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Hey there

I'm trying to work on a project that involved html and jQuery but I'm very new to all of this and could use some help.

I need to create a website on which there are 4 buttons. Each button should change the font family of the page.

I also cant figure out what I need to do and any help would be very appreciated.
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Changing fonts is easy. Go to w3schools to check out the basics.
If you can't into vanilla web, you can try out WordPress or bootstrap, but if you want it done right just pay a web dev.
I can do most of it, its just scripting that I cant quite figure out.

I don't know how to write a code that will allow me to change the font on button click in jQeury.
Google is your friend

And if you still can't figure it out, then hire somebody that knows what the fuck they're doing.

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Why are logos today becoming more simple? I've only noticed this from logos that had definition or gradients, but now have an almost matte display now, as if someone ironed the logo down, such as the Windows logo or the MasterCard logo. Why is this, /gd/?
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>Why are logos today becoming more simple?
they are not, good logos have always been this simple
Good design is when there is nothing left to take away

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My first client GD/
> Finance Company
> Need Creative Brochure
>Approved pic related

I Just need gd's help to guide me thru this project.

I'll update my progress and share the final raw file if any anon is interested.
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> Clients mail

Hi Anon,

Thanks for the mails!

can you send sample creatives of new campaigns invitations.

We will be launching Reward & Recognition program to our Business Associates. As a launch we will be sending personal invites to them. Need a appealing creatives.

Looking forward!

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These folds are pretty tricky though .
File: Canon-RedFolded-DM_5.jpg (325KB, 1920x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Is it a good designed brochure ?

I know people who at least studied photography, fashion design and design. None of them have a facebook album as a portfolio but I'm really thinking about starting one for my hand draws and digital art. Is this a bad idea?
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There's nothing wrong with this, it's a good way to keep your friends informed about the stuff you're creating, potentially leading to them messaging you and asking whether you could draw them something (for a price of course).

The drawback however is if you wanted to show the rest of the world your drawings, which means either having a separate Facebook account or your own page where people can like it etc.

On the other hand, you could look into portfolio sites such as Behance, or any free website where you can upload your work. This will net you more views of your work worldwide, especially on a site which has a community (like Behance).

Good luck!
Personally I'm against using social media as a portfolio, be it FB, IG, or others, because it looks unprofessional and it's not really the place for it when you consider the market.
I disagree. With enough aesthetic consistency and care it can look very professional, and in the current landscape is exactly where you want to put a lot of your work. Agencies and clients understand the power of social media.

Have a website aswell, but have a dedicated page on any social media platform. Marketing-wise you're shooting yourself in the foot if you don't.

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Yo, I need a talented gd/artist to draw this
P.S The colors are just for seperating everything
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File: 20140311_131121.jpg (1MB, 2448x3264px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2448x3264px
It came from this blackboard that someone randomly "cleaned" with a sponge
I don't know how this board functions, I just need this drawn and "brought to life", because it looks very cool
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153791265241 - 0rdi.png
84KB, 425x431px

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keyboard layout.png
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No pause/resume music. Shit taste.
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Why Americans don't have F13? Seriously.

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What does /gd/ think of the new Mozilla logo?

If you look at the comments for the youtube video for their new design reveal (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuLWXHgyEVw) people apparently hate it. I think it looks fantastic. I'm reminded of how literally every time a major website redesigns something, everyone freaks the fuck out and says how much they hate it until they get used to it in a couple months. People hate change.

I give the logo a 8.5/10, personally.

You can see the other finalists (it was a contest) here: https://blog.mozilla.org/opendesign/now-for-the-fun-part/ All of which look pretty bad imo except for the one that won and the first one with the eye for the "o" (I kind of like the second too, but it's not very practical).
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I still thought wireframe world was the best one, although the protocol isn't too bad.
I like how they reference selecting text, and even use things like wingdings.
I think they chose well it's great.

Also, it's really clever it's letters from a custom designed and open source released web font - it speaks to their business objectives and also means everyone can reproduce their logo perfectly.
4/10 from me

>Reads as moz'a
>:// looks like a frowny emoticon
>Ugly colour scheme

Seriously, what were they thinking?

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cab vs fftlmw.jpg
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Do you consider the album art on the right to be a rip-off of the left?

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just a coincidence
How do you create a background with multiple subtle hues gradients that are not arranged linearly like the gradient tool found in PS/IL?

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Look at this serif font... LOOK AT IT! I need this in my life.
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So what font is it?
I don't know, it's similar to Abril Fatface tho.
Probably from te Austin family, it's commercial though.

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Hey /gd/ !

first, sorry for my bad english, i'm from Belgium and all i know i've learned it with my irish father in law.

I started this year a graphics formation but the teachers are very bad and can't teach great things...

Recently, a friend of mine who want to open a new restaurants asked me if i could design a logo for his futur restaurant, so i've tried to do something correct but all i do is shitty..

anyone here have an idea of something that could be correct ?!

his restaurant will be based on "Eureka" and Horeca (wich mean Hostel-restaurant-Cafe here), his decoration will be based on fiding idea...

the only things i've made so far is this shitty logo.

is there a way to make it look better, or anybody here have better design idea... he will probably take it as logo for year and it will be ridiculous if he keep the actual work.
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the problem is that we don't like giving away 'ideas' since they're ours. that being said if you show us a few sketches (always start with pen and paper) we could tell you which one could look better or what to change, etc.

anyways if you can't think of anything try mind mapping:

and also avoid using that font it's not bad just way overused.
Ok, you know it's shitty so this is a first step.

Of the most importance is to keep it simple, not funny. A light bulb is a very bad idea, even more with knives and forks and all that.

Find a great font, that says the kind of restaurant it will be (ask what would be the dress code for example, you'll have an idea).

Secondly, the draw is not necessary, but if you have to make one, as I said, don't overdo it.

Finally, check this for inspiration: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archimedean_spiral

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Best book about design that you would recommend anyone?
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Meggs' History of Graphic Design
Thinking with Type (2nd Ed.) is a really great read
Stop Stealing Sheep and find out how type works

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Bros, I need help, I want to get this tattoo but I need the artwork, vectors or the design to explain it to my tattoo bro pls help
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here you go man
Just explain it to the tattoo artist and show him the image. He should be proficient enough.
Show him this

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2017.01.18 1.png
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Hello /gd/,

If you please, I would like some feedback on this flag before I make my contest submission:
(just the flag, not the logo or anything else)

In a nutshell:
It's for a new nation whose territories would be space-stations orbiting Earth (in the supposed near future).

I am not interested in discussing the merits (or name) of the futuristic nation, but I gladly take any input regarding the few iterations that I am considering..

Also, general Vexillology thread:
> flags of any nation/city/organization
> flag redesign
> fictional flags
> OC flags conduit of autism

I'll contribute with some interesting ones.
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File: 2017.01.18 2.png (152KB, 3000x1688px)Image search: [Google]
2017.01.18 2.png
152KB, 3000x1688px
Simplified version, but I find it too barren.
File: 2017.01.18 3.png (834KB, 3000x1688px)Image search: [Google]
2017.01.18 3.png
834KB, 3000x1688px
Substituting the two cardinal constellation with abstract starry night.
File: 2017.01.18 4.png (73KB, 3000x1688px)Image search: [Google]
2017.01.18 4.png
73KB, 3000x1688px
Edgier propulsion and more color complement.

ITT rebrands you hate

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Many are pretty butthurt abut the new logo
but it's actually fairly well done.
For a football team? You're jesting me.
File: Juventus_1941-1942.jpg (120KB, 800x481px)Image search: [Google]
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Not at all.
It's even somewhat historic, wich is a nice touch.

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Any good books/resources on color psychology and generally color theory? No digital tutors shit please.

Also, I've seen this one on the pic but never found the pdf online.
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try at /ic/ artbooks share threads there's a couple there for color theory (search for mega links on the comments with chinese characters)
also for color psychology there's tons of infographics on google.
Goethe's theory of colours

some propositions about colour are apparently neither empirical nor exactly a priori, but something in between: phenomenology
Color psychology is a big ole steaming pile of bullshit

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