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File: Kekistani Flag.png (109KB, 2000x1200px)Image search: [Google]
Kekistani Flag.png
109KB, 2000x1200px
I have made a masterpiece in paint.net a high res Kekistani Flag and I know it's not perfect
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Couldn't do the E perfect or the 4chan logo in the top left corner
Why is it that every autist from /pol/ who wanders their way here completely eats shit at design? I'm not even generalizing when I say I have yet to see a single decent thing from any of you.

Do you guys do this on other boards, too? Like do you go to /ic/ with crayon drawings of yourself getting spitroasted by Milo and Richard Spencer and go "Hey guys kek and stuff and maga is this any good? Instead of being talented I just gave Spencer a giant cock to piss off libcucks"
File: Fuck You.png (26KB, 2440x1276px)Image search: [Google]
Fuck You.png
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This is pure art if this is not good 4 u

File: glass-of-water.jpg (117KB, 515x396px)Image search: [Google]
117KB, 515x396px
i literally have to make a logo design for water
the name of the water is "voda voda" which in my language literally means water water
ive had 2 ideas and that's it.
i have no idea what to do and my professor is of no help.
She tells me both of them suck ass and i think so too.
someone please help me out or at least give me some advice
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also can someone point to like a book or something where i can learn to design good?
im probs gonna need it
i already have a few ideas but i don't want to give them to you, maybe just start by collecting inspiration / references after that see what logos similar companies are using and then just start sketching using pen and paper, the water itself is very difficult to portray so maybe just design some monogram with the letters "vv" and add a minimal graphic element or something that suggest water.
also for books on logos just read david airey logo design love @bookzz.org
ill try that if i post some sketches here is anyone actually willing to give me some advice?
if i havent already said im very new to graphic design.

File: welcome poster.png (128KB, 826x1100px)Image search: [Google]
welcome poster.png
128KB, 826x1100px
what d'you think, is it good?
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File: welcome poster 2.png (128KB, 824x1100px)Image search: [Google]
welcome poster 2.png
128KB, 824x1100px
got this palette also
Looks quite good but you missed the deadline for this kind of stuff by about ehhhh 2 months and like 10 days.
Personally the only things I'd change is make all the shapes a bit more freeform like the characters, they're geometric at the moment which is kinda stiff; and potentially rethink the title typeface. Other than that, great.

File: hs661.jpg (772KB, 1056x1327px)Image search: [Google]
772KB, 1056x1327px
Can someone provide clarity on Adobe's Photoshop licenses? Because I'm confused.

Photography Plan gives you Photoshop & Lightroom for about $10 a month, which seems like a good deal considering Single App Licenses cost about $20 a month. Then I see that the Student License also has a Photography Plan for $10, what the fuck?

Is the standard "Photography Plan" not for commercial use under any circumstance? If not, why is it priced the same as the student equivalent? Why would anyone ever buy a student license for Photoshop?
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have no clue. i use the student discount on the all apps plan and pay about $20/month. for the photography plan i guess theres no student discount
Just pirate it. The idea of paying per month for Photoshop is offensive to me.
It's rather simple.

1. The $12 Photoplan is a discount bundle that include PS & LR, marketing specifically to people that only want those 2 programs. IE, Adobe isn't offering "bundle any 2 for $10". It's those 2 specifically.

2. The Single App for $23 is because customers demanded a single app pricing option. PS is in that last because it is a single app, and included for completeness.

Both options can be used commercially.

3. The $13 Student License is just like every student license that every other software company has offered for the past 20 years. It's for students, and can't be used commercially. The fact that it's the same price as the Photo Bundle is incidental.

File: cintiq-companion2-02-g.jpg (71KB, 960x640px)Image search: [Google]
71KB, 960x640px
My wife's birthday is coming up soon and I am looking at getting her a drawing tablet. She has been doing logo design for some photographer friends and other people/connections we've met through them. She's about to start her second year of college, but this is the first year that she is doing any graphic design specific classes. I honestly don't know much about the subject, but I am curious to know what devices are commonly used by some of you. I had a friend who used a Wacom Companion thing and he really liked it, but we've fallen out of favor and I don't even know if he still does much in the field. The ones I've looked at also only have 4th and 5th generation intel processors and I don't want to pay $1500 for old tech. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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There are cheaper brands than Wacom, you might want to look them up and compare reviews
File: 17_tn.jpg (3KB, 150x112px)Image search: [Google]
3KB, 150x112px
Any recommendations?

File: 165846.jpg (1MB, 995x1417px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 995x1417px
Need serious critique, what should i improve and what should i do better. Im new in this buissnes..
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that seems like a drawing >>>/ic/ not /gd/
but PS, so id dont know
people at /gd/ mostly use adobe illustrator/indesign/after effects and photoshop for compositing or retouching
/ic/ is for drawings/illustrations and they do use photoshop a lot.

File: c6gmk9puiaansqf.jpg (153KB, 1172x1172px)Image search: [Google]
153KB, 1172x1172px
How does this ad make you feel /gd/?

They also have a slogan "Stop being Ripped off by paying $100 for a logo".
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think it would have done them good to at least get someone who wasn't homeless to design their logo. The actual slogan seems like a piece of internet pandering bull imo.
Someone should make an add for them that says


File: WHYISTHIS.png (220KB, 740x772px)Image search: [Google]
220KB, 740x772px
why is the page the green arrow points to a more vibrant red than the other pages? despite having the same colours. im new to indesign btw
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ARE they the same colours? Did you check to make sure that one isn't RGB, and the other CMYK?
yep checked it, all the colour numbers match
they look the same on my phone but not on my laptop maybe change the color profile or calibrate your monitor or try copy paste them onto a new document or maybe on illustrator to see if the error persists

File: prio(t)andboxlogo.png (140KB, 1500x1500px)Image search: [Google]
140KB, 1500x1500px
Me and My friends are attemting to create a street brand called PRIOR. It'd be helpful to get constructive criticism & ideas. This is not a finalized logo and fonts will very depending on merchandise. we are planning on selling clothes, hats, stickers, etc. (pink 4 contrast)
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OP. It's supposed to say RIOT, inside of PRIOR
File: BynpC8mf9891S3EWLg684pbF3W1iEZ.jpg (263KB, 560x1470px)Image search: [Google]
263KB, 560x1470px
>>303019 >>303020
i like the idea a lot but the execution and type are pretty bad, it doesn't read riot at all, i've been taken some clases on typography, lettering and illustration and usually they recommend to stay away from the computer and start sketching with pen and paper first (it might take you a while if you don't know what you're doing)
also i'm actually looking for fun projects to practice so if you want leave an alternate email and i'll see if i can come up with something for you guys or at least give some tips or advice.
Thanks use this email "altmailforjeez at gmail"

File: typotest.png (43KB, 700x806px)Image search: [Google]
43KB, 700x806px
Ignore the cat, I like a feedback on Typography.
1. Do they fit? (Rollerscript Smooth, Futura XBlk)
2. Are there alternatives?

I have tried to give contrast, went for same x-height, similarity in c, s, u, t and i.

I'm not sure about, if I have done it right. I know there's no strict rules about, it's a trial and error thing.
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File: Untitled-1.png (83KB, 1900x1900px)Image search: [Google]
83KB, 1900x1900px
Damn! I should have done the black bow under the cat… I had considered it, but tried without.

What font did you use?
> I know there's no strict rules about...

Content hierarchy
Make sure what you want people to see first, is the first thing they'll look at
With your example, they'll see the "Pictures" before other stuff

File: J39jf.png (4KB, 175x175px)Image search: [Google]
4KB, 175x175px
I'm speaking on behalf of a depressed, online friend from CANADA that's concerned about his situation and too paranoid to ask. He has suffered from a range of mental issues over the last few years.

He put together several flyers for a small food company without owning a commercial license for the design program that he uses. I only know that he barely makes money from this work.

Did he screw himself over or should he just purchase a commercial license now? Could said company have his computer's MAC addresses logged, IP, etc.? What precautions should he take? He is terrified to purchase the program because he believes the company will search for him and find a way to sue him into the ground.

I know some people will give me trolling answer but I'm genuinely curious. Thanks!
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It's a very remote possibility that he will be tracked down and sued, especially as he is an individual. I'd give a different answer if he were a large, notable design agency.

As far as what happens if he purchases a valid license - no, they aren't going to compare IP numbers and then sue him for past use. They'll just be happy to have a new customer.
The odds are exactly zero. Lawsuits cost money. There is no economic sense in Adobe or whatever in suing your depressed online friend. Same goes for fonts, companies get sued for that sort of shit, but never people that I've heard of.

Just think about it from an economical standpoint, the company isn't some vindictive child that will get mad at you if you steal it's toys. As an individual, or an LLC making pennies or whatever your buddy has set up he's got very little to fear. You're many orders of magnitude more likely to get a "Cease and Desist" letter, though personally (doing some fermi estimation based on googling) I'd put the odds of you getting even a cease and desist at well below the odds of getting struck by lightning until you're making at least a hundred grand in yearly revenue.

Thanks... my friend will be relieved to hear this.

File: logo_2x.png (2KB, 200x48px)Image search: [Google]
2KB, 200x48px
hey /gd I just started out with graphic design! this is my first logo! what do you think!
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not a logo, unless you designed the typeface.
Obvious troll. Alphabet is Google's parent company and the typeface is Product Sans made by Google Design.
It's kind of a dumb thing to say... If you didn't make the typeface yourself then it's not a logo? Why that? All the logo using helvetica aren't really logos except the ones made by Medinger? Wtf...


Are these guys wizards? They do everything in Illustrator
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have to do each spot individually :p
An Illustrator plugin probably. Something like Astute graphics - phantasm or stipplism.
Btw if you even looked for 5 fucking seconds on their home page you'll see they have process videos and even say they use illustrator, photoshop and screen printing to produce the posters.

File: unknown17471.jpg (469KB, 1920x1200px)Image search: [Google]
469KB, 1920x1200px
This is a recruitment exam. Anyone who wishes to participate may. Try your best, and have fun.
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Wow bleeding cowboys this must be serious
someone go to the link and return with info.

Am I close? It's /gd/ related.

File: colortest.png (6KB, 439x436px)Image search: [Google]
6KB, 439x436px
Which of these sets of colors match?
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aot, k
they all look the same to me m8
RGB values of each
Left 1: 206, 46, 47. Right 1: 206, 46, 47
Left 2: 206, 47, 54. Right 2: 206, 47, 54
Left 3: 206, 46, 47 Right 3: 206, 47, 54

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