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black matte-01.png
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Is this in bad taste atm?
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yes start over
Comedy is never in bad taste.
I'm afraid so. Shit has been intense with that stuff.

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Skrr Skrr.png
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hello, can someone please add a dark gray backround (#424949) to this photo, i tried with microsoft paint and there were still a lot of "white pixels" left when trying to remove them i always mess up (i have no experience in editing what so ever) also i wasnt sure where i should request this, and please put it (the photo) in the middle and dont make it too large or too small.
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lol u suck nerd
why is it extremely blurry tho?
Damn, what a douche. OP, paint would not be powerful enough to do something like that. You'd need something like GIMP or Photoshop. We don't fill requests here, try

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2MB, 201x298px
What's the best program to shoop moving faces from a video to another without having to deal with every single frame?
should i use some heavy shit like adobe premiere or there are simpler solutions?
gif related gives you the idea of what i mean
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...except the face is supposed to be animated as well
i havent used proper video programs in a long time but i still remember how it was done
something with masks and motion and event panning or whatever
get sony vegas, i remember vegas making this process easy and effective

the basic concept is this
lets say you have 2 layers, the bg layer and the leonidasface layer
the goal is to get leonidas' head to follow the motion of the head on the bg layer
so how is this done? you animate the leonidas layer
on the timeline, instead of setting the position/size of the head on every single frame, what you can do is set the pos/size on certain key frames, and all the frames will in between each key frame will be set, kinda like a fill-in-the-blanks sort of thing

im going off memory but hopefully you get the gist of it
for motion tracking the best option is after effects cc no plugins needed and search for a rotoscope tutorial as well if you know what you're doing you can make stuff like that in a few minutes

Sup /gd/

Let's make a million dollar website that will be REALLY FUCKING EASY.

I need ONE AND ONLY ONE fucking competent web coder. Must be fluent in PHP or a similar language.

When I speak to you in private, I'll show you what we're gonna do.
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>Sup /gd/
>Let's make a million dollar website that will be REALLY FUCKING EASY.
>I need ONE AND ONLY ONE fucking competent web coder. Must be fluent in PHP or a similar language.
Invalid or expired. Send another?
>not disclosing budget or incentives
>not leaving ways to contact him
>already talking like a jackass

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How and where does one pirate pro fonts?

I'm talking OpenType files with full features like what you'd get if you bought one for $600. Inb4 it hurts the artist. Claude Garamond's been dead for 456 years.
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If I use a pirated font for a website, is there any way to check for its license?
you can get pwned for doing this
(also quit telling my browser how to render text you shit)
>also quit telling my browser how to render text you shit
ELI5 please.

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575KB, 3480x2160px
Logo for my comedy/political commentary YT channel. Advice?
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File: IMG_5933.png (249KB, 3840x2160px)Image search: [Google]
249KB, 3840x2160px
This, the dark highlighting around the letters on a dark surface bothers me on the other one
File: IMG_5937.png (498KB, 3840x2160px)Image search: [Google]
498KB, 3840x2160px

File: Twewy Neku ?.gif (997KB, 500x370px)Image search: [Google]
Twewy Neku ?.gif
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Does /gd/ not have a stupid question thread? Seems like everyone's asking stuff Willy-nilly.
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make one and use one of those 3d stick figure images with red ? interrogation mark.
if you had to choose between inkscape and wacom tablet or illustrator and no wacom tablet what would you choose?
First obviously. What's the point of expensive software if it's frustrating to use? Get a medium sized intuos and you're golden.

My dumb question: would a mini pc be a a bad compromise between desktop and laptop for graphic design?

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12KB, 240x240px
my cc trial ended and I have a project due on monday. Does anyone know how to reset a trial?
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adobe multi patcher
you could get a job and actually pay for things.
get a patched version so you don't need to trail

The Rules of Graphic Design poster series was designed to present a daunting amount of information in the most accessible and approachable manner possible.
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The irony of a poster on typesetting... with bad typesetting.
There’s no rules in graphic design, that’s what is so great about it. And even if there was ‘advice’ or ‘tips’ for beginners, yours sucks…
>present a daunting amount of information in the most accessible and approachable manner possible. Swiss International style’s influence is apparent in the grid structure, color scheme, sans serif typeface, and the reduction of information to its most necessary attributes.

Not one part of this sentence is true

File: Screenshot (1479).png (2MB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Screenshot (1479).png
2MB, 1920x1080px
What do you think is the best layout for blogs and news sites (medium content heavy)?

I think what Medium has is pretty great - it is maybe a bit boring, but different layout of thumbnails and titles INSIDE the cards adds enough variety to it. What do you think?


>pic not related, random layout
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What page do you find the comfiest to browse? Come on, don't you use internet? Is web design discussion forbidden on /gd/?
i like minimalistic sites but that's my personal taste.
for news/blogs i prefer the ones that has google amp project on them it changes the layout of the website but it's easier and faster to read.
>Is web design discussion forbidden on /gd/?
there's already a couple of web design threads see the catalog.
This is one of my favourite layouts.


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6KB, 353x143px
Sup /gd/

For one of the classes I'm taking this year, my group has been tasked with creating a real-time system to monitor flooding or snow levels anywhere in the world from user input. So basically think of ways for weather. My team is a group of programmers teamed up with a group of business people.

Last meeting the business team decided our project name would be Pulse (it was originally flUd with an umlaut on the u). I know there are some really talented designers on this board (and some really terrible ones lol). Anyone have any suggestions/designs for a logo? I'm open to anything at this point. I know my team isn't great at this sort of thing and I definitely don't want to leave this to the business team.

Here's what I've been thinking so far.
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File: source2.png (132KB, 800x480px)Image search: [Google]
132KB, 800x480px
More samples
1. main part just reads as 'ulse'.
2. if it is a flood monitoring system, why do you have a subtext with 'marketing agency'?
Sorry I should have clarified, these aren't my designs. This is just some inspiration I found online that's similar to what I'm looking for.

File: jxovzozw.jpg (90KB, 500x450px)Image search: [Google]
90KB, 500x450px
this is my first shop
how did I do?
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I did better when I was 9

I did better when I was 8
I did better in my past life as a flea

Name my architectural building
>Mixed uses architectural building

name will be included in my final presentation so please be respectful and creative
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you should work on your vizualisation skills
What's the material supposed to be? Concrete? Stucco?
What's the point of the protruding rooms? It just seems like you did it cause you thought it would look neat and has no purpose beyond that.
The random louvers also seem to fit into that category.
It's like Corbusier and Mondrian had a baby with downs

File: Pines-Party-2012_0.jpg (200KB, 1439x945px)Image search: [Google]
200KB, 1439x945px
I once worked for a marketing coordinator who said gay people SUCK at graphic design.

They have a tendency to overdesign and make everything ornamental and dainty.

Is this a stereotype or is there a blind spot when it comes to gay designers and good taste?
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Let's see..

I know a gay guy who I finished my major with. He tends to be very trendy/hipster-ish with his designs. Very clean stuff however.

There's another gay guy I know who still hasn't finished the major. He's a type/editorial design freak. Very clean work as well, with lots of humour and puns. Interesting take I'd say.

There's a guy who I thought was guy but actually is trans and identifies as a woman. From what I remember in class, he wasn't the greatest designer and definitely overdesigned things. As far as I know he is actually now studying fashion design, apparently "graphic design was not his thing".

I also know a few bi/lesbian girls who are very good designers and illustrators. So yeah, I think your marketing coordinator is talking shit.
File: giphy.gif (684KB, 300x318px)Image search: [Google]
684KB, 300x318px
>a guy who I thought was guy but actually is trans and identifies as a woman
Gay people can be either good or bad at design, just like straight people can and often do suck at it. What type of genitalia you prefer doesn't mean shit when it comes to design sense.

Making generalizations about big groups of people is stupid and your marketing coordinator was being a bigot.



I'm so depressed and motivated at the same time, all that beautiful work and I'm just starting out. fück how do i get guud?
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>tfw this https://www.helloheco.com/project/netcapital copies the graphics of your city (Porto, Portugal)
>tfw your mind is so fucked up the first thing i though when i saw the op image was a mechanical arm drilling a whole into her ass
i-it wasn't just me right?
helloheco was built entirely in Webflow.

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