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where my c4d bros at yo
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< made this from scratch
and i just starting a new one will post it later
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physical renderer?

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Hey, I'd appreciate some constructive feedback on general UI, layout and usability of this news portal.



>pic not related
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Layout is not good.
1) Too much of one story, I would also like to see less of it and LOTS of little ones around it.
2) Not enough images. I want to see something before I invest my energy in reading.
3) Too much free space around the sides that could be filled with more headlines and pictures.
Are you talking about a home page or an article page?

1) I wanted to focus on a story while you read an article.

2) Don't understand this one. They are quite big, I don't have much content yet.

3) Again, because of the focus and control of user actions. Look at Medium, NY Times etc.

Btw, did you open a sidebar? That's where all the other recommended content is located at, but last time people told me to make it hidden on default.
Cool just my opinion mate. I would not use your site. I prefer the style of The Guardian, BBC News, Yahoo! News, etc.

Both Medium and NY Times look like trash to me.

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Is this chair a meme or not? Is it actually comfortable? For the price I'd expect it to have no faults. Have you ever sit in one for an extended period of time?
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We have those at work, they are very comfortable. I don't know if they are worth the money if you'd have to buy one yourself.
Not a meme. Very comfortable, very well built. An investment that will last you the equivalent of 10 shitty office chairs.
Not bad at all. The big draw for me is that almost every part of the chair is adjustable, so you can work without getting carpal tunnel and scoliosis.

Do you think it is possible to create a decent portfolio in 2 months if working full-time on projects?

I have 2 completed live projects that just need to be presented. If I could create another 4-6 decent and varied projects within 8 weeks as well as a decent looking personal website, do you think that would be acceptable for applying for Junior positions?
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Depends on the type of projects and how fleshed out they are. You could apply to a junior position with 2 projects if they were tailored specifically to the organisation.
this. the guy from theskoolrocks got hired sending only 4 posters however he seems to have pretty good social skills check out his vid on portfolio tips

Thanks for the heads up, looks like a good channel

I just think I need to start pushing myself. I told myself try and get a portfolio finished in 6 months but that just gives me 6 months to procrastinate further. I'm perfectionist as fuck and need to curb it.

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Get creative y'all.
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Why does this remind me of an atom with pepetrons and niggertrons

It seems like most of you guys find inspiration in the works of famous graphic designers, wich is fine btw, but sometimes it's good to find inspiration in weird places.

Post inspo and discuss inspo in this thread

Pic related is a coin from the parisii celts, circa 100 BC
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Crop circles sound so obvious now that you’ve said it, but I never tought about them as an inspiration before. Thanks anon!

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I want to remaster this picture in high resolution on photoshop CS6.

I know some of the basics of photoshop, but I don't even know how to begin.

Any leads, tips, hints or ideas as to how to pull this off? Anything would be great.

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do you mean, draw it again from scratch or just resize it?
Well, I want to resize it while not looking terrible (as the picture looks bad as it is (similar to vectorizing pictures I think?)

I figure I may have to do some retouches though.

What do you suggest?
>>295641 (OP)
It's gonna be difficult with that resolution and jpg artifacts but your best bet would be using http://waifu2x.me/

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What is the best graphic-design software and why is it Affinity Designer?
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I'm thinking about buying it.
Do it, you won't regret, it's like Illustrator but actually pleasant to use.
Not this fucking shill again. Piss off for fucks sake

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ITT we post a fake company/name that needs a logo, while giving a description of what it is for the person above you. The person then posts the logo when ready and gets a critique.
>Person A posts his/her needed logo
>Person B posts theirs
>Person C posts theirs
Person A creates person B's, while B creates C's.
Worded that odd but hey
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too confusing; didn't read
Maybe you should start by giving us a name

I can see into OP's mind and reconstruct the birth of this thread. We open at OP's office. His boss looks concerned standing by his desk.

>Hey John, got a minute?
>Cool. Come with me to the meeting room, we need to chat.

Cut to meeting room. OP sits fidgeting.

>So IT sent me a note today saying you were browsing 4chan at work. I heard on the news last night that they're a hacker group of right wing political extremists, and I know that's not what I pay you for.
>I've asked IT to add it to the blocklist, and this is going to impact your salary review. You may go.

OP is sweating profusely and dabs his face with a hankerchief/spank towel. He can't lose his precious 4chans. Where else will he find his tendiepics and bitch about videogames from 2015?

He slowly begins shitting his pants on the spot, and the camera zooms in on a brown stain that's beginning to grow on his jeans and the chair.

Pan to his pained face, with industrial noises indicating the grinding gears in OPs brain. A loud audible fart is finally heard. Cut to them facing each other in profile. The boss begins to smell the shit and begins to recoil from the stench. OP's eyes light up as he springs up. A spark of inspiration!

>That's not what 4chan is, I use it to learn about design! People draw there on a section called /gd/ and I learn from it!
>In fact, I bet we can get them to do work for you! We still need to update the company logo, right?

John asks seriously, but might as well be asked rhetorically. His boss is clearly retching and might be vomiting behind his desk. Zoom in on the boss' beet-red face as a strand of drool drips out Of the corner of his mouth. Cut directly to OP's face staring right at the camera, visible flecks of spit flying everywhere.

>So we tell them it's a contest! For logo making for fake companies! If it's a game, they do it, we copy it, we don't need a designer!
>All you need to do is unblock it!!! UNBLOCK IT! UNBLOCK IT!!!!!!! REEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

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Looking to see if there is a full alphabet of this font and what its called.
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but.... why..
Revenge is a good band I'm pretty no full alphabet exist though

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Stupid Questions Thread?

What are they using to make the long neck effect in the bottom pane? I want to replicate it for something ugly I'm making but I've only ever used ps for painting with the brush tool so I'm fairly ignorant on some of the more detailed functions.
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you people really need to stop making this stupid threads just because you want to make some fucking memes
shift+click+drag in paint, nigguh

How long until skeuomorphism will be back in trend?
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>2mb vs 200kb
i don't see it coming back anytime soon but i also don't see flat/material being a good solution
what graphic design trends have ever made a full comeback? skeuo in particular was too much a child of it's time. i doubt it'll ever be popular again
What about skeumorphic flat design?
Buttons with shadows which give them some tactile quality ect.

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Currently have a small company and I need a designer. The work will most likely be sporadic with work here and there. Looking for someone who is willing to work together to get the designs perfect and who has some good ideas of their own. Looking to pay per design, if interested contact me at [email protected]

Along with your portfolio please include what you consider your specialty, anything you don't feel comfortable doing and how much you charge for your time.
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>Looking for someone who is willing to work together to get the designs perfect

To some of you new to design, or who have never held an actual design job, this kind of phrase is a gigantic fucking red flag. Proceed with extreme caution.
This may come as a shock to you, but when people pay a lot of money they expect to be happy with what they get. You are a red flag as a designer, don't bother emailing me.
I wasn't going to, sugar tits. I know better than to work with a client who wants to be a backseat designer. And I haven't worked with a client who didn't have their own email domain since like 2011. lol gmail.

Notice how uppity he got right away, class?

Hey there, I am about to start a small web/design agency project. Can anybody help me with name of that thing? Something funny should do the work.
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I [heart] CUM
Made with love in [your city].
Professional coffee drinkers.
Include a portrait of your grinning, chubby face. Keep your thick-rimmed glasses on; and your beanie hat too. Even though the photo was taken in the middle of Summer.
Upload some low-fidelity sketches from your Moleskine to Instagram.
Create a flat design illustration made only with basic geometrical shapes in five minutes and get it to Behance.
Animate a three-second, trivial, Steve Jobs quote and put it on your Dribbble profile.
this is the worst lettering i've ever seen

Dude relax, the letterhead types make stuff all the time that has no function of professional formatting.

But yeah I read Fug as well

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Allright /gd/ how is this logo for an energy conservation startup?

They measure your consumption in real time and show you how much is costing you in your phone, pc, etc, most of this in residential sector
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the typeface makes me want to puke. Other than that you just put two clipart icons together and added a shitty bevel....yea, not too great
mm funny you say all that, i always thought it looked "ok".
This looks like a non-profit logo to me.
Brainstorm some other symbols that might represent the company better. If they have marketing materials, skim those and try again without hands lol.

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