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why is this board filled with shit designers?
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its 4chan and usually anybody with self respect wouldnt go here
wow that hurt :c
well you complain about shit designers and post a shit design

Anyone knows what these are called? the combination of different materials that go over into each other so fluidly..?
And material thread
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File: qdsffsq.png (87KB, 304x237px)Image search: [Google]
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File: FLAMINGO PNG.png (6MB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
6MB, 2000x2000px
R8 pls
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lurk more anon.
garbage uninstall
You're on the right track but need to study more theory; see ya in 3 years. Also, stop uploading 2000x2000 images, 800x800 will do just fine.

File: problem.jpg (70KB, 667x390px)Image search: [Google]
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hi, i am currently dealing with this problem
that is gradient banding.
i downloaded a .atn file that allows me to get an action to get rid of the problem but i don't know how to use it.
i can use the presets action (azioni predefinite) but i can't use the new one (no more banding 0.5)
how can i fix this problem? why are the "little squares" next to the actions different, is that why the new action does not work?
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don't bump /gd/

just click on the action and press play
it's not rocket science
thank you einstein. i click on the action and press play, but nothing happens. that's the problem.
that's a folder you monkey

1. open the folder
2. select your action
3. push play

It's not rocket science. But the real question is why are you using a de-banding action in the first place?
How have you managed to get yourself in such a situation?

File: CeuIn_XWEAEn-Vm.jpg (31KB, 600x300px)Image search: [Google]
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What is the best course (pirated) that will make me a UX designer?
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I just bought a course on udemy, they're really cheap rn. check them out. That or just read a shit ton of books
What is the course called?
Udemy is great for courses, is there a way to send videos online? I have over 500gb of tutorials on web & design, so if you need any let me know.

File: Kapitel5.png (583KB, 5846x4134px)Image search: [Google]
583KB, 5846x4134px
hey /gd.

I'm finishing up a portfolio now since practical semester starts in march. I'm studying communication design, but I also have a strong interest for more illustrative stuff as you will see.
I'm hoping to get feedback on the layout, the projects and the overall impression. I've heard, employers look at those portfolios for no more than 3 minutes, so I tried letting most pictures speak for themselves.

drive.google (.) com/open?id=0B-yPJclZH8yzc3dsa1Uzd2V1T3M

My biggest problem with it is, that I feel like my stuff is in between Illustration and Graphic Design and I dont seem to fit into the agencies I looked up so far. Would be appreciated, if you could give me tips on that, too (e.g. what do you think I should focus on?).

The text is in German, as I'm not planning to apply anywhere outside Germany, but I'll also make an English website soon.

Thanks for any help
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no one?
Pretty good imo, I do think the body font is shitty and I don't like the full justify.
okay, but it's futura, whats wrong about that? but i get your argument about text alignment, i dont like it normally, but I thought, it would make a better look over all for a page and I tried getting it to work

File: thinking (1).gif (458KB, 256x256px)Image search: [Google]
thinking (1).gif
458KB, 256x256px
how would i go about creating something like this?
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Do you mean emojis in general?
Any vector based programm would do i think.
just any vector based program, they're not complicated at all.
The image is a gif of the emoji being rapidly distorted.

File: naratu .jpg (6KB, 259x194px)Image search: [Google]
naratu .jpg
6KB, 259x194px
Is there a way to pay someone $10.00 to design a no copyright or infringement graphic that is original? I don't want to pay royalties or sign off on a lease I just want the job done so that I can sell it on t-shirts.
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Lol, $10.

fuck off mate
fuck off. no one is gonna make something for 10 bucks you fucking jew
post an email i'll might be able to help you out or even show you where to ask for cheap designs and get something decent.

File: i-graphic-design[1].jpg (25KB, 300x233px)Image search: [Google]
25KB, 300x233px
What's the best way to learn keyboard shortcuts and basic workflow techniques in Illustrator?

I am going to print out and hang a list of the basic shortcuts but they rarely seem to cover things like symmetry and a lot of the techniques that I see professional vector artists use without a second thought.

I have a reasonable understanding of Illustrator but feel like I am taking significantly longer to do baisc things because I am self-taught and never learnt a lot of these useful titbits.
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mnemonics or anki cards and/or just use the first letter for the shortcut
eg: symmetry - CTRL+S or SHIFT+S

that's the symbol sprayer tool nigga

S is Scale, O is Mirror
fat fuck here
i printed and pasted them on the fridge

File: possible.jpg (241KB, 765x990px)Image search: [Google]
241KB, 765x990px
I'm kinda stuck on this poster. Not really sure how to improve the hierarchy/kerning. What do y'all think this needs?
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Needs more stars.
I have no /gd/ background and I just came here for the first time via a board ad banner.

The black/white lettering followed by the monochromatic subtitles is an excellent touch. Don't change a single thing about this poster; it's very well done, but it's standing on the precipice of being too busy. I feel like you're thinking of adding another stack of stars to the top-right corner in order to "balance it out". Please don't do that.

Maybe do something else with the placement of the door price, but I can't think of a better place personally.
File: possible.jpg (243KB, 765x990px)Image search: [Google]
243KB, 765x990px
Cool yeah thank you! I agree it looks to busy so I made some changes with kerning and such. I think this looks better

File: ogimg.png (119KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
119KB, 1200x1200px
Looking for someone to design a better logo.
post your Skype and price, I will add you.
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File: print2.jpg (572KB, 1500x977px)Image search: [Google]
572KB, 1500x977px
< i made this one for $30 (with 3 revisions and 3 different versions) for this guy: >>>/wsr/249178
post an email if interested
I need something "toonish", do you think you can do that?
File: 02.jpg (379KB, 1660x624px)Image search: [Google]
379KB, 1660x624px
yeah i have done similar stuff -pic related

File: KRDniWFNpNWPycQrWVaDDG.png (85KB, 1642x938px)Image search: [Google]
85KB, 1642x938px
What pisses you off as a designer? I can't stand people who don't know much about design, but they think they do, and that it's easy to "maek things look pretty".

I mean, I get it. Before learning more about it, I wasn't aware of what a good design is neither. But I hate it when they don't want to listen to someone who knows more and stick to their shitty ideas instead.

I feel worthless in those cases. And they actually make ME feel like a jerk who is trying to act smart and just piss them off, instead of offering help. I feel like a picky autist when I start giving feedback on spacing, typography or colors. The answer is always something like "Oh, these are just details, it doesn't matter much".

Makes me think that's true and that designers really are unimportant in the end.

>pic unrelated
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Big companies prefer designers by the degree and experience instead of skill. Example: Windows 8 desginer
All my relatives are like you described. How to deal with them? I'm also starting to believe that they consider me a bit 'wicked'.
>picky autist
I mean that's what all designers are

File: download.png (4KB, 215x234px)Image search: [Google]
4KB, 215x234px
design a better VFD insignia (the three letters must form an eye)
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>(the three letters must form an eye)
>accepting a brief where the client has already decided what they want

this thread is trash
For the love of the almighty, simplify those vectors, my eyes are dying >>296070

File: thinlineflatdesign.jpg (176KB, 1300x1259px)Image search: [Google]
176KB, 1300x1259px
What style is this?
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Nigga this aint minimalism the fuk u mean
flat illustration

File: concept_gosek.png (2MB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1000x1000px
Hey /gd/, I'm currently working on cover for some musician. I'm trying to mix collage style with retro feeling. How it's look? Is this readable?
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File: concept_gosek_mockup.png (2MB, 1584x923px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1584x923px
...and on mock up.
Only thing that sticks out to me is his face. Have no idea why you thought that looked good lol.
style is fine, but the paper tears on the edges of the b/w bottle image is very repetetive and also the bottle are very boring and low quality. find better reference shit.

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