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Lads, I need some help

I've been tasked with making the logo for a university project for a brochure that will be eventually handed to a mystery client.
Now, the only graphic design I do is dabbling around on GIMP such as messing around with layers, the script fu features, transparency and opaque nonsense.

Where do I start?
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Bumping with dreadful results
use pen and pencil before open up any software

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alright /b/, I'm in my second semester of my graphic design degree and I need help understanding the golden ratio.

when I ask my professors they give me the definition of it but dont explain how to apply it to a logo. I don't understand how to apply the spiral to a logo or design either.

the approach I thought of applying to it was to create a series of circles with the values taken from the golden ratio and overlap them over a sketch of a logo and try to use curves taken from those circles to shape the logo. would that be the correct approach or am I over thinking it?

I know a lot of people may say you dont have to use the golden ratio but I really just want to understand it as another approach.
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The golden ratio is literally a meme that's been passed down since the ancient Romans (probably even before).

It doesn't have much at all to do with design desu, though some swear by it. A logo made with the GR and one without won't really have any fundamental difference.
If anything, it's more restrictive than creative, because you end up obsessing about the numbers rather than what makes a good design.

Just let it go anon, a firm isn't going so jerk you off because you made a logo with the golden ratio.

I may try to dabble in it when I'm making simplistic logos. just to add something to it.

also sorry for calling you guys /b/, I'm a degenerate.
No problem /b/

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This is the official new brand design for Mozilla.
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I read all of that and I still have no idea what their branding is or what they expect.
The branding is suppose to be malleable not only to various internationallities but the transposition culture of the internet. Typically when you use a wide spectrum of colors you're trying to communicate that youre able to cover numerous fields of whatever
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Hey guys, I know NOTHING about graphic design, but I'm opening a restaurant soon and wanted to do something stylish with the menu. Well, after trying to do it myself and getting some rather sub-par results, I decided to just hire my nephew to do it for me.

The picture is what he sent me to use for the front of the menu.

Now to me, this looks fucking ridiculous. Like what the hell even.

I would normally just hire someone else, but I already spent the money and he has a masters in graphics design.

So perhaps I just don't get it or something? Looks like kind of a mess to me, but I figured I may as well get a second opinion.

What do you guys think? Keep it or hire someone else?
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Lol are you fucking serious? Your nephew thought this would be a good idea? For a fucking restaurant? This is some instagram meme shit. You're trying to sell food not post modernism. Hire someone else.
Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought. Thank you!
>he has a masters in graphics design.
I've just lost all my hope in education

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RX-78-2 - Copy.jpg
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I can't find any place that will print this as a poster because I'm not the copyright owner. Does anyone know a way I can create a bootleg of this poster? Anyone know someone that works in a print shop?
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You should check with your mom first to see if it's okay to hang that up in the living room.
She said I can hang it up in my room if i'm a good little boy
my sides

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In term of graphic design, what is the best looking Youtube channel you saw so far ? (banner, miniature, coherence between the elements) ?

Looking for inspiration.
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Mark Brown has extremely well designed videos.


favs, but everything else fits in
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In terms of content, video production, design style, and motion graphics nothing beats Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell.


I love Elizabeth Grace's channel. Her vlogs and music videos are raw with subtle edits, I find it beautiful. Sometimes less is more.

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this is a challenge for /gd/ lets try to get our friend here in some interesting situations
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OP is a fag and his challenge isnt one
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crane tetris.png
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File: crane fighter.png (2MB, 1920x775px)Image search: [Google]
crane fighter.png
2MB, 1920x775px

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bike final.png
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Did I do good?
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>6.26 MB
Did I do good though

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I've been learning photoshop for a few years now, but i really want to start graphic design, i've tried it, everything good, but nothing special, nothing hard, my best piece of work is something vaporwave (pic related).
Also, is a graphic tablet a good buy?
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Wow, guys! Look at me, I used a template found on a tutorial from YouTube. Am I a designer yet? I sure hope so. Fucking gypsies, when will they learn not to steal?
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T H I S!!1!1!!

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Hey working on this commission for a friend I wanted to render this logo in 3D but I have a problem when I loaded the graphic the original design is great but technically it's poorly crafted you can see when you zoom in the edges are rough and pixelated (SEE PHOTO 1) sooo i tried rendering it in illustrator as a vector to see if that would fix the problem and for the most part... it did pretty well except it's not staying true to the original... the most obvious difference being the curve on the G (SEE PHOTO 2)... anyone have any suggestions?? please and thank you this should be really easy fix but it's frustrating the fuck outta me
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File: globz2.png (90KB, 1360x768px)Image search: [Google]
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photo 2
Never make logos in Photoshop because they need to be scalable without pixelating (raster).
Remake the logo in illustrator, get a laurel in a vector format and type the text again.
post the original logo i could try something, otherwise just use the white arrow for adjusting the bezier curves (every single one, you'll get faster with practice)

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How to achieve this kind effect
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google "posterize"
Wrong. Look for stippling effect tutorials if you want to recreate this.
>Finds tutorial
>"You gotta get the plugin!"
>It's $44.02
>my face right now.


File: 2017-02-01_20-28-43.png (134KB, 1440x868px)Image search: [Google]
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Is there a way to flip transparent and white space in Photoshop? I literally cannot find a way to do this for the life of me.
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I usually ctrl+click the layer (white space) then ctrl+shift+i to inverse it so you then select the outer space, probably a better way of doing however
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i assume you know basic keyboard shortcuts and modifier key relationships
Ctrl click layer icons. Ctrl shift I. Then paintbucket.

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PewDiePie wanted to be a Designer before he started doing Let's Plays.
I Think he sucked pretty bad and would have a hard time getting an internship in a low quality design studio let alone at one of the best advertising agencies in Scandinavia, like the claims.
What are your thoughts on his work?


at 6:00m

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This is the example he shows in the video.

His parents sound like people with connections, which is the most important factor in getting a job.
There's definitely some standards met when dealing with the time period in question. But it reeks of not having a 'honed' eye but probably couldve followed the development which he clearly was keeping up with probably would be living in india on fiverr today

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Just got into making stuff for a friend with twitch, it's not really anything but thought it was nice with no experience in anything.
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Hey, I like it, did you make more or his channel only have the youtube feature?
File: twitch_desc_twitter.png (5KB, 321x102px)Image search: [Google]
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I made more for reddit/email/twitter.
This is cool, I like the colors, good work anon

File: Fiverr-Logo.png (79KB, 5000x1500px)Image search: [Google]
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Have you guys done any work on Fiverr?
How is it?
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>Implying someone will pay $500 to create a logo for a lemonade stand.

Also they have very nice art, some designs there are quite good and someone has put hours to make them perfect (not the one who is selling them though).
If I wanted to be a cheap whore, I'd live in a brothel.

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