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Hey guys. I'm in the middle of creating a 2D tower defense game.

I'm a programmer, and not an artist.
Someone else has given me some grass texture, a bullet, a tower and some pathway blocks to use.

However, I am in need of An enemy sprite.
The enemy should be smaller then 50x50 pixels.

If anyone is interested in helping me out, I can give you Credit (There will be a 'credits' button which will display the image you drew, with your name next to it.)

I'm also in need of more sprites, which I will post details for after I get the enemy sprite.

You'll notice the image has an Enemy in it, which I made and demonstrates my lack of art-skills.
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Doesn't have to be 50x50 pixels, but should be at most 50 pixels in height.
Browse the AGDG on /vg/. You'd have much better luck there. You can even use the local dev lookup tool to find artists.

Hope this helps.

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A little bit of spam.
I make little artworks, follow me on Instagram if you like my work. Thanks! :)

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I also make videos, I have some on my Instagram. BTW I'm from Italy. Sorry for the spam, follow me only if you are really interested in my work, I've just started. :)
400 followers, 30 some odd posts and you are here begging.

How about go generate some quality content if you want people to fawn over you more.
I'm not begging anyone, if you like my work you follow me. I've just started! :)

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I need help with a T-shirt design which represent my university's community. It's STEM oriented. This is what I've done so far.
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I like the bottom one best. I feel like the circle is pointless unless you really want a hipsterlogo feel to it.
I like the bottom one too, what did you make these mockups with?
File: Shrekcharacter.jpg (18KB, 262x402px)Image search: [Google]
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Use this instead, it works for everything!

File: unrelated.jpg (320KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Can someone give me some hints on how to improve my website?
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Can you give us a hint of what the fuck you are trying to archieve with this website? looks like you have a severe case of /edgy/
You won't get hired with this, bur it looks good
I had a free year of hosting and so I thought i would do something silly with it

File: color monogram.png (223KB, 4000x4000px)Image search: [Google]
color monogram.png
223KB, 4000x4000px
My design
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Try making the diamond almost desync. Like take a portion of it and move it horizontally A bit. That might add to the vhs/glitchy look
the 'glitch' effect is unnecessary imo
thicker strokes for the diamond
center it better
the diamond is pretty good make it a little bit bolder and rotate it so it's looks normal also don't use the text inside the circle but below it

File: tejgaon.png (106KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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Hello /gd/, noob here. Trying to make a snapchat geofilter for my town called tejgaon.

I tried to portray the people walking in the streets of tejgaon
E and T are father and son
G is holding an umbrella that is J
A and O are a couple
and N is walking in the wrong direction.
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Oh yeah I forgot to ask that I am confused about which color scheme to use. Please note that this is a geofilter.
pls respond
/gd/ is a very slow board, you'll have to wait a bit before getting a proffesional's advice

Give us pics of your town so we’ll see if it fits

I’m as much of a noob as you are

File: send help.jpg (246KB, 1360x740px)Image search: [Google]
send help.jpg
246KB, 1360x740px
How was it done?
Brand tools or sick plugins?
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Way easier than you think mate. Make the snowflake / Circle, save it as a symbol, repeat and shrink the size ad infinitum.
agreed, you can use the ellipse tool, transform it so its skewed with the father top and thinner bottom, stroke it then replace the center later, Do the same thing but larger so you have the gap. Then fill with the symbols you already have made and space them manually or with some align magic
File: blendit.webm (1MB, 776x744px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 776x744px
what the hell are you talking about

it literally says there on the screenshot that it's the Blend tool. That's what it is.

OP: take two whatever shapes and draw a path behind them, then push Blend. Adjust the blend settings if you want.

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what's a good name for an ad agency
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Saatchi & Saatchi
Penis & Vagina

wtf happened to her face

Working on a blog with a static site generator and was wondering if the current theme i made looks ok. Any feedback is helpful, especially constructive. I want to keep it pretty minimal.

Also are there are any recommended free-software typefaces that you think would be better than 'cantarell'?

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google-web fonts have loads of nice ones mate. roboto (a grotesk sans-serif) looks particularly good on a minimalist page

Set set this in steps, shall we?

Fist of all, minimalist doesn't mean your page sould me "blank" (I know isn't actually black, but you have too much white space and feels weird).

Second. As our friend >>291348 said, you should keep a eye for google fonts. I'll disagree with him in one little aspect, Roboto is a amazing font, but not for webpages... Feels too machanical and "google-ish"... Try lato or Open Sans.
You can, and most likely, will, made a huge combo of those two.

Third. USE HTML AND CSS IN YOUR FAVOR. Don't stack all up. Separate it. Create a new invidual block of content for each post.
Bc as I see, the page you provided to us will be, most likely, your home screen. But I can't see the difference on the content and the footer..
You have a sidebar? I dont see it.
You have a menu bar? I can't see either.

Forth (and last). Use colors man. Your page is minimalist, not monochromatic.

Above all, I like your concept.
Hope see it working.

Best of luck.

ps.: sorry about the english, not my primary language :)
Open Sans and Lato are both great, I agree. I don't like Open Sans for a personal blog just because it's used so much for business and commercial websites.

It's like Impact is a "strong" typeface but it's too associated with memes now.

File: 1478335029451.jpg (449KB, 1390x2210px)Image search: [Google]
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would these cut it for my game? not final btw just for the beta
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not sure what I'm looking at... is that the final text? looks like mspaint tier. not sure how you could mix those photos with such crappy descriptions.
this is hilarious
I can't stop laughing at One Shot Johnny


File: 71kMDaXOTgL._SL1381_.jpg (139KB, 1381x921px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm thinking of buying one (use Intuos 4), but I'm worried the outer rubber surface is made of sprayed-on rubber that melts and becomes sticky in the heat, like the coating on mice.

Can anyone share their experience?

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Hey man. Been using mine for about a year and it's still clean and smooth, the pen too. Only thing that might need some cleaning is the drawing surface but any tissue can fix that.
Had mine for about 2 years before it died. Now I'm broke and not sure if I should buy since they're a fraction of the price and look to have the same specs. Anyone know if they're good? They even have cintiq style tablets.
>rubber that melts and becomes sticky in the heat

What're you working in a smelting factory? Don't worry about this

File: 50eVHXh-.png (32KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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/gd/ share some indesign knowledge whether it be tips, videos etc.
I've been learning some GREP styles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAo8ihLXiTY&t=329s, very useful for large docs
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what is the best approach to assigning margin and column values? also when creating guides should I keep I contain them to the margins or the entire page?
Appreciate the link, thanks a lot

Good day /gd/
I´m in the search of someone who could make a short animated video sequence (6 to 8 seconds) of my Logo showing up and falling to parts. If needed i´d have an example in which way i´m thinking.
I´m a photographer (doing this for hobby not money) and want to create some kind of trailers for my photo shoots, each of them starting with my Logo.
Idk how much work it would be for you, but i´d be willing to support you via paypal with 10 to 15 bucks or so
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Mate, nobody here would do it for 10 to 15 bucks. Maybe 5-10 times that.
I´ll give it a shot
I think I can do it

File: barbarakruger.jpg (219KB, 710x926px)Image search: [Google]
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← "loser" - Barbara Kruger, ((10/30/16))

How can I fix it?
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Please someone tell me how can I make the same stupid 10 seconds thing in PS over and over again, with only one font weight for an entire life time, and still make money from it, but not only that, people regard me as an important figure in the industry, instead of being a generalist?
be born in the earlier 1900s and develop a unique feminist style distinct at the time

the original is worth more than the copy, but yeah i agree, its sorta lazy design work
File: kruger_barbara_4.jpg (11KB, 220x232px)Image search: [Google]
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These extremist far left liberals are incredibly stereotypically alike. This portrait says it better though.

File: IMG_6544.png (43KB, 771x645px)Image search: [Google]
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>Make it better if you think you got the skills to do so.
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Complete shit
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