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What you mean ?
>*dies from nontolerant*

>Let's do the damn thing!!
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More here: http://www.36daysoftype.com/
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I'm ready OP!!
Nice work anon. WOW!!

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Where do you get freelance gigs? Looking for more resources. Has anyone had any luck with services like Fiverr?

Specialize in branding, vector illustration and web design, photo retouching.
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Garbage, Pure garbage. If you want to waste your money on shitty logos that are used and stolen from basic bitch templates, then this site is for you.
Dude, if you really 'specialize' in those very high-demand areas, why would you even be looking for websites like this? Set up an instagram, a website, go contact brands directly.
No, not buying creating. I've been away from design for a year and I'm looking for a few jobs to update my portfolio. You're right 90% of everything on sites like this are garbage, which is why I asked if anyone has had luck with services "like" this. I've worked with placement agencies in the past like the creative group. I'm just refreshing the portfolio before I start submitting for a new full time gig.

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Graphics Design Is My Passion.jpg
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pretty good for a first timer huh? you probably feel dumb right now
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>rule of thirds
>RGB instead of CMYK for digital media
>General balance
>1 font instead of 4 or more

you have to be good to be this bad. 10/10 genius artist
I think it is a very nice design.

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I was given a graphics tablet for x-mas, love using it but i cannot find a simple program to use that has line smoothing (have very shaky hands) tried adobe flash / illustrator but they are honestly shit. Need Help!

Pic Related: Its the version of graphics tablet i have.
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>flash / illustrator but they are honestly shit
You been ignorant doesn't make Illustrator shit

>a simple program to use that has line smoothing
Try Affiniy Designer

CorelDraw too.

That said I'm not an expert on tablets.
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Lazy nezumi for Photoshop
Or click, hold shift and click againclick to draw a straight line.

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Hello /gd/. I have came from a board far away to ask for advice. I have zero experience in graphic design outside of MS paint but a female I have been courting is a professional Graphic Designer. I was wondering if I can bullshit an interest for her to possibly become my gf. Is there any generic stuff I can say to her she would be impressed by? I don't know what i'm really asking but hopefully one of you do.

Also if I need to kill myself then just tell me.

Thank you.
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Learn about the design principles and aesthetic qualities. Watch some basic YouTube tutorials. Go on Behance or Dribbble and see if anything stands out to you aesthetically.

But if this doesn't pique your interest at all I'd say don't bother. You can't force interest in a feild you don't care about.
There's a great film called 'Helvetica' that I think everybody can enjoy and find fascinating. It's a documentary about a very famous font and its popularity, but it also is basically a quick intro into Graphic Design. Fantastic soundtrack, and a Graphic Design essential viewing. This girl will probably have seen it so it will be a good conversation point. If not, you can introduce it to her at your place. With pizza. And sex.

This is exactly what I was getting at! Thanks anon. I may lurk here for a while and see if I can start picking some stuff up.


Good advice friend, i've browsed her behance and shit when I was lurking her facebook. I'll go over and have a look.

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What sorcery is this?
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Holy Crap, the transitions makes me wanna vomit. bretty cool
bump for interest
the animations seems js not sure about the rest

I have no idea but it's quite nice. Agree though that the transitions are a little garish.

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I'm not sure if I can ask here or not. I need help with making a logo for a company I want to start, I am willing to pay. Please let me know if you can help me, thank you!
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budget? contact info?
try here
Don't trust the wankers on here with your money!

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I'm sure a lot of you dickheads have done vector art in some shape or form. Go ahead and share.
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I put my name as "Vector Art" fuck
not only that but his pic is live-traced with illustrator

No sir that was not live traced. Also both of those are the same poster. As is this. But yeah I did that with the pen tool on top of a ref.

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Does it look obvious?
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File: magazine on table.jpg (3MB, 4000x3000px)Image search: [Google]
magazine on table.jpg
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Here's the reference.
needs a bit of shine on the cover and make colors match (maybe run the whole thing through some color correction/limiter)

If I wasn't on /gd/ I think I would have fell for it
looks great.

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Help needed.png
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I got 500 dollar this christmas and i've decided on buying a graphics tablet. Last year, I bought a simple wacom tablet and I didn't quite enjoy looking up at my computer screen while I draw, so I'm thinking about getting a tablet with a screen this time around.
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Also, what programs do you recommend for making digital art. I've been tiding myself over with photoshop and paint tool sai. I've been thinking about making animations in the future.
$500 is not enough for a good solution in your case. You need at least $1500-2000 for this: http://www.wacom.com/en-gb/products/pen-displays/wacom-cintiq-pro
But I recommend you MobileStudio Pro. The same new Cintiq, but with powerful computer inside for extra $1000. This is a very good price for mobility.
Enjoy using your Bamboo. Maybe you have some problems with your skills/productiveness and you trying to find the way out with help of a new devices. If it so, then this is the dead end. Try to learn and create, instead of searching that kind of solutions.
I understand that creativity isn't dependent on your supplies but my old tablet's busted.
Do you have any recommendations for tablets without a screen display.

Why do people make fun of UpWork's freelancers but ignore the clients altogether? They are equally bad. For instance, a client wants me to make some promotional materials for her and sends me some things to be included in them, but not the fucking logo. So now I have to either wait for ~10h because of different time zones, ask her to send me the logo, risk getting a low resolution JPG on a white background, or I just go on their website, screen-shoot their logo, reverse font search, pirate the font, use it like this (it's not even kerned, but whatever). When it's feedback time, I get asked to make some stupid changes, I explain why that would be a dumb idea but after all that, I still have to obey because "I'm paying so I'm taking the shots here." Now I can't even include this in my portfolio because it's a laughable project, I received no rating, despite the fact that the client got it on time and on their terms. I had better expectations for a US client.

tl;dr: where can I get quality clients?
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Hope you live somewhere where design is valued!

>t. local sports team wanted me to make a logo for them but didn't want to pool even $15 to pay for it
>where can I get quality clients?
that's a bad way to think about it and you should take some responsability since those things should be the first ones discussed with the client.

People severely underappreciate a logo and more specifically, the person making it.

I'd never even consider making a logo for under 250 euros, even when just starting out. And even I feel like that's on the low side.

A make up artist approached me for a logo some time ago and she wanted to pay me 50 euros. I told her I wouldn't do it for such a low amount. and gave her my price. She was taken aback instantly.

I asked her how much she charged her clients for over average and she told me her prices and I then asked her how long these things took.

If you are asking for 75 euros for lashes, which at the max take about 45 minutes, and fail to realize why I won't work for 50 euros you are beyond hope

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How right am I, and why chimera colors are superior?
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this is so fucking stupid
Most people here would say yellow+blue creates green, someone may say cyan, they'll never pass cool tier.
the old yellow-blue, you're not chimera pilled till you have seen it anon

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I'm having big problems with this logo, HVTV it's supposed to be like the old MTV logo, but the H/V combo fucks it is there a way I can rearrange them where it all fits?
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at first i though it was a poster it doesn't seems like a logo too many colors and the type is not clear
how do i fix that?

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no idea senpai, no idea.
K thanks
To begin with if it's a "detail' then it's not essential and doesn't belong.

General the idea of simplifying things is presenting just the essence of something, the essential. The thought of it being obtained through reversing its production is missing the point.

The first thing you do when designing that captures the intent IS the simplifying. The details just follow along. So simplifying is stopping just short of adding the details. It's not a matter of omitting something, it's a matter of knowing what's enough, when to stop.

The better question is:

What's essential?

Or, What is the essence of the design? Essence of its intent?

This is why basic art skills like drawing are so important, because drawing's formal qualities do just that, design from the essentials.

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