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>I can smell the talent up in the air.
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sry only have my web page
>I can smell the shit up in the air.
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sheeet mines seriously out of date - been focusing on my actual site & facebook page recently


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How would you make a pattern like this in illustrator without killing yourself out of frustration?
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it doesn't seem that hard you'll only need to make a small part of the swirl and then either copy paste (add stroke) or just make a pattern

after that just make a line with two points and apply the pattern + duplicate below + ctrl d

you could also download similar patterns on the weebs
Just handle the frustration stoically
the overlapping part is where i struggle, i want the pattern to be without a solid color background, meaning i have to shapebuilder- all those overlapping swirls out?

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>"JPG is best for saving space"
>TFW JPG does not support transparency
>TFW JPG screws up your color space when compressing
>TFW JPG is literally the shittiest file type for imagery
>"PRO tip"

smfh a full board of graphic designers and nobody addressed this mistake
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laughing whores.jpg
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>>TFW JPG does not support transparency
>he doesn't know
You do not get to talk shit about Kerning. He has never steered me wrong before. Get fucked OP.

>your head

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So Uber did their redesign a few months ago.

What are your guys thoughts?

As a non /gd/ what is the design for the geometrics known as, and is there somewhere I can get wallpapers like that (laptop size). I like the patterns but can only find phone size.

Initially, I was not a fan, but it has grown on me a lot; I think it is more of a brand than the U which was just a letter
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never liked it, the lines look like something i would only add for my process. Colours don't communicate automotive to me.

Design aside, they changed their brand identity too much too early, they were only really accepted for a year prior so it's a weird time to shake things up
First logo is better
First logo is ugly, but the second one doesn't make much sense.

File: Artboard 1 copy.png (1B, 486x500px)
Artboard 1 copy.png
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make something in three minutes
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What exactly?
Do I win?

any good examples?

My work is subpar right now so I don't want to put it up for everyone to see.
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bump for interest, I like different portfolio ideas. Everyone has a scroller website which is fine, but new ideas are good
if beginner try deviantart or tumblr (or both)
if average try carbonmade or instagram
if advanced try behance, dribbble and/or cargocollective (invitation only)
if pro or serious about a gd career just buy a domain for a few bucks per year

worth mentioning
krop, folio24, squarespace

also for hosting images with short links i use my cl ly (it might get flagged as spam on a few sites)

also i'm looking for alternatives for showing quick unfinished images to clients if someone knows a good one please let me know.
my first and current setup is behance + custom domain cargocollective + instagram, it ain't that hard.

deviantart / tumblr is unprofessional as fuck.

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I need help to build my logo, what do you see here?
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an F eating into a bent hexagon with a tail
File: ScreenShot_20170212233220.png (21KB, 986x617px)Image search: [Google]
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other versions here
a green thing groping a square

File: Crl7D0RW8AALZ2n.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
Hi guys,
So recently my nephew asked me to make his own Match Attax because I know the basics of photoshop,I am just wondering can anyone identify the font that is used on this card or a have a template to the cards?
I'd really appreciate the help!
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century gothic*
century gothic was derived from futura

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alex turner progeria.png
602KB, 640x640px

I'm starting to get into a lot of photoshop lately, can anyone give me fun ideas of what to work on?

Thanks in advance :)
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whatever floats your boat?
Just work through tutorials if you don't know what to do.

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Dank Logos.png
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I need a logo designed for my YouTube channel.

I see a bunch of people in /gd/ asking for logo designs so hopefully this isn’t breaking rule 11.

Pic related is a sample of some logos that I like. They don’t absolutely have to look like those, I’m just trying to give you some inspiration. I want a logo that is recognizable and unmistakable.

Here is my YouTube channel:


In a nutshell: I make videos for people on /biz/. It’s a finance-themed channel, so something that incorporates a bull would be cool. Or even a subtle reference to /biz/ memes, like a moon. I don’t have a lot of money to burn, and I’m really trying to keep costs low with this channel, so I’m only looking to spend $100 dollars on this logo. I can pay with paypal or bitcoin, but I would prefer bitcoin desu. If you’re interested send your portfolio to: [email protected]

I'll choose one person out all the portfolios I get to make the logo. Also let me know in your email if you browse /biz/.
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>I see a bunch of people in /gd/ asking for logo designs
Those people are almost universally condemned.
yes, this thread is designed to do exactly that to whoevers details OP has posted
At least he isnt offering $20.

If I had a portfolio OP id consider it.

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I didn't find a thread for this, so here we are.


I'm starting to make one new game per month. This is the first one - it's called Drops.
There's a web version and an Android version:

Web https://barcellosm.github.io/drops
Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.barcellosm.drops

Oh, and it's open-source:

GitHub https://github.com/barcellosm/drops

Some feedback would be super awesome :D


Post some of your work too - after all, that's the point :)
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File: app3.png (313KB, 3500x2625px)Image search: [Google]
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a bg for a game and a few logos plus some illustrations. first time making a bg like that one.
I'm working on patches for airsofters/militaria enthusiasts using pe-desig 6, it's good fun.
File: app4.png (424KB, 3500x2625px)Image search: [Google]
424KB, 3500x2625px

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Need some sources for free or "free" stock videos... making a small collage, nothing special.

What do you use?
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*I move away from the mic to breath in*

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hey /gd/
how do you make this kind of glitch art? I made his one playing around with the channels, square selection, mosaic and mezzotint

any other way to make something similar? how you guys do it?
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i'm the guy who posted the two yt vids.
oh the wind effect I forgot about it
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ITT things you've created while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or severe sleep deprivation-
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File: adolf_hitler.jpg (33KB, 640x360px)Image search: [Google]
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its shite m8 but thats because I was deep on Oxycontin and DXM
File: godhascometoreapthesinners.png (10KB, 1721x812px)Image search: [Google]
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not sure when i made this

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Hey /gd/
I'm working on a brochure for my school. We're working with grids and while I'm familiar, this is my first time producing something through a grid structure. It's a little intimidating.
Any tips for brochures or working with grids?
The fold will be like pic
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don't over think it/design it to be more complicated than you can handle.

focus on alignment and spacial relationships that make sense between content. you can probably find the PDF online but making and breaking the grid is a good book. it helped me a lot when I was confused/overwhelmed by grids.
Thank you. I'll look into that book. Yeah, I overthink quite a bit so this is daunting to me. I'm just going to go little by little and set up a good grid first.

yeah, start off with simple easy to follow grids. you don't have to overwork yourself. especially if youre not designing a layout for a shit ton of content.

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