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How do i create the chrome-like finish/color pattern used in the 'Hackerman' theme?
pic related
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I don't know, trapcode starglow with red/blue colours + horizontal blur maybe?
and low res. i've seen ae plugins for that too.
And by that i mean the vhs look.

I've hit a slump in creativity. I have a job that needs to be completed by this Wednesday. Post your creative process. Also, general critique thread of what you are currently working on. Do not post without first contributing
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>smoke weed
>jerk off
>clear mind
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>Smoke weed
>jerk off
How much money do you make a year? I doubt it is enough to ween you from mommy and daddy.
Yay! I love projections! First off, great job at shifting the conversation. Second, I don't live with my parents, and third I make enough to afford me little luxuries like weed now and again.

Not enough white space and the design is too cluttered. Too much white space and then it looks empty. Any tips on how to get it just right?
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Some people like excess white space. Like me.
Try a very slight gradient per panel? You do not. Need more items on the pages though
White space creates sections in your design. In the example you posted, there are "products" sections that I feel need more white space above and below.

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What would you do with this? Or what would you put it on?
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the letters are kinda bad. wiw not iww?
what's a better typeface?
are you seriously rebranding IWW ? Why ?

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POSTER 7.jpg
2MB, 2480x3508px
So this is the first poster i made for a party, how did it turned out? Also i would gladly accept any criticism.
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bruv for your first poster that is some dank shit. great work lad. but i still got some crit for ya

1. heirarchy is not very clear. what's most important? what do i look at first? what do i look at second? 3rd? 4th? right now EVERYTHING IS CAPS AND BIG AND LOUD SO THERE IS LESS CONTRAST AND ORDER

2. the text at the bottom which is aligned upright feels too close to the rotated text in the middle.
it's promising for a first work ever but it's also not very good as is. I recommend you learn typography and color pairing.
Don't forget the golden ratio and some typography combinations

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Hi, i am a graphic designer and been kinda really depressed from past month. Upwork banned my account for no reason i got like 10 jobs with in a month with 5 stars and they said your skill doesnt match the requirement blah blah. anyhow i want to know is there any other freelancing way to earn money because the competition is kinda really tough around everywhere. Sorry for bad English because english isn't my basic language. Aside from language jokes help me out. OR tell me what should i do next in graphic designing? i mainly do logos and all the print material stuff.
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PIC related is a mockup made by me. the post Owner.
Get some extra work under your portfolio. Maybe approach a local free paper to help design it. If all you have done is logos and header sheets, you will always be chasing the next £50.
My main client is a magazine group and I design about 15 issues per year. This makes up 80% of my workload and money–the rest is smaller jobs which are always a pain in the arse.
I've like 300-400 items for my portfolio but i don't get free time to do it. always doing stuff for household i am a boy yes and next month is my engagement. :-(

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headmag.tk which is not even close to done. I made it in fucking MS Paint surprisingly
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the hair ruins it
Agreed, hair ruins it, the headphones don't look right, and unsurprisingly, I believe you made it in paint.
>Copperplate Gothic

New logo for web Dev agency, tear it apart for me please
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Well for starters its sideways.
bland and dated for a 'modern design agency' if you ask me.
too many colors for such a small difference in contrast. also i feel like the colors together are not very strong. The grey is really random and looks pretty bad. if anything I would make it a really light bluish grey, and then having the colors range from the blue to light grey.
and 'lakeside dev' might look better if they were conjoined in some way, like 'lakesidedev' and are separated only by contrast of color and I would say maybe trying to change the weight of dev or something.

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bandana T.png
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which is a better t-shirt for this band?


the 1st?

the 2nd?

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moonlight T.png
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File: bandana style.png (288KB, 753x1000px)Image search: [Google]
bandana style.png
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File: moonlight style.png (88KB, 506x900px)Image search: [Google]
moonlight style.png
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File: MJIB Logo 2015_update.png (237KB, 1042x1042px)Image search: [Google]
MJIB Logo 2015_update.png
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Why not One.com? I built something nicer than that, at least automatically scalable to mobile unlike yours.
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>When "designers" don't even design their own website

Try again

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Here's something I did in photoshop. I'm trying to get better at using negative space but I think I gave it too much detail. What would be some better ways I could approach something like this?

Also, are there any quick and dirty tutorials for doing basic vector line work like this in illustrator? The only tuts I can find on youtube are like 45 minutes long and they go over way more things than I need to know about.
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I legit thought this was a diagram for a vagina
+1 totally saw a diagram of a vag first

this one is straight to the point just skip the steps you consider unnecessary, what i usually do is to draw a quick sketch very small then take a picture of it with the phone drag it onto illustrator, set the opacity to 60% and lock the image then just start drawing the vector lines on top of it.

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Need this done asap... had to go to a museum for an assignment but was out of town. Needing someone to photoshop me BELIEVABLY into the photo of my friends at the museum. Drop your emails down when you post your image. Thank you guys so much!! Need the linked photo attached to the photo on this post.
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File: IMG_0066.png (2MB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
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Picture of me on left
post your email pleb, also use /wsr/ next time
File: mrh.png (1MB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
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i was bored, i dont care if you like it or not

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Can I call myself "mediocre" webdesigner now atleast >.< ?
C'mon, webm related is no longer beginner tier.
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File: styyle.webm (191KB, 960x508px)Image search: [Google]
191KB, 960x508px
header can be centered but text beneath usually is better left aligned.

not bad though. what is your rate?
Still pretty beginner imo.
You can make that in Principle for mac in like 5 minutes.

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Can one of you Photoshop wizards please help me figure out how they achieved this effect? Looks like they selected the edges of a figure and put a white background behind it.
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that's line art / illustration
vectors, probably done in illustrator
Illustrator. Bring in image, go to image trace and select high fidelity photo, hit expand and then remove everything but the linework

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Got bored, made this poster. Thinking along the lines of if the NSA went public with the "Big Brother" stuff and made it into a community based government program. How does it look? Pointers on making it nicer?
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You need a grid, my dude. I like the color, I like your type choices, but you gotta grid this up. And a more straightforward layout might better convey the whole gov't bureau we'll protect you but take us seriously thing you're working at.
So should I abandon the angles? I was sort of going for a crude aperture around the "community". "We're watching you"
i like the angles actually, but the uncle sam line at the end doesn't really fit the theme, i think?

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