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File: IMG_6993.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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what font is this?
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A severely ugly one.
i actually really like it and want to use it for project
The e's are a little curtailed and I'm not a huge fan of the 45 degree shit on the capital B, but I dunno if that qualifies it as "severely ugly." Almost a pretty nice font, I'd say.

I've been a graphic designer for over the past 10 years
From a storyboard artists to a catalogue guy. I did a shit load of ads and god knows how many campaigns on social media
i am fucking sick of this job
i want to quit
i came into the buisness to do commercials and tv and shit and i ended up doing internet bullshit.
This is just absurde, the wages dropped and the working enviroment doesn't look like it used to.
i am torn between working with old people who shouldn't be in this buisness or kids who have no fucking idea about advertising
i can't switch into being a project manager because of alpha nature and assholeness
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don't lie anon.
every graphic designer is a masochist.
don't pretend you're not into it.
This is me in a few years. Let me know how it goes.
Been through several agencies, tried to work for clients directly
freelance was a horrible and it all left me depressed and frustrated
i became an alcoholic and i've had 6 girlfriends that all left me because of my frustration with work
this is fucking shit

File: 245523452345245.jpg (772KB, 1400x1980px)Image search: [Google]
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for me, this is a 10/10

could you do me a favour?
simply, which programs would be used to make this?

Any other tips for me to copy it to learn how to do it would be great.
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adobe illustrator + creative cloud (stock) market (for the rose) it's pretty basic i don't think you'll need any tips just learn the fundamentals.
Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. It's very easy in terms of actual execution. Pen tool / Type tool / Line tool.

It looks nice because the designer has great Layout, Colour, and Typesetting skills. These are much harder to learn.
I would say 'and basic creativity', but let's be honest, everyone and their grandma has been doing this fucking 'layering words with botanical illustrations' shit.

File: universfrutigerposter.jpg (2MB, 3300x4350px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm trying to show contrast between the lines and the curves of univers by frutiger, amidoinitrite?
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inb4, it came out pink for no fookin reason, wasnt intended.
that rotated k(?) on the left should be swapped out for something that fits the rest of the flow but else it's good
it's a v, the letters form "univers"

Chill Pixel and Aesthetic Art
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File: IMG_6269.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
Can someone make an cartoon avatar profile picture? Can you make the hair color like the photo, and green eyes? Thank you
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Yes I can.
budget? or do you expect us to work for you for free? also there's tons of sites online that generate cartoon profile pics.
What's a website?

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2MB, 879x904px
So my uncle is opening a restaurant and because I'm his nephew he thought I could design his menu for free. I have a masters in graphic design for fucks sake.

Jokes on him though, I sent him this
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I would design the menu and all the branding for food, even if was leftovers.
can you please stop shitposting.
this wasnt funny to begin with.
>Jokes on him though, I sent him this

Jokes on you, he now thinks this is what you wasted on that master degree on.


Hey fampai, anyone has any of these links?


or maybe the latest update of this:

Anyway, I guess general resources thread.
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Anyone has a nitroflare premium account?
plis? or any tips how to get one? I tried for fucking hours.
this is complete bullshit.

I've spent a few days on trying to find a premium account. you have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes regarding these file sharing sites. fake link generators, scams, viruses, fake forums filled with bot comments. Why the fuck is it so hard to get one? I remember years ago when I was on /b/ there were threads with accounts all the time.

Pick 2 random words and make a logo out of it

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File: hostage-beaver.jpg (78KB, 886x375px)Image search: [Google]
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>hostage + beaver
File: battleground-estimate.jpg (174KB, 1772x1325px)Image search: [Google]
174KB, 1772x1325px

File: indeks.jpg (16KB, 252x200px)Image search: [Google]
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Hi, i need help. I'm using CorelDraw but I think its time to move to PS. But God damn... i dont want to buy it. Where can I find it? Torrents? I'm a newfag so any help will be wlecome.
My main concern is to get PS worcking and not get busted. (Is it a case with the new version? Does it send some info to Adobe via net?)
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Maybe try Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo instead, around $50 - no subscription.

Does whatever PS+illustrator does but better.

t. Commercial Memeking
>Does it send some info to Adobe via net
op a qt
ignore >>298431

comparing adobe photoshop to affinity anything is like comparing microsoft excel to openoffice spreadsheet. sure they do the basic stuff but anything complicated and it falls apart.

you can get it anywhere. there used to be a .dll you could slap in your install folder for the trial version and have it work, but i dunno.

also nobody will ever find out you're using cracked photoshop/illustrator/whatever, but it's a good idea to buy a subscription if you get a proper job in graphic design (as in a "go to work for 8 hours" job, not freelance)

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2MB, 1920x1080px
Hey guys, I recently launched my website portfolio, thought I could share it with you.

link: http://wetsy.co
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the positioning shifts a lot when you resize it, not sure if that was intentional but if you wanted the "I'm a Designer" text to stay centered then its an issue because it floats left and right when you resize the browser. I appreciate the interactivity of the text but I'm not sure if its really necessary. same with the side button navigation at the top. you already have a smooth scroll so I feel if you just use arrows to navigate from page to page that way it would be enough.

just my 2 cents.

also I wouldn't advertise being able to offer somebody flat vector illustrations. its just not something that makes you stand out because they aren't complex.

I do however like how you included animations for the icons for your services. I think thats a nice touch.
@First Anonymous, well the site is responsive, and I don't see any reason you would resize the window of this website. It's more a like come and go website, either you're looking for something or either you're just checking it out.

@Second Anonymous, well I had several clients who needed flat illustrations designed, and they pay a good price, so why not point that out.

File: homescreens-all1.png (646KB, 1288x480px)Image search: [Google]
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Is "good" design something that we are perpetually refining and improving over time, or is it merely a menagerie of trends?

>pic related: Android over the years
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I have a feeling that a good design is and always will be the same in a nutshell, but when it comes to aesthetics, that is something which changes through time and everyone's taste adapts to trends to a some degree. Not many people will say they like those screens on the left (me included), but once, they were nice. Now, they just look ugly, it's weird in a way... But don't get me wrong, this is probably not the best example, because they were probably never beautiful.
Both, at least in terms of Android/other touchscreen interfaces. It *was* a trend to have buttons with "shading" to make them look like real buttons (the "was" part is something Sony hasn't figured out yet...). But it was improved over time to make the shading less intrusive... And then we get Material Design, which was also a trend, going with the futuristic, plastic-y styles that we're getting with physical products, along with the whole Windows 8 meme with bright, solid colors and well-defined "tiles". And that was improved over time to be easier on the eye, slicker, etc. Personally I wish more Material Design apps offered a night mode/dark theme, the bright white used in most of them is pretty jarring.
That final image isn't very recent, btw.
File: Capture+_2017-02-07-03-16-16.png (424KB, 720x1187px)Image search: [Google]
424KB, 720x1187px
Android looks like this now, when was that image last updated? The material design there is super gross.

File: alpaccino.pdf (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
We used to have these, and I can't find one... and i kinda need help

Went for elegant/classy and a bit modern. I intend to redoit later next month, but i need this for an unexpected opportunity.

Job is at an exotic car dealership, as a marketing assistant. I'm a communications major (kek) working on my engineering degree.
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Holy fuck no
every single font you've chosen is disgusting
/biz/ has regular resume threads

File: Untitled_0.png (233KB, 3840x2160px)Image search: [Google]
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Rate my design.
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Is it for a gay site? If so, it's perfect!
Bad in every way, here's why.

>Colours don't look appealing
>Pure black doesn't look good most of the time
>Red is too dark
>White/grey is too dark
>No contrast
>Text needs more space to breathe
>Text position is boring
Is that supposed to be the St Georges flag?

File: danny.png (93KB, 218x381px)Image search: [Google]
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Photoshop this face onto stuff!
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File: Dr. Eggdan.png (531KB, 822x960px)Image search: [Google]
Dr. Eggdan.png
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File: loldanny.png (227KB, 900x600px)Image search: [Google]
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