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File: Rossscape.png (1MB, 2000x1200px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2000x1200px
Yo i tried to Bob Ross this shit in gimp.
What do I add to the hills to make them prettier?
I was gonna add multiple layers of hills and fog in between, that a good idea?
Also, hill shades get darker the closer the hills are, right?
Also, how do i into sun?
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You should watch more Bob Ross.

The entire technique is based around wet-on-wet painting, and abusing little tricks to create texture etc.

It just doesn't work digitally.
File: Screenshot_50.png (850KB, 1692x875px)Image search: [Google]
850KB, 1692x875px
How bad is it?
This is my first ever non-pixel art landscape
>How bad is it?

You already know the answer to that.

If you're serious about developing your skill here, do 20 more paintings and THEN start asking for feedback. Don't show "my first attempt ever Day One" and then expect magical advice.

File: 41QGMz+WqbL.jpg (18KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
18KB, 500x500px
I recently purchased one of these but the website doesn't have the drivers and there customer support never got back to me... Anyone else know where I can the Driver? Or atleast get a Driver that is compatible with this drawing tablet?
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Fix your retarded grammar first.
Where did you buy that? Why didnt it include the cd with the drivers to install it?
scroll down.

or direct link

File: mono_or_no_mono.png (13KB, 116x123px)Image search: [Google]
13KB, 116x123px
I'm torn.

colours do provide more clear and pregnant information also from long distances but they also interfere with the color palette of our corporate design.

would you sacrifice continuity/aesthetics for clearness?

endproduct will be a 2mx80cm Roll Up but a lot of formats and medias are planned.
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Honestly I always did them in color until Instagram came out with their CorelDraw gradient monstrosity. Now I'm happy to just render them in white using FontAwesome. Maybe I make the rollover resemble the official color.
not the fastest board eh

I went for monochrome or though facebook has in it visual guidelines to not alter the color but fuck em
mono is fine m8

File: webb_ktr_0328.jpg (1MB, 1500x1001px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1500x1001px
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He's trying to change the world through design.
He's going to """Design School""".
this shit hits too close to home

I should just start pumping out wordpress sites desu, unsatisfying but at least its easy af money

File: Pepsi_Magnetic.png (155KB, 976x557px)Image search: [Google]
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Is Corporate Design just one big meme?

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That's the first time I've seen a branding presentation read like the Chewbacca Defense.
is that real? the whole thing reads like satire
can you link the actual source?
whoever made this is a god amongst men

File: youtubechannel.png (3MB, 3204x1440px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 3204x1440px
Can someone please help me with my youtube channel art either make me a new one that's dope or fix the dimensions on this one i can't seem to get it right thanks!
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File: GLOBALOG.png (5MB, 2560x1440px)Image search: [Google]
5MB, 2560x1440px
You can download a template with the right dimensions here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2972003

I took a crack at making a new one but I'm not sure it's "dope."
sweet thanks keep em coming doesnt have to be weed related either ahaha its for a gaming channel

Does anyone have a comprehensive visual guide to different art styles and patterns?

I have several experiences of clients asking for styles and providing reference images that doesn't match. For an example asking for art deco style but showing reference images of art noveau.

Whether it's modern european style or traditional viking patterns or even chinese decorative arts I am looking for definitions and a bit of rules to sort these. Anyone have some resource?
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File: art-deco-frame.jpg (298KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
298KB, 1000x1000px
File: celtic-knot-patterns-7.jpg (80KB, 496x465px)Image search: [Google]
80KB, 496x465px
some art style patterns
megg's history of gd

File: 1482984018000.jpg (42KB, 457x409px)Image search: [Google]
42KB, 457x409px
I'm attempting to make a logo for a steakhouse. However, I can't seem to make the steak look a though it was made by a child on drugs. Any suggestions on how I can make the steak better? Any suggestions on the logo itself would also be appreciated
P.S. I know the logo is to the left.
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search for references using the words "steak vector" "logo circle badge"
draw it a few times
trace over it using a vector software (avoid color until the end)
use a clear/legible typeface for the company's name without distortion (forget the circle if you don't have any other text)

or avoid a headache and hire someone for a few bucks
it's rare for a steakhouse to have a steak in the logo. sometimes an entire cow, bull's head or horns, though those disappear too as they get more upscale.

around what kind of budget are we talking? $30 plus drinks? $100 plus drinks? $300 plus drinks?
It depends. You have from 10 dollar burgers to 60 dollar roundhouses.

File: IMG_0112.jpg (1MB, 3024x4032px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 3024x4032px
How does one learn graphic design without shilling out money to an arts school?

Pic unrelated
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you would go on Youtube and learn shit, of course

important things to learn are how to use Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/maybe Acrobat, knowing color theory/color printers/typography, and how to prepare for/make projects, mostly digital but some print knowledge would be beneficial

check out TastyTuts on Youtube as a resource to use

>t. shilled out money to attend a graphic design course for half a year
YouTube. If you don't mind shelling out a few bucks it might be worth getting a Lynda account.
Get a CGPeers account, pirate Lynda courses on

Adobe Creative Suite (Ps / Id / Ai)

File: shadowbanned.png (85KB, 882x1199px)Image search: [Google]
85KB, 882x1199px
design a shitpost, post result
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that isn't good
its not supposed to be
File: Stress vomiting.png (128KB, 577x715px)Image search: [Google]
Stress vomiting.png
128KB, 577x715px
another one

i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find this image without the Splash/Logo? Kinda important. Thanks
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If it's important, either buy the image or remove the watermarking. If it has no value to you in either money or time then it isn't important.
Current at grandmas, no photoshop and it's for a funeral. Can someone help me out please?

Also i think shutterstock is a scam site, $49 for 5 images. Don't have that kind of money.

File: guardians poster small.jpg (2MB, 3600x5400px)Image search: [Google]
guardians poster small.jpg
2MB, 3600x5400px
I wanted to make a poster design that paid tribute to all of the bright colors and retro style that Marvel has been incorporating into the latest phase. I am aiming to get that screen printed look, like something you would see on Mondo. My artistic skills are nowhere near that level yet, so I simply edited photos I pulled from Google to show a harsh contrast in shadows and dramatically change color highlights. Any tips at all for making it look more illustrated (besides slapping a filter on it) is very much appreciated! Thanks for the input!
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>lose the tripcode, fag
>learn how to resize
>i want to make a great great tribute!
>but i dont know how!
first time poster dude, friend told me to post here for feedback. What's wrong with the sizing, could you be more specific please?

File: racing.png (2MB, 1890x1417px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1890x1417px
I've been screwing around with scupltgl and photoshop lately, this is the fruit of my work.
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that is truly amazing
Perhaps Etch-a-Sketch is more your thing.
File: jayjay.jpg (235KB, 1589x865px)Image search: [Google]
235KB, 1589x865px
Holy shit OP i can't thank you enough for bringing sculptgl into my life. I made this just for you to show my gratitude.

File: PDny7z2.jpg (131KB, 686x959px)Image search: [Google]
131KB, 686x959px
Can someone explain the deal with Photoshop and PNG files?

I've heard that photoshop cant create resizable transparency graphics because everything coming out of photoshop is supposed to be a photograph.
If you resize a photoshop file it just starts to get blurry - whereas an Illustrator file will always have a sharp edge?

I've been on /p/ for years working with RAW and Tiff files - but if I want to make a transparent header for my website am i better off using Illustrator?
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>I want to make a transparent header for my website
You can't use vector graphics on your website, you need a rasterized image for that, which isn't resizable but you already know the target size.
You can either create it in Illustrator or photoshop but you will need to export it as a png with your desired size
Sure, alright, that makes sense.

But is it right that Photoshop simply cannot produce scalable graphics full stop? Because everything it produces (including PNGs) is rasterized?

(Not true vectors etc)
yes. photoshop produces rasterized images and you can't enlarge those without losing quality.

use illustrator for vectorial stuff

different tools for different things

Can someone identify this for me?

Thanks in advance
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It's a billboard.
Also interested, really cool poster/board Imo tbqh
you lazy fucks. It's 'Knockout' in various widths by Hoefler & Frere-Jones (Now Hoefler & Co.)

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