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what do y'all've think?
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its shit right?
fuck you, critique thread is over there:
You just traced over the TF2 paint bucket lmao

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>Make this shit poster better /gd/

WTF was Disney thinking?
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looks like they were thinking that they wanted the nostalgia factor without going full retro. also wanted a blue light shining through pure red to symbolize her being the hope for good shining through a world of evil. their faces aren't on the same level cause otherwise it would look like some kinda gender bender story. so they put luke's face higher and bigger since he's the old master and shes the young student.

its ok. i feel like its lacking the usual mashup of character portraits. I feel like I'd like to see more going on in the upper half while keeping the lower half simplistic and empty like it is.
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yfw it is a painting
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Nice description senpai

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Hey guys, it's my first day at work and i need a vector version of this logo really quick.

Does anyone know what font this is? Thanks for any help.
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Horizontally scaled Times New Roman Bold. If you are going to do this for a living you should learn to distinguish fonts and at least memorize the most common ones.
thank you so much

but why should i memorize fonts if font manager takes care of it. and i never use times new roman, i have rarely even seen it outside Word.
>but why should i memorize fonts if font manager takes care of it
get the fuck out

Anybody have any thoughts on how to visualize the concept of "Visual Design"? I'm working for a business that confines themselves to these hexagons for their icons so I'm trying to do something interesting with it.

He says at first glance it doesn't really scream "visual design", but I'm hard pressed to find any other ways of doing it. Also trying to stay away from cliches.
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tey want wot?
They want an icon for "visual design"
After a bit of a refresher and questions, it's going to be used to represent the design department in their business on this platform called Jira, which is used to track and view projects. Although it'll usually be accompanied by "Visual Design Team", they want the icon to somewhat stand on its own as well.

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Hey. I'm a rookie aspiring animator and I was wondering if you guys could recomend a software that does the folowing:
>Uses traditional animation style
>Allows to draw frame by frame
>Is exclusive for 2D
If you find any other than flash, let me know
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go to /ic/ animation thread
i think thry usually recommend toon boom
Try Tupi 2D
Adobe Flash

*flyes away*

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i'm not gonna say what this is for, because i want to know which emotions it conveys for you.
Also if you'd like to tell me, if you see something in it would be nice, thanks.
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i see a road
i see a shark
KKK squad marching and singing a joyful song
I only feel one emotion


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Post anything you're currently working on for critique here!
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mogwai poster.jpg
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Just made this as layout and type-hierarchy practice. It feels quite bottom heavy, but that doesn't look too bad imho.

Am I wrong? Is it horrific? Anything else shitty about it?
Cool. Make the (old blue last) smaller and make sure the rest of that text is the same space away from (mogwai)

made in ps. Right. Best to make the type in InDesign, crate outlines, then copy it in as a smart object
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HouseRecordings 8.jpg
1MB, 2500x2500px

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How do i achieve this meme effect in photoshop my dudes?
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Which effect out of the 8-12 effects in the image are you talking about?

It's like you're pointing at a huge crowd of people and asking "what's her phone number?" Be specific.
not OP but i still want to know how to create the effect in the top left image
lens flare

try going into filter gallery and just messing with shit until it looks meme enough for you

File: Screenshot_20170417-185219.png (1020KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey guys..just wanted to post some stickers I'm working on. I'm new here and to GD. If anyone's interested then I can post a link. Thanks for looking
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Sorry mate, git gud first... Your line art is shaky, blury and inconsistent. Also that shading is bland and barely noticeable.
agree son, linework is pretty atrocious. Overall shading needs rework. You could fix that stiff kinda easily
Thanks for the feedback guys. Really new to this so any tips are welcome will try improving on those things

What do you think of this logo? How can it be improved?
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it's nice... but you're on a verge of it turning really creepy
There's a thread for critique requests, asshole: >>303152
File: 1492553716895[1].jpg (54KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
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Like this?

File: FaceApp_1492508936901.jpg (233KB, 1280x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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>Help me bicome gud at photoshop please!!!11
When will you faggots realise that you should be studying basic design principles, such as colour theory, composition, typograhy?
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After you'll realize that theory means nothing if you can't put it into practice. What's the point of learning all the principles if you don't even know Photoshop's keybinds?
it's about theory and practice. So you think that knowing Photoshop's keybinds is more important than good use of typography? Are you autistic or deluded? Or both?
>What's the point of learning all the principles if you don't even know Photoshop's keybinds?

Shit I don't know, becoming a product designer and making 100k+ ? Or maybe becoming a creative director and making 150k+ ? Really not sure

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What's the best free host/design website making service for the purpose of acting as a digital expansion of a business card /slash/ an online portfolio for gd work

Also equally important question, what kind of things should I even display on an online gd portfolio when applying for jobs? Most of the stuff i make is memes or nerdy logos, what do employers like to see u design?

thanks guys
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If you want this to be your career, invest some money.
Get a cargocollective premium account and a domain name.

Companies want to see commercial shit. Flyers, posters, logos, identities, skills in typography and layout.
I see you have to apply for a cargocollective account. Are they very picky or anything? Do I have to be worried about not getting accepted if my stuff isn't up to their standards?
just use behance until you can afford your own website, no need for cargocollective

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Can you add a realistic RPG-7 in between his Hands, and make him look like a Taliban Soldier?
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No, but I can tell you that you're on the wrong fucking board.
File: Untitled-1.jpg (79KB, 592x588px)Image search: [Google]
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weird request but here's the dude with an RPG 7

File: 20170411_141909.jpg (3MB, 4128x3096px)Image search: [Google]
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My friends doing graphic design said experience is more important than education. I'm planning to transfer for an arts degree in graphic design in California, probably a state uni. Is the degree a meme or nay? Why or why not?
I'll look it up on indeed later but I want to know opinions and reasoning behind them.
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Experience is more important than education once you know best practices, tools, and what constitutes good design (and have a portfolio that can showcase ALL of that). Do you know those all of those things? Do you have that portfolio locked down with more than three examples? If not, learn it. Get a degree if that's what it takes

Your goal should always be: Leave your employer, potential client, etc. with no questions about your ability to execute on their vision (if you're lucky, your vision)

A piece of paper (degree) can sometimes help prove you know your shit if the portfolio if your portfolio is lacking
I regret getting my degree.
My course mostly taught me how to use tools like Adobe CC and barely taught me how to apply them in real life, i had teachers that where out of date and didn't know much about current trends and aesthetics, but this might be diffrent from school to school.
Also, the course takes too long, you can learn everything in a year, the rest is just a money grab from these schools.

If i was getting into Design now, i would get my technical training on Adobe CC from Lynda.
For design theory it's more complicated because most courses online are mostly technical people teaching, you just need to keep up with the current trends and make similar stuff to what other people are doing.
After this you just need to get an internship with a good portfolio to get a job later.

>A piece of paper (degree) can sometimes help prove you know your shit if the portfolio if your portfolio is lacking

But i also agree with this, most old school people / designers (bosses) still think that this is something that needs to be taught in a school even if you have a very good portfolio and you know your stuff, so getting a degree is probably still the best idea for now.
No portfolio, so I'll get the degree.

I think the teachers at my school are pretty young.

Looks like I'll go get that degree then.

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How do I make a blonde cat black and black cat in blonde in Ps?
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File: kesz.jpg (122KB, 450x437px)Image search: [Google]
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Sorry i'dont speak english well, so i don't write down the steps, but the important parts are displayed (?).

thanks. You can also make not fully black. White parts remain. Or black one into a blonde one?
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