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What do you think of mine fictional nation's flag, coat of arms and map?
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Haha I know that shit
i swa that before. you 9gag guys call it kekistan. what are you think i am a retard? go back to 9gag
fyi it's actually a fictional nation called Marway. Or perhaps you were joking? This is 4chan after all.

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Trying to figure out how to add a text box over an asset when the mouse is hovered over it.
Using Adobe Muse CC 17.
Any help?
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Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript.
I don't have the time for another 6 to 12 months to get proficient in yet another new skill base.
>Thinks it takes 12 months to understand HTML and CSS
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa ....haaaaa hahahahahahahaha

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Hey /GD/. Do you have a favourite set of typefaces and keep using them or do you use a lot, and you don't have a particular favourite? This is an open question.
>pic unrelated
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i usually use sans serif stuff, usually helvetica noir
I can't get enough of Modern Serifs.

Scotch Modern, Modern 216, Didot, Bodoni, even Baskerville. Shit is so versatile and gorgeous for display-text.
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Hey /gd/. I am looking for some help in figuring proper technique on any preferred software on how to create a image for a banner that will printed and hung on the side of this building. The banner's dimensions will be 5ft by 10ft. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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use photoshop
buy more ram
if you're at the company i think you're at designing for the event i think you're at, remember that the building it goes on is set back a couple hundred feet from the pedestrian areas and basically no text under a foot high is readable
and remember to get an advance because you're not getting paid after delivery
if you're making an image to put onto the banner use Ai so you can scale it up

if you're making a layout for a banner use indesign

don't bother with photoshop its not the right tool

how do you make vector images from raster that don't look horrible?
I've tried vector magic and wasn't pleased with the result. Any better solutions out there?
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photoshop > greyscale (optional) > levels/contrast > posterize
adobe illustrator > image trace (not tool but the menu panel) > choose make from high fidelity photo + adjust > simplify @97% > ungroup + manually clean
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>MFW just upgraded from Photoshop CS6 to CC 2017
What cool shit should I know about that got added in CC?
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Nothing really, Jewdobe barely adds anything anymore to the re-releases.
You're in luck, here's the new essential features!
Former Extended features now always included
Editable rounded rectangles
Improved 3D painting
Share on Behance
Conditional Actions
System antialiasing style for type
Min and Max filter round kernel
Sync preferences with Cloud
Edge Reflow integration through Adobe Generator
3D Printing support
Publish 3D models on Sketchfab
Expanded Mercury Graphics Engine support
Smart Object improvements
Adobe Stock marketplace
Some Layer styles can now be added up to 10 instances
Redesign image export feature
Linked files in CC Libraries
New Creative Cloud Libraries capabilities
Modern user experience on desktop and touch devices
More creative options with SVG import
Enhanced export experience
Improved clickable area for dialog buttons
ScriptUI bugs fixed
Pasted content centers on artboard when zoomed in to portion of the artboard
Scripting Support gives an error during launch – Subsequent crashing
Better collaboration with Libraries
Updated Libraries panel
Create patterns with Capture CC
Showcase your work with Adobe Portfolio
Export enhancements
3D printing to Microsoft 3MF (Windows 10 only)
“Rasterize EPS Format” remembers setting
Embed color profile saved
Several changes to select and mask
In-app search
Tighter integration with Adobe XD
Stock templates, 3D objects, and search
Introducing Typekit Marketplace
Better overall performance
Touch Bar support for Apple MacBook Pro
basically nothing important

File: Sikta på allt.jpg (2MB, 2778x2778px)Image search: [Google]
Sikta på allt.jpg
2MB, 2778x2778px
I am very happy with this outcome, but you may roast it how you like. It's my bands new album cover. The title for the album is "Aim at everything with wings"
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Give a synopsis of it.
Your gonna cringe so bad when you will be 4 years older, looking back on this photo that you stumbled upon and you'll realize what an absolute garbage faze of your life this was.
>faze of your life
Just... Stop.

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Texture making software?
Specifically i need to make simple bold monochrome patterns

I already made 200 patterns and need to make a lot more
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File: example1.jpg (46KB, 450x470px)Image search: [Google]
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example of pattern texture i need
File: ex2.jpg (28KB, 250x367px)Image search: [Google]
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example 2
are you trying to make money on shutterstock?

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Adobe Illustrator.jpg
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I often need to adjust the height or curvature of shapes in Illustrator, while restricting the total path length and angles to preset values. Is there some kind of tool or plugin to help me with this?
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Object, Appearance, Stylize, Warp -- IIRC
Otherwise, transform window
There are tools which will show the current angles, and length of paths - but I know of none that will disallow you from exceeding a desired value.

You may want to use a CAD program for this.
>You may want to use a CAD program for this.
Any programs you recommend?

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So I have been doing graphic/Photography work for a local dubstep producer in Detroit and he recently moved to California to study sound design and he wants me to build his brand. I was hoping if anyone can give me any help/insight/ideas of what his logo should be
>his name is Hypecore
>wants his logo to be able to spell out Hypecore
>has no idea about graphic design but figures I can do anything anyways

this is one of the logos I made for him but he didn't like it so I am stumped on what to do for this guy
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File: Hypecore_Complex.jpg (384KB, 2100x1500px)Image search: [Google]
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Here is another rendition of the design as well
Sorry but noone would like this as representation of his brand...

get the edges clean and try to add some elements connected to his music, otherwise this H could also stand for cyberhitler
I hope these are rough comps, because the quality of the lines/edges is utter crap.

File: 02-01.png (248KB, 2437x2606px)Image search: [Google]
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i made some vectors in illustrator, can you all rate for me?
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File: papa01-01.jpg (366KB, 2717x3187px)Image search: [Google]
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No, thanks
It's creepy af
The first one is rough, I think mainly because you chose to limit your palette. In areas where a more subtle shade would have been appropriate, say for instance under the left guy's jawline, you sort of painted yourself into a corner and used a blobby strip of the warm black you chose. I understand the desire to limit your palette to a few colors and the hesitance to stray outside of it, but the first set could really benefit from a broader spectrum.

I think you found your strength with Emeritus. You took liberties with the details and opted for stylization over photorealism, and stylization usually translates better to vector work. You kept your lines crisp and smooth, and the style has an almost Archer-esque cleanliness about it. It doesn't suffer at all the depth of shading vs. restrictive palette issues of the first set. And that's not because you couldn't have gone ahead and used a ton of grays and slates and off-whites, it's because you deliberately chose not to. I think you rightfully recognized that less was more, and it really contributed to the polish and consistency of the final product.

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Minimalism has come around and gotten tired and shit yet again. What's the next meme?
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>What's the next meme?
post internet new aesthetic 90s vaporwave maximalism
Both of these are already over.
Minimalism is classy enough to last a little longer.

File: Logo Samples.png (153KB, 2080x620px)Image search: [Google]
Logo Samples.png
153KB, 2080x620px
What are you working on, /gd/?
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Hey that's pretty cool
File: fördehonig01.jpg (629KB, 1004x650px)Image search: [Google]
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But what does it say?

>pic related
Design for a beekeeper.
It's somewhat boring so it's nowhere near final jet.
What do you guys think about Fineliner Script though?
File: 2.jpg (328KB, 2100x2100px)Image search: [Google]
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i don't think that's the right way to use type, the script should be on top and the sans serif should be used on the underline text.

-pic is an attemp to make a personal logo, thoughts?

Soup /gd/
So I'm getting myself a CNC plasma capable of cutting 1250x2000mm with 0.2 kerf

Can anyone recommend designs that would sell? I have around 40 keyring designs (thundercats, VW, skulls and so on) and art work up to the largest size or double as I can weld. Chinese dragon art, tree of life kinda stuff, have a few garden sculptures in mind.

So I'm asking is there anything you would like, or that I should look at? I have countless designs from game logos, jewellery from games and tv and film, just looking for more ideas, inspiration.

If you want or if we can; I'll get what ever you want cut out and if it sells more than three I'll post you a free one.
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Or maybe design some shit of your own. Is that a far fetched idea.Aloso we are not the fucking techie bunch, okay. Now Get The Fuck Out.
US post only? Do you ship internationally?
I have plenty of my own designs you dumb cunt, I'm an artist myself, I have just never been in touch with the populas and what they want, hence asking here.
Keep your opinions to yourself or fuck off and shitpost on /b/.
I'm asking what you would like, not what I should design, I know what I want to do but I will have a fucktone of wasted metal so I may as well do keyrings or smaller art work in it.
You don't need to be techie to post a fucking picture retard.

Depending on size, I wont ship a 2x1 meter 2mm thick art work to USA, maybe something 300x300mm is the largest.

Also making car parts, braces, gaskets, seals and spacers.
Pic related: for a VW racing Beetle.

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Hey everyone, havê you heard the latest Adobe product for 3D creation? It seems really cool, and easier to work than the others mostra known softwares for 3D creation. So, the point is, i havent seen lot's of tutorials about it, and I'm really excited to start working on this. Does anyone knows about some tuts about Felix Projecto?
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looks like crap desu
It looks like 3D for people that don't know how to use a more traditional 3D program.

Which isn't a terrible thing, but Felix will certainly lack many abilities while offering a few specific ones.

It might also appeal to designers that CAN use Maya/Max/C4D, but need a good 10 minute solution, instead of a great 90 minute solution.
0.05 has been deposited to your account.

Thank you for shilling for Adobe!

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