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How do I make Windows 2000-ish design?
I have difficulties with formalising it, what are the major points of it?
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No transparency
>>>/wsr/ for requests
keep the number of pixels down to mimic the text first off. thin lines with thin drop shadows. doesnt even have be a gradient like in this example. choose boring colours and enough white highlights. terrible fonts. small type. all this shit looks retarded anyways so whatever

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in design.jpg
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Is this a good book to cram?
Any other recommended tutorials?
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Go to Piratebay and download the Lynda InDesign course. You can learn the basics in a day and keep learning as you start.
InDesign cc essential training?
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Forgot Pic. Which one?

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Should I major in graphic design? Is that a good idea right now?
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No. Go self taught
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No. Go self taught and major in engineering.
No. Learn with us.

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Minimalism got me, friends... Don't know how to get rid of it. I just like this shit, both in print and on web, but it seems "normies" don't.

How can I cleanse my taste?
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My man, calling that minimalism is a bit of a stretch. But I'm surprised you think 'normies' don't like it, that botanical / geometric white text fad is 2 years deep now
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Typography is minimalistic, no? Simple imagery? I don't know then, be fucking useful for once and teach me something, I'm not a professional designer. For fuck's sake, you really can't get a normal reply on this board. What the fuck is this post?


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'Make /gd/ Great For The First Time' Edition

I reckon it's time for us to adopt the /general/ system like the other boards. Lots of stray threads that I know most of us don't like.
Other than individuals who have a lot of their own work to post, I suggest we use the following for all other posts:

/crit/ - critique general
/qtddtot/ - questions that don't deserve their own thread / stupid questions
/Ps/ - Photoshop general - Sharing tutorials / asking for tips / sharing Ps resources (e.g. Brushes)
/Ai/ - illustrator general - same
/Id/ - Indesign general - same
/fst/ - Font share thread
/typeface/ - Typeface discussion general - tell us how much you love Helvetica Neue
/whatthefont/ - What Font Is this? General - for when WhatTheFont isn't working
/insta/ - Instagram whoring
/portfolio/ - Portfolio whoring
/employment/ - Work discussion
/inspo/ - Inspiration general
/howto/ - 'How to achieve ___ effect?' thread

Suggestions? Good list? Bad list? Fuck off nobody cares?
Tell me how you really feel about /gd/.
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These are the only worthwhile ones
They alone will drastically cut the mess of the board without sacrificing the free flow feeling around this place

As someone whose home-board switched to a rigid structure of generals, let me tell you,. Enjoy the abstract. Some generals are good. Too many stifle, and for an artistic board that's a problem
maybe an adobe general since there isn't a lot of people on here and instead of instagram one like the /ic/auto-promotion could work better

also a few others ideas from different boards:
collaboration threads
rage threads
vaporwave/glitch -these were successful last couple times

also make a strawpoll for voting which of those threads could be implemented

and finally since you're the one that suggested it i think you could be the one who makes those threads otherwise people will just dismiss the idea
/qtddtot/ used to exist and was called /sqt/
An /av/ wouldn't hurt at all.
An >>>/av/ would be damn nice

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I'm looking at Affinity Photo because I'm sick of just about everything about Adobe, their products and subscription model. Looks pretty good for $40. Anyone using it? Thoughts? Also, how about Affinity Designer for web and app design?
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I was on the beta, actually liked it. Theres a few differences in controls from Photoshop but its stll the closest alternative there is. Its also super cheap (it goes now for 40 euros) so I thinks its worth it. Gonna buy it myself. At least I know im not overpaying for it.

Theres a few annoying bits when you move over from photoshop, like the fact that you cant crop image out of your selection, but i think itll get there and once you understand the fact that it does NOT have to be a 1:1 copy of photoshop, youll be just fine.
>but i think itll get there and once you understand the fact that it does NOT have to be a 1:1 copy of photoshop, youll be just fine.
my thoughts exactly

Also this is just shilling but I have a strong feeling that if you requested that select-crop feature from the devs you'd get it implemented on the next release guaranteed. Serif's folks actually care about the customer unlike Adobe who want to suck shareholder's cocks.

I've used Affinity Photo and Designer only marginally but they're extremely stable and fucking fast.
yeah I actually wonder, out of 15,000 employees that Adobe has, how many of them are actual software developers?

Exactly the same problem with Autodesk. For example, the monthly subscription for 3ds max is 230 euro. Both of these companies need a fucking reality check.

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For After Effects, Is there a good free source for templates? All that I can find are paid stuff.

Any good forum or repository you can recommend?
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Make an account on cg peers
when its open.
Thanks a lot.
Will have to wait until 15th then.
shareae & rutracker however if you respect yourself you should start making them from scratch.

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does any one know the caligraphic font here? or something similar?
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looks like arial
yah definitely arial
still arial?

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What's he looking at?
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Random shit you've made thread
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Post high-quality images only, and provide as much information as possible with your post (e.g., source material, artist name, if able).

• Dopest , most mind fucking photos
• Original content if possible
• Trippy/psychedelic aesthetics

Not wanted:
• Unrelated posts ( will be deleted )
• Photoshop requests
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Hello, these are my first attempts at making still art.
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Self Portrait.jpg
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There's this typeface called Intelo which is currently 80% off its original price, and is selling real good on MyFonts, ranking at #8 on top sellers and #1 on hot new fonts.


I'm considering on buying, since it is so cheap at $36 USD, but I'd rather read what you guys have to say.
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D R I V E.png
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last one
This is ok, use less triangles towards the bottom. Looks too clustered

Fucking terrible

What kinda effect is this?
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Go Ask 3DCG u frickin nerd
Unsharp Mask
on c4d it will be cel render/wireframe

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