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>be me , an indie loser
>into vaportrap and futurefunk
>faggot uses photoshop skills to make visuals
Im gonna shitpost some of my visuals i made over time, they arent the best
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Another one, tony bamanaboni
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EVA 01.jpg
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Nobody cares kek

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Hey /gd/, what are the slickest, most well-designed websites you've seen on the web?

>sum' like https://livingedge.com.au/

..or whatever you define as "slick" :)
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Anything on chrome experiments
this is the best :
zaha hadid's site is sick w those iframe scrolls http://www.zaha-hadid.com/

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can anybody find me a font that looks likes this or is this
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Literally a font with a lot of stroke applied to it. Do it yourself
Which font? The 'cool' or the japanese
the cool thx

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I can't get a nice pen stroke on illustrator CC.

Everything I google just says "it just works" in CS5 and I've got everything cranked up to the most sensitive and still get almost no variation in strokes- angle, pressure, nothing seems to help. Works better in Photoshop CC but still not a real nice line. PaintToolSAI included for reference. I also have CLIP but I don't use it.

I really want a nice manga style stroke. I feel like I should get better results than this with a Cintiq24HD and CC. What do?
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Artboard 1.png
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another example, this is a sloppy trace in Illustrator CC to try to play with lines. the upper is as drawn (10pt variable 10pt) the lower is copy adjusted stroke (2pt variable 2pt).

I want one stroke that goes through the actual variation from 2pt to 10pt.

The goal is to wind up with vector art.
illustrator doesn't seem optimal for organic hand-made drawings maybe ask >>>/ic/ or try to make your own brushes also you can add '.5' to change the stroke value and havr you tried manga studio?

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I have a question about Illustrator. I was making knitting patterns in Photoshop and thought I could trace over them in Illustrator, but no matter how I adjust the object trace options some of the squares keep getting warped on their corners.

I know at this point I can just remake them in Illustrator with the shape tool but why is it so difficult to get the tracing and expanding right? I thought squares wouldn't be hard to screw up.

I have a question regarding commissions.

I've been asked by a musician to do a logo/typeface for her stage name. I've never charged anyone before and stupidly only asked for a very small amount of money in our first emails. I then found out that she actually has a record label behind her and that this is potentially a 'bigger' job than i first thought.
I've since worked on the typeface and have three contact sheets to show her to see if she wants to go ahead and use one of my designs.

I have 2 questions

1. Is it stupid and amateur or even just rude to put a light cross watermark on the contact sheets? They're slightly lowres.

2. Am I entitled to ask for more money, how should I go about that and how much?

Thanks in advance anonkun.
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>Is it stupid and amateur or even just rude to put a light cross watermark on the contact sheets
yes it tends to piss off clients use a contract instead (adobe sign /echosign)
>Am I entitled to ask for more money, how should I go about that and how much?
for the amount it usually depends of the place where you are and the hours/quality of the designs for renegotiating the price i'm not sure of asking for more money i wouldn't do that since it might piss off the client so maybe you will want to come clean and speak to her as you are doing it now not sure

surely you've set up a contract which counters her stealing your work
>am i entitled to ask for more money
you can do what you like mate but it will probably piss her off. better to do it, learn your lesson, and charge more in the future.

Thanks for the advice. The problem is it's a really casual thing, a friend of a friend who liked some of the stuff I've done. The initial sum I said was just me throwing out a number, so I said £20, but I've been told by people and friends to have at least gone for £100. But you guys are right, it's my mistake.

I'll just stick by the original plan, thanks again.

Where can I get shutterstock, etc. photos without the watermark for free?

Do I seriously have to torrent their entire library for a couple images, or is there an easier way (without spending my shekels)?
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People like you are why our industry is fucking poverty stricken.

You are literally willing to steal from or circumvent other designers and abuse their work, why should anyone respect your work, how are any of us expected to get paid for our creations?
this. if you don't want to pay search for free stock photos there's tons of sites with creative commons images
Maybe you should nerds should get better jobs than taking photos of random shit on white backgrounds

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Sup /gd/, i'm looking for some tips to be more effective and fast editing video.

Right now at work my boss requested me a video (15:00 length) which involves Keylight and many, many effects and animations.
I can do it and i know how to, but in just one week i've only advanced 28 seconds and i feel SLOW.

Is my problem my effectiveness (This is my first job as an editor despite i've been editing for years) or my computer? (Nvidia Ge Force GT710, i3-6100 and 16gb RAM)
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after effects?
years ago it used to take a month to edit 10 mins now a days it takes me half of that i guess it's just practice and planning for example i start by editing the audio first and then importing every clip into the composition so it begins to look more finished after that i would work on the 3d or major missing parts and finally i will work on the smaller things. another thing you could do is customize the shortcuts for your most used effects/tools.
Show the 28 seconds
That system is honestly underhanded. You're probably working in HD too.

You should try laying out the project from beginning to the end and then work in detail on each scene. So first you would have cheap animation with the only purpose of showing approximate motion, the greenscreen could be done more cheaply with spills and misses, rendered at half the resolution in draft mode. Having a bigger picture will keep you in focus.

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Smoke Nuclear1.jpg
364KB, 1024x678px
ITT: 5 minute works
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>people who identify cooling towers as nuclear
that's what you're paying attention to? gtfo my /gd/
the lighters perspective is awesome too

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SATR 2-2.jpg
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So GD i need your help/opinion of my stuff for a graphic design competition. i have to make a flyer,logo, and pin design. it has to be based off of Dallas TX and have a motivational quote. so if you can help great if not tell me to fuck off and well then i will.
First thing that came to mind was the TX star for there flag and the Dallas cowboys and from the star i thought of space and lead me to this first design.
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draw some sketches first and we'll tell ya which one could work better
File: blue bg.jpg (644KB, 612x792px)Image search: [Google]
blue bg.jpg
644KB, 612x792px
I forgot to mention Pic is related as in that my 2nd attempt of this design concept and here are some other color variations i went through
File: red bg.jpg (625KB, 612x792px)Image search: [Google]
red bg.jpg
625KB, 612x792px

File: tumblr_ob0cl5xNiP1ssr77so1_500.png (358KB, 500x420px)Image search: [Google]
358KB, 500x420px
hell, even just one of them would do. I've tried and it has gotten me is a migraine. I pretty much have nowhere else to go.
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i'm sorry, what you wrote was illegible to me. can you type it out?

Here is a series of traffic signs with no meaning.They contain limited decorative value. Their function level is very low. They contain no instructions, don't tell you which way to go, or how to behave while getting there. I'd consider hanging this on the wall. What do you guys think of it, is it worthy to be sold? Would you buy it?
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>Would you buy it?
not really those doesn't seem like signs to me. not even logos they seem more like icons or interface gadgets of some kind plus they're not really that original or inspiring and they doesn't even seem coherent (one has no outline and the stroke value for the first two is just too different to be placed as a group)
>would you buy it
top kek I wouldn't take a free print, tell your mum to put it on the fridge

inconsistent use of shadow, no design consistency, crap palette, the list could go on

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So, I represent an organization on my campus and are trying to create a new shirt design. We work a lot with the community, are mainly engineering majors but open to all (but focus on stem), we strive to get more minorities in stem. We are pretty shit at creativity, so I'm asking for any recommendations or ideas for a design.
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File: IMG_0551.png (115KB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
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This is our actual logo, the picture in the original post is what we got from a graphic designer but didn't like.

Scrap your logo and then go beg for an apology from that designer.
I actualy think his design is really good for a t shirt.

File: lolgo.png (62KB, 450x414px)Image search: [Google]
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Is this logo any good?
If not do you have a idea I could use for a new logo.
I blocked the domain because Im not here to shill.
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that's not a logo it's a 3d model of a guy holding a sign.
It's kind of dorky, but if it fits the image then it's fine.
Let's see the url, if it's on the main page then we can get a real idea of whether it works or not.

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I think gradients are pretty so i made this out of boredom. Thoughts?
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My feet are cold
Probably won't work in any real-case scenario.
Lack the ability to "catch the eye"..

Try put some light on it. I see you have put #bda6b9, but that is a mix of violet and grey... not good.

In any webpage/printed-material/web-material (exept logos) those colors would be too dark.

Overall, I'm thinking in a real aplication of these set (color scheme)..
But answering your main question: gradients are dengerous... they can, easily, became bad just bc of one color...
IMHO avoid it.

If you want to give a gradient look, try create a color scheme with hierarchical colors.
Try Lab color mode to make your gradients.
Then save as raster image and import to your rgb or cmyk file.
You'll have much smoother color transitions.

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The new mac book pro sucks, what is the best labtop to turn into a hackintosh?
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Dell XPS.
The new HP laptops are really good.
Lenovo's quality has been slipping but they were the best a couple years ago.
why osx that bad? they arnt really that different

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