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Asking for a friend, does anyone know which font is used in pic related?
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ty sir!
so what was the font?

What are some good ideas for personal projects to undertake that I could include in my portfolio that could impress a graphic design employer?

Can I apply for a job at graphic design agency even when they are not hiring? Is there a trick to it.

Is it more pleasant to work in a small agency of 5-10 people max vs. bigger agency, especially if I'd enjoy to make friends with collective?
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do a couple of complete brandings, even if it's for a fake business, go all in with 3d mock ups and everything
how can I make it clear in the portfolio it's a fake business/personal work? I am afraid they are gonna get their hopes up thinking that I actually did a big-time client job.

I currently work as in-house graphic designer but most shit I do currently is product catalogues/sales posters, it's not impressive enough for a portfolio that agency wants to see, that's why I ask.
Save like a motherfucker.
Get your own gear.
Pull a few clients on the side of your current role.
Work hard. Work until you have complete faith in your results and visuals.
When you feel confident, tell your work that you plan to go freelance and negotiate a notice period to ensure a smooth transition (help to recruit and train), and leave on good terms. Leave the door open, they might approach you for freelance.

Now, make that site spicy, hone your personal branding, create a mailer (a2 fold down work sampler), business cards and folio (buy a Hartnack). You WILL be judged on EVERYTHING.


Send emails, cv samplers with covering letters to agencies, magazines, everyone. This content has to fucking sing. If you're good, you'll be working overflow for agencies in no time.

Out of interest:
Where are you based?
Are you any good?

Pro tips: buy a decent dslr and learn how to use it. Learn grids and how to design using them. Indesign is your friend. Do not lay up with anything else. Master typography.

Ads are essentially a combination of type and image. Composition is everything. Absolutely everything.

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What the fuck is this

btw - these were all remade by me in about 5 minutes.
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A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away
it doesn't even read as a "p"

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Patreon Logo Kit.png
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Patreon had a complete graphic design overhaul.
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I thought you were joking...
whoever approved that new logo needs to be fired. it's absolutely awful. not to mention how they basically fucked over everyone who already has the old logo on everything.
I don't understand why they would ditch the Orange. That shit seems so tied into their design language and what people think when they talk about Patreon. It's like Kickstarter getting rid of the Green.

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Our company Agricultural distributor. we distributes chemicals for crops. so I'm not really that kind of a creative guy. so Im here so that if some of you can help me improve.
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- it looks like 2 logos in one.
- why is their a gradient/bevel emboss on just the left side of the logo and no where else?
- why is the G touching the W?
- why is a chunk of the bottom left of the second A missing?

overall pretty bad, just hire a designer. when your logo looks like shit your company looks like shit.
You can hire one of us for a redesign or consultation, or leave.
That is pure aids, I would love to work on a logo for an agricultural chemical company though so hire me.

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mr bald gook.jpg
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What does /gd/ think about Futur? Also /gd/ learning resources and inspiration thread I guess.

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IDK much about his work I guess but I have watch a few of his lectures and other videos. He knows what he is talking about for sure and I think any designer can probably take something away from listening to him.
For those who want to be front-end web developers:

I uploaded some more or less essential general design learning stuff here:
>just charge more
whoa he is so enlightened i need to buy all his courses

>client asks for a quote on a logo
>say $250 massively undercutting any kind of professional they would find in their locale
>client says no thanks i got a bunch of $50 offers
>repeat ad infinitum

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Hey /gd/,

I would like to get a tattoo of a full lions head in this style. Do you guys know the name of it and someone that could actually draw it?
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File: 1493111441770.jpg (46KB, 566x562px)Image search: [Google]
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Thats sketch style dingus.
Also it doesn't really translate as well to tattoos just because of the amount of bleed you get with the ink unless it's a big piece and it will hurt like fuck.

Go to a tattoo shop, is it really that hard?
Hey, fella, be nice.
Was planning to do it in left side on the ribs, like a big chunk... at least 20x20cm.

Yeah sure, i can go to a tattoo shop, but would like to have it on paper first so i can really think about it again.

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If I was your client, and I came up to you and said, "I want a logo that's minimal," what would you do?

What the hell even is minimalism, anyway?

Is it just anything that's not skeuomorphic? Does minimalism encompass superflat? Because it seems like, in the /gd/ world, superflat IS minimalism. I'm an outsider, though.

If you were to ask an engineer what minimalism is to them, in terms of aesthetics, what would they say? Or a webdesigner? Are vectors of anime girls on /wg/ considered minimalism?
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That's the challenge of design. You have to figure out what the client really wants.
Base it on this, if you think an idea is too complicated it probably is. Don't use crazy abstract type faces, don't use an excessive amount of color, dont try to draw something complex for the icon (if there is even an icon at all and it's not just text based)

If you get stuck, use google for inspiration. Don't over think, you'll be fine.
>If I was your client, and I came up to you and said, "I want a logo that's minimal," what would you do?
ask more questions instead of relying on some subjective phrase

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Looking for artists wanting to join a project revolving around a new mmorpg. 3d models as well as concept art
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You might find better suited people on /ic/.
Thank you! Its been a few years since ive been on 4chan.
gj leaving the contact details retard

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1MB, 3600x3600px
I'm trying to narrow down my designs. Which one is the best and which ones should go?


its a concept cover a song.
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the rest ail at clarity

1st one is kind of ok, but have outline for "Mr." and fill for "Lonely", cuz i guess it makes more sense in hierarchy of information importance
green is to empowering, if it has to have a banana color floor then i suggest not having white text
the one you posted is the one that stands out most to me. pretty good imo op

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I am trying to learn some graphic design skills because I am a musician, and I do not want to keep paying graphic designers for album covers and other merchandise.

Is there any other option than paying $20 per month for illustrator?
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I don't have any experience with either, but I see discussion about Gimp and Affinity on this board often enough to recommend researching those, and if they might be suitable for your time to learn in-depth.

it's free (not as in freedoms tho)

at this rate of development in near future it could replace illustrator


gimp is a piece of shit and gimp is a raster graphics editor, not vector

for vectors inkscape isn't half bad and it respects you're freedoms

i guess i could recommend affinity tools for vector and raster editing if you want a suite

if you're on mac you can try pixelmator (raster) and sketch (vector)
File: Untitled-1.jpg (453KB, 822x900px)Image search: [Google]
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>any other option than paying $20 per month for illustrator?
>paying adobe when you are some dude that doesn't use their software for a living
pic very related

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So I have these two images. Both are the same, except one is a blank slate and the other has facial features. Is there a program or something somewhere that compares the two images and removes pixels that are the same, leaving just the face?
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You're overthinking it imo - what you want is a blank template that has the red forehead thingie on the left, right?

Just open up both images (you can probably even do this in Paint), align the left one on top of the right one, and erase the general area around the face. Since they're the exact same except for that one bit you don't even need to be very precise about it.
I meant the entire face, not just the red thing.
>Is there a program or something somewhere
Photoshop can do that

File: [email protected] (67KB, 300x273px)Image search: [Google]
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During break, my co-worker has been researching the Affinity Designer program suite (we have Adobe at work, but our boss is open to trying new things to stay on the cusp).

Do any of you use Affinity? If so, what's good about it? What's not good about it? How difficult is it to learn after a decade and a half of using Adobe?
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The vector brushes are sweet. It just feels good drawing in AD
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fita metrica 2.jpg
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search bit about Axure RP or protopie
Stop viral marketing, you dumb Kraut cunt. No design editor would consider your low-budget wannabe programme as having anything to do with the "cusp."

I've been a designer for over a decade and the only place I've ever heard of this software is this board. Hmmm I wonder why I've never once heard an experienced designer mention this programme but on this anonymous forum there are constant threads asking to "share our thoughts."

Well there they are. You guys are second-rate developers and your German amateur programme will never get you anywhere.

File: boomslang-2013_800.jpg (318KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
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I really dig Robert Beatty's illustration style. Any idea on how to achieve this airbrushing style he does so well? He's one of my fav record designers (Tame Impala, The Flaming Lips, Kesha, Ariel Pink, Neon Indian, Oneohtrix Point Never, etc.)

will post more samples.
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File: 398DKTEv.jpg (42KB, 512x512px)Image search: [Google]
42KB, 512x512px
File: RobertBeatty-Update-LIST-int.jpg (314KB, 724x484px)Image search: [Google]
314KB, 724x484px

File: fire lit.jpg (3MB, 3300x2550px)Image search: [Google]
fire lit.jpg
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looks good but the shirt and feet are a bit off
File: 1498646890144.png (158KB, 298x298px)Image search: [Google]
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>mfw mr. charcoal barbecue

learn about adjustment layers like curves, saturation and color levels to make less obvious that you took the pic with your phone in your bedroom (noticeable desaturation + making things less green and more blue and have high contrast is a cheap trick that kind of works)

use displacement mask filter to wrap the texture of coal around your arms

use select -> color range to extract sparks and place them in front of you, so it appears that your're surrounded by sparks

try a LITTLE BIT of surface blur to on your figure (as clipping mask layer) to hide the photographic noise without affecting the edges of your pic

make edges of your figure blend in better using a layer mask + a soft brush

before applying filters to your figure make it into a smart object, so you don't permanently fuck it up and can adjust things later
File: Screenshot-1499475329.png (1MB, 1142x920px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1142x920px
also, you can try sort-of-enhancing lighting in your own image using altalux plugin for iranview/xniew


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