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5. Adobe Caslon Pro
4. DIN
3. Minion Pro
2. akzidenz grotesk
1. Futura

Honorable mentions: Noe Display, Aperchu, Adelle
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Akzidenz Grotesk
Big Caslon
>adobe jenson
>doves type
>scala sans
>doves type

On trend there brah

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What are some web design inspiration websites that showcase FUNCTIONAL designs?

I'm getting fed up with generic white background bootstrap portfolio design #37328

I need inspiration for functional web design that isn't just different shades of white with an accent color.

>Login & register screens
>Table lists
>Search pages
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keep contributing, very interesting thread

some more
Not really what I had in mind but interesting nonetheless.

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Would pic related be a 10/10?

if not, why not?
if not, what would be a 10/10, post examples.
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Source: Ben Biondo.
The font is difficult to read, not enough contrast. There are weird marks on it that have no information or anything to do with it.
In terms of what you faggot? It looks like a typical Behance overdesigned poster half-way between art and graphic design. That botanical illustration / white geometric text is done to death too.

Aesthetics: 8/10
Originality: 1/10
Visual communication: 1/10

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lets do this ill start
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File: Pablo.jpg (1MB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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What are your thoughts on my pepe, made only out of circles?

I like the way it came out.
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looks very cool. I will try to die cut this on some stcikers
I want it in my reaction folder, do a transparency reversed version of the one on the right please

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I've never posted here, but after coming back and looking through this board multiple times I can confirm that I've never seen any group of people that act like they're some god art critic and that everything they don't work in is garbage.
I've seen people post some stuff that's actually pretty nice looking that instantly gets torn a new one with no constructive criticism, just "get better" or "this looks like shit"
Stop thinking you're hot shit and help the dude that's asking for help lmao, everytime I show up it's some elitist circle-jerk yet I keep coming back to see the two people who actually suggest things so I can learn a thing or two
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My gosh, your are one triggered mf, aren't you OP.

I guess you are one of these jerks who posted "...actually pretty nice looking stuff..." and didn't got the appreciation and endorsement you wanted / expected and got mad over it.

Why would you even bother posting if it's a shity board ?
Fuck of.
Not sure if you just decided not to read the beginning, but again, I've never posted on here
I'm all for critique and helping people get better, but then I see people act like they've completely mastered design, act condescending, and then proceed to not mention what's wrong with the picture, but instead they just tell people to stop trying.
You don't have to believe me though, literally go into any post that's asking for critique and you'll find the hivemind elitists trying to thing the gd herd
Yes, I've had a similar feeling about it. Some people on this board seem very detached from what's happening right now in the design world, while others criticize works based solely upon one single rule that they know of, completely dismissing the fact that this is not an exact science, even though there are multiple ways to approach something in design, without realizing that innovation can't happen unless you experiment with new things. I only come here because of the anonymity that gives the replies a somewhat honest opinion and because it's a bullshit free zone unlike other forums where you get complimented for average work.

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My fan breaking bad poster! I took a photo of some shattered glass with blue food coloring, does it work?
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>does it work?

yeah, doesnt do a whole lot else but yeah it works
Should've said "Crystal Blue" to pay homage to the song that they played in the show "Crystal Blue Persuasion".

Picture of glass is too dark and unidentifiable. Lighten it up a bit.

The returns in August line should not be italicized, and should be a thin font.

AMC logo should be more to the right. And the white logo would probably look better, maybe with about 60℅ opacity.
It looks like there is more graphic work going on outside of the poster... and that is weird bruh. Unless the clips, wires, lighting/shadow stuff is part of the poster, and it doesn't seem to be.

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Hello, /gd/ I need some images edited.
Could you make it so that the backgrounds is transparent?
Will pay $10 in BTC!

Please finish fast!
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bump, need this!
dont bump again please this is not the board.

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first idea.jpg
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Hi guys,

I have been working for a while on a logo in which I would like to integrate the letters MAV

I found the basic model (poly burning phoenix) but I can not find a harmonious way to integrate the letters

For now I have two ideas in my mind :

1/ The first idea would be to curl the wings to make a letter M and take the head for the A and the tail for the V

2/ Create a kind of M-shaped crown or simply integrate the letter and use the rest of the body for letters A and V

At first if anyone could help me to bend the wings and share his ideas

Thanks guys
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second idea.jpg
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seconde idea
File: mav.png (57KB, 475x488px)Image search: [Google]
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sorry to break it to you but that image doesn't really work for a logo you'll need to convert it to vectors first and that could get difficult
for the letters i would place them below like pic related
just hire a designer
File: phoenix.jpg (90KB, 974x974px)Image search: [Google]
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I have already contacted a designer but after a while no more answer it did not interest him so I am alone

This is the last work he has done for me

Does anyone know where there are 3d "environments"
to explain a bit, look at pic related. when you'd combine the paper together, you'd get a 3d box. is this a semi-popular thing anywhere? can i find these at all? making one my own isn't the worst thing, but at this point, i just would like to know.
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sorry, i meant a digital version
>>>/wsr/ >>>/po/

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Anyone fancy designing a logo for my new company?
Anything would be a great help.
More info if there's takers
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how much?
depends how good.

Whats the going rate?

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Anyone else self-study here?

I used to think that I could pursue GD and learning Photoshop/illustrator in my own time by creating personal projects.

But I've come to realise that It's like working in an echo-chamber, I don't really get any better at the basic fundamentals and I'm lacking in understanding a lot of the features that various Adobe Software offer.

What do you guys do? What online resources are best, I've heard a lot about Lynda- any specific courses I should be looking at?

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I'm self-study bud. Splitting it up into

1) Adobe software
2) GD Theory + Fundamentals
3) Making projects

I just pirated all the Lynda courses for Illustrator and am working my way through them. Then I'll do Ps, then Id, then see if Lynda has anything for GD Theory.
File: coffee.jpg (102KB, 500x713px)Image search: [Google]
102KB, 500x713px

That sounds like a good approach.
Where did you pirate the Lynda courses? Is there a specific 'package' of tutorials that you got?

I'm personally tempted to go back to university and do a degree (I'm 26) feel like it's now or never, but I've been told by people that that might be a waste of time.
google this
site:rutracker.org lynda

i also recommend some vids/lectures like the mike monteiro ones or on youtube search for theskoolrocks


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What do you call those blank high quality stock images to overlay with your design and where can I acquire them?

Thanks in advance!
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Do you mean png files with transparent backgrounds?
btw, fuck christmas (it's january already), fuck your pic and fuck you

Thank but more like photographs used to present your design in real life application. To be specific I'm trying to track down a nice book photograph.
I think mockups is what you're looking for

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have a look at this fucking thread
Good god that image gave me cancer
File: thebestlogosandstyles_80.jpg (45KB, 600x450px)Image search: [Google]
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not cmyk but i similar piece that i liked

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How to become good on crowdsourcing contests?

It's too difficult for me to make bucks because Indians with V people and contest holders who say my design is too simple.
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Please value yourself as a designer and don't use crowdsourcing unless you're a student.
What does that even mean? I have to make money dude, if I had clients I would work for them instead of those shitty pages but I can't just sit around.

You will never make living money in spec work. Super strong designers can maybe pull $5 hr in spec work.

You'd be better off in a diner.

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