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After Effects thread?
What are some essential plugins you all use
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ease and wizz
>the rubber hose meme will never end
anything by wunkolo

Font check pls
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No matter how I set my grid, the lines will not snap to the grid always, even if 'snap to grid' is enabled. It's the same in any chart creation tool I've used.FUCKING SUCKS
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what program?

and the bottom arrow?
bottom arrow and the program is edraw mindmap free , same happnes with edraw max
I doubt anyone here uses that

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Sans titre.png
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How is this effect called?

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RGB split
chromatic abrasion.
You mean chromatic aberration, which is also not the effect being used there.
Not far off.

What would you call it?

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Even Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is better at design than /gd/: https://youtu.be/KtxXKezbQ9w
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Felix stop promoting your videos all over 4 chan. You suck
who cares if poopdiepiss is better at design, he only makes small thumbnails for fucks sake
You have to watch the video to understand what's the thing.

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Hey guys, so this whole year i've been studying Animation and Motion Graphics by myself and i'm still very, very noob.

I want to study and learn to make things like this: https://youtu.be/Q6ontmb195I

Where can i start learning this? Also where can i learn about enviroment, composition, etc.

Right now i have a very basic demo reel and i feel ashamed but here is it anyway: https://youtu.be/YTLqbC01ark

As a defense, i don't study Graphic Design or Visual Effects (I study Communications) but damn i love this little big world.
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just use youtube dude but i guess it depends of the software you want to work with maya is more professional but harder to learn vs c4d more easy to learn but it doesn't have a good rep however it's the prefered one for motion graphics )
and obviously you have after effects right?

however you'll probably need to study 3d and maybe even photography as well.
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Thanks man, i'll check it out. And yeah, i know i need to study 3D and phorography.

On the other hand, i was thinking about finally getting a camera for my videos (shortfilms and stuff where i'll aply VFX).

What would be a good not so expensive camera? I was thinking about a Canon Rebel T6 but i don't know if that's good enough.
>i have a very basic demo reel
looking at this I can see that you understand the logic behind working in Ae so getting where you want to be shouldn't be that hard.
One piece of advice though, get better with the graph editor, it will make your animations look much smoother.

> learn to make things like this: https://youtu.be/Q6ontmb195I
most of that stuff is fairly easy to do and you don't even need to get outside of Ae (even though that wall might be easier to make in a 3d program than Element)

>Where can i start learning this?
Andrew Kramer will be your best friend

Godspeed you! OP

>c4d more easy to learn but it doesn't have a good rep however it's the prefered one for motion graphics
C4D has built-in integration with Ae, that's why it's popular. I just use it for basic modeling andimport that shit to Element. Not the best workflow but old habits don't die.

>Canon Rebel T6
looks good to me but you should maybe ask >>>/p/

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david bowie.jpg
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I have made this album cover for David bowies Hunky dory.
My teacher said it was bullshit and told me to re do it again without using any stock images. im super confused if anyone could help it would be good.
Or you could make one for me to claim as my own, thanks.
Any opinions would be good
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Your teacher was right. Lose the television and the sci fi space images. That purple and that green are hideous, but not in a good way. Just plain ugly.

If you're going to use a head shot of Bowie (God rest his soul), why center it horizontally and vertically?

Here's what you can do: print out any image of Bowie you want. Find a ruler and divide the image into, say, 16 squares. Now blow up the image 500% and trace each square's image in a given media or style. Then stitch them all back together again. It would be difficult to fuck this up, it's a bulletproof solution.

The typography on the back cover deserves a public lashing with a multi-tongued whip. Seriously. Add a UPC code and that mouse type info block. Why is there a border on the back cover? What does that add or do?

I'm serious about the public lashing thing. Bad type is criminal. Straighten up and fly right.
Thanks for that dude I made it all scifi with the tv because it links with his main song on the album Life on mars. and the tv is because the true meaning f this song is about tv controlling people
and the orange is because mars is orange
Are there any other tips you could tell me?

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for www.taskcade.com ?
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supposed to be cute and friendly looking, for a productivity tool
looks ok but it needs some final details
in my opinion it could work better if it was a little thicker (draplin style) and the face look a little too big/fat compared to the legs
also the eyes look a little weird maybe make a couple of versions placing them at different positions
and the font choice could be better as well but it's up to you and your client
anyways nice work dude
Font doesn't fit the graphic

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>tfw still dont know how to use Illustrator nor do I have it installed
How'd I do?
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empty space is key. the texture is gross. learn illustrator.
try asking properly.

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Samsung PX2370 50 Hz LED 23''.jpg
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Do you use the same one for entertainment/gaming/shitposting? Do you use multiple monitors at once? IPS panel? TN panel? Does it matter to you? Would you recommend the monitor to another anon?

For the longest time I've used my monitor without any color calibration and only changed the colors/saturation/brightness based on what I thought looked good at the time and some days I'd just change them for shits and giggles. Then I finally see my work on another monitor or on someone's phone and it looks terrible, but if I have the files with me it's as easy as just shifting some hues/saturation/brightness in each layer because most of my projects are manageable and small. But what if I have to do big projects with silly amounts of layers?

When is it a good time to seriously consider color calibration or monitor quality?
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you'll want to get a 4k 100% adobe RGB monitor now. 1080p TN are old, but also are a good reference. Everyone is going to be using 4k-8k with HD color in the future.
If you could only pick from one of these monitors, which one would you choose?

1) Dell Ultrasharp 24" InfinityEdge Monitor U2417H (IPS panel @ 60 Hz)

2) ASUS MG248Q 24" LED Gaming Monitor (TN panel @ 144 Hz)
>Dell U2417H
Is better for /gd/ you'll get better color accuracy.

Is better for /v/ you'll get better response times.

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Can someone help me IDENTIFY this font?

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Can you please READ the sticky and/or SEARCH in the catalog?

not op, but i'm interested

the sticky is useless, retard.
a new thread is much better idea than bumping this >>295293 shitty one.
>the sticky is useless, retard.
Read the fucking sticky

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Hey gd/ can someone please tell me how can I make this effect?
I'm using photoshop cs6
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It's not exactly what I'm looking for, I know it used some rgb split, but it also makes the images looks like I don't know, pale? Cartoonish? Thats the effect I'm asking
hard to tell with that resolution maybe a random photoshop filter like watercolor and/or blending modes it doesn't seem too complicated tbqh


Just thought I'd post this gem here.


>Guy decides to make an easy passive income by selling a WordPress theme
>Spends over a year creating it
>Customization for EVERYTHING
>Color pickers for EVERY element
>Convinced it will sell like hot cakes
>Thinks he's all set for the $$$ to start rolling in
>Buys flight tickets in advance to start his new digital nomad lifestyle
>Submits his theme to ThemeForest
>Gets rejected

It's just too fucking good seeing this guy's delusion.

Remember guys, no matter how shit your design skills are, at least you're not this guy.
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Another demo site using this wonderful theme.
>Digital Nomad

Yeah, good luck with that

>20 years HTML/web experience
>13 years PHP experience
>4 years using WP
>Produces this utter shit

Poor bastard.
Damn, I feel sorry for the guy.

I want to know who the fuck responds to this shit
>We are looking to pay $5 per hour for producing 3 designs (per hour).
This project will total 60 designs (20 hours / $100).
I'm an illustrator and get paid 40 dollars to draw a design for a t-shirt (that takes me about 1-4 hours) so why the hell do these guys expect graphic designers to do 3 in 1 hour? Is it just much faster for you guys to design them?

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have you been into a third world country? $100 for two days of work is not a bad deal there or even for someone who only wants the experience.
But who can even make 3 designs in one hour? I'm not familiar with Graphic Design as much so I just can't imagine how you would do that so fast.
Hooooooly shit that's a tall order. Hopefully fucking nobody so whoever posted that is forced to reevaluate their business model.

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Hello /gd/ Im a common /fit/izen but also a publicity student. I want to get started with animation because why not.
Are there any programs, tutorials, recommended reads, etc? Or should I try on another board? Sorry if this is off topic

On another note, I know how to use Illustrator, Ps and Id if that helps with other programs
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there's a thread for animations at /ic/ (you can learn the fundamentals there and apply them to any media) >>>/ic/2806213
however i think it depends of the style you're going for and i guess since you're trying to do commercial animation you might wanna try with after effects (useful for high quality resolution and is less time consuming than hand-draw)

>Im a common /fit/izen but also a publicity student
who gives a fuck
i think that just means he's a newbie no bully m8

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