots of techno, berghain)
Disgusting hippy neighborhood full of anarchists pissing and shitting on the sidewalks with antifa graffiti and stickers on everything
>neukölln (hippest and grittiest place around with cool bars)
Absolutely disgusting immigrant shithole neighborhood with arabic signs everywhere. No german anywhere. I live here unfortunately. Look out for the shariah patrols

You literally picked the 3 trashiest, worst neighborhoods in all of Berlin (aside from Marzahn but that's a different level of bad)

Has anyone here ever done something similar?

In November I'll be leaving everything and everyone behind to start a new life in Ireland, starting my own business. I'll be living in central Dublin.

I've already got everything in place, but I'll be able to stay there for 3 months to decide if this is the place I really want to be. If I like it, I just put everything in motion and begin.

I had a lot of good things going here in America, but I've always wanted to just leave and go on an exciting adventure. Find a new home. To start over and see what I can do alone. If I fail or don't like it I don't even plan on going back home, I'll just go somewhere else.

Kinda scary yet exciting though.
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That's kind of the meme here. Plenty of Anons are interested and some of them say they've done it.

>starting your own business
What's your starting capital, friend?

Overall of course it is possible, just unlikely because if you're running away from personal issues - in one form or another - they will follow.


Check and double check visa requirements and how much to get a business one that will allow you to stay more than 3/6/9/whatever months.
Out of my own funds I have $85,000 after paying for a place to stay for 3 months, flight, etc. Not running from personal issues, really gonna miss my family and friends, but it's all kinda complicated. Better to do it now while young and in a good spot than 5 years from now when I'm 30.

I ran my own business here, but passed it off to my older brother once I made all the preparations. The Irish embassy told me that it should be pretty easy for me to stay there as long as want, but that's a very simplified version of the conversation. They were actually reallllllly helpful and accommodating.
Not at all wanting to hijack, but wanting to participate as I have yearned for many years to leave America myself. I'm currently in the process of leaving Austin, TX to move back with my family in Ohio. I won't clog the thread up with my reasons, but I have them.

My great grandmother was from Ireland. My mom has contemplated getting an Irish passport. Does anyone know if its possible for me to piggyback off of her and get an Irish passport? I also have tons of distant family in Canada, albeit I have heard it's pretty difficult to immigrate to Canada, so I have contemplated using graduate school as a vehicle.

I wish there were a guide or a scale for difficulty immigrating. I'm sure places like Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore would be near the top.

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ITT post your concept roadtrips and rate others

Blue: Summer 2017 New York - Seattle
Red: Summer 2018 San Fransisco - Washington DC
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I wouldn't want to drive the Gulf coast in the summertime, that section would be better in the spring.
too hot or too wet?
The humidity down there sucks during certain parts of the summer, not even mentioning the smell.
Most coastal states use reclaimed water in thier sprinkler systems, meaning you're gonna smell rotting fish, rotten eggs, and literal shit for miles.
In the spring its a lot more managable, not to mention a lot prettier.

Where do 'Real Travelers' from your country go on holiday?

As a Brit, it's probably India or Cambodia
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USA it's Latin America. Peru, Colombia, Argentina and such. If you are black then it's Costa Rica, Brazil, and Dominican Republic. Plebe travel is Mexico, cruises, and the Carribean.
France here.
Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos.
To some extent, Thailand (countryside)
On holidays we prefer to stay at home or visit some relatives from a different town/city.

Dominican here, i see almost no black tourist coming here, most of our tourists are europeans, americans and canadians.

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Anyone been to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt? What are some do's and don't do's?
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Wouldn't go there now desu. Eilat or Aqaba are basically the same but safer. Egypt is a mess
do: check your country's travel advice

don't: actually go to Egypt
What a fucking shit hole. In all my years of travel and over 30+ countries visited, Sharm is the place I think is worst. Just napalm it all.

It's a completely artificial tourist 'town'. Full of mostly Russians and other Euro-pleb package tourists. It's where Egyptians go to rip off tourists for some years before they can leave and buy a house/bride/whatever. Everything there is like at least 5 times more expensive than the rest of Egypt, not counting the occasional even higher exorbitant rip-offs prices you'll be charged for ordinary shit. People there are just cunts. Egyptians, being dirt poor and desperate, are greedy people at their best. Then the worst of them come to Sharm to run wild with all their wettest greediest wet dreams, so all bets are off and it's constant wholesale bullshit. Expect every taxi ride to be a headache of aggressive money-demanding, overcharging, and bait-and-switch. I had 3 separate taxis all obviously and purposely drive me to the wrong spot and/or outright lie to me. Irritating even once, but then just completely laughable when it's a standard practice. Shop owners won't haggle (as is usual in Egypt) and get pissy when you turn down their massively inflated prices for made-in-China crap. They're so used to ignorant Slavshits and European lower classes snapping up all their cheap trinkets at prices a 1/3 lower than in Russia, but still laughably priced. Even simply asking for directions turned into an opportunity for some faggot to lie to us, then try to get us into a cabbie he called, planning to charge us $20 (equivalent) for a 150 meter ride to the place we were looking for.

A few nice sunsets and some OK snorkelling don't make up for it. It's a completely classless place. It is 'safe' from Durkadurkas despite Egypt being a volatile shit-nest at the moment, but I would still seriously avoid it. Try Greece, Cyprus or Spain if you really need the Mediterranean beach feel. Safer, more fun, better food, less Arabs.

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Going to New York for the first time over Christmas, alone. Where are some good places to visit, or possible meet up with people. Thanks, Britfag. I'm 24.
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Where are you staying?
Where in Harlem?

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