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Has anyone ever gone on the trans Siberian railway? What were your experiences and how much did it cost? What was included? What should I know before going?

General trading ride thread
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I prefer riding the straight-Siberian railway, but to each their own
>I prefer riding the straight-Siberian railway
Check your privilege, cis-Lord.
Well tell me about it, never heard of that

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Hey guys

Im spending two days in Dusseldorf two months from now. A saturday to monday. What is there to do in DDorff? Im mostly intresred in degeneracy such as clubs, hoes and drugs but any kind of recomendations and info would be helpfull.
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Degeneracy isn't allowed here, /trv/ is a Christian board.
I could tell you about a church or a museum worth visiting but rather not because you're a degenerate.
go to cologne, see the dom and have a kölsch at the brewery. way better than duusseldorf...

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I'm going to Iceland on Monday for two weeks and I haven't prepared as well as I could have. I'm going to Walmart tomorrow so lets assume I own nothing, I walk in there wearing underwear, white shirt, and some shitty flip flops, what should be on my shopping list?
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Smartphone and charger.
Good backpack that can fit as a carry on.
Microfiber towel.
Small pouch with basic toiletry stuff, meds and condoms if you're able to score, unlike me.
One or two changes of clothes and more of underwear.
One of these high end ziploc bags if you're autismo like me and prefer to keep reservations, maps and shit in paper form.

That's pretty much it. The rest depends on where you're going and how.
Thanks friend
You'll want a camera of some sort in Iceland, it is very photogenic. A jacket for evenings and a poncho for rain.

Is day hiking Ísland in October possible?

Landmannalaugar is closed :^(

I just want to drive around the island in a crappy camper and hike every day, weather permitting
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Hike what? There's like 50 meters to any waterfall from the actual road.
>Hike what? There's like 50 meters to any waterfall from the actual road.

I did not realize that.

I like trail hiking, rock scrambles. Stuff that takes you up a mountain for 4-8 hours

We're thinking of getting a camper van, sleeping in it. If we are just driving around and sleeping in the thing I think we will go insane
It's off season; Totally possible but you should come prepared. Campsites will be closed because the highs will be <50f and the lows will be around 30f. The glaciers, waterfalls, mountains will all still be there and there's nothing to actually stop you from enjoying it.

Iceland rains a fair amount and the grass, moss, rocks, all that crap might be slippery and wet so make sure you have the right shoes and jacket for the job.

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I'm going to be in Tampa for a week in September.

What is there to do?

It doesn't seem like the sort of place I'd typically want to visit but I'm open to any ideas.
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In terms of city life, Seminole Heights is where i like to hang out when i'm in Tampa. Angry Chair Brewing is a great place. Chop Chop Shop and Old Heights Bistro are good restaurants. Jug & Bottle is a great beer store, one of my favorite anywhere.

People will recommend Ybor City but to me it is just a place for niggers and underagers to go clubbing. Not really my scene but maybe it's yours.

Fort De Soto is an amazing nearby beach. Again, people will recommend Clearwater which will certainly have more people, more bars, more shrimp restaurants, etc. if thats your thing. If you want uncrowded scenic nature go to Fort de Soto.
>underagers to go clubbing. Not really my scene but maybe it's yours.

Thanks, tell me more about this.
first post is some jaded hipster

Clearwater Beach (night time lost of vender show up on pier, also little shows and a lot going on)
Ybor City
Lettuce lake park or other if you want to canoe around in alligator infested waters
Lowry Park Zoo
Busch Gardens
Adventure Island
Mosi Science Center

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What, in your humble opinion, is the friendliest city?

What is the least?
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The friendliest cities I personally have been to are Detroit and Philadelphia. Least is anywhere in Florida.
Victoria bc.
>Hating on the best state in the union
Clearly you've never been to Miami or Key West.

I'm from Orlando originally, and I'll concede that people can be kind of stand-offish in the 407, but it's honestly from dealing with tourists year round. Tourists are cunts.

Tampa and Daytona beach are nice too.

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I have the opportunity to visit my dad in Oaxaca, he retired there about five years ago. Or I can visit my friend in Mexico city. What do?
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What sort of things interest you? What do you like doing?
I just broke up with my gf so first and foremost I'm trying to get my dick wet. Secondly, see some nice nature and eat some good foods and not that naco Mexican cuisine (like that webm I won't even bother looking up). It was basically a cup noodle sprinkled with fritos, chili powder and melted cheese. Absolutely fucking disgusting.
You sound like an insufferable faggot. Can't imagine why your gf broke up with you.

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>>>1147067 Image limit reached, shall we continue?

Here's an Ecuador.
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And a Kuwait.
Yo. Here's Transnistria
Are we starting over or just continuing where we left off from? I've got plenty of pics but only from countries previously posted.

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Which is the best Hawaiian island to travel solo?
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pls help
Big island always.
Any more details for this?

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What is there to do in Portland Oregon? I've been here for a week and have another left. all I've been doing is walking around old town but its getting boring. You guys have any suggestions on what to do?
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dude weed LMAO
I'd like to but I feel like it might attract unwanted attention from burnouts.
Why not go out to the bars? I hear it's easy to get laid in Portland and the Cali transplants are generally pretty hot. Should be easy to bang at least 2 girls if you put the effort in.

Just avoid "burlesque" clubs like the plague. You think you're getting a titty bar but they're SJW feminist hellholes, often with fat butterface girls dancing.

Also most of the dive bars aren't really dive bars, theyre expensive and intentionally look like shit. Don't really understand it, must be a hipster thing.

Anyways try to take some sleep creep shots of your sex conquests so you have a memory to take back. If you're in the bar every night you'll get laid

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How do I get over my fear of flying?
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Crash a plane.

When you survive, you'll see that there's really nothing to be scared of.
Just learn about it from a scientific standpoint. I doubt many people would be worried about turbulence if they knew what it actually was for example.
Well then what is it you quantumfag?

What are some lesser known great nocturnal cities of the world?

I don't mean just the clubbing and nightlife in the classic sense but in general stuff to do for someone who tends to stay up through the night. Good restaurants that stay open late, people to talk to etc.
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Probably Barcelona or Buenos Aires.
Seasonally the Christmas market in Germany and Central Europe.
Almost all cities in South America. Restaurants open really late here, people generally eat very late. Would recommend Buenos Aires for its nightlife and food life.

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My dearest /trv/,

I'm on a 10 hour flight with a friend soon, and I guess that flight would be a bit more enjoyable when I am sitting next to her.

Problem is: We booked at different vendors (I'm directly with the airline, but it turns out the flight is a code share) and she's with some reseller, so we can't just simply book seats in advance, to get some next to each other.

We are also starting at different airports and different times.

She's starting earlier than I do, so only thing I can think off is that she tries to get a middle seat in a completely free row, to maximise the chance that 1 seat stays free, until I can book. Anyone got a better idea?
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And on the staying sane part:

I hate to sit still for hours and hours, but you actually dont really have room to walk around in econmy, plus, the aisles are full of people anyways.

So I recently had an injury, where I got some physical therapy, and they got me one of those rubber bands you need for some excercises.

Total livesafer!

I now always have it with me, when flying. Just remove your shoes, "step" on its middel and pull the ends to your desired tension and make stepping movements with your foot while sitting.

Not as good as a nice walk in the park, but better than a "walk" from row 12 to 25…
I really wanted to give you an advice, but
>remove your shoes

I was triggered. Either buy a fucking business or sit calm and silent in coach, it's just 10 hours...
But no, on every fucking flight there are those fat retards with smelly feet w/o shoes, or those idiots walking up and down the row...

Or let me guess, if you don't get the seat close to your friend (protip:you still wont get laid), you will probably shout loudly all the fucking flight "HEY PEGGY SUE I CAN SEE THE MOUNTAINS, CANT YOU"?
Of course she can't as she's squeezed between 2 middle aged gentlemen (snoring loudly during the flight), but it won't stop you.
Or another one:
- Hey Peggy Sue, what did you get for lunch?
- Fish? Haha! Chicken for me? Is it tasty?
Fuck, I am so triggered
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Calm down…

But just for the record: I'm always freshly showered with fresh socks before a long flight and of course I'm putting my shoes back on, getting laid or not is besides the topic at hand, and I'm not obese. If anything, this probably applies to you, if you are that sessile that sitting in econ for 10 hours does not bother you.

Hey friends, first time poster here. Going on a rugby tour that will take me through Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Edinburgh. I am also checking out Manchester on my own afterwards since I'll be relatively close. Any suggestions for me?

I am an American and will be with my teammates mostly but will definitely need to get away from them at times and go exploring. I will have 4 days in Dublin, 2 days in Cork and Limerick, and 4 days in Edinburgh. Also 2 days in Manchester on my own, without my rugby club. I am going to check out the Universities in each city and the castles as well. I also have a thing for cemeteries. Along with playing in Rugby matches against local clubs, I'll also be out drinking and would love suggestions to your favorite pub. Thanks in advance.
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The Rock of Cashel is about an hour away from Cork. It's epic.
Depends when you're going but if it's soon you'll catch the Edinburgh festival, which is the biggest comedy/arts festival in the world

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Hey there /trv/elers!

I want to do a sort of "journeymans walz" around next year as it is called in the german speaking area (Austrian here) and visit countries with craftsmen who are willing to pass down their knowledge to their fellows.
At the moment I found a group of craftsmen in Latvia who do exactly what I want to achieve as a blacksmith (but I didn’t contact them yet and don’t know if they would take someone in). On the other hand I am also looking at other countries here in Europe with great blacksmithing history. I always wanted to visit the whole of Scandinavia, I wouldn’t mind working in Ireland, Scotland or England. I would love to go to Canada and heck I would even work in the USA if I was given the chance to learn being a proper blacksmith/bladesmith.
So my main question goes to the fellow Latvians. How is the country in general? Are you open for foreigners? Why would you recommend your country why would you not? I am glad with everything you have to offer.

And for the other guests and also fellow craftsmen I do have the same questions. Do you know any blacksmiths, have you yourself ever travelled and worked for another “master” to improve your skill? (This goes out to all craftsmen be it carpenters, smiths, welders etc.)

And I you have any questions about traveling in Austria I am willing to give you every bit of info I have to offer!

Thank you all for your time
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A quick summary of me. I am a 25 year old Blacksmith and recently achieved my journeyman’s degree here in my home country Austria. After a lot of detours (mostly university) I started an apprenticeship at the age of 22. I quit my job because my former employer and his company were literally hell (for example, my boss would stand beside me and would stop the time it took me to forge 100 coat hangers etc.) and in addition the love of my life suddenly left me after 5 years. So moved back to my hometown ( for the apprenticeshipI moved to another part of the country and lived pretty much alone for 3 years during the week while my ex-girlfriend was studying at the university, had neither friends nor family, only work).
I am a trained metal worker but not that much of a blacksmith, although I won a few prices during my apprenticeship, and that is something I want to change. The trade itself is slowly fading away in my country although there are still some institutions left. There are just a few shops that do blacksmithing exclusively (I am talking about blacksmithing not metal work like steel constructing frames or simple hand railing for flats etc.) and those who do can hardly pick up another "unskilled" worker.
So the thing is, i don’t have anything left in my life that would keep me here and furthermore working in metal construction would be hell for me (no offense to fellow welders and so on, it is just not the right job for me), but blacksmithing on the other hand is more than fulfilling. Aside from the general balcksmith, the bladesmith as a job nearly completely vanished from our job market, those who do are very few self taught or blacksmiths who took up the trade and this is what I intend to do. But before I can open a shop I want to learn from mastersmiths how things are done. In addition to that I want to attend a sort of “metal-design college” in Germany when I am “finished” with my travels, or I will do it the other way around I don’t know yet
if anyone is intersted here's an example of my work (it was the competition piece we had to make for the country championship "candleholder" made out of steel and brass)
That's pretty cool OP. Mind elaborating a bit? I'm from Germany myself so I have a pretty good idea what a Walz is but I'd be interested to know how the tradition has survived till the present-day. Are you gonna do it the hardcore way, just walk on your own feet for the three full Wanderjahre?

As far as Latvia is cocerned:
>How is the country in general?
Latvia is a comfy country, cheap as fuck and very sparsely populated as long as you avoid Riga and the coastal areas. Tons of nature, beautiful mixed forest. No mountains to speak of though, so hopefully you can deal with that an an Austrian.

>Are you open for foreigners?
In my experience absolutely (as long as you're white that is). I only went to the Eastern part of the country though where there's hardly any tourism. Barely anyone speaks English there, almost everyone knows Russian.

>Why would you recommend your country and
why would you not?
Latvia probably has the worst roads of the Baltic states although Lithuania isn't far behind. I went there on a long bicycle trip this year so that kinda sucked but if you, as i presume, intend to walk, that should be of no concern to you. On the bright side there's also very little traffic which is nice.
The villages and towns tend to be ugly and run-down although they have their own rustic charme.
Aggressive dogs are a major issue; a lot of people in the Baltic states don't see a need/are too poor to build fences around their property which means their dogs are free to roam and consider pretty much the entire village their territory. Those fuckes will bark at you before you can even see them and will gladly run after you for a couple of hundred meters before they get bored.

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