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hello, i want to create this picture in 3d. which program should i use? i tried autocad but it is quite hard.
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Blender. It's free, relatively simple to learn, and there's loads of documentation and tutorials.
don't listen to the people above.
it's super easy actually, google low poly generator and try this

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When I try to use the color map in form it does nothing, same with the opacity map
It shows the default red yellow green blue color map, but if I try changing it nothing happens
I've already tried searching around online but I can't find anything, so this is pretty much the last place I could think of to ask for help
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This is what I mean by 'it does nothing'
I have a black and white color map but form is still displaying the default one
That opacity map has 100% opacity all the time so everything staying the same is what should be expected.
What kind of particles are you using?
If you are using sprites instead of regular particles, those disregard color maps.

If that's not the problem, screenshot the whole thing in the effects control panel to let us see what's wrong with the set-up
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I'm just using regular spheres, heres a screenshit though

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Hey wondering if you guys could help.

Bare in mind graphic design is not my field of studies.

I have been given the task to create a design that is going to be printed on a 8foot poster for my group project.
My tutor gave me a .eps file as a template and I have been working on it from there. As far as Im aware it is a vector image however when I go to export, I select TIFF format (since there is no compression right?) the image looks slightly blurred when I zoom in.

I have changed the font to objects not sure where else to go, where am I going wrong?

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What program are you using?
Also, EPS makes no guarantee if its contents are vector or bitmap.
TIFF can be either lossy or lossless, it's up to you.

Can you upload the original EPS somewhere?
Im using illustrator, when I zoom in fully on the .eps file I cannot see any pixels its 100% clear.

Could I email it to you?
You need to save it as a PDF when you're ready to send it to print, and just save it as an AI file while you're working on it.

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Hello all, i have never been in this board so i apologize if this is looked down upon, but could someone make a new logo for our podcast, were called The Hurry Up and could you make it houston sports themed?
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Can I do it for free or should I pay something to put in in my portfolio?

Thanks for the opportunity.
Hello all,>>297235
Well i mean wed like to use it for our logo if we lime it, you can own it but wed like rights
... what the fuck? Pay to put in your portfolio? Is this some joke? OP should be paying you to even open Illustrator

Free requests go here, OP

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Any opinions on 90's advertising or experimental art? What was working as a designer like in the 90's?

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David Carson.jpg
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sup /gd/ -- looking for advice on a new machine. ive been designing from a 2011 mbp with upgraded ram + monitor for a while now and the macbook is crapping out.

anyone have any experience with Mac Mini? im far too cheap for a Mac Pro and already have a good monitor so iMac is redundant. don't want anything to do with the new touchscreen mbps...
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get an iMac

sell ur monitor
What are you going to be doing with the Mac?
What software do you intend to use?
adobe master suite
ableton live

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if I'm offered a job with room for growth should I settle for a low starting salary? I just finished school and ideally would like to start at the 35k-40k area and work my way up. maybe in time become an art director after gaining more years of experience.

what was your starting pay for your first ever full time graphic design related position? I'm in NY btw.

pic unrelated
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You can either work for someone and start low, or work for yourself and start low.

The choice is yours.



can I have some of your crack?

Post your best design links here. https://dribbble.com/shots/3119040-Temperature-UI
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What are the numbers? F/C? Current/Set temp?
Ok, simple experiment with conversions; it’s not current temp in F and C.

so now I’m assuming they’re the current temp and set temp (in C).
Which is which isn’t clear, so I’d suggest visually linking the set temp to the thumb.

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Random Album Art Thread.jpg
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>Band name

>Album name

>Album artwork

Old thread >>277023
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stan getz - rome.jpg
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File: RAA.jpg (4MB, 5000x7414px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 5000x7414px
These are fun.
I should start doing them again.
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2MB, 1000x1000px

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can anyone recommend me similar sites for inspiration like trendlist
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Fellow graphic designers.

I am curious about typography. How do you get the typo you want? Do you buy, or try to get it for free somewhere on the web.

Also general typography thread to share and talk about the fonts you use/like a lot.
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I make it myself usually, kinda tricky cause my alphabet has a lot of characters, but hey, I only have a client every couple of years.
File: Fira-Sans-styles.jpg (264KB, 1654x2339px)Image search: [Google]
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I love Fira Sans designed by Erik Spiekermann -- and the price is right, FREE.

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Looking for logo ideas for my new business. Can you guys do some low-key designs or sketches?

The concept is this: here in Utrecht, Netherlands there are several water towers and some other tall buildings which have been renovated these past few years. The top floors tend to get turned in living spaces or restaurants.

At the same type grill and hamburger restaurants have been popping up everywhere.

My idea is to get in on these trends with a grill/bbw themed restaurant at the rotating top of one of the renovated towers. The spinning would offer a great and varied view of the city.

My proposed name for this concept, for which I want logo ideas is:

Meat Spin
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>Meat spin
this has to be a joke right?
I was reading the post like this sounds good and it´s getting better and better...and then COFFEE ALL OVER THE KEYBOARD
File: _76125140_hi013351897.jpg (86KB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm out

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sup /gd/ i"m gonna need a cheap lightweight laptop for VERY lightweight illustrator/photoshop ( just opening the .ai and .psd )
should i get the stream 11 x360?
anyone have an experience running adobe on low end hardware?
also the screen doesn't matter because will be hooked to an external screen
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What does Adobe say the hardware specs are? I'd try and find a copy of an older version. Illustrator and Pshop have done the basic stuff for years and years on end. If you don't need fluff features, get an older version. And a 3" thick "bible" from Amazon on each program if you want. They're next to free for older versions. And you OWN the license to older versions, none of the "cloud subscription" nonsense.

I ran After Effects on a cheapo core i3 laptop without much trouble (doing simple on-the-go stuff).. all in all I think you'll be fine.
Ask >>>/g/

It seems like it's a bit underpowered for the current versions of Illustrator and Photoshop, but it depends on what version of the software you want to run.
A good idea could be going to a store and try and use a portable version of Photoshop and Illustrator on a USB, it wouldn't be exactly the same as installing it on the hard drive, but it could give you a rough estimate of the performance.



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What does /gd/ thinks of inkscape ?
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It is actually useable unlike the photoshop clone.
Pretty nice, because it does some things easier than illustrator. Like working with anchors and stuff.
But it's quite slow and crashes occasionally.
Been learning illustrator now for a while and the fact that it differs in UI from photoshop, annoys me.
Why the hell can't I duplicate a layer in illustrator for example.
Pretty useful, I did some designs with inkscape in high school and college and got some money for beer. Now I use the portable version at work to do some technical illustrations that could be a pain in the ass to do in AutoCAD.

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graphics and web designing.png
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In terms of job availability, chances of securing a job and and long term prospects, what is the better option for someone self-taught without a degree: GD or Web Dev?

I am more creative than logical and have experience using Adobe for some years. But I don't see too many job opportunities in Graphic Design and the pay is pretty average.

Web Dev seems a much steeper learning curve and requires more inherent brain power but there seem to be a lot more openings for junior positions and pay is good. I guess Front End Dev would be the best of both worlds but it seems most Front End positions demand extensive Back End knowledge anyway.

Basically, I have no degree and my last chance at any kind of fulfilling career is a choice between the two. I know I'm up against it with no degree or experience but its the last chance I have. I really need advice otherwise I have to accept fate and get McJob for the rest of my life.
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it depends of where you live but since you're an autodidact why not study both? they're complementary imho.
>I am more creative than logical

I found out later on that this wasn't true for me, and regret becoming a Graphic Designer.
I would prefer to be doing something that can only be done in one way like a Web Developer project, rather than Graphic Design that has infinite ways of creating the same project.

I feel somewhat the same way. I feel like I SHOULD become a graphic designer because I've always told myself I'm creative. But there is something about the absolute necessity to be creative at all times in GD that is off putting. Part of me likes to follow the rules and have a set way of doing things methodically

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