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share best samples if possible
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If you're bored make mess with this logo - b/w, vapor/flat design/and so on

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Kill yourself

I have two invites to Dribbble for sale. Can provide proof if necessary. I take Paypal, leave an email if you'd like to talk privately. Looking for $75USD each obo
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a mod will invite you if you put a link to an okay portfolio in your profile

good luck
Op you can suck my big fat brown dick for $75 how about that?
This post demonstrates that designers are truly the biggest shitheads of all people.

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redgiantpeople.com is dead

want https://vimeo.com/15575891
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Design is useless. Prove me wrong. Wait! Don't bother, you can't. Take for instance this guy who sells a pair of shoes for thousands of dollars. He considers himself a designer as well; fashion designer, not a graphic designer, but still—a designer nonetheless. He makes mad cash, but he can't pay a real designer to make him a decent identity. I've never thought that an internationally recognized luxury brand could have a logo that's way worse than anything you're going to find on Fiverr.
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True that, I think this all the time, then I remember it's probably 50~ years old, and frankly more recognizable for it's prestige and heritage than actual aesthetic quality.

I guess what I'm saying is, of course they can get a better logo, but why bother when everyone knows this one so well?
You really need to consider the whole value of branding, vs "is this a logo you like."

Personally, I think Ford Motors has a crappy, dated logo in a visual sense. But the brand is so strong that it would be questionable to completely redo it with modern aesthetics.

His brand connects with his market, who are themselves paying far more attention to the soles of the shoes.

If I were redoing this logo, I'd simply pull off the "hristian" and call it a day. Otherwise it's elegant, and feels like the fashion industry. It's not the awful logo you believe it is, imo.

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Anyone knows some good tuts for Illustrator? I mostly want to learn it for typography like this one http://i.imgur.com/bhu2bjM.jpg
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tutorial that comes with illustrator explains all the tools to achieve that since it's basic stuff about layers, strokes / appearance and gradients
I think page 379 of the manual has a tutorial on "creating shitty text effects that designers make fun of."

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What font is the Roman numerals
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read the fucking sticky
s a g e

I am the real Donald Trump. I love seeing myself on magazine covers: https://www.buzzfeed.com/briannasacks/time-after-time?utm_term=.ycJgDJMaK#.vk6OrPo7Y

Could you show me on all the best chosen magazine covers possible ? Show the wolrd how great I am. I am so huge, so big I am that even Disney Magazine and Hustler want me in cover !
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blow it out your ass
I can't wait for summer to end
Again, keep this shit out of /gd/. /pol/ is for politics, whether you're a lib SJW cuck or a faggot edgelord e-nazi.

Have you guys ever made some? My first one just went live a couple of days ago. I wont share it because I'm shy, but they are fun to make!
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I need to find the font used in pic related.
Can someone helpmeet please?
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Best whatthefont results but the lowercase "e" is completely different

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/gd/ please teach me how to make this.
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search tuts for photoshop liquify
liquify + separate rgb channels? or could take a photo of a monitor/tv/scren
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im guessing because too lazy to test

generate black and white clouds (filter)
use something like wind (filter) until you have vertical or horizontal bars going on
apply motion blur in the same direction so it's not pixelated anymore
use gradient map adjustment layer with rainbow gradient; reduce it's opacity to like 50%
merge everything and use warp or smudge tool to fuck it up

Hi /gd/, I am registered to cgpeers and would like to know if there are some tutorials or books you can recommend to learn about gd. I know how to use photoshop and illustrator, specifically I would like to learn about composition, colour, typography, grids, all these things that really make a designer. I am poor and cannot afford university. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

(Ps If there is a folder with some books from the /gd/wiki please point me to it?)
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some shit i consider more or less essential:

Thanks desu

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This is the logo we have in the office, it was made by my boss. We are an online store in latin america, a very young business, i might add. I think he wanted to represent the fact that we buy worldwide to import in México. ¿Any thoughs on how to improve it (or redo it)? The name has no translation to English, i could say it means "Any little item you could imagine and buy easily" Thanks for the help.
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this logotipio is very confusing. I can make you a logo for free ( i need for porfolio) Conact me at [email protected]
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>doing branding for an entire business for free

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Can anyone provide a nice Thumbnail for my gamebattles team named 'To The Death' Thanx a ahead of time!
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sure thing, for $50.
sure thing, for 25$
ill do it for 100

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How can i recreate this Material?
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Thin Film Shader my friend
the trick is usually not in the material itself but in the reflections/environment, hdri, rendering plugin and probably some post for the flares etc.
also ask >>>/3/

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