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Where can I find all the ligatures in the world? What's the name of this encyclopedia or website?
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any digram is a ligature if you're brave enough
the only ligatures you should care about are already listed in wikipedia, and even most of them are shit nobody cares about
æ, ff, ffi, fi, œ, ß and st are the only relevant ones
not even remotely complete. When I found an 11th century manuscript on my shelf and did my research, I found books (on google.books) listing thousands of ligatures for a single font alone! (beneventana in this case)

I'm running GIMP on linux with g'mic but for some reason my hilarious memes can't come into being because the shitty blend (seamless) just moves the face to the side and cuts it. Other blends make no visible change to the image. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

not a request i think, couldn't find anything on google
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You're using GIMP on Linux you fucking tool
fuck that's funny

thanks anyway
Dude, seriously....invest the money in a decent photoshop licence. I know it's expensive, but gimp not worth your time.

Once upon a time I used gimp and inkscape too. But it's just way too complicated, the tutorials are way too complicated and pretty much the only advantage (except for the o so useful option to export pictures as c source code) is that it's free.

Also Linux is a nice system. But Gnome and (probably) ubuntu are probably not the system set up you want to use if you want to get decent driver support from your graphics adapter/card.

I personally use windows 10, which (undoubtly) is a disease in itself, but offers a lot of drivers for all sorts of shit. I mean, you can even use a mapped guitaer hero controler to draw stuff if you really want to. And you don't need to comple some obscure packages.

I paid for my CS6 design and Web premium US licence around 480€. For the range of programs you get I consider that an acceptable price (except Adobe Acrobat Pro X that piece of shit failure of a program)

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Whick mockup market would /gd/ recommend for posting your shit?
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None. There are so many free alternatives, why would I pay for something so irrelevant?

Because it is relevant for design teams?
Don't be so dense, dude. Nobody's paying for that shit. There are dozens of free (and good) mock-ups all over the internet.

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1MB, 1920x1080px
Doing wallpapers and banners. Here are some of my work, if you are interested email me at [email protected]
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i make ytb banners for 50$ plox contact me if ur interested

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Anything .gif to look at for hours while high. Please and thank you <3
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File: dmc1.gif (1MB, 200x200px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 200x200px

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In the midst of doing my first >$2000 full branding job (website, branding, marketing, etc). Doing it for some pretentious /lit/ group. I am in the early stages of the brand design. I'd appreciate feedback. Animation is a pencil.
Rest of it is here:
>PW is xdxd12

Moreover, post your websites/digital portfolios. I am interested in how you display yours.
>General critique thread
>Portfolio design/presentation thread
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Comp 1.gif
1MB, 450x450px
File: never-cease.gif (246KB, 498x498px)Image search: [Google]
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Some rough concepts.
File: Scribbles are art.png (1MB, 1080x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Scribbles are art.png
1MB, 1080x1080px

File: SIDE BY SIDE.png (74KB, 1364x709px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey I have been working on a Logo and I'm no graphic designer by anymeans so I'm hoping to get input or a critique. I like the silhouette but I don't know what to do with it from here. Its a TGD all combined together.

The attached picture is the mono black silhouette and a collor gradient one with a shadow.

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woops *color
the G isn't really visible, because either you have TgD and no one's looking for lowercase or you have TD with flamboyant serifs.
Alright thanks man!

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ITT: Strange Websites

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man, what is this I'm scared
File: 1472311875591.jpg (75KB, 500x675px)Image search: [Google]
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This actually fucking freaked me out. Well done anon.
It's like The Ring movies. If you watched it all the way (until the circle stopped growing) you will be possessed and eventually killed.

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Hey guys, any idea of how could I achieve chromatic aberration for the text as in pic related? It would be for a project with InDesign.
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Filter>Camera Raw Filter>Lens Correction.

Adjust the defringe sliders.

you could also go to the channels tab and move the red and blue channels to the left and right, respectively.
They applied the effect to the bar code too?

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Anyone know anything about commercial printers?
I'm looking to buy one to sell all types of high quality prints, magazines, posters, packaging etc.
Which are the best? My budget is 2k
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I've worked in a print centre before mate, and I can tell you that for 2k you'll be able to do very little.

The type of printer that will do magazine pages will be different to one that can do posters and packaging, etc. They are dedicated machines that cost anywhere from £800 (An A3 laser printer) to £5000+ (A wide format Poster-printer).

Then you need to consider toners, inks, paper stocks, binding machines and materials, the space to put this shit, etc.
i don't know much about types of printers, would you recommend any that would be good enough for like just printing a3 posters, up to 300dpi, different tones and paper.
nah, don't remember specific models, soz. If I were you I'd work in a printshop for a few weeks, there are a lot of subtleties to it that will help you; right now it sounds like you're fumbling in the dark a bit. Never a good spot to start a business from.

File: 1481150146436.jpg (326KB, 899x899px)Image search: [Google]
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This is the 3rd year since i got a job for printing preparations.
2 since i found out im colorblind and that a kangaroo cant be green.
Im earning for a living doing a job i shouldnt be doing in the first place but i guess the computer age is responsible for that.
I only need to worry about 4 plates and CMYK, i have a sampling tool for everything else.
Got a few close calls with the brown and green shades i never noticed and once didnt know which tin bucket of paint i was supposed to ask for since workers only smear a tiny sample on top of it, since we get the cheapest one whose labels fall off.
Anyone else here in the job who is colorblind?
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I'm a chemistry student, I need to be able to tell which color the solution has taken on.
As for amateur GD, I usually work in black n white. Sometimes shades of red and blue.
Making something brown will fail horribly.
You mix orange with blue, or red with green, or purple with yellow.
I have no idea why brown isnt just black mixed with red but i have no concept of colors, i see mostly saturation instead of a color of a color, if that makes any sense.
I think there is an app that can show you the RGB or CMYK values. Once you learn which mixture of which values (basic clolors) give which colors, its easy to know color.
sounds rough anon.
however, i think the fact that print is very formulamatic is in your favor. Its really about knowing your numbers and what colors they produce.

not sure how legit these are for accurate color, but might help.


File: TRPPYSTIC.jpg (1MB, 6000x6000px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 6000x6000px
so my visual graphics class is supposed to make something related to the pause symbol, and this is what i came up with. so please critique it and give me ideas on how to improve it
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>had to make something related to the pause symbol
>made a pause symbol

also y u gotta export previews at 6k?
What are you trying to express?
When I'm asking this question as a prompt rather than out of sheer confusion, then it will be improved.
[spoiler]just make a language-neutral stop or yield sign[/spoiler]
desu i really don't know what i want to express.
I just did it cause i liked the design, there really isnt anything behind it like some secret meaning

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I'm a Graphic Design student. What is the best laptop for this field? I've read that Macbooks are and no one in the field will take you seriously if you use anything else.
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No one IN the field actually cares if you're on a Mac or PC. They care about what you can do with the software; the computer you're using is practically irrelevant.
Yeah macs are better even if I hate Apple, 90% of the softwares I'm using doesn't even exist on Windows. And they're better at multitasking. But if someone disregard your work only because you're on a PC, you're better off.

File: 1425860960969.png (547KB, 500x750px)Image search: [Google]
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How do you get inspired about anything? Specially when designing layouts for sites? I start doing them and I get sick of them because 90% of all the shit out there is the same garbage as everything else. Even the sites where they offer inspiration for design is all the fucking same as well it's all so uninspiring.
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Read books and look at art.
Think outside the box, when you look at other peoples work and try to find inspiration, don't copy obviously but look for a variation and your style into play.

I'm not a web designer but when I work it works for me every time.
I drive.
Seriously. If I'm feeling like shit, or just can't come up with anything, a nice midnight drive usually helps.

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How would you fix it?
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>How would you fix it?
not sure, I guess Id have to somehow force your mom into getting an abortion

Man, I am just saying senpai, how do you make something bad into something good.
get a boarding pass

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