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New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1153480
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cgl had a thread about visiting Japan and there were a few vegetarian restaurants mentioned:
Are there any tours or things that run where you cna jsut spoend the day with the Yakuza and chill doing Yakuza shit?
Just out of sheer curiosity, when do people start getting married/having kids in Japan?

Is it like in America where people are graduating high school and having kids and getting married in their early 20s, or even earlier?

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Where have you been /trv/ ?
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My map
Turkey,Cyprus,Russia and Greece
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Mine. Every time somebody does this thread, I vow to have a less embarrassing Europe by the time somebody else does it again.

Maybe by next time...

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Roller coaster thread? Roller coaster thread. Post Top 10s, best/worst manufacturers, all that jazz.

My Top 10:
1) The Voyage, Holiday World
2) Goliath, Six Flags Great America
3) Skyrush, Hersheypark
4) Maverick, Cedar Point
5) Outlaw Run, Silver Dollar City
6) Thunderhead, Dollywood
7) Viper, Six Flags Great America(extremely underrated coaster)
8) Superman: Ride of Steel, Six Flags America
9) Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point
10) Lightning Run, Kentucky Kingdom

Kinda basic, but hey, I'm doing better than other people out there.
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Superman and top thrill dragster are shit tier, typical American pissing contest bullshit over who can make the tallest and fastest rides, no design innovation, just a hill, a drop, and a world record. Kys.
Viper really is underated
Excellent taste
The Voyage is insane. I was just there yesterday and rode it but only once because it's so exhausting.

What are some of the cheapest hotels/hostels/any other type of temporary residence options in Washington DC that are fairly close to the downtown as well?
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When are you going?
How long are you staying?
How far (10 min, 30 min)?


How many in your party (1,2,4, etc)?

Third, are you over or under 21?

Kinda new to 4chan and I need some advice from /trv/.
I'm planning to do a solo trip to Japan next summer before I go full zombie mode at my new uni and I need a heads up from those who have done solo traveling or have gone to Japan. I'm planning to go to Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. What advice can you give to a 20 year old who just wants to explore a new place.
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You're lost without a basic level of Japanese outside the cities. If you stay in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo there really is nothing special to say other than enjoy your time and don't underestimate how expensive everything is.
>You're lost without a basic level of Japanese outside the cities
>winging it someplace where you don't know the language isn't half the fun of traveling
Everything is really expensive here. Also I'd recommend just wandering around if you have the time, that's what I usually do on days off

I've been saving up for a bit and I think I've made my decision on going away for a while, and that decision is Austria. I originally thought of it after seeing pictures of Hallstat, but there's a lot to do there. Also apparently I have family in Germany which is pretty close.

So tl;dr anyone been to Austria? Hoping to gain as much valuable tips or info as possible.

I'd definitely want to visit Hallstat, and I know the Alps are near Austria too so maybe theres some nice hiking trails around the area? Nothing too serious, just looking to see some beautiful views and a new culture.
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Hey. My gf is from Vienna and I've been to Austria four times since the start of the year.

Hallstat is turning into a bit of a tourist trap and I think spending a day there would be sufficient. It looks beautiful in the winter (especially after snow) but it's completely overrun with Chinese tourists. My gf's mother also said that the town has the highest suicide rate in Austria, which is peculiar.

Vienna is a fantastic city with great nightlife, culinary cuisine, and loads of activities. If you're so inclined, you could take a catamaran for 75 minutes up the Danube River to Bratislava, Slovakia.

I've been to Salzburg and Grundlsee as well. Salzburg is a charming city of 250,000, whereas Grundlsee is more of a mountainous retreat with an enormous fresh-water lake in the middle. The New Years Eve fireworks were unlike anything I've ever seen.

Overall, I like Austria very much. I would see myself moving there if my German language skills improved dramatically. Let me know if you have more specific questions.
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Awesome, thanks for replying. Curious about the suicide rate but I kind of expected it to be touristy, 1 day is plenty. Vienna is likely where I'd stay, I don't know any German at all currently so the larger the city the more English speakers which is fine with me. I would like to learn some German so I don't seem like a douchebag tourist though. Also what is the Danube river, just a cool place to go or anything special there? Also I would love to check out Salzburg, sounds up my alley.

Only question would be besides nightlife and city activities, are there any really awesome nature places to go? Places like pic related. Im from California and I've never really left the US so I've been yearning to see sights that aren't dead grass, beaches and palm trees. Thanks!
Born and raised Austrian here
There's stuff like that everywhere in Tyrol and Vorarlberg, also in Salzkammergut region (which is between Upper Austria, Salzburg and Styria).

If you want to do some hiking, I guess you could just go to Innsbruck and see from there, there's beautiful landscapes all around. Or go to Hohe Tauern national park.

English will be fine practically everywhere in Austria.

Feel free to ask anything, I don't actually know very much though

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Anyone here have any experience in Scotland? I live here and want to get into traveling, I was thinking about just walking all around and sleeping in a tent most nights. I'd especially like to go around the highlands.
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I'm not from Scotland but took a trip there, the highlands are beautiful and I would recommend going there. The area towards the middle (around Ben Nevis and Loch Ness if I remember correctly) was beautiful. I would highly recommend the isle of Skye, it's remote and scenic and a place that I feel everybody who goes to Scotland should see if possible. And Edinburgh if you've never been, of course.
I am thinking about walking from Inverness to Loch Ness and then to the Cairngorms, wild camping most or all of the way. Is this retarded and/or ambitious? I figure if I practice camping in my garden (which I am already doing successfully) and plan my route with a map on hand I'll be alright. I'd make sure to pass through towns every day so that I can buy food. Thoughts?

When would you plan to go? How would you get from Loch Ness to the Cairngorms? The most direct route would most likely be a mindless trudge over moorland, which would get pretty boring pretty quickly.

I would personally walk down the Moray coast from Inverness, and then take the Speyside Way to get from Spey Bay to Nethy Bridge (avoiding Aviemore), and then entering the Cairngorms that way via Lairig an Laoigh.

You could walk down that, taking in closeby mountains, and link with the Lairig Ghru, walking back then towards Aviemore and climbing Cairn Toul and Braeriach along the way.

All in all about 4-5 weeks, with plenty of small villages to resupply until you enter the Cairngorms.

I'm thinking of going tree planting in Northern Ontario next season. Has anyone been tree planting before? What's the best part? What's the worst part? Would/did you do it again?
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Dude do NOT do it.

I was like you, suckered into working for Outland by that Facebook friend who makes $300/day and gets to ride in a helicopter, travels every winter, etc etc. You will NOT become that guy.

Instead you will suffer the worst pain imaginable for below minimum wage (remember they deduct $25/day for "camp costs" so you'll make about $65/day post taxes). When I mean it's excruciating labor, I don't mean the kind that makes you feel like a man and washes away with a beer like landscaping or roofing. I mean the kind of pain where you'll contemplate injuring yourself or disappearing into the wilderness to avoid another day of hell.


The worst thing is youre probably thinking like I'm thinking, " this is the /fit/ level motivation I need, people who complain are just weaklings ". No. You want to be pushed to extremes? Take up marathon running. Join a boxing gym. Do ANYTHING other than tree planting, bro. It will be the least pleasant experience of your life. The guys who are putting up numbers like 2000 trees a day are absolutely ripped 0% bodyfat beast mode tanks who only do it because they have personality disorders and come from hometowns with poor economies. Basically, country bumpkins and masochists who feel no pain. The worst part is, after camp costs and taxes, they're only making about $160/day. Dude you can make more than that driving a forklift or doing door to door sales and not even break a sweat.

The only ones who don't drop out hang on because they get into this " rah rah go team go" cult like mentality and really drink the kool aid. They generally leave with like $1200 in their pockets and never, ever, think of coming back again.
Is there much of a problem with biting insects?
If you're referring to horseflies the size of acorns who take chunks out of you with each bite, get caught in your hair, hurt worse than bee stings and crushing one sends out pheremones that attract other horseflies then yes.

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UK here.
I was driving in Germany yesterday and noticed a speed camera flashed me.
They wouldn't send that bill to my address in the UK, would they?
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Of course they will.
well that sucks.
I won't be back home to england for another 30 days.
hope it isn't too much and hope there's no late fee
Did you fall for the "no speed limits in Germany" meme? Germans take their speed laws very seriously. They'll go exactly 80km/h in an 80 zone and then floor it to 260km/h once in a limitless zone and then back to 120km/h within a second once the speed limit is back.

If you had a German license you'd get a hundred and something Euro fine and several month ban. Since you're a brit you'll probably just get the fine in the mail. Should have left the EU sooner.

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Anons pls
Hawaii nananative here, if you like nature and beaches you really can't go wrong anywhere in Hawaii. That being said I'd recommend Maui over Oahu for those purposes, while Oahu is nice it's definitely the 'big city' with its most famous beach (Waikiki) being overcrowded 24/7 but if you wanna see some big waves north shore is pretty cool. While Maui has arguably some of the best beaches on the planet (makena, kaanapali, red sand, hamoa) with far less people, granted it's still gonna be a shit ton around that time. For the biggest big waves in the state you could check out pe'ahi. As for hiking the only really awesome hike on Oahu is stairway to heaven and that's 'closed' now (you can still do it but might get fined and/or die) while Maui has the entire east side of the island around Hana being all around amazing for jungle hiking along with some solid trails up on Haleakala.
I've never been there but I'm interested, so bump.

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So I'm going to be visiting a friend in Italy next month. As a gift, I want to bring her a bunch of American candies so she can see what we have here. I'm trying to figure out what American candies are currently sold in Europe so I know what to not buy.

Any advice?
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Why wouldn't you just ask your friend about this?
make a list of the stuff you want to get her, and then just wikipedia/google if it is sold in europe
or you can go to the manufacturers italian site, which would tell you the same
I guess it's the Friday night friend zone posts

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So i've been living a fairly "/trv/" life for the last 2 yrs, traveling through mexico and teaching english to pay the bills.

I just finished a gig, going to do some more traveling with a friend, and then I want to do something different.

With all the fucked stuff going on in the world, I have a really strong desire to do something to actually help others. Obviously syria stands out as the most dramatic area in need of humanitarian work, but as I understand it NGOs really arent looking for foreigners to go into the country and that I'd be more of a hindrance than anything.

Basically, I'm really interested in doing humanitarian work anywhere in MENA, eastern EU, central Asia region. I'm not looking for "fun" work that lets me enjoy myself while smugly thinking I'm making a difference. I want to see, as best as a first-world observer can, the true hardships and have as unfiltered of an experience as possible.

This seems like the best board to ask, anyone here have experience doing NGO work/volunteering in "difficult" parts of the world?

what are some resources or sites I should be starting with in my search?

pic not related in the least
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>I'd be more of a hindrance than anything.

This is going to be the case almost anywhere that is in crisis -- the last thing they need is to have to feed and support unskilled but earnest "help" as well as the people who live in the middle of a crisis. Unless you have a particular set f needed skills, they don;t need you there.

So look for areas with more chronic problems of poverty, etc. Did some work in Guatemala some years back, learned to install and operate a water purification system that would provide safe drinking water for a small village, got hooked up with a missionary group that was installing them and teaching the locals how to operate and service them. Presumably somebody is doing similar things in the region you are interested in -- Google is your friend there, I guess.
Yeah, i mean its pretty obvious I think that I would not be welcome at "ground zero" as an unskilled volunteer (although i guess I can weld, that might be useful).

Was thinking more similar to what youre talking about, more permanent solutions to deeply-entrenched problems.

I've just spent a lot of the past 4 years in latin america and I'd like to get to a new part of the world.

Problem with google is that its rather difficult to find specific things in searches. If I knew any specific groups it would be a bit easier.
Peace Corps

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What are the best places to visit in London? I want to explore the city not conventionally and I'm not attracted to the mainstream locations which everyone want's to visit. Does anyone have some suggestions?
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>I'm not attracted to the mainstream locations

What DOES interest you? What sort of things do you like doing? You doing this on the cheap or throwing money around?

Give us something to work with, you'll get better info.
If you're not into the mainstream attractions I sugest you visit slough instead. Lots of off the beaten path stuff there.
you could walk camden canal, from granary square to little venice

Hello guys
I'm heading to Iceland with my girlfriend in the first week of December. We are planning to stay 5 to 6 days.

I would love some recommendations on prices of Hostels/guesthouses (will we find few outside Reykjavik?).

Also, car rental recommendations.

I was thinking on taking the road to the south, to see Blue lagoon, or the plane crash site, etc, what can I expect to see on Winter? (Northern Lights??!!)

I was making my mind of having a 1200 euro budget for those 5-6 days, is it ok?

Any advice is welcome
Thanks a lot mates, cheers
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Your weather may vary. December isn't tourist season, and the kids are all out at the boarding schools (which are hotels in summer). I don't know what hostels would be open outside of the city, you'd have to check each on individually, but might need to skip the travel around if the weather required you to have a snorkel or other special equipment on your car.

You might even find a guide for some of your activities. So you know, Blue lagoon is 25 minutes south of the Keflavik airport, which is then a good 45-60 minutes West of Reykjavik.
Plot out what you want to do while there. People usually rank Blue Lagoon, then the 3 spots on the Golden Circle tour as their must sees. You can shop and do nightlife off Laugaveger, and the couple of museums in the city. You can even see the lights in the city, only slightly dimmer than outside of the city.

I don't know how your budget is...start adding up hotels once you plot out your ideas, and then your backup plan if you can't personally drive around, but buy tours instead. Find out if you will be tehre same time as a festival. I didn't find the food any more pricey than the rest of western europe. I do suggest you BYOB, by buying some duty free bottle of booze on the plane over, and enjoying with your own mixers. Alcohol is expensive. I enjoyed a bottle of Baileys with my companion during one particular nice lights show. :P
Excellent, yeah we were trying to find out about all those things you said.

Its nice to hear it from someone who already went.

Thanks man, most resourceful!
We were planning actually just about the same trip you describe.

I went to Iceland in January. To answer on your questions I would say: be sure you have a decent car. There was a lot of snow when i was there . I rented my car from Hertz, because there are a lot of car rentals who are a bit shady. I would also suggest to rent an airbnb. It will be cold so wanna have your privacy with your girlfriend. If you go south go visit Vik beach ;)
If you have to pay your car, tours, food,... 1200 won't be enough for 2 I think
And very important: don't forget your thermal underwear ;)

How much money do i need for a week in Amsterdam? (No prostitutes, lots of weed). Hotel not hostel, but okay with shit hotel.
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Why going to Amsterdam, Amsterdam is expensive, the most of the weed is there but why not go to a smaller town where you will only pay 50€ a night
want to explore city also
One week in Amsterdam is too much time desu.

At any rate, you should budget 100 - 120 euros/day between hostels, food, weed, and museums.

Transportation might be another factor in that, though it's easy enough to walk around the city.
Think about getting a bike rather than using public transportation if you feel confident.

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