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Hey guys
My dad recently passed away and I was hoping someone would be able to convert these images into line artwork to engrave on his tombstone. I'd like just him and the horse, as well as just him on his bike (Without the backgrounds)
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This is the second pic
it seems like a lot of of work to do it for free, why not pay a designer to do it instead?
nowadays you can get goof results for cheap (you'll need to pay prob $40-60 per image) maybe try at namepros/digitalpoint contests forums or freelancer.com

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I dusted off the ol' intuos 3. I can't use the express keys and there's no sensitivity.
It does draw so that's half a win.
Latest drivers for macos sierra don't seem to work (waiting for synchronization in the wacome tablet preferences).
Can the /gd/ fame help out please?
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Sounds like you haven't visited the Wacom control panel.
in the applications folder or the preferences pane?

It's been 3+ years since I was on a Mac; I can't remember exactly where it installs. On Windows it's a control panel. But that gives you the settings to activate the things that aren't working.

having this issue in illustrator cc on osx, its putting glitchy lines in objects with Gradients.
if anyone knows of a solution? there not in it when i export
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not enough information dude
is it a path, a group or a compound path?
any pathfinder flags?
give us a anchor point view via cmd-Y at least
Its a path,
unsure what a patch finder flag is? iv recently moved from windows and did not have this issue with the same files befoe.
its 14 x 15 inches
That is one seriously fucked up path; the lines of the flower are crossing themselves. This results in an faux compound path, which is not a good thing.

Select it, run Divide, then Combine back together.

File: IMG_2380.jpg (140KB, 1200x630px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm trying to make a vector of this pic related currently, I'm using photoshop cc 2015 I know I'm just making my life harder but this is a one time thing, how can I accurately replicate the spikes in the tire? I'm tried making a selection and filling it but I can't get them to line up evenly creating a spokes effect I can't find anything helpful so I came here
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You use illustrator and the pen tool

"How do i cut out a square in this wood sheet? im using a hammer i know im just making my life harder but this is a one time thing"
pick one

just try illustrator it shouldn't take longer than 5 mins

basically make a circle remove the fill, make one spike at the top, select the circle and the spike alt+click rotate tool, change the value to 8 or 10 and pick copy, after that just press ctrl+d for duplicating the spikes
I'm not making vectors all the time so I just use photoshop

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Dear 4chan: If you could make a cartoon and have it aired, not worrying about how it may be receieved by judgemental faggots, what would it be like?
(Include characters, story arc, what makes it unique)
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try asking at /ic/ animation thread, i would probably take my time and once i came up with the story/characters i would start by making some sort of storyboard/comic (read the art of the matrix) and then i would probably do all the animations with 3d since it's easier and the post in after effects. also i couldn't care less about likes or dislikes
/gd/ aren't story writers although we think we are
What the hell does this have to do with /gd?

File: 20170331095550_glitch.jpg (1MB, 1632x1224px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1632x1224px
Someone posted this on /gd/ a while ago.
How was it made? 3d software or photoshop?
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I think is with Photoshop.
i can see some similarities like the shadows
I made something similar with Maya a whike back if that helps
Looks like vertex and fragment shaders. Possible touch up in Photoshop. Could achieve the hand style with some of the default materials in zbrush. Bg is generic fluid simulator, probably a sigraph one for simulating paint.
Circle looks custom, like it was coded as a displacement shader on top of a regular marble texture.
Also fuck the creator for watermarking black on black. Why do people suck at watermarks so bad, fuck.. I know I can just reverse search but damn.

Can someone identify this font ?
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What the font results. Close but not quite. Those A's and lowercase s's are pretty unique.
I know I've seen this before in other old movie credits and one time in the font library in my school's mac lab years ago.

Would you be able to supply more screencaps that might have examples of different letters?
either Titania or Athenian-Normal. Both look the same.

but seriously, next time consider using whatfontis identifier or whatfontis forum instead of asking here

File: 1490820816733.webm (2MB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Need to create a law firm logo but I dont want to use the overused owl/mace/greek pillar/pen/balance iconography. Give me ideas.
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File: blindfold.jpg (749KB, 1200x799px)Image search: [Google]
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Play around with this.
just set they're name in a good font without any symbol, fucking idiot

File: cake4.png (249KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Her name is DJ Cake.. made a few logo concepts to send her. Started with number 1 below. She's stated that she doesnt like anything so far (1 through 3). Number 4, I just sent today. She said that's a better idea (thank god) and to try to make it involve a cursive (script) font. Anyone have any suggestions or inspiration? I can't seem to actually incorporate cake in any cool way yet. She said that cake doesnt need to be in there, mostly just looking for cool typography that conveys a bit of girly attitude. Thx guys!

1.) http://imgur.com/CPlfoDy
2.) http://imgur.com/g0KCkU6
3.) http://imgur.com/hjO7qj8
4.) http://imgur.com/63rCHxC
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Has she given you music preferences. And honestly, do you really blame her for not liking the initial designs? They are cliche.
And a bit of girl attitude? This is like estrogen-barbie bitch galore.
I'd charge at least $1500 for working with her type (yeah, I am projecting).
Why would you even send her the other ones? They're not feminine at all and look like generic skrillex knock offs. Light blue is still feminine without looking like a barbie.
Does she produce children's music?

File: 1491133138332-465931262.jpg (4MB, 5312x2988px)Image search: [Google]
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What do you guys think would be the best method of redesigning a currency?
I've been assigned a project to do just that while having to use primarily photo shop but I may use some assets from illustrator.
These instructions are pretty vague so I was curious as to how anyone would go about it.
Pic unrelated, I am currently on mobile sorry.
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Think about the functional and symbolically important parts of the design, and thing about WHY they're functional and symbolically important.

Look at foreign currencies to see how they handle emphasizing these aspects.

Spoiler: your professor expects colorcoding, size coding, large print numbers, and a reselection of pictures to match a modern conception of your country's identity (fewer bureaucrats and presidents or monarchs, more artists and reformers; fewer seats of power, more landmarks.)
Thanks! I've got most of the concepts down
I was more curious about how to handle the actual crration of the bill, I've made the layout in illustrator but the project is meant to be done primarily in photoshop.
Is there some way to make a layout in photoshop that I'm missing?
I'm relatively new to Adobe
Short answer, and I'm not being a dick for the sake of it. Photoshop comes with a manual, and there are thousands of tutorials on youtube.

Go do the work required to learn how to use the tool you've been assigned to use.

File: Lord'sPrayer090106-2.jpg (172KB, 798x1155px)Image search: [Google]
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(no native english-writer/speaker, requests are unfavorable, so i also share some i know also picture not made by me)

Hail /gb/,
i come frome /wsr/ in need of help in finding the following; from perfect to good;

- A calligraphy & writing and/or scripture & lettering themed online-chartoom
- A online-chatroom for art with calligraphy & writing and/or scripture & lettering channel
- A small but active forum & community with the aforementioned theme
- A forum for calligrahpy and writing

I asked /wsr/ in hope to join & become a learning, appreciating and contributing member of said community - if existing, or willing to share by anyone. I hoped to benefit from the experience one may have made in said communities, wich Google can not provide.
Anyway, i will keep an eye open for any sign of calligraphy here in /gd/ from now on. As i dont want to come empty-handed, i share the two sites and one YT-channel i know and appreciate.

https://www.printablepaper.net/ - for all kinds of printable paper
http://www.zanerian.com/ - "Promoting the Art, History and Techniques of Ornamental Penmanship" (engrosser, copperplate, ornamental)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY2G-n-UbUI master-penwoman; Wonderfull ornamental script, reviews on nibs, ink, paper & pens

I tried google, found no chatrooms & dont know if cool people;
i'll be lurking /gb/ and try to contribute if possible

With respect,
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... if important, this is the post i came from:


also: This fine art is all i love, i'm poor, mental ill, no friends or family, parents dead - and dead inside. But when i see written word like in these pictures ... it's so intense what i feel.
File: topk.jpg (4KB, 194x110px)Image search: [Google]
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did you tried searching on fb groups yet? they are usually closed so you'll need to talk to the admins first.
also there's reddit.com/r/Lettering/ although i'm not a reddit user so i don't know much about that one. and i'll bet there's a few more active groups at tumblr, vk, deviantart or any major "artsy" social media sites
also watch

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to understand how large I can enlarge a picture without losing its quality. Is there some magic way to determine whether a photo will enlarge well, or not? Let's say I have a 160 kb image that I want to enlarge to 2x3 feet.
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Short answer: no.
the size does not determine how good will it look on a printed surface, the resolution does. You can have an ultrahd black picture that has only black pixels and it will have a very small size. If this is your picture it will look crap.
thanks for the replys. If I'm talking just general print size (say 24 by 36 inches) what resolution/size image do I need?

File: the-color-of-joy-michael-durst.jpg (322KB, 900x635px)Image search: [Google]
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what's a good art program that

>allows you to seamlessly transition from a 2D to a 3D canvas
>allows you to make 3D meshes and then paint directly on them
>allows you to literally paint 3D models into a space should it be needed
>allows you to animate frame by frame on a timeline along with the ability for motion tweens and camera movement (mix of CSP+Animate CC)
>has panels for references, miscellanous sketchmarks, and image post-processing
>possibly even allows for pose dolls as reference
>has a wide variety of brush options and customization
>has a good blending tool
>can still function as something like photoshop or sai should people just need an art program
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zbrush has half of those
Which of them does it not have?
the ones about animation and post-processing, (for animation maybe maya, c4d or some game engine and for post maybe ps or keyshot) usually people who make models doesn't work on animation (rigging/motion cap)


Does anyone know how to make images like this? Basically vector lines in 3d space? I tried using illustrator but it only maps 2d vectors onto 3d surfaces.
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here are some more photos
File: 1483928165999.jpg (633KB, 1344x742px)Image search: [Google]
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huh just pen tool it?

File: TBD.png (165KB, 668x1017px)Image search: [Google]
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How old would you say this character looks?
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14 year old boy on antiandrogens.

i would say ditch the headband.
the ears are at a bad angle and the horns come from the back of the head.
the mouth is way too small.
the hair and face have too little detail compared to everything else.
maybe don't put a black dress on a black background, try 30% gray.
Not at all what i asked but thank for the criticism anyway

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