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Screenshot (1255).png
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Hello /gd/, I've posted my website design some time ago and asked for some feedback. It's online now but I still have a lot of small problems that need to be fixed (also, some pages will maybe be a bit slow to load at the moment).

>Here's the link:


All I'm asking is some feedback on user interface design and usability, I need it for my uni project and would be thankful for anything you might have to say. The thing I'm still worried about the most is a sidebar. Should I add a show/hide functionality for it, how does it affect the hierarchy etc.

I really don't have many people to test it for me and give me some useful feedback so I would appreciate any help. I don't have an official survey to link you to but if you could answer some of these questions, it would be great.

>What do you like the most on this website?
>What do you like the least?
>What functionalities are useful/useless?
>What functionalities do you absolutely need on a website like this?
>How does it compare to other news sites you use?
>Any suggestions for improvement?
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why the fuck is it in latin
It's Lorem ipsum.
The sidebar isn't very intuitive with just the icons by themselves. It would work for a social media site, but not a news/digital media site

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Ads i'm making on photoshop.
Is it good? what ads you made anons?
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475KB, 768x1024px
These are i'm posting on linkindin.
File: 5.jpg (442KB, 768x1024px)Image search: [Google]
442KB, 768x1024px
To promote my freelance services.
Do you guys see any potential in these ads?
File: Guitar-Course.jpg (1MB, 1111x1778px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1111x1778px
This particular i made for my client.
To promote their course on social network.

File: Mcdonalds.jpg (72KB, 1740x1044px)Image search: [Google]
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wtf im going to go and buy a mc donalds now
I'm making some animations for McDonald's at the moment. Il post em when I'm out of the NDA

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god hand2.png
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Hey /gd/,

What are your opinions on free vs paid image editing programs? I currently use/have been using GIMP 2.8 for a few years and enjoy it over PS.
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Was using GIMP until a week ago. Torrented AI and it's really a godsend. For vector work and just general sketching, it's the best just because of the technical additions and tricks in my opinion.
started working with gimp when I was 11, switched to a (pirated) ps cs5 when I was like 14 just because I knew gimp had it's limits (which I didn't even reach at that time) and knew I had to learn adobe programms anyways If i wanted to continue doing this stuff. Ended up being a graphic designer in a small agency and yeah, if you don't know how to work with the adobe suite things can get rough if you want to work full time in this field. gimp is dope and a very nice and easy way to get into this kind of software tho

Gimp and AI are apples and oranges you fucktard.

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How could other typefaces even compete?
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For sans-serif I gravitate towards the following families: Swiss, Gotham, Futura, Humanst.

I find Arial an Helvetica slightly less imposing.

Mind you this would be for logo design/large format, I don't do a bunch of page layout.
It was originally named Neue Haas Grotesk and it was rapidly licensed by Linotype and renamed Helvetica, being similar to the Latin adjective for Switzerland, Helvetia. The font name was changed to Helvetica in 1960.
Not only was the name changed, but some features were lost to time, too. Ever wonder why the capital R in Helvetica looks so fucking dumb?

So where's the original? Here:
I get you're trying to provoke a reaction, but to anyone reading who really thinks nothing can compete with Helvetica; of course they can.

Helvetica can be gorgeous and has it's purpose, but there are times when a different typeface would serve much better.

File: 20161130_150555.jpg (520KB, 2048x1152px)Image search: [Google]
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Help,logo required
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How much are you willing to pay?
File: logo.png (100KB, 4936x4104px)Image search: [Google]
100KB, 4936x4104px
that will be $50, please send the payment to [email protected]
It needs to be in the form of waters science H2O with the 2 lower than the H and the O with a slight drip of water leaking out

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Last thread has reached bump limit.
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File: maybe I will finally get it.jpg (662KB, 1000x500px)Image search: [Google]
maybe I will finally get it.jpg
662KB, 1000x500px
Trying again at the logo redesign.

Figured I'd try to think about what I do and how I can convey that, instead of relying on arbitrary symbols that only some people would get.

I make a lot of 80s influenced works, so I tried to nod to that style of design, but keeping a modern tone.
Well guys, is it better than the other 8 or so versions I've posted?
I meant to ask, which version do you prefer?
Stroked triangle or no?
File: UNKLE_.png (27KB, 792x612px)Image search: [Google]
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here it goes

File: image.png (9KB, 275x184px)Image search: [Google]
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I've checked the sticky and browsed the zip to no luck.. Spent a while on dafont and could get an actual response from Daniel so looking to the chan gfx peeps for some help finding this font. All help is appreciated!
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Not every bit of type/lettering you see is available as a font.

Looks like custom type.
Was worth a try, thank you for your reply either way.
yeah looks like a one-off logotype to me, theyve just duplicated the S on the end for consistency

File: motion graphics sound effects.jpg (141KB, 508x507px)Image search: [Google]
motion graphics sound effects.jpg
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No replies in the /vid/ general on /p/.

Where to download motion graphics / flat design animation sound effects?

Tried everywhere but cannot find any downloads or torrents of such sound effects. (or the right one atleast)

Looking for something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vaGG_aYMQ0 [Embed]

Could anyone help a poorfag student out.
I can give health & fitness advice in return if you want
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Most swoosh sounds have too much of a cinematic effect to them with the echo hardness.
please respond
you cand find tons of sounds searching for 'sfx pack motion' on google or on youtube search for 'editing pack' (there's tons so maybe sort by views) and watch the video to see if they included the sound effects. there's this one i dl years ago someone made specially for motion graphics but i think it was available only for a while. also you can search torrents for the video copilot motion pulse pack.

Hello. So im using v-ray on sketchup, and i have a doubt. When i render my model it appears on a fading blue backgroung, and i want to have a completely white background. I've been serching this forever. I do i change my background in v-ray for sketchup?
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What are you rendering? products? If so use keyshot
im rendering a detail of a window frame.
i've look through so many options but i still cant figure out how to do this
File: untitled.28.png (170KB, 943x801px)Image search: [Google]
170KB, 943x801px

File: il_fullxfull.952288538_gorv.jpg (142KB, 960x956px)Image search: [Google]
142KB, 960x956px
I like collecting fonts, and I particularly like this combo. Would appreciate it if someone could tell me that they are.
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They are hard to read.
The script is Notera

Not sure about the serif font, looks like it could be Adobe Garamond
Geometric (Gotham or Proxima Nova or Montserrat or Raleway etc.)
Transitional Serif (Georgia or Merriwether or Baskerville etc.)

The layout of the CV looks nice, and even the choice of typefaces, but the typesetting is fucking horrible. What idiot would think that italicising the main body of a resume would read well?

File: dragon-alliance-logo.jpg (33KB, 600x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Not sure where if this has been discussed (I'm sure it has in the past) or where to go to talk about this, but years ago a class mate mentioned this reoccurring pattern used in several things and I was nature the nature of the pattern itself. Any thoughts? Posting several popular appearances of it and if anyone finds more please share.
This one is Surfing/snowboard brand Dragon Alliance.
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File: maxresdefault.jpg (45KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Obvious one.
File: rebel_starbird_1659.png (9KB, 300x300px)Image search: [Google]
9KB, 300x300px
People should know this one as well.
In /ic/ they call ot divine proportion
In /sci/ it's called phi
Here at /gd/ we aren't that accurate and call it "rule of thirds"
>can you really be old enough to post here and not know this?

Ok, ¿how do I get that sort of envelope distort finish on a type? Basically I´ve tried with every sort of options on the pop up window but no result as in sample.
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>Ok, ¿how do I get that sort of envelope distort finish on a type?
File: 572a2242518479.57cf1183bb700.jpg (432KB, 1500x1327px)Image search: [Google]
432KB, 1500x1327px
that text is prolly handdrawn. If you dont have hands, you could google "fitting text to objects in Ps/Ai"

Sup GD, making a poster for Japan and want to use something like this but don't know what it's called, any help is appreciated
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I believe its called rss faggotry theme.
Just guessing, but I think it's called "classic_japanese_wave_pattern"
File: wifi icon.png (17KB, 980x746px)Image search: [Google]
wifi icon.png
17KB, 980x746px
Looks like the Wi-Fi icon.

File: 3932_315subtitles.jpg (82KB, 800x450px)Image search: [Google]
82KB, 800x450px
Is there an ideal way of making subtitles? Is there a certain font, color, and size I should use? Where exactly on the image should they go?
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Sans serif, bottom of page, white text with black outline. It's the industry standard for a reason. Don't make em too big thouhh
Yellow with a dark outline
File: screenshot_5.jpg (27KB, 499x284px)Image search: [Google]
27KB, 499x284px
< like that

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